November 2012's best trivia team names...

Milwaukee Ale House
  • On a scale of Casey Anthony to Jerry Sandusky, how much do you love your kids?
  • Smashing Blumpkins
  • No one wants to write anything because all of our ideas are too perverted
  • "My girlfriend called me a pedophile, I told her that's a pretty big word for a five year old"
  • If god was one of us, he'd also hate Justin Bieber
  • The bears have gone into hibernation early 
  • I'm not a gynacologist but I'll take a look
  • As far as trivia goes, tonight we're the Thundercants
  • I hear there is a Twinkie shortage; I have one in my pants. If you suck it, you will get extra cream
  • Three guys in a fact hunt
  • Team Canada: Free healthcare 
  • Did you see 20c? Are we sure Jay-Z has never been a Bond villain? 
  • James Bond's Binders Full of Women

Cafe Hollander
  • I Asked George Clooney For A Date But He Dropped Me Off The Fiscal Cliff
  • Aaron Rodgers' Dirty Mustache 
  • Pink Elephants Never Forget (Or Always, I Don't Remember) 
  • Merry Christmas You Filthy Animal 
  • Mythbuster #42: The Female Blumpkin 
  • Quizmasterbating: Giving New Meaning To Cyber Monday
  • The Tosa Village People 
  • Jay Cutler Plays QB Like His Pancreas Makes Insulin
  • Lindsey Lohan Is Growing Yeast On Her Passion Fruit
  • The Only 3 Words I Need Are U, S, And A
  • Loch Ness Monster Ballads
  • Mr. Quizmaster, What's Your #?
  • We Can Count Faster Than Florida 
  • Your Loch Ness Monster Is Creepin' Up My WaterfallI 
  • Mustache You A Question, But I'll Shave It For Later!
  • SCIENCE!!!!! (And Boobies!)
  • Why Is The Host Wearing Shorts? It's November
  • Vote For Obama, You Pricks 

Caffrey's Pub
  • Caffrey's, Where Everybody Knows Your Name, And We Are Only Glad If You Came... Twice
  • Ryan Braun Took Steroids In The Bum
  • Enough Dead Kittens To Wrap Around The Equator
  • Your Pussy Still Smells Like Bill Clinton
  • Damn, It Sucks To Suck
  • Ape-Tit Dejeuner
  • Did you hear about the lucky fisherman? He married a women with worms
  • Used To Do Drugs, I Still Do Drugs, But I Used To Do Drugs
  • I Can't Believe I Missed The Halo 4 Release For This! 
  • I Call My Dick Cheney-- It Shoots People In The Face 

  • I'll give you $5 if you pick this name
  • I, Karl the Quizmaster, am buying this team shots!!!
  • I'm the fucking special interest group that calls at 7:30 am

Two Bucks
  • Touched by an Uncle
  • Fuck, Shit, Balls, excuse my Tourettes
  • I'll Have Some Turkey with My Tequila 
  • The ERECToral College
  • I Just Quized in My Pants
  • Rudyard Kipling's Big Red Balls

Whiskey Bar
  • I Spent All Day Thursday Stuffing A Turkey, And My Balls Still Hurt
  • In A Recent Poll, Even With His Creeper Stache, 100% Of Women and 75% Of Men In Green Bay Would Do Aaron Rodgers
  • Q21 Is Incorrect: Ron Jeremy Started The Packer Game As QB On Sunday
  • It's Just Like America, War is Breaking Out In The Middle East And We're Worried About The Twinkie
  • The Bears Got Beat So Badly They Decided To Change Their Name To The Chicago Rhianna's 
  • I See Your Dingdong, I'll Raise You A Twinkie 

  • Where's The Best Seat In A Dick Helicopter? The Ejaculation Seat
  • What's The Difference Between Your Mom And A Washing Machine? A Washing Machine Doesn't Follow Me Around For A Week When I Dump A Load In It
  • Boobytrap Spelled Backwards Is Partyboob
  • John's Favorite Thanksgiving Tradition - Stuffing The Turkey . . . With His Penis
  • Toys For Twats
  • How Many Balls On The Table In A Game Of Snooker? Two And They Were Both John's
  • If you are Chinese, Today Is “Erection” day

Upper 90 Sports Pub
  • Don't Forget Your Anal Kegels
  • Mmmmmm.....Tastes Like Danger
  • There's No "I" in Gang Bang

The Hotch Spot
  • Handshakes for jerkoffs 
  • Win Or Lose - We Still Booze
  • The Guys on the End are Cheating
  • She Blow You Harder Than Sandy

Stonefly Brewery
  • The Quizzlers
  • White Men Can't jump, but they can quiz 
  • Shut Yo' Pumpkin Pie Hole
  • Edgar Allen's Pole
  • Ghost Boobs
  • Wet T-shirt Protest
  • Is it Pussy Galore or it it Vaginal Hubris?
  • The Men with the Magic Underwear 

  • Why’d You Play Us, General Petraeus?
  • Vitucchainz
  • I'm Not A Gynecologist but I'll Take A Look

  • Black Friday Sales Estimates Show That Ticke Me Elmo Will Be Outsold by Rape Me Elmo
  • I'm Thankful for $1 PBR's
  • Obama, More Like Yo Mama
  • Cleveland is Actually Not In Indiana
  • Your Scores Are More Average Than Your Mom’s Face
  • It’s Quizmaster, Not Calculus
  • I Came All The Way From England Just To Lost The O’Lydia’s Pub Quiz! 
  • “It’s Not Gay If The Balls Don’t Touch “-Mitt Romney
  • Blumpkin Pie
  • 99 Problems but a Witch Ain't One
  • Fat People Are Hard to Kidnap
  • If Trivia Were Easy, It'd Be Red's Mom

