Best Team Names of November 2019!

Lord of the Rings Trivia
- Put your worm tongue on my tree beard
- Jet fuel can’t melt one rings
- Denethor didn’t kill him self
- Entwives search team
- /Smokin old Toby with gandolf
- Not idly do the leaves of Lorien cut a bitch
- Make Mordor great again
- Flock of Smeagols
- Boromir's homecoming party
- Fettucini Alfrodo
- This is How we Troll
- R-rated: Dildo Saggins

42 Ale House
- Austrians are German
- Somebody told me' that 'Ginger Spice' isn't a singer

Bilda's Friess Lake Pub
- I usually say Caribbean but when I talk about pirates of the Caribbean I say Caribbean
- I could be watching Disney+

Brass Monkey, West Allis
- The Alcoholocaust
- My Indian friend underwent cancer treatment. His name: Chemo-sabee.
- "L" as in Long, "D" as in Dong

Caffrey's Pub
- Roses are red, violets are blue, Epstein didn’t kill himself
- If a quiz is a quizicle, what’s a test?
- 2 guys 1 cup
- Titanic Swim Team
- Supercalifragilistic-Epstein-Didn’t-Kill-Himself
- Stephen Hawking’s School of Dance
- Just give me the stuffing, Daddy
- My GI Joe was 8 inches
- Anne Frank’s Hide and Seek Club

Camp Bar, Shorewood
- Epstein Didn’t Kill Himself
- Picture This, the mummy driving the mystery machine eating macaron scooby snacks
- Wheelin’ dealin’ and snowmobilin’
- Cricket, baseball, tennis ball, golf ball, my balls, ping pong ball
- Generation Gape
- Aaron Rodgers has the heaviest balls in sports
- Shitty Shitty Gang Gang
- GI Wish you were 12”
- Started from the bottom..we’re still here

Camp Bar, Third Ward
- Lichtenstein My Mummy's Treasure Island
- I Want To Shaggy Colin Farrell In The Mystery Machine
- Camp Touch This
- 4 inches of heaven
- The Squatty Potty Hotties
- My Houston Rocket is also an MVP.
- Kazakhstan is the greatest country in the world all the other countries are run by little girls
- Osama Means Family

Camp Bar, Tosa
- Our Friend had to go all the way to Germany for a booty call,
- White Castle was the original Impossible Burger
- If a horse is measured in hands, what is a penis measured in??
- Stalin only writes in lower case. He hated Capitalism
- I bet Dick Van Dyke uses the squatty potty
- Cleanin' Butts and Wiping Nuts
- Why is it penne if he stuck a feature in his cap and called it macaroni?

Campsite 131
- C’s Get Degrees
- T.I.’s OBGYN -
- Glory Hole in the Wall
- Well Hung Jury
- Sore “Wine”rs
- The Cleveland Browns of Trivia
- Wayne Gretzky said, “You miss 100% of the shots you don’t drink!”

Club 400
- Dirty chastity belts.
- Hello my name is Justin and I forget to wipe sometimes
- Penmanship Counts for Bonus points

Colectivo, Lakefront
- Nerds with glasses and fat asses
- I've got a nautical themed pashmina afghan
- #NeckTattooGoals

Craft Beer Cellar
- Johnny Flush and the Rubber Plunger Commandos
- Empty Growlers Make Us Sad
- Captain Boxer and the Brown Stain Rangers
- You’re a Quizzard, Harry!
- Uncle touchy's puzzle basement
- Les Quizerables

East Troy Brewery
- Double the nun, double the fun!
- Onions make me sad

- Nation of Quizlam
- Of all the useless knowledge I don't have, I do know Epstein didn't kill himself!

Izzy Hops
- I humped a moose at the Birkebeiner
- David Bowie and the Spiders from my arse
- Cock-a-Toucan Sam
- Mayo Pete's Questionable Military Recor
- One Way Trip to Uranus
- Quizrique Iglesias
- Ke$ha is the light of Crimea

Jack's American Pub
- Chad Kroeger's Jock Strap
- I have the heart of a lion and a lifetime ban from the Milwaukee Zoo
- Ja-Rules!
- Two Girls and One Bratwurst
- Dad's Homemade Thanksgiving Cream Pie
- The Russians released Anthony's Wiener
- Quizney +
- Took it up the tail pipe today... No, really, I had a colonoscopy this morning

Loaded Slate
- Lord have mrsa
- Girls for giannis
- Epstein didn’t kill himself
- Floridians you should switch your state beverage to apple juice because oj will kill you

