Best team names on the month! November 2013...

Black Rose Irish Pub
  • Gary Glitter's U'11's
  • Time of the month
  • It doesn't count unless you see nipple
  • My couch pulls out but I don't
  • Busch Light, Girls Heavy
  • Backstreet Blumpkins R Us
  • Obamo's Velvet Tampon Rodeo Show
  • Once I did it with a dead Guy
  • Aaron Rodgers Clavicle
  • My Name is Taylor Layton and I'm here for your Young Daughters 
  • Mr. Rodgers Neighbourhood is now the rough part of Town
  • Make Sure the Juice is Worth the Squeeze

Brass Monkey
  • We May Have Fallen from the Ranks, But We Still have Average Sized Penises
  • The Correct Answer is "Go F*ck Yourself 
  • Pick-Up Artists and Garbage Men Should Switch Names
  • The Pen is Mightier 
  • The Baby Taxidermist 
  • She Sells Sea Shells By the Sea Shore
  • Bitches Aint Shit
  • The Drinking Dead

Cafe Hollander
  • Thanksgiving: The Only Time I Use a Turkey Baster for Its Intended purpose 
  • Last Night I Had a One Night Stand and Now I'm Crabby
  • Hermaphodite Barbie: She Comes in Her Own Box
  • Viagara's Stock is Rising
  • The Next Packers Starting Quarterback
  • Let's Get Quizzicle
  • Lord Of The Cock Rings - Featuring Dildo Baggins And Staring Elijah's Wood
  • You Really Got To Hand It To A Blind Prostitute 
  • Who The Fuck Did Avril Lavigne Marry? 
  • In The Style Of Thundercats: Miley Cyrus Hooooooooooo!
  • Nickleback Fan Club
  • Stop The Bus And Let My Buddy Jack Off 
  • Open Your Mouth . . . Here Comes A Muscle!!!! 
  • Toronto's Crack Babies

Caffrey's Pub
  • Big and bushy
  • I smell but it's ok cause I'm cool
  • Itttie bittie tittie city committee
  • I'll fill your cavity

Camp Bar
  • It's not the size in repose, it's the size it becomes 
  • This is what happens when you talk to strangers
  • I-ran out of nukes 
  • Bill Clinton's one eyed monster 
  • Quizzin' like a racehorse
  • Dixon Cider 
  • I can't hear the questions over my girlfriends voice

Centennial Bar and Grille
  • I like my women like I like my coffee...ground up and in the freezer 
  • Chalupa Batman
  • Bangkok, yeah that does sound exotic

Club Garibaldi
  • This Quiz Took Longer Than the ACTs 
  • I don't know if you know this, but we are huge in Liechtenstein 
  • My Couch pulls out...but my boyfriend doesn't 
  • The Camel Toes
  • The Last Bear I Met Really Needed a Shave
  • Taints for the Memories
  • Ain't Care About What Bitchez Be Thinkin'
  • Larry Sander's Bottle Service

Eatery on Farwell
  • Cockblock Party
  • 2 Guys, No Girl, and some weird places
  • Ed Gein's Furniture Store
  • I'd prefer this microphone was a penis
  • I have your National Treasure right here
  • Cumfart Food
  • I'd Rather Raw Dog on Ogre than listen to Chad Kroeger 
  • I want to blow the horn of Gondor
  • "Deer Traffic Controllers"

Fixture Brewing Company
  • What's Up Bitches, Ya I Said It 
  • No Means Yes and Yes Means Anal 
  • Put Your Plug In My Socket
  • Glove It, Before You Stuff It
  • You Want the Cinnamon Beef Stick Where?
  • Team Chocolate Schvetty Balls 
  • Handjobs from Helen Keller
  • We Googled These and Still Lost
  • That’s Not The Only Thing Harder When You’re Sick

Fox River House
  • Alligator Fuckhouse
  • Other than that, what did you think of the parade, Mrs. Kennedy?
  • Re-hab Asshole Cheating Cocksuckers