Milwaukee Brat House
  • You wouldn't want the Unabomber to take a shit in your mailbox
  • I'd rather have powerballs in my face
  • Quiz me under the mistletoe
  • You wouldn't want Sasha Obama to take a shit on your car
  • BANG! Pregnant
  • I'm not a couch, I don't pull out
  • No shave November does not apply to pubes
  • Tickle me Elmo... worst. decision. ever
  • You wouldn't want Grover Cleveland to take a shit on your car.
  • Always on bottom at trivia, but we still like it on top.
  • If you have election problems, I feel bad for you son I got 44 presidents but Mitt Romney aint one
  • Once you go Barack you never go back

Major Goolsby's
  • I Wanted To Make My Password "Penis," But My Computer Said It Was Too Short 
  • Black Jelly Beans Don't Taste Like Licorice. They Taste Like Rotten Dog Shit! 
  • I'll Stuff Your Turkey
  • More Brains Than Kirk Cobain's Ceiling
  • Barack Obama's Big Black Caucus
  • It's A Rather Good Idea: KY Jelly!!
  • We Don't Give A Buck!
  • Win Or Lose We Still Booze
  • Brandon Jennings Groupies I Got 99 Problems But A Mitt Ain't One!
  • Hamburger Helper's Helpers

Mulligans Irish Pub
  • Kevin Clash wants you to tickle his Elmo
  • Legen...wait for it...dary
  • Parents who are happy their kids are home
  • Used lipstick on my glass
  • What happens when a laptop is dropped in the ocean? A Dell is rolling in the deep.
  • How do you know its bedtime at the Neverland Ranch? When the big hand touches the little hand
  • There is so much slashing in the Romney/Ryan budget, it should be a horror film
  • What's is common to Sandy and Snooki? They will blow the entire East Coast to get on TV

Attebury's Pub and Eatery
  • Jessica Simpson Goes On A Diet, Hostess Declares Bankruptcy
  • Rumor has it, no one has died this week that we could use
  • Actually Velma's sweater was Shaggy
  • Monopoly, like in life, if she doesn't pick the iron, give her the boot
  • This quiz sucked the life right out of me, almost as much as the abortion I got last week
  • Rest In Peace United States of America, July 14th 1776 til November 2012.
  • Scoregasm.

Black Rose Irish Pub
  • Better late than pregnant
  • Michelle Obama gives me a fiscal stiff
  • Just the tip, just for a second, just to see how it feels
  • Ouch! Charlie that Hurts. You Bit my Finger
  • Friends Without Benefits
  • The one eyed wonder weasels and their 2 balls
  • Toilet Safety Administration (T.S.A)
  • General Betrayal AKA The Cum Stache 
  • General Petreaus is back to square one on getting his "majesty's ship" wet
  • Star Wars Episode VII: 2 Skywalkers 1 Cup
  • "Hey Romney, look who is unemployed now bitch!" - Big Bird
  • Jeremy destroyed my marriage and raped my mother
  • Googlemaster 

Grafton Ale House
  • Obviously, Octopussy participated in "No shave November"
  • Stop the bus and let my brother Jack off
  • If Odd Job worked for Blofeld (instead of Goldfinger) would he be called Blo Job?
  • Cluedo gang bang version: turns out they all did it
  • Sanduskys Kids
  • If Lake Placid melts... is it called Lake Flaccid?
  • Bill Clinton want to cut off his gadget so two can grow in its place
  • Count Chocula has been in fewer girls mouths than Edward Cullen
  • Who likes Japanese beers?
  • The Zombie Sluts
  • This Just in... I'm the Zodiac Killer... I'll see you at your car tonight
  • I think Sandy got some sand in her vagina, that's why she was such a bitch of a storm
  • Geography is like getting fingered by Freddy Krueger

The Highbury
  • Afghanistan Has 99 Problems And Petreus Found One
  • What’s the Difference Between a Quizmaster and a Rooster? A Rooster says “Cock-a-doodle-do,” a quizmaster says “Any cock will do.”
  • Stars Wars VII: The Disney Princess Snuff Film We Have All Been Waiting For.
  • There's a new drink in town called The Sandy. Its basically just a watered down Manhattan
  • Fat kids are harder to kidnap

Three Lions Pub
  • Aluminium, Sorry We just wanted to Hear a British Person Say it
  • Yeah America there are now more Vagina's in the senate. We will not rest until there is one for every Penis
  • Jay Cutler is a Pussaaaaaayyyyy
  • Jersey Shore Has Never Looked So Good

St. Francis Brewery
  • Aaron Rodgers First Wives Club
  • Pull My Finger
  • Hash Tag Parents
  • We Skipped the Twilight Premiere to Play Trivia
  • Mustaches of the Round Table 

Vino 100
  • Hurricane Sandy, the Worst Thing To Hit the Jersey Shore Since...The Jersey Shore 
  • Dead Puppies Aren't Much Fun!
  • Second Is The First Loser
  • We Got 99 Problems But Trivia Ain't One
  • Smarter Than Ryan Wickens

Duke of Devon Pub
  • What do you call a black guy in a room full of old white guys? - Mr. President
  • Our Drinking Team has a trivia problem
  • England had no kidney bank but it does have a Liverpool
  • The queeps that queep on queeping
  • Balls deep... in my hand
  • If your dad doesn't have a beard you've got 2 moms 
  • Old farts with creepy parts 
  • Dewey defeats Obama


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