Best pub quiz team names of the month... May 2014!

Brass Monkey
  • This Quiz Was Harder Than Chinese Algebra 
  • It's Not Gay if it's in a 3-Way
  • Crimea? More Like Cry Me A River

Cafe Centraal
  • Oh Shoot, I Missed Kim Kardashian's Wedding. That's Fine, I'll Just Watch The Next One
  • Martin Lawrence of Arabia
  • Mark Cuban aka Donald Sterling Lite
  • Ha-Ha, You're A Packer!
  • I Did Not Have Sexual Relations With The Quizmaster
  • Giraffe In High Heels
  •  Even If We Lose, At Least Joffrey Is Dead

Cafe Hollander
  • All African countries look the same.
  • In S'Mongolia dead babies eat S'mores
  • Putin On The Ritz 
  • "Ha-Ha Clinton-Dix", What Was Uttered Under The Oval Office Desk
  • Anal Sex At Noon Taxes Lana (It's A Palindrome!)
  • My Girlfriend Is Drinking For Two 
  • My Dick Is The Longest Nerve

Caffrey's Pub
  • Talk derby to me
  • Indoor kites, how do they fly 
  • Killing them with kindness...and herpes
  • The whitest walkers

Camp Bar
  • We Are Against The Heat, The Basketball Team, Not The Weather
  • The Ottoman Empire Still Existed The Last Time The Cubs Won The World Series 
  • How Do You Start A Memorial Day Parade In Milwaukee? Roll a 40 Down The Street
  • Bloody Mary: Not Just a Bar Drink, But My Friday Night
  • Tongue Slap in the Fart Box
  • Donald Sterling's Scrotum Smashers
  • Gang of Thrones Starring Tyrone Lannister 
  • I'm Not Gay, But $20 is $20
  • Michael Sam: Once a Tight End, Now a Wide Receiver
  • Ha Ha Clinton Dix, Monica Lewinsky's Favorite Packer
  • My girlfriend said I was a pedophile, that's a pretty big word for a 5-year-old 
  • We Just Found Out We're Really Bad at Geography


Club Garibaldi
  • Watching Suarez cry was like watching unicorns jizz rainbows!
  • This selfie requires lotion

Fixture Brewing Company
  • We May Be Slow, But We're Faster Than The VA 
  • Tiger Woods Nails 18 Holes In A Day And Still finds Time To Golf
  • We Are Ashamed Of What We Did For A Klondike Bar...
  • If You Use Camouflage Condoms, She Will Never See You Coming..
  • A Load In Her Mouth Is Worth Two In Her Bush
  • Eatin Ain't Cheatin 
  • Not Tonight Baby, I Just Quizzed It

Fox River House
  • You Were Making Out During Shindlers List
  • Monika Lewinsky’s Favorite Packer: Clinton Dix
  • Most people don’t remember Samuel L. Jackson’s first on-screen performance “Black Dicks Fucking White Chicks… Mutha Fuckah
  • The Price is Wrong, Bitch!! 
  • I got my first blowjob after watching the movie “Donnie Darko”. (True story)

The Hotch Spot
  • Is that semen on your shirt? 
  • As long as I have a face, you have a place to sit 
  • What do the Packers and Monica Lewinski have in common? Clinton-Dix
  • Shoot First, Ask Christian Slater
  • My lightsaber changes colors

The Highbury
  • Let's All Pretend to Love Maya Angelou
  • I'll show you my tittle if you show me yours...
  • Young? Professionals?
  • Condoms and Rattlesnakes: Two things I don't fuck with
  • Kidnapped 270 black women on North Ave. and no one gave a shit
  • Die Hard with a Boner
  • I Found My Obedient Bride at
  • Tom Hanks sends a volleyball to Micronesia every time you watch Castaway

Jack's American Pub
  • Whoever said "the way to a mans heart is through his stomach" has never tried blowjobs 
  • PEN15 CLUB
  • My girlfriend assures me a small penis is ok, but I still wish she didn't have it
  • Relationship Status: Making relationship jokes at Trivia Night
  • Relationship status: just bought a ten pound tub of vaseline
  • I swipe right for puppies
  • Sex life status: Somebody's eating crabs with their tuna tonight (and not for dinner)