The Highbury
  • Sue St. Marie, Bitch! 
  • Tom Hanks IS Big... I've seen it! 
  • It's Always Movember... In My Pants
  • Mike Ditka's Genital Warts 
  • It only takes Jamie Lee 10 seconds to eat a hot dog

Jack's American Pub
  • Did you hear about the giant with diarrhea? It's all over town 
  • I thought I was drinking a skunky Pabst cuz it smelled like Schlitz
  • I'm Ron Burgandy? 
  • Better late than pregnant 
  • Drug dealers taking shots
  • You In Maine Now Boy!
  • Paterno's Kids

Loaded Slate
  • Rosie O'Donnell's Face
  • More Trivia, Less Pants
  • Paul with the Chiseled Abs and Stunning Features Fan Club
  • The website says $1.00 PBRs. Obama lied!
  • Necrophilia: A Victimless Crime
  • Rumple Foreskin
  • Marquette: Undefeated in Football and Sucking Balls since...your mom
  • Hold my beer while I take a quiz...
  • Wipe until there's blood
  • Ariel Castro's Basement Party 
  • It's important to be positive...except on your AIDS test 
  • As useful as a photograph to Helen Keller
  • Rodgers with broken collarbones > Cutler

The Lodge Bar (at the Rock)
  • Drink Apple Juice, cuz OJ will Kill Ya
  • Pearl Necklace Productions 
  • I'm Rock Hard for Trivia
  • More Cowbell
  • Neverland Ranch Tickle Monsters 
  • I Would Wear Kelly Kapowski Like a Hockey Mask
  • Guys, I Think I Just Quizzed My Pants

Major Goolsby's
  • Team See (C) yUo Next Tuesday
  • Sofa King Drunk
  • John Wilkes Booth and the Showstoppers
  • Please evacuate the bar! This is not a drill!
  • My girlfriend thinks I'm a pedophile, but I think that's a big word for a 6 year old

  • I like my women like I like my pumpkin pie, making me feel guilty the morning after
  • Coming thick and fast... your mom's gravy
  • Taking Selvies In The Stall Of The Men's Bathroom . . . . And It Is So Good!
  • My G-Spot Is In My Ass
  • Blockbuster Is Bankrupt, But The Lion's Den Is Still Open
  • What Do You Call It When You Fart During Anal Sex? Steamboat Willie.
  • John Cougar Concentration Camp
  • These Questions Are Hard . . . Just How I Like My Dicks 
  • What Happens When Too Many Soldiers Get In Your Coochie-Hole? Queef.
  • No Matter How Bad Life Gets, There Is Always Beer

Miller Time Pub
  • The Packers 5th String QB - The Tampon 
  • Necrophelia, Pop Open A cold One
  • Yeast Infection to Golden Showers 
  • Duck Butter with a Side of Smegma 
  • Kristen Stewart's Full Moon Makes Werewolves Come Out

Milwaukee Brat House
  • I got something for you to gobble gobble ... in my pants
  • Dumping nuts in sluts butts on Thanksgiving 
  • I like my Schlitz like I like my men: cheap and in pairs
  • 30 days without head, I'd rather die
  • The alcoholocaust!
  • 1912 Titanic Swim Team 
  • You Pooped In The Refrigerator?!?
  • You Should Hear What The Fox Says In My Pants 
  • Cube Libre tastes like tequila. Can we use out tokens for some Schlitz
  • Ray Nittie's Big Titties
  • Fuck Cuba! These drinks suck! 
  • We are soooooo gonna lose. It's official, we lost

Mulligans Irish Pub
  • The Crack Whores
  •  I'm a Victorious Secret 
  • Overworked and Underpaid

New Berlin Ale House
  • My Grandma Can't Wrestle But You Should See Her Box
  • My Table Tennis Net Is Bigger Than Yours
  • Cram It Up Your Cram Hole LaFleur
  • What Would Brett Favre Do?
  • Non-Fat Midwestern Celebs
  • Scoring As High As Toronto's Mayor Ford
  • Rodger's Mustache : 1 Quizmaster Dan's Mustache : 0
  • Pete Schweaty's Homemade Sausage
  • 12th String Quarterbacks
  • And The Winner Is With One Million Points....!
  • Broke As Aaron Rodger's Collar Bone 
  • No One Likes Cry Baby Cutler 
  • Aaron Rodger's Nurse Maids

