Best Team Names of January 2018!

Stranger Things Trivia
- Dustin got Blue Balls at the Snow Ball
- Should I stay or should I eggo?
- Show me your kitties
- I left my husband for Steve Harrington’s hair
- Good will hunting
- Steve Harrington will call you daddy
- My demadog ate my homework
- Demogorgonna
- Dominic Belko is working here 9- close. So stay for a great time and average drink prices
- No one eats pussy like a demogorgon
- Winona Ryder's Financial Comeback
- Who let the demidogs out? (who,who,who)
- Who ya gonna call? Bob Newby - Super Hero
- Lego me Eggo
- Twelve (012)
- Steve Harrington Babysitter Club
- Leggo My Dema...gorgan
- Steve's Hair (2 pumps of Farrah Fawcett)
- Justice for Barb

42 Ale House
- Smaller heads think better
- I wish I knew more about Battlefield Earth to make a better John Travolta-based inside joke
- Napoleon Bonerfart
- Insert something funny here. (that's what she said)
- Auto erotic force chokes
- Does sponge bob have an Instagram?

Bank Shot
- Le Tits Now
- Save A Tree, Eat a Beaver
- Your Argument is Irrelephant
- Floor Pizza or No Pizza
- We Are Like Really Smart-Borderline Geniuses

Bavarian Bierhaus
- Average button size is 5.5 inches 
- Another year, another beer!
- D.B. Coopers is sitting behind me
- The fat Val Kilmers 
- Anderson cooper just said shithole on tv

Bilda's Freiss Lake Pub
- My Couch Pulls Out But I Don't.

Brass Monkey 
- The Things I’d Do for Donald Trump to Press My Nuclear Button
- I might be a very experienced Quizmaster, but tonight was the first time I...did..a...rod...
- Our team sucks more than Hawaii’s missile defense system!
- The Titanic Swim Team
- Steve Buscemi’s Good Eye

- It's My Birthday and I'm Having A Pun Time!
- My Resolution Was to Read More So I Turned the Subtitles On While I Watch TV
- I Like My Trivia Like I Like My Blowjobs: Random and Enthusiastic
- I Left My Shithole and All I Got Was This Lousy Country
- Shitty Hawk, North Carolina
- A Conspiracy of One
- Jack, Draw Me Like One of Your French Poops
- Reagan-Not the Only President with Alzheimer's

Camp Bar, Shorewood
- Quiz Me Like One Of Your French Girls
- Real Stable Geniuses
- Winter Itch Is Such A Bitch
- 5 Bitches and a Dog
- Gary Busey's Teeth
- Let's Eat Tide Pods, Dilly Dilly!
- My Trivia Partner Doesn't Know This is a Date

Camp Bar, Third Ward
- Phantom of the Oprah
- Unstable Geniuse
- Cock Lobster
- Condoms are for Cowards
- The One Child Policy is Super Effective
- Trump's Shit Holes
- Stephen Hawking's School of Dance
- Shirts Vs. Blouses
- Sigourney Weaver in my Peachy Beaver
- Splooge McDuck and his nephews Huey, Looey, and Gooey

Camp Bar, Tosa
- Respecting MILFs in 2018 (aka Paul's Mom)
- How Can You Tell if a Girl is Ticklish? Give Her a Test-tickle
- When You Buy So Much Plan B, It Becomes Your Plan A
- Old School Hockey Sounds Shitty
- Chasing Beaver Tail
- The Hoover Dam is Tighter than the Vikings Defense
- Mr. Clean's Dilly Dilly
- Tide Pods: Most Consumed Fruit of 2018
- Elton John Is Awesome on Piano, but Sucks on the Organ
- Do You Have an Inhaler? Cuz You Got that Ass, Ma!
- The FDR X-Treme Wheelchair Racing Club
- A Lesbian Cockblock is Called a Beaver Dam
- Uranus is god of a different thunder

Dugout 54
- The pen 15 club

Izzy Hops
- Samuel L. Jacked Up Out Score
- National Lampoon’s Warsaw Vacation
- No one can hear you scream is a better tagline for Apollo 13
- Remember to spay and neuter your trivia host
- Volts don’t kill you, it’s the amperage that will kill you
- “TriviYAAS!”