Loaded Slate
  • Putin Got My Poonanni 
  • On a Scale of MLK to Donald Sterling, How Racist Are You, Paul?
  • Donald Sterling's Defense Team 

  • Hipsters hate rivers... Too mainstream
  • Will Smith. The love child of will Ferrell and chad smith blind prostitutes
  • You gotta hand it to them Coat Hangers... Really Bring out the Kid in You
  • Sterlings Guest List
  • We Brought Black People, Fuck Donald Sterling

Miller Time Pub 
  • Other Than that, how was the parade Mrs. Kennedy
  • Wild and Wonderful Whites of West Virginia
  • Does Cinqo De Mayo Fall on May 5th Every Year?

Milwaukee Beer Bistro
  • Please just give us the $10, we forgot our wallets at HOME :(
  • That Itch you can't scratch

Milwaukee Brat House
  • Lawrence of a Labia
  • America's national language is God, guns and freedom
  • I got invited to Rory McIlroy's wedding. Now I'm pissed
  • Bitch ass hoe skank motherfucker
  • It's been a year, can we try anal?
  • Conchita Wurst: the wiener takes it all"
  • Don't get Schlitzed and drive" 
  • Macaulay Culkin masterbates at Home Alone

New Berlin Ale House
  • Shoot, I missed Kim Kardashian's Wedding... Oh Well, I'll Just Watch The Next One 
  • These Are Not The Trivia Questions We're Looking For
  • Lesbian Barbie Comes In Her Own Box
  • Sterling Is Innocent
  • Ha Ha Clinton Dix: What Was Uttered Under The Oval Office Desk
  • I Thought "Let's Eat Out" Was Jizz Master Dan's Slogan
  • This Was Going To Be Dirtier But Both Our Parents Are Here

  • O'Lydia's Clamydias
  • Go Get Your Fucking Shine Box
  • 3 guys, 1 girl, and a porn stache
  • Sister-in-law in an elevator with 100 problems 
  • Trivia - The most fun a girl can have without taking her clothes off

Red Rock Saloon
  • Nelly really knows his country grammar
  • Participation points are what matters
  • Mexicans one day a year

Riverwest Filling Station 
  • Save the Whales, Save Rob Kardashian!
  • Does Marcellus Wallace Look Like a Bitch?!
  • Somewhere there is a Malaysian plane with 300 Nigerian girls on it
  • If April showers bring May flowers, do May flowers bring pilgrims?
  • Rob Ford Fan Club

St. Francis Brewery
  • That's a Really Big Wand Harry
  • Greece is the Word...That We've Used for Three of Our Answers
  • Race Walking Looks Like Something I Do When I'm Not Going to Make it to the Bathroom!
  • I've Got 99 Problems and Getting in Elevator Fights is One
  • Vince Condella's Porn Stache Meets Albert the Alley Cat
  • So I Hear Paula Deen is Buying the Clippers
  • The GIF That Keeps on Giffing.

Titletown Brewing Co.
  • I got 99 problems and an in-law is one (hit me) 
  • California Chrome wins by a nasal strip

Three Lions Pub
  • Jamie's cock is bigger than Brownie's
  • Pedophiles that don't fit in 
  • Trivia night aka Will Smith's greatest hits

Two Bucks
  • The Walking Talking Stephen Hawking
  • Say No to Thugs
  • Russell Westbrook loves weird clothes
  • Michael Sam's Butt Rams
  • Blind Prostitutes, You Gotta Hand It To 'Em
  • Fuck you for question 20! Sincerely, the only two people in the room who don't watch Game of Thrones
  • What's the difference between St. Patty's Day and Cinco De Mayo? You don't have the shits after St. Patty's Day
  • Don't Pick on Fat People, They Have Enough on Their Plate 
  • Jay Z's 100th Problem

Whiskey Bar
  • In A Recent Stress Test, If You Masturbate 5 Times A Week, You Reduce Your Chance Of Colon Cancer 
  • Roger Sterling Needs Jerry Maguire's Help and Yell "I LOVE BLACK PEOPLE!" Into a Camera 
  • "Let's Eat Out"....Also The Slogan For Tampax
  • My Girlfriend Is 3ft Tall and I'm Nuts Over Her


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