Best Team Names of June 2024

Tuesday, July 02, 2024

Disney Trivia
- We watched all of jungle book for that? 
- Suppressed emotion- It’s fine. We’re fine. Everything’s fine.
- My Lovely Lady Heffalumps 
- This was cheaper than taking them to Disney!
- Disney Queen
- Grim winning ghosts 
- Disney besties 
- We mermaid for Disney Trivia
- Princess and the Frog Weisse
- Hawk-Tua Matata: Such a Wonderful Phrase
- Your man shaved me the Cave of Wonder 
- Dumbo dumpies 
- Justice 4 BingBong
- Oh I Just Can't Wait To Be Drunk 
- There's a Snake In my Brew 
- Pirates of the Quizibbean
- The Belles Book Club 
- Dipstick Duos
- The Emperor's New Crew
- Turn down for Walt
- 2319 -- we've got a 2319!

Chick Flick Trivia
- How to lose trivia in 2 hours
- C U Next Tuesday 
- Mean Girls play trivia 
- Bend and snap my Hoover damn & 2 girls one cup song
- Pretty in Pink Moscato.
- What’s love got to do with it? 
- Just in case I wasn’t enough of a freak already, let’s add a tiara! 
- Chicklets 
- Clueless 
- 10 things I hate about people from Illinois 
- To all the Trivia’s I’ve loved before 
- What, like its hard? 
- How to lose at trivia in 10 rounds 
- Would you still like me if I was a molly ringworm? 
- Virgins who can't drive.

1840 Brewing - West Bend
- Titanic Swim Team
- Sexy Hardee's
- Playing With Myself 
- Lefty The Mountain Climber

The Amp Haus at Konkel Park
- Anne Franks Hide n Seek Team

The Baaree
- Your Dad Jokes Gave Me Goosebumps
- The Pirates Arrrrrmy Surplus 2nd hand store, come get your hook!
- Spiderman's Cumberbund caused Clint Eastwood to say 'see you again' 
- Paul Walker Died Too Fast Too Furious 
- Boujee Bears At The Baaree
- Ice Ice Maybe
- Wet & Sticky Sovereign Idiots 
- We're now stimulating than the debate 

The Barrel Yard
- OPE! I thought this was cornhole... 
- lil sausages
- Pregnancy Brains
- Old Fashionably Late
- We'd Die for Pat Murphy

BJ's Crafty Tap
- Cummerbund Cumberbatch
- Not so hungry hippos

Bobby's Bar
- May the Schwartz be with you
- In Bobby’s corn hole
- Better late than pregnant 
- Badger babes

Brass Monkey
- Buscemi Bedroom Eyes 
- Loud Pipes and Shag Carpet Get Dick
- Dolly Parton is an American hero. Also, Saxophones are NOT a brass instrument! 
- Strong like an Air Blade, Hung like a Minotaur 
- Just heard someone refer to kids as “Sexually Transmitted Dependents”
- Did the picture of Ariana Grande have Steve Buscemi eyes? 
- We’re in a West Allis bar on a Wednesday night… what the FUCK do you think we know about Broadway musicals?! 
- Rudolph and Pepperoni with Extra Cheese, please! 
- Hawk Tuah Girl Search Team
- My balls don’t move when my head turns, either.

Broken Bat Brewing
- Semidiurinal- every 10 pees
- They call me the throat “goat” the way my “mandible” be movin’

Cafe Hollander - Brookfield
- Zuckerberg’s greasy jenga 
- oh shit we still need a team name
- 2 Teen Moms = 1 Teen Dad
- Call ET Before I Cut my arm off because of this mother fuckin’ snakes on this mother fuckin’ plane.

Cafe Hollander - Madison
- These geography questions are "Pierre" madness! 
- STRAIGHT flush? During pride month????
- how did erin get that picture of djibouti?
- The wettest state state is wherever President Taft is
- When I saw you, my heart skipped a beat... so now it only beats 2,499,999,999 times.

Cafe Hollander - Mequon
- Life, Li-beer-Ty, and the pursuit of trivia
- We like boobs! - I mean really who doesn't?
- I made a stinky

Caffrey's Pub
- My Johnson in Uranus
- EMP: Eat My Pussy
- More Like Robo Cock
- English word for penis emoji

Camp Bar - Shorewood
- Natalie Portman shaved Uranus
- Go hang a salami I’m a lasagna hog (a palindrome)
- I told my mom watching zaboomafu would pay off
- Shaggy Mr rogers love child?