- Last place is just furst wurst
- Uffda

- Too defeated to have a team name

Milwaukee Ale House
- Florida tax breaks
- You know what’s harder than chromium? My dick
- Mariah Carey gives me a standing rock
- POG the bounty hunger
- Disney plus and chill
- Fat Gwen stefani is just regular Christina Aguilera
- Double the suction double the fun --- your mom's slogan
- Briefcase wanker

Milwaukee Brat House, downtown
- Team Brat Hole
- Diamond Chalice is What I Call My Penis
- The Bears Still Suck
- I Hide Secrets in My Beard
- Kenya Put It In Djibouti

Milwaukee Brat House, Shorewood
- Wheel of fortune is a web of lies
- In dog beers, we only had one
- Consistently average
- David Bowie and the spiders from Uranus
- I can see Uranus from here
- TYT is for tickle your taint
- I’d take a one way ticket to Uranus
- Two girls one quiz
- It’s only cannibalism if you swallow
- Play, laugh, grow - viagra

Milwaukee Brewing Co.
- Roses Are Red, Violets Are Blue and Jeffrey Epstein Did Not Kill Himself
- Bend Over and Cough
- Titanic Swim Team
- (A really long Jeff Epstein joke)
- Bromhidrosis? More like Bro My Toast is....Burnt
- The One Where Betsy Ross and Dr. Who Get the Chicken Pox
- Bromhidrosis? More like Bro My Toast Is...Burnt
- The One Where Betsy Ross and Dr. Who Get Chicken Pox
- My Wife Doesn't Know What A Honeymoon Is

- Wythmic Gynmastics
- Uranus Turns A Solid To A Gas
- Just Hoppy to Be Here
- CUNext Tuesday
- Gein Friends
- That’s a Friggin Deer TYT: Touch Yo Titties (please) Its like 48 fords but all you need is a knife Bat Shit Crazy Bar Tends

New Berlin Ale House
- Van Buren Boys
- Who needs netflix and chill when we have Disney+ and Thrust
- The Pilgrim's Wieners
- C U Next Tuesday

- Twice the Suction of Jessica Simpsons First Husband
- Your Mom Has Twice the Suction
- I'll Park My White Kia in Your Driveway
- The Fren-Cheese
- John Cougar Menstrual Cramps
- Potowattomi Bed Bugs

Raised Grain
- Is that a raised grain in your pocket or are you just glad to see me

Rally Time, West Bend
- 1 Beer John Tells Jokes, 2 Beer John Tells Funny Jokes
- We Suck at Pool, and Suck At Trivia Also
- Last place is just furst wurst
- Lance was Using The The Toilet While Having an Interracial Kiss In Bed With a Gay Person
- Cougars on the Loose
- Red Coats are Cumming!
- 50 Shades of Gravy

Red Lion Pub
- Who Wears Jort Jorts
- Your Mom is Heavier Than Wate
- Donald J Trump and the giant Impeachment
- Finish the Guinness before the baby is due
- Foxtrot Uniform Chalie Kilo

Second Salem Brewing Co.
- You never like our team name
- Is it too early for Christmas music?
- Tonight we're a "virtual" trivia team
- )ur answers aren't the only thing disappointing
- Freudian's Nip

Three Lions Pub
- Lady Liberty makes me harder than chromium
- You’d think a Marquette grad would recognize the logo
- Zelensky is an ass-man
- Tryptofam

Tosa Tavern
- Terabyte me
- I've never had difficulty swallowing

- How Many Nissans Could Liam Niessen Lease if Liam Niessen Could Lease Nissans?
- Well, Our Score Is Less Than Brad's Bar Tab...
- Michael Scott's Dunder Mifflin Scranton Meredith Palmer Memorial Celebrity Rabies Awareness Fun Run For The Cure
- We're fucking Matt Damon
- Michael Caine obtains unobtanium stains
- Glitch Bitch

Whole Foods - The Brook 
- Ukraine Brain Drain
- The Titanic Swim Team

Whole Foods - Red Star Bar (Edgewater)
- James and the Giant Impeachment
- Whole Fools

Whole Foods - Red Star Bar (Streeterville)
- Pink Freud and the Dark Side of your Mom.
- Attention Whole Foods shoppers, the bar is now selling $1 glasses of wine

Whole Foods - Red Star Bar (West Loop)
- Alexa, (insert question here)
- Trump looks "Pretty Im-Peach


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