  • Tug on my Wishbone 
  • It's hard to read the scores when you keep quizzing in my face 
  • The only official sport of Ireland is drink potato picking 
  • 2 Pimps One Cup 
  • I wanted to be famous for playing the NFL but instead I'm incognito 
  • The South Will Rise Again

Panther Pub
  • Jesus take the handlebars
  • Radical Rob and The Rampagers
  • Suits n' Beards
  • Dead Goldfish Rising!!
  • John Wilkes Booth and The Showstoppers
  • The Super Amazing Mustache of Happiness
  • I ♥ Feet

Red Rock Saloon
  • QUEEL Like a Pig 
  • Draws should not happen in REAL football! 
  • Sad, depressed team of losers
  • Just the tip
  • Fuck this shit. I came to drink 
  • Rob Ford's wife feed him everyday 
  • More confused than a Stevie Wonder / Helen Keller tennis match
  • Scientology - at least it makes Mormonism believable 
  • Weiner? I barley know her
  • Miley Cyrus is a huge whore 
  • Bags of dicks
  • Jabba the Sluts

Riverwest Filling Station
  • Barbara Bush won't Take Shotz Out of Her Cold Dead Hands
  • No Cuts, No Butts, No Coconuts
  • Uncle Jesse and the Rippers
  • Dangerously Cheezy, Dangerously Sleazy
  • There's a Cricket in My Snooker!
  • Mil-HAWK-eeans
  • I Quizzed in the Cowboy's Mouth

St. Francis Brewery
  • The Older We Get, the More We Forget, So the Less We Regret
  • We Framed Roger Rabbit! 
  • Scott Tolzien Fan Club
  • Green Bay Died When Rodger's Fell
  • "I Am Waiting By the Phone, Eagerly Waiting" -Brett Favre
  • Real or Fake? Next Time Show Us Some Boobs and Maybe We'll Get Them Right!
  • This Table's a Bigger Sausage Fest than Germany
  • Jeopardy Dropout

Titletown Brewing Co.
  • Dislocated Double-Check 
  • What Does the Guy Fawkes Say? 
  • tech team: working for beer

Three Lions Pub
  • If you give Mariah Carey a pimp cup, you can play her double bass
  • Barely drinking and barely thinking
  • Who would ever want to go to Bangkok?
  • Aren't Portuguese and Spanish the same?!?
  • Spank me with your balls 26 times, its my birthday
  • Drinking: Ireland's biggest traditonal sport 
  • Tom Ford's Crack Whores 
  • I want to go hunting with Dick Cheney, so I can shoot him in the face
  • Brownie is about as good at German as he is at being tall
  • Who the hell watches homeland
  • I wish I was Ryan Lochte so teen girls would jump my bones

Two Bucks
  • Sultans of "Schwing"
  • Sharks are indeed fish 
  • Red Headed Tampons
  • There's always money in the banana stand!
  • We Heart Susan Boyle
  • Seneca Wallace Has a Case of Cutler-itis
  • Lou Reed's Reanimated corpse who enjoys trivia instead of heroin
  • Ghost'll never see us cumming!

Vino 100
  • Morgan Freeman's Titty Sprinkles 
  • I Quizzed My Pants 
  • 3 Hole Punch and A Ruler

Whiskey Bar
  • Stuffing turkey then eating pie: Thanksgiving dinner or one nightstand?
  • I don't always do crack, but when I do its in a drunken stupor.
  • Over? Was It Over When The Germans Bombed Pearl Harbor?
  • Rob Ford Takes His Pussy With a Side Of Crack 
  • I Don't Know About the World, But The Most Spoken Language In My Bedroom is Choking Noises


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