Camp Bar - Third Ward
- It's Gotta Be Uranus 
- Silk Exotic Consulting Group
- Dos Equis One Cup
- Bleached My Asshole For MJ 
- I'm More of A Full Dome Guy Myself ;) 
- The Magnitude of My Scampo Popper Her Tarts
- Fuck Amber Heard 
- Eggplant Emoji, Water Splashing Emoji 
- 3 Inches Collectively

Camp Bar - Tosa
- Always here but never win :(
- The unlisted spice girls (paprika and wasabi)
- the magnitude of my Spruce Goose
- We will cut your HW Bush with our scissor hands

Crafty Cow - MKE
- we can think of another word that "blow" precedes

Crafty Cow - Oconomowoc
- Trauma Llamas
- Djibouti Rangers
- Panic! At the Crafty Cow

Crafty Cow - Tosa
- I took a poop and forgot to straight flush
- Cream cheeseborough in Djibouti
- Feelin around Djibouti
- Red Hot Trivia Peppers
- Hootie McBoobitie

Deer Camp MKE
- Fact in the head
- During pride month???
- Quizzy McGuire
- We're Trying To Reach You About Your Cars Extended Warranty 
- Suck My Tittles

Eagle Park Brewing - MKE
- Andy Warhol Pop My Art 
- Did you hear about pluto? That's messed up.
- My Furby Covers My Clinton 
- Also, three constants in life are death, taxes and quizzing in my pants
- World's Fastest Two Minutes in the Heartbreak Hotel 
- I popped My Tart After I Got Half Domed 
- RNC Deez Nuts
- Eggplant Emoji 
- A Lawyer and a Nurse Walk Into a Brewery 
- Edward Jizz-her-pants

Eagle Park Brewing - Muskego
- It’s always Uranus 
- Uranus is a friend of mine
- Oscar Meyer plowed a moose
- I kissed a rose and I liked it
- what is the singular of corgi? 
- Pabst Smears
- To c3pos aubergine pass h. W. Bush beware of poison ivy! 
- Fuck dem kids!

Elm Grove Beer Garden
- Rudy's 4 Seasons Landscaping
- Sporting the Pillbox Hat and Kelly Shoes
- The Loaded Potatoes
- Hawk tuah - quiz on that thing

Gabe's Wisconsin Tavern
- I Quizzed in Your Pants!
- Borderline Innapropriate

Gathering Place Brewing
- When it Comes to Trivia, We Are Not the Goat 
- When is the last time you had a Moist Ham Florentine?
- We’re Here b/c our AC is Broken
- Alcohol Makes You Smarter

Grace Coffee - Waunakee
- Better Late Than Pregnant 
- Summertime Smarties

Growlers East Tosa
- O'Trivia Newton John
- Menace 2 Sobriety!
- Beer Necessities
- Show Me Them Tittles

Hawthorne Coffee
- We've got the schlitz
- is flipping the guy in red an Olympic sport? 
- sweaty gel shoes
- is deep throat a disney movie?

The Horse & Plow
- Bill Clinton is anything but infertile
- Quizzy McGuire
- Tittle Me This! 
- Trying to tittle on them graffitos!

Izzy Hops
- I had relations with Jay-Z on my period and it didn’t impress me much. Gave absolutely nothing!
- Dumb, Dumb, and Dumber
- Genetically Modified Orgasm 
- I can read you like a Playboy Magazine

Jack's American Pub
- Human Centimeters
- Girth Worm Jim 
- C U Next Tuesday

Lake Louie Brewing
- Quizztopher Walken
- Here for Beer!

The Landing at Hoyt Park
- The Vatican drinks 74 liters of boys semen per year
- Break me off a piece of that shag carpet
- Sumer of 2024skin
- There's a snake in my pants
- Leo doesn't shag any carpet over 25
- Buzzed lightyear
- Thank god for the bowling question
- Your epidermis is showing
- Dirty Diana likes my epidermis
- VHS: Video Hole Sluts
-  The Canal runs through the 2nd floor of the Venetian - not the lobby
- Om Nom Nom my foreskin
- Lara Croft raids my tomb and finds Afghan Goat Carcass
- Princess IN the frog
- The 4th biggest land mass in the lower 48 is YOUR MUM
- Stick your Goldfinger in my Mount Doom
- She ride my space needle like a Crazy Horse (she doesn't finish)
- Quizzed so hard I popped a stitch
- She hawk tuah'd on my stiff lorry
- Ryan forgot the safe word

Lion's Tail Brewing
- I’m not lion, I need some tail
- Carver… I barely know her!
- Jeffrey Epstein should’ve rolled doubles