Jack's American Pub
- Dom Capers can manage my D
- A team full of stable geniuses
- I took a 4 pound shit
- If we're all going to die we might as well be in Hawaii.
- We leaned on the Hawaii missle alert button 
- Kevin Spacey is the usual suspect
- This is a shit hole team name
- The Vikings collapsed worse than the metrodome roof
- Walking Talking Stephen Hawking
- Did Trump's twitter shut down with the government?
- State of my union: Divorced

JB's On 41
- Is Trump's Button Bigger or are His Hands Smaller?
- We Are Like Stable, Like a Genius, Like Trump Like
- Snoop Dogg at Woodstock?! Total Enigma!
- Bears. Beets. Battlestar Galactica #dwight #youignorantslut
- Dumb and Dumber and Dumberer and Dumbererer and Dumbest

Loaded Slate
- My grandma doesn’t wrestle but you should see her box
- I question your integrity
- Very stable geniuses
- This bar is a shithole
- Sorry I yelled “killing it!” When I saw your mom eating a banana
- Where are the science questions
- More answers than bannons testimony
- Fart sound (please make a fart noise)
- What's In His Mouth?
- Better Late Than Pregnant
- The Weinstein casting couch

Lucky Chance
- I Like Big Buttons and I Can Not Lie
- I Got Yelled at For My Third Place Prize Last Week Because It Wasn't "Fridge Material"
- I May Not Know Presidents, But I Know Porn Stars
- Dahmer Lunch Special: Kevin Bacon, Lettuce and Tomato
- It's Not a Shithole, It's a Turd World
- The Cock-Block Specialists 
- On A Scale of 1-Casey Anthony, Do You Trust Me With Your Kids?
- Lee Harvey Oswald's School of Marksmanshi

- We Can’t Hear Ourselves Think
- No Blue Balls Allowed
- Our Goal tonight was to just be in the top 3
- Dahmer’s lunch special- the Kevin Bacon, lettuce and tomato
- Can’t believe we missed the state of the union

Milwaukee Ale House
- Team Fierljeppen Fierljeppen Fierljeppen
- Phil Fills Fjords Feverishly for Fierljeppen
- I Would've Recognized Oscar Pistorius if There Was A Woman Hiding Behind a Bathroom Door
- The Unusual Sexual Tension Between Jason Statham and Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson
- I’m Ron Burgundy and I’m Tits McGee
- If Trump is healthy, we are Olympians
- I know something else that is 3-5 inches
- Paul's Mom is a toothless mammal
- Nasser?!  Barely knew her!
- 69 Hour Government Shutdown #nice
- 3-5 inches - I call him my little hummingbird
- Louie CK's Demise 
- The Pilsners of Azkaban 
- A group has no name
Milwaukee Brat House, downtown
- If Guy Fieri was a sandwich, would he eat it?
- Lonesome George's Gentleman's Club
- We Left Our 13 Children at Home
- Hold me Closer Stormy Daniels
- We Have Symmetrical Boobs

Milwaukee Brat House, Shorewood
- Instead of the gym we’re here
- We are like very smart and stable geniuses. Covfefe
- It’s been 10 years since I rolled doubles but my dad is still in jail
- Don’t be a dummy quiz on their tummy
- Victorious secret: sexual assault isn’t funny til you’re a comedian #freeaziz
- Make America Norwegian again
- 1 year down, 3 to go
- The road is littered with indecisive squirrels

- Blizzard, we thought you said "lizzard conditions"
- Save a Beaver, Shave a Tiger
- Jerry the Pirate, Strikes Back- Part 2 "The Return"

New Berlin Ale House
- Distraction Traction
- Dads are like Boomerangs...we hope
- If we are ever going to win, we need a better phone
- Drink while we try not to think about this State of the Union.

- Willy Wonka and the Human Skin Mask Factory
- Cobalt, copper, cadmium, cocks!
- A little dab will do me too

Red Lion Pub
- "Corn in my shit" is not a food band
- The government may be shut down but my Octopussy is open for business
- Trump favorite food groups... McDonald's, McDonald's and McDonald's.
- Thunderballs in my rear, GOLDfinger in my Octopussy
- The hardest part of a vegetable is the wheelchair

Red Rock Saloon
- Shittin' Mittens
- MILF - Mounties I'd like to ####
- Fuck Ragnar and the Cycle He Rode In On
- MKE winter is so cold I can key a car with my hard nips
- Fuck the Patrtiots!
- Shaved tigers? I prefer shaved beaver?!

Second Salem Brewing Co.
- A team has no name

The Tosa Tavern
- We're a Shithole Quiz Team
- Very Stable Geniuses... No Collusion
- We drink and we don't know things
- Betty White gives me wet dreams
- Dear Baby Jesus please let the Vikings lose Sunday
- Shitty Dog Parents
- Stormy Daniels is my home girl
- Chuck Norris is always the correct answer 

Whole Foods, Edgewater
- Tequila Mockingbird
- Fleetwood Mac Sex Pants

Whole Foods, Willowbrook
- Everything's Coming Up Milhouse!
- You can rumpkin my pumpkin 
- You're a Quizard, Harry 


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