Best pub quiz team names of the summer 2014!

Brass Monkey
  • My Boyfriend Can't Remember My Birthday, But He Can Remember Bilbo Baggins :( 
  • Aaand Boom Goes the Dynamite
  • Queefmaster 
  • It's National Hot Dog Day - Put a Weiner in your Mouth
  • Large Lybia Lodged in my Larynx 
  • Edward Penishands
  • I'll Carry Tim Howard's Balls Anyday!
  • Ryan Braun's Urine Supplier

Cafe Centraal
  • What's The Ice Bucket Challenge?
  • Two Cashews Were Walking Down The Street. One Was Indicted On Federal Racketeering Charges.
  • Hit It N' Quiz It
  • Teachers Rule, Bullies Drool!!!
  • Quizteam-a Aguilera
  • Doin’ Stuff In The Back
  • How Many Goals Can Germany Score? A Brazillion!
  • Lebron To The Bucks!
  • Derka Sherpa Derka Jihad

Cafe Hollander
  • I Learned Everything I Need To Know About Earthquakes From Watching Saved By The Bell
  • Great Barrier Queef
  • My Harry Potter Has Hogwarts
  • When The Red River Flows Take The Dirt Road
  • Just kidding they're in first 
  • The Last Time Germans Were World Champs Charles de Gaulle Had To Call In Uncle Sam To Clean Up Their Shit 
  • William Hung Like A Horse 
  • I Am Not A Doctor But I'll Take A Look Anyway
  • Thank God We Don't Have To Worry About Soccer Anymore And We Can Spend All Of Our Time Focusing On LeBron
  • What Has 9 Arms And Sucks? Def Leppard
  • What's The Useless Piece Of Skin Attached To A Vagina? A Woman. 
  • What's The Female Version Of A Cougar? Your Mom

Caffrey's Pub
  • Robin Williams, Hanging Out
  • Attractive Lesbians
  • Wacky Waving Flailing Inflatable arm team
  • My grandma doesn't wrestle but you should see her box
  • The British are cumming

Camp Bar
  • I Like It When Isis Was Just Shazam's Girlfriend
  • Hugo Boss: Making Nazi's Look Good Since 1936
  • We Couldn't Think of a Name, So We Just Drew an Erect Profile Penis
  • Tony Stewart's Greatest Hits
  • I Like My Women Like I Like My Coffee: Ground Up and In The Freezer
  • Nicolet's Varsity Football Team
  • I Just Won the Cum Bucket Challenge 
  • I Have Play-Doh in My Pants - Let's Make Something Out of It
  • Chesty, Tubby, Burpy, Deafy, Hickey, Weasy, and Awful 7 Strippers
  • The Heat Coming Off Lebron's Cleveland Steamer Is Something To Witness
  • What's White and Salty and All Over My Face? Camp Popcorn
  • Tim Howard Saved My Balls

Fixture Brewing Company
  • We Figured Out Why Tampons Have Strings....So You Can Floss After Eating!!
  • What's The Difference Between A G-Spot And A Golf Ball? Guys Will Look For A Golf Ball For 20 Minutes 
  • I Wish This Microphone Was A Giant Floppy Horse Penis 
  • I Really Need A Glass Of Water
  • Titanic Was The First Ice Water Challenge 
  • Is Mike Hunt Here?
  • There Is No "I" In Rape Shack
  • Your Jokes Suck Like A Bag Of Flesh Colored Dicks. That Are Short 
  • I Wanna Go Camping. I Hear The Sex Is In Tents
  • Tax Evasion Cruel Anal Invasion 
  • I'm Going To be Pitching A Tent This Weekend...I'm Also Going Camping 
  • I Like My Women Like I Like My Coffee...Without Someone Else's Dick In It
  • Secretary of Defense, Tim Howard

Fox River House
  • Vlad the Impregnator
  • I could have scored against Brazil today
  • Boys from Brazil got Blitzdrieged 
  • Pimpin' ain't breezy, but this patio sure it!
  • Since it's their anniversary night and Bill and Mandy are so awesome they're gonna fuck like rabbits tonight
  • My balls are hairless because the Brazilians got waxed 
  • Salvador Deli (we're the surreal "deal") 
  • We nominate the Titanic for the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge... actually just the poor people

The Hotch Spot
  • Drakes on a plane
  • The way you ask those questions makes me want to quiz all over
  • The Quija Board gave us all the answers
  • There's Quizz in me eye! :(
  • Argentina looked good in the 1978 World Cup, but 2014 was Messi
  • Pinnochio's nose isnt the ONLY thing that grows when he's excited
  • BFFFFFFF Stands for Best Fucking Fantastic Fabulous Foreign French Friend Forever
  • Tim Howard

The Highbury
  • Fo' Shizzle My Quizzle
  • The Cunning Stunts
  • The Titanic: Ice Bucket Challenge Champion
  • Everything I learned about sex, I learned at the Neverland Ranch
  • A little pissed, all I see on Pornhub lately is Germany fucking Brazil

Jack's American Pub
  • I like my women the way i like my rum, Puerto Rican and full of coke
  • On a scale of 1 to America, how free are you tonight?
  • I'm no doctor, but I don't think 50,000 'likes' are gonna cure that kids cancer.
  • If you think your mum is good at wrestling you should see her box
  • 2 girls, 1 World Cup
  • Sometimes I'm high on drugs. The other times I'm asleep.
  • Not even Tim Howard can save us from these answers