- Suck my alfred hitchcock
- Wisconsin state cream pies
- Be a daredevil and touch my camp wood
- There is an I in 69

Miller Brewery
- Bruno Mars's Wooly Mammoth

Milwaukee Brat House - Shorewood
- We got this schlitz (no we don’t)
- Can I put it in Djibouti for $1 
- The strongest muscle in my body is my Djibouti 
- Your mom is the wettest state in America 
- Sex Toy Story: I’ve got a friend in me 
- I’m trynna get Hugh and burj on Khalifa
- I’d Taft that
- I’ve taken stranger things down my Adam’s Apple
- Quiz all over my face

MobCraft Beer - MKE
- Pierre, you wanna come out here
- 34 Counts of Knowledge
- Mark Zuckerberg made me an Azer-bisexual
- Save a Horse, Ride a John McCain
- It's not the size of the bat, it's how hard you hit it"
- Bootie and the Hoefish

- Auto win, we got 69 points, no questions please, thanks
- stress farts
- the three stooges: children, minnesota flag, the one guy who yelled
- two dumb lesbians

Ope Brewing
- Zuck and blow my Alfred Hitchcock. Full stop.
- Save a horse, ride Djibouti
- Justin Timberlake Can't Afford an Uber?
- motor boating Katy Perry for 127 hours

North Pillar Brewing
- We (don’t) know it ale.
- I thought this was speed dating

Panther Pub
- I want Alfred to Hitch my Cock
- Copper??? Hardly know her
- cooking with garse and kicking Arse

Perspective Brewing Co
- Ben Franklin can jump on MY space needle (no catheter pls!!)
- It's Ludacris we're this bad at trivia 
- Miles Davis' Ludacris Richard
- Jurassic Fungologists

Pete's Pub
- Buzkashi bitches
- I’m just a girl asking the quizmaster to love me
- She Hawk tuah until I play doh

Pilot Project Brewing
- Sparkle Unicorn Colostomy Bag '
- Seamore Buttes and Mike Hunt 
- Beer Belly Baddies
- "Milwaukee is a TERRIBLE City"
- Snifter? Hardly Know Her!

Pomona Cider Co
- Hot singles in your area
- Shaggys Purpl
- skibidi Rizz in Ohio 
- Itty bitty tittle committee

Raised Grain Brewing
- Rapunzel has long locks but Bill Clinton has a big cock 
- Rudi Guiliani give me goosebumps and will make my heart go on until I Quizz (taylor's version)
- I thought Shaggy was his last name 
- www.dickpics.com/fastfood

Rally Time
- Alice? Who the fuck is Alice?
- Dixon Cider
- It took a lot of cublettes for Nixon to resign 
- Blow me like a sax quizmaster daddy
- The Hellen Keller Karaoke Squad

Sahale Ale Works
- The Bald and the Beautiful
- Weiss Weiss Baby
- The Pinty Snifters
- No debate! We did great!
- This is not trivia related. I just pooped my pants!

State Line Distillery
- Gettin Blatzed at Schlitz
- BBL Quizzy
- Quiz Quiztie Quiz Quisis
- As Long as I got my (prison) suit and DUI!
- Squirtle Squad 
- Save Sheldon! Come to the silent Auction this Saturday! 
- What time do we poop in the Seine?

Third Space Brewing
- JFK's term went out with a bang
- If Turkey's were the national bird, would we be eating bald eagle on Thanksgiving?
- It Doesn't Get Eddie Vedder Than This

Up Down
- Viagra Falls But My Dick is Bi-Da-Urinal!
- Jeffery Dahmer was a Vegan
- Ludakiss My Nuts
- Beethoven’s 6mg Zynnphony

Whole Foods - Streeterville
- Pull my string and I’ll show you my five phrases
- My ex is a 5 mm parasite
- Liza Minelli’s Jazz Hands
- My dog also has no balls and he is not happy about it

Whole Foods - Tosa Tavern
- My exes are dicks- the Taylor swift box set
- They All Peeked at Your Computer While You Were in the Potty 
- Cream Abdul Jabbar
- Oh Schlitz!
- Jesus I need a blue moon and a tittle

