Best Team Names of September

"Are You Ready For Some Football Trivia"
- Slob on my Cobb
- Calvin's Johnson
- The Bears still suck
- Move it football head... hey Arnold
- Stafford is overpaid
- Drink apple juice, OJ will kill you
- Gronk boat party
- Hurricane Ditka... too soon? 
- Tittsburgh Feelers

Bavarian Bierhaus
- We drink and we know things 
- Clean and jerk on my lady lumps

Brass Monkey
- Irma to Harvey: Hold My Beer
- It's Classical Music Month: I'll Be Bach..."
- Periodic Table Dancers
- Houston's Swim Team
- Irma - The Heart of the Ocean
- If We Win We Will Send Elton John to North Korea to Play Rocketman for Kim Jung Un Live
- We Knelt the Whole Quiz

- Vincent Van Gough Fuck Yourself
- No ones gotten a handjob in cargo pants since Nam
- Who would've thought someone named Irma would get us so wet?
- The Real Patio Wives of Camino
- The head, the shaft and the Balls
- Team Irmagodden
- The Real Ex-Patio Wives of Camino
- The Real Patio Wives of Camino
- Let's Go Back to the Clinton Era, When Kneeling Was Acceptable

Camp Bar Shorewood
- Toilet paper ain't shit
- The Real Housewives of Fatty, WI
- I Told A Girl I Was Hung Like A Newborn...8 lbs. and 13 in. Long
- I'll Show Up Before Halftime - Famous Last Words 
- Back When Clinton Was The President, He Didn't Mind If You Took A Knee
- Where Is Dennis Rodman When You Need To Negotiate With North Korea
- My Girlfriend Is Taking A Knee But She is Not Protesting

Camp Bar, Third Ward
- 11 girls, 1 cup
- 9/11 Jokes Are Just Plane Wrong
- Tampa Refugees #IRMAGERD
- Two Things I Don't Fuck With: Snakes and Condoms
- We ate kale at Pizza Hut before it was cool
- Fucking Sick of 2nd Place
- The Sword is strong, but the penis mightier

Camp Bar Tosa
- Hole Lotta Love on the Starship
- Maybe She's Born with It... Maybe It's Herpes
- Awkward First Date
- Simple Folk, You Know... Morons
- E for Effort
- Yeah Right There Isn't a Fatty in Wisconsin?
- Tiger Woods happy a Spice Girl
- We will flash you for $10
- Kohler is the Shit
- Marzipan comes from deez nuts
- The Full Monty Wasn't as Big in Siberia
- I Thought Trump Liked People Getting on their Knees for Him
- Corgi Butts
- Not So Bad For a Swingers Meeting
- Vincent Van Gogh F*** Yourself 
- We Should Have Stayed In Instead
- Ted Cruzing For Porn
- It's Only a First Date...
- Hopefully Doing Better Than Topsy the Elephant

Hogs and Kisses
- Our couch pulls out, but we Don't
- A burnette a ginger and a blonde walk into a bar
- Washington foreskins

Jack's American Pub
- If they were to name Hurricane Harvey "Hurricane Death Megatron 3000" maybe those dumbasses would have evacuated
- Strictly butt stuff
- Centipedes Never Skip Leg Day
- Alex Trebek is a Smug Twat
- Obama Can Sit on my Throne Whenever he Wants.
- Too soon for hurricane jokes... wait for everything to blow over
- We're as good at trivia as we are at unclasping bras
- Ed Gein's Custom Upholstery + Shades
- This quiz brought to you by kitten mittens. We're making a quieter cat
- Al Gore invented Quizmaster Trivia
- You're a Quizzard, Harry
JBs on 41
- Neopolitan (red, white, and brown)
- Toilet, Always a Good Answer
- We Love our Timeshare in Dickless, Florida
- Numbnuts from Nambia

The Landing at Hoyt Park
- Fewer teams and we still can't win
- The Ted Cruz social media interns
- Irma let u finish, but Harvey was the biggest storm of the year
- Bill Clinton's secret service code name: Tenacious D
- How many moons are on Uranus

The Loaded Slate
- What do you call a person that plays the tuba? A virgin
- Pissed on my rug
- Milwaukee street car named frustration
- We handled Ryan Braun's urine sample

Lucky Chance
- The Caffeinated Sloths
- It's Complicated 
- When Did Masturbation Become an Olympic Sport and Where Do I Sign Up?

- My boss is having an affair and I don't know who to tell
- Rattlesnakes and condoms- 2 things I don't f around with
- You know nothing of trivia Jon Snow
- What's a pirates favorite letter? You'd think it's an R, but it's the C
- Enrique Iglesias Waterskiing Naked
- Nine Inch Males

Milwaukee Ale House
- BJ my Birdie for the Money Shot
- Where is Dennis Rodman when you have to negotiate with Kim Jong Un?
- I Will Totally Destroy Any North Korean Trivia Team Tonight
- Avada Ka-Damn Girl!
- I Bet You Think This Quiz Is About You
- The Hardest Question To Answer is "Team Name"
- Wish I Could Dance Like Quiz Master
- I’m Sincerely Mourning My Trivia Score
- Paul My Finger, Quizmaster Extraordinaire
- Are You Ascribing Gender to a Bee? It’s 2016!
Milwaukee Brat House
- I Thought This Was Speed Dating?
- Brunei the Sultan Guy (to the tune of Bill Nye the Science Guy)
- Pepperoni Nipples
- IRMA-Gehrd
- Anonymous Drunkin Teachers
- Scott Walker's Bald Spot
- The Austrian Oak has No Cred on Lesbos
- Ball Sack, Illinois- Real or Fake
New Berlin Ale House
- Stop! Quiz Time...
- Life give you questions, Google give you answers
- I'm sorry Ms. Jackson...I am four eels. I am several fish and not a guy
- It was all Dan Marion's fault, everyone knows that. LACES OUT!

- I thought Wisconsin was the official state of the curds!
- Speakeasy and carry a stiff drink
- Wer'e sofa kingdom
- I shaved my pubes for this?! 
- Thanksgiving (3 Guys & an Indian)
- First or last, we don't want the shirts
- Marriage: the dark place from which nothing can escape
- Call me Harry Pothead cuz this Sorceror's stoned!

Red Rock Saloon
- Is your mom's name Irma, cos she blew me last night?
- The Only Thing Trump Likes on Their Knees is Women

Saz's State House
- Send doods not nudes
- Ted Cruz's Google history

Second Salem Brewing Co.
- Are you feeling it now, Mr. Krabs? 

The Tosa Tavern
- Used Zune for Sale
- Drinking till I've fallen and can't get up
- Irma-Gawd
- Enjoying our last trivia before North Korea kills us all
- Arti-Choke-It and Poke It

Uptown Tavern
- 2 Girls 1 Quiz

UWM Gasthaus
- It's a tubist, Ryan!

Von Trier
- 3 sausages and a waffle

Whiskey Bar
- Ted Cruz is honoring 9/11 by erecting a third tower


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