Loaded Slate
  • Quiz all over her face
  • Dixie Normous

  • Hitlers Proof - Reader was a grammar Nazi
  • When you say "Hiyah", are you saying hello? or are you speaking Ninja?
  • Brazil did NAZI that coming
  • We should go to Rio. I hear it is easy to score on Brazillians
  • Did Brazil's loss hurt more than getting a Brazillian
  • How many goals did Germany score against Brazil? A Brazillian

Miller Time Pub 
  • Quizmaster Ross pees sitting down
  • Ross's "Test"icles

Milwaukee Beer Bistro
  • So a grasshopper walks in to a bar and the bartender says "HEY! Did you know we have a drink named after you?" The grasshopper replies "You have a drink named Steve?" 
  • Derek Zoolander's team of people who look good and want to read good too
  • It's also called a banana kick

Milwaukee Brat House
  • We nominate the entire bar for the Schlitz Bucket Challenge #drinkupbitches
  • Black Cock Down
  • Sometimes when I puke, I schlitz 
  • Brits don't go to the dentist
  • Camouflage condoms: she never saw us coming
  • Gaza Stripperz
  • Straight outta Wiscompton
  • Just the tip --- a game nobody wins
  • No means yes, yes means anal
  • Andre The Giant Bag of Dicks
  • The Quizmasterbater
  • America! - Best Team Name ever. If you don't agree, you're a terrorist

Mulligans Irish Pub
  • Who needs sex when you have beer

New Berlin Ale House
  • We Know Nothing John Snow
  • Digital Playground Presents Moses Parting The Red Sea Starring Ron Jeremy
  • If Christopher Walken Ran For President He Would Win
  • Keep Calm And Get A New Catchphrase
  • Are Those Real Or Fake
  • Monica Loves “Clinton-Dix”

  • Let's get quiz-ical, quiz-ical ;) 
  • A squeaky train still sounds better than Miley Cyrus
  • HaHa Monica Loves Clinton-Dix
  • Hey everyone - FUCK YOU
  • We drew a Hitler moustache on Charlie Caplin & we're pretty sure that's right now
  • The French are assholes
  • Malaysian frequent flier miles for sale
  • "Not in my hair!"

Red Rock Saloon
  • You sound like you're from London 
  • Show me on the doll where he touched you
  • Since the World Cup is over can we stop pretending to care about soccer for 4 more years
  • Two Girls One World Cup
  • 2 Girls, 1 Quiz.... never a good idea!!

Riverwest Filling Station 
  • Octothorpe Hashtag
  • I'll tell you what my largest organ is
  • Peewee Herman's favorite movie theatre
  • Team "Help me, a bird pooped on my boobs!"

St. Francis Brewery
  • Chicago Can Suck my Dix, Ha Ha!
  • Went to Ferguson On was a Riot!
  • Depressed Teachers Going Back to School, Happy Parents 
  • Hot Carl Asked Me For a Rusty Trombone! 
  • Muhammad is All Our First Names
  • My Birth Control Blocks More Shots Than Brazil
  • Do I get Banned Next Week if I Bite the Quizmaster?
  • Watching Soccer is Like Watching Paint Dry

Titletown Brewing Co.
  • The Tony Stewart School of Driving ... Now Hiring Volunteers for Traffic Cones 
  • Having a Belt with Robin Williams (What? Too Soon?) 
  • Ferguson Tear Gas Challenge for ALS 
  • We're Ghana soccer it to yah! 
  • KFC customers are dicks 
  • What do you mean: We're not Ghana win 
  • Anne Frank: Hide & Seek Runner Up

Three Lions Pub
  • Your mom is so slutty not even Andy Dufresne would tunnel through her
  • Ebola? I hardly know her 
  • Largest Panhandle In The US?...My Dick 
  • Nothing Says Literature Like "Twilight"......
  • For The Second Time In History, Thousands Of Germans Have Gone Into Hiding In Brazil
  • I Had Cheese, But No Crackers. I Was Cracka Lackin'
  • Who Let The Mom's Out? 
  • You Nazi Be Kidding Me

Two Bucks
  • Trivia, the most fun a girl can have without taking her clothes off
  • Camouflage Condoms...she didn't see us coming
  • The Floyd Mayweather School for Adults Who Can't Read Good
  • Swipe Right For Best Team Name
  • We Nominate Lou Gehrig for the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge
  • My last relationship ended because of a sad hand job 
  • Jeffrey Dahmer's House of Ribs
  • Tony Stewert's Drivers Ed
  • We Got 99 Problems and this Quiz is at the top of the list
  • My last relationship started because of a great blow job
  • Sanka yo dead? Yeah mon, because I'm Jamaican me crazy
  • Shrimp linguine and a porno; just kidding, it's chicken linguine
  • Stephen Hawking's Twitter Account
  • It's Screech, Mr. Powers if you're nasty
  • We're only here for the free water

Whiskey Bar
  • The Juice is on the loose; Fuck Bon Jovi!
  • John Wiles Booth - The Show Stopper
  • But Seriously, This Isn't Speed Dating?
  • The Tiny Blumpkins


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