Willy's on the Water
- hawk tuah, spit on that thang

Best Team Names of May 2024

Tuesday, June 04, 2024

Lord of the Rings Trivia
- Kegolas
- Brew-Mir
- Hop-Bits (The Fellowship of the Drink). 
- Shelobotomy
- The Second Breakfast Club
- A Band of Gentlemanly Dwarves
- Gollum's Gangster 
- The Beer Ents
- Lord of the Cockrings
- Aragorn’s Toe 
- Thrillbo Baggins 
- I think Frodo and Samwise should have kissed
- Pippin' Ain't Easy
- Frodo-graphic Memory
- Gryffindor 
- It Comes in Pints 
- Tolkien on that Longbottom Leaf
- Helms deep in it
- We don't Legolose
- One does not simply make a trivia team name
- Gondor calls for ale
- 1-800-MOR-DORS

Star Wars Trivia
- Leia Beia 
- Ope-i-wan Kenobia 
-  Luke and Leia ONlyFans 
- Alderaan Answers 
- Looking for love in Alderaan places
- Imperial Walker, Texas Ranger
- The Mighty Porgs 
- I kissed my sister and I liked it! And I think she did too!!!
- Lars family bbq 
- Han shot first 
- OBGYN Kenobi

1840 Brewing Co - West Bend
- Quiz Khalifa
- In Dog Beers We've Had One.

Baldwin Street Grille
- too high for this shit

The Baaree
- New Hampshire nearly twisted us up all dark + stormy 
- Forever Last 
- Say 'ello to my little team!
- Red Hot Titty Peppers Are Rusty

The Barrel Yard
- Fear the Beer
- Multigenerational Smartinis
- Honey I Shrunk the Quiz

Bobby's Bar
- First place is cheating 
- I blame my partner
- Don’t quiz yet…..I’m gonna quiz
- 3 ninjas 
- 404 Page Not Found
- Does this bar stool make me look fat?

Brass Monkey
- That peach emoji 🍑 is sweet! 😉
- they say with age come wisdom so therefore I don't have wrinkles I have wise cracks 
- Katelin is off tonight because of an incident with a Twinkie and her mammoth cave
- I thought Beaver was in the front 🤔🦫
- Give Me Castaway
- All women have a little Marilyn in them… some might be Monroe, others might be Manson.

Cafe Hollander - Brookfield
- We took the ELLE because we didn’t want to walk around the desert for 40 Years
- Armadildos

Cafe Hollander - Mequon
- POV Vacationing in Vanuatu 
- Going to Colorado!
- Pretty Fly for a Dumb Guy
- B(rain)stormers

Cafe Hollander - Madison
- Flat Earthers From Around the Globe 
- TV Themes gave our score the craps
- Holes of Glory - I don't even know what that means, no one knows what that means but it's provocative it gets the people going! 
- Shaking My Hindenberg
- Oh Cal-Cut-A-Bitch 
- Ur moms anus in paris 
- Would not buy a hot dog from richard nixon 
- Tornados are just spinny clouds
- the crocs stay on during sex
- Alexander and his great cingulum

Caffrey's Pub
- Finals week schminals week” 
- My sexual awakening was the green M&M
- Poutin My Horse in her Coliseum

Camp Bar - Shorewood
- Is that the Washington monument in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?
- Frankfurt Feasters
- Hard to be a smooth criminal when falling down
- Pen hold and shake hand are my favorite forms of foreplay

Camp Bar - Third Ward
- BBL Drakiosaurus
- Soft and wet after a cock fight with Elton John
- Call me a spelunker the way I’m deep in her cave
- Surf On My Poutine

Camp Bar - Tosa
- Admiral Oolong tea
- Frankfurter? I hardly know her
- Becker? I hardly know her
- Hoover, I hardly know her

Crafty Cow - Milwaukee
- Blowing this quiz like the Hindenburg 
- Ben Dover

Crafty Cow - Oconomowoc
- The Baggs Ultimate Friendship Experience
- No Need for a Lightning Round WHen There is LIghtning During the Quiz
- We would have won, but we were too busy watching the storm
- Damn it Janet

Crafty Cow - Tosa
- Our flight landed at 1:30am and we still made it to trivia 
- On top of Mt Everest, I've got hard Nepals
- Don't buy any pics from a tricky dick
- Im the Lady, he's the Tramp
- a 7 year itch is what my ex gave me
- Salmon P. Chasing that money

Deer Camp MKE
- fuck the pacers #ronaldreaganwitchcraft
- hungry hungry hippos for your West Virginia
- Would you like a little more banana in you?
- in god we bust
- these questions are very mojo dojo casa house

Eagle Park Brewing - Milwaukee
- Tiramisohorny 
- Escargot to the Polls
- The Rock Pees in Bottles on Set. 
- Soft and wet frankfurts 
- Jizzasaurus Rex 
- If the Glove Fits, You Must Acquit 
- Quizzing in your Pants on a Monday is Not Recommended by the NHS

