December 2012's Best Trivia Team Names...

Milwaukee Ale House
  • Nancy Reagan got run over by Mr T's Train. Serves her right that Ho Ho Ho
  • Two Girls One Claus
  • Mr T. and his Christmas Log
  • What does a shed, Santa Claus and a strip club have in common? Ho, Hoe, Hos!
  • Thank god the Mayans say the world ends in four days - that means I never have to pay child support
  • Jay Cutler shows his Christmas spirit by letting his vagina bleed all over the field
  • I bet Billy Mays is still partying like it's $19.99
  • Mary Celeste swallowed the seamen
  • Dear Quizmaster Sir, your fly had been down since question number 4!
  • Kalima is not a board certified cardiologist
  • Hey Ryan, it looks like you leg is getting better and Kate Middleton is pregnant.... coincidence?
  • What do you call Kate Middleton with a yeast infection? Royale w cheese 
  • When in Vietnam if you're happy with your hooker slip her an extra "dong"! 
  • We are drunk. Blah.

Cafe Hollander
  • Santa Probably Has Diabetes
  • I Wonder If Borat's Dick Would Fit In The Box
  • Last Time I Saw Steve Buschemi I Drank Cranberry Juice For A Week
  • Crouching Cuttler, Hidden Cucumber
  • Jesus Is Coming, Open Your Mouth!
  • I May Not Be A Quizmaster, But I Sure Am A Master Debater
  • Please Stop The Bus And Let Me Brother Jack Off
  • Jay Cutler's Vagina
  • Apocalypse 2012: 18 Days Left . . . Drink Up 
  • Chest-nuts Roasting On An Open Fire Crotch

Two Bucks
  • In First Place with a Million Points
  • Mason Crosby and the Wide Rights
  • The Stepdads (cause we beat you, and you hate us)
  • Fiscal Cliff Divers
  • We Live Under a Rock
  • What's the difference between Cirque du Soleil and the Rockettes? One's a cunning array of stunts, the other is a.
  • Santa's Got a Brand New Bag Illegitimate Royal Children

Caffrey's Pub
  • Teen LaQueefa 
  • Christmas and Hilary Clinton, Two Things that Only Come Once A Year
  • Who Is Justin Beiber?
  • I Call My Girlfriend Thundercats
  • Keep Calm And Trivia On
  • Fuck Finals, Get Shitty ! :)
  • That Awkward Moment When You Are At a Bar Play Trivia Instead of Studying for Finals
  • Cotton Headed Ninny Muggins
  • Her Royal Fetus: The British Powerball Winner

Whiskey Bar
  • Don't blow your Eggnog on Rudolph's bush
  • Jingle Balls
  • Hey Steve, Remember When Marquette Beat Wisconsin
  • After 282 days I Cant Wait To Taste The White Stuff On My Tongue 
  • No Means No. But No Response Means Harder
  • Not Only Did Kate Get Royally Fucked But So Did We

  • A Dick In The Hand Is Worth Two In The Bush 
  • I Wish Anne Franke Would Have Been Around To See “Home Alone”. 
  • I Feel Like That Would Have Been A Game Changer
  • This Is Like Fuckin' "The South WIll Rise Again" Trivia Night
  • What's The Hardest Part About Eating A Vegetable? The Wheelchair
  • How Many Tickles Does It Take TO Make A Squid Laugh? TENtacles 
  • What Do You Call An Aneroxic With a Yeast Infection? A Quarter Pounder With Cheese
  • Ingloryhole Basterds

  • Fiscal Cliff Clavern
  • These Brainteasers are Blue Balling Me

The Hotch Spot
  • Pissin' All Over Andrew 
  • 3 Way Fistings for Flash Mobs 
  • Its My Birthday Bitch
  • We Mustauche you a question

  • Crotch Shot Extrodinnaers
  • Let the Wookie Win
  • Crotch Shot Extrodinnaers
  • Let the Wookie Win
  • Fist my clit... I mean Fiscal Cliff
  • Fiscal Cliff Notes
  • Rectum?! Damn Near Killed 'Em 
  • We’re Here For The Beer, Too Bad We Couldn’t Actually Hear
  • There’s No “I” in Gang Bang
  • Rainbow Puking Unicorns
  • I Didn’t Know Australia Has States

Milwaukee Brat House
  • Fuckin Worcesterine (pronounced "Wolverine")
  • Madonna looks better w/ Mutton Chops
  • Are you sure Justin Bieber wasn't the Hobbit
  • We're still here, has anyone told the Mayans
  • I've got a one eyed snake.... in my pants!
  • Name that slut... the new scratch and sniff category 
  • Aaron Rodgers might be on top today but not tonight!
  • I thought today was the end of the world so I spent all my money on Schlitz
  • Like Jackson Pollock, I'm dripping.... in my pants!
  • Sippin' on quiz and juice (laid baaaaack)
  • Meowyy Christmas! It's my birthday we dressed up in ugly sweaters, we deserve to win!
  • I hope St. Nick leaves the Quizmaster at my door!
  • Rusty 3rd knuckle on your daughter

Major Goolsby's
  • Tittsburgh Feelers
  • King Koopa's Klit Kommanders 
  • Kick Like Crosby, Throw Like Tebow
  • I wish this microphone was a Dildo.
  • Hamburger Helper Helpers
  • Django my nut sack
  • Slutty McSlutstein
  • Ya Feelin' BUCKY, Punk!?
  • Kanye West's Kilt Warriors
  • Clay Matthews and Condoms, Two Things I Don't Fuck With
  • Vagina Jokes Ain't Funny. Period.

