October's Best Team Names:

Milwaukee Ale House:
  • Everytime You Text and Drive, the Fancy Junks Teeth Will Save Dead Babies Ineffectually in My Pants... Inconceivable!
  • Is That a Banana In Your Pants or Are You Just Pleased to See Me?
  • Penny Lane Is In My Ears and In My Eyes - But Why Isn't She In My Pants
  • You Mean Texas Isn't Still It's Own Country?...Inconceivable
  • Can We Raise A Toast to Remember Lindsay Lohan's Chest From Mean Girls!
  • Who Is That Surprised That Ryan Is Good at Ball In Cup?
Caffrey's Pub:
  • Trick or Queef
  • Hey assholes, not funny, Steve Irwin was my cousin
  • Lady gaga's penis
  • Queef, it's what's for dinner.
  • We had 3, but she left us.. Story of my life
  • Not now Queef! I'm in the Fuckin' Zone!
  • Everything's Bigger in Texas... and in my pants.
Whiskey Bar:
  • You wet the bed at age 18 Sam, Love Mum and Dad.
  • Oops, I just quizzed in my pants
  • I Got Herpes From a Stripper Named "Karma"
  • I'd be turned on by Lady Gaga's boobs, but for the fact she has a penis
  • Brett Favre: Throwin Picks, Textin Dicks
  • Doesn't picture 8 look like something my boyfriend stuck up my ass last night?
  • Wasn't the Trivia announcer in "The Hangover"??
The Highbury:
  • Barbara Billingsley Died and I Never Got to See Her Beaver?
  • The Titanic Swim Team
  • Brett Favre's Dick Pic Proves He's 4th & Inches
  • Fat Kids Are Harder to Kidnap
  • Monty Wins the Cup, But Tiger Gets to Ride 'er
  • Wickens' Mum Makes Good Eggs
Trinity Three Irish Pubs:
  • Anal bum covers
  • A Fat Guy in a little coat
  • Team Team Without the Bitches
5th Ward Pub:
  • Three men and a coat hanger
  • Favre's croc shots
  • Brett Favres Wrist Watch
  • I missed Cougartown for this?
Milwaukee Brat House:
  • Does This Towel Smell Like Chloroform to you?
  • There's No "I" in Team But There's a "U" in Cunt
  • One Firefox feat. Sausage
The Black Rose:
  • These pretzels are making me thirsty
  • Year old male Gemini seeking a Virgo with trivia skill...in bed
  • Anita Waxin
  • Don't Flatter Yourself, That's Just My Knee
  • Joystick, Not Just for Video Games
  • Sofa King We Todd Did
Grafton Ale House:
  • Aww, sorry champ, I think I ate your chocolate squirrel
  • Evil will always triumph because good is dumb
  • Clap If You've Tapped Hugh Jass
  • Bill Nye the Science Guy Touched My Wishbone in the Magic Schoolbus
  • Slutlava
  • Brett Favre's Hung Like Justin Bieber


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