Mulligans Irish Pub
  • Can we win for the Best Name once before the end of the world on friday?
  • Mason Crosby's kidnapping lessons fund 
  • Craven Morrehead and the gock Cobblers
  • Over the river and over the cliff, to fiscal savings we go
  • Save a Cowboy, ride a taxi
  • The Difference between Chicago Bears and a dollar bill -you can get four quarters out of a dollar
  • Didgeridoos-only men can blow them
  • Kansas City Chiefs Shotgun Offense
  • Signs of a tough economy-Rihanna and Chris Brown bunking together

Attebury's Pub and Eatery
  • Crack Is Whack
  • That's The Way The Pickle Squirts
  • He's Not Dead, He's Canadian
  • Is That A Microphone In Your Pocket Or Are You Just Happy To See Me?
  • The Difference Between The Bears and Hillary Clinton Is That The Bears Still Suck! 
  • Jerry Sandusky's 1st Annual Stocking Stuffer Has Been Canceled

Black Rose Irish Pub
  • Poop
  • The Weekly Alcoholics Anonymous Meeting
  • And my team left me!! No Big Deal, I Got This
  • Jodie Fosters Deliciously Roasted Nuts

Grafton Ale House
  • This is the last time in 2012 we will be forced to come up with a crappy team name
  • Curiosity always leads me to Uranus
  • Harry Potter brand condoms: protect you magic wand from Hogwarts while you are in her Chamber of Secrets
  • Daddy... I saw Santa get eggnog on Mommie's face!
  • Did you see us in Magic Mike? 
  • Queel of Misfortune!
  • Anthony Hopkins' Santa will be leaving everyone's lotion in their baskets... um stockings this Christmas 
  • Mrs. Claus gets Frosty's carrot when Santa's sack is empty
  • Simply having a wonderful Quizmaster time.
  • How Rude-olf you to fuck me in the ass
  • There are a million people in Idaho?! 
  • I love Prince Harry's wookie
  • American Quizmasters suck!
  • Jay Cutler can suck a dick
  • Wine 'em, dine 'em, 69 'em
  • Jay Cutler's Ovary Action
  • I'd Rather Masturbate With Sandpaper Than Take This Quiz Again

The Highbury
  • "All I want for New Years is a ball drop! ... On my chin!" - Sarah Barber
  • Online now! 8 guys, 1 girl 
  • 5 shy bladders 4 cocks and one pussy 
  • I'll deck your halls if you jingle my balls.
  • Real/Fake Photo Questions are NOT trivia.
  • U.S. Solves Fiscal Cliff by selling Justin Bieber's Balls to Mexican Cartels 
  • Banging your grandma is not as fun as it sounds
  • Fat kids are harder to kidnap

Three Lions Pub
  • I lost My Virginity, But I still Have the Box it Came in
  • Christmas only comes once a year, but you'd wish there were 12 days with us
  • Santa Comes Next week, I came Last week 
  • Mrs Clause calls it the North Pole 
  • So that's What Happened to the Taco bell dog
  • Vaginas don't like Hummers as boys do
  • What's the difference between Jelly and Jam? You Cant jelly your dick in my ass 
  • Is that a Giant Pretzel in your Pocket or are you hungry
  • Warhawk : Neither War, Nor Hawk...Discuss Amongst Your Selves

St. Francis Brewery
  • South Milwaukee's Best
  • Fuck the Snow, We Came to PLAY!
  • Milwaukee Mensa Association (and Steve)

The Eatery on Farwell
  • We Couldn't Think of Anything So We Just Drew a Penis #GoBengals
  • Let's Wrap This Up - It's Bong and Halo Time
  • The Mayans...Well, This Is Awkward 
  • The three best new friends who met tonight
  • Cheese in my beard
  • Bob Loblaw's law blog

Vino 100
  • Just a bunchof Wine-os 
  • Didn't get all you wanted this Christmas? 
  • Magic Mike will stuff your stocking.
  • The Three Wise Men + 2
  • Wine Not?
  • Snow where to go but Vino
  • Hello My Name Is Really Not Interested 
  • Sleeping With The Judge Didn't Work This Time...

Duke of Devon Pub
  • Tally Ho Trivia Tipplers 
  • I have dingle balls in my chimney 
  • Would you like to Duke my Devon 
  • One skin, two skin, three skin...
  • We hate boys, but we're not lesbians


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