Eagle Park Brewing - Muskego
- We are not the champions
- The fellowship of the worlds strongest drinks
- Greenland is part of Denmark 
- Hotter than a lightning bolt
- the largest stationary monument in Northern California is… YO MAMA

Elm Grove Beer Garden
- 1.5 liters of wine = one serving
- Cubs still suck and Counsell too

Gabe's Wisconsin Tavern
- Tornado Trashers
- We Used Our Phones the Entire Time

Gathering Place Brewing - Tosa
- Drinkin' Hard or Hardly Drinkin'
- Does Captain Phillips Count…? The Pirate Said He Was The Captain!

Good City Brewing - East Side MKE
- I came in like a wiener dog

Good City Brewing - Tosa
- Chat GPT told me to GTFO
- Autocorrect is my enema
- Tom Brady Drinks Bud Light. 
- Who is John Cena?
- Stay in the kitchen Harrison butker

Grace Coffee - Waunakee
- Better Late than Pregnant 
- DKS (Don’t know Shit) 
- Cunning Linguist
- Better Late Than Pregnant 
- Brainiacs
- Let’s Get Quizzical

Growlers East Tosa
- I'm ridin; solo but im not Jason Derulo
- Dont pull out..  your phones
- Drunk Teachers
- Misery Quizness

Hawthorne Coffee
- I’m tired of these mother fuckin’ questions on these mother fuckin’ sheets! 
- Every father is a mother fucker.
- Pace of Donkey's, My Ass!
- They wanted us to choose a team name but we said no no no

Izzy Hops
- Marge Simpson’s Buttery Yellow Breasts
- Sadam Hussein’s POV of Uranus
- Your mom had 11,000 visitors on April 17, 1907
- Penis Protectors 
- Confucius say “What the fuck is a Cingulum?”
- Pommel my Cingulum

Jack's American Pub
- 2 Indians and a Canadian walk into a bar
- Bucks in 6
- Stephen hawkins school of dance 
- Bitchkreig

Lion's Tail Brewing
- I come in a Jiffy
- S.A.T. Stumped ass team
- my beaver is on the front
- I don’t know much about sandwiches but I’ll put my jam in pearl

- What percent fat is Nepal (Nipple) fat? 
- 400 Meter Dude Cave 
- BBC-->Doctor Who loves the BBC
- Smartinis

Milwaukee Brat House - Shorewood
- The Hindenburg aka Lindasy Lohan's Crotch 
- A few good men put a shot in your mom's fuzzy door 
- The Acquitted Duke Lacrosse team 
- Going down on your mom like the hindenburg 
- Brad Pitt is a shit father 
- Russian to North Korea!
- Nixon lasted 10 hours and 10 minutes in Uranus 
- Tricky Dick's voyage to Uranus 
- Raging lesbians +1
- Iranian president stoned to death by mountain 
- Total eclipse of the shart
- Total e-schlitz of the heart 
- Photoshop isn’t trivia 
- Riding your mom like a pommel horse

MobCraft Beer - Milwaukee
- SMH...So Much Hate
- Smuggling Simpsons Porn to North Korea
- Jeff Probst Saves the Day
- Bigger, Longer and Uncut: My POV when my Stepdad Visits
- Justice for the fourth Jonas, Frankie Jonas
- Socrates Deez Nuts

MobCraft Beer - Woodstock
- None of your Quizness, Bitches
- Hoppy Hores

- the other gay team
- King of castle king of the castle 
- Why use funny name when stupid quote does trick?
- Cum-diddy-yumtious 
- Skyscraper? I barely know her
- Broke Back to the Future

Ope! Brewing Co
- his last name doesn’t matter - he’s just Ken!
- Forget the northern lights, I want a POV of Uranus
- Mr. president, there’s been a second Moses question.
- Coincidentally my girlfriend also calls me little John

The Panther Pub
- the arm-a-dildos

Perspective Brewing Co
- Godzilla vs. Kendrick vs. Drake 
- Neil Armstrong's 3rd Leg... The Untold Story
- Kentucky Fried Strawberry Twinkies: Now with Seeds on the Outside!
- Not Great Expectations

Pete's Pub
- no eyebrows, no problems
- Dykes of Hazard (we don’t know if you will say it but it’s okay with us because we’re gay)
- For Sale, Bend Over
- Dr Pussy Popper

Pilot Project Brewing
- Sucks in Bix 
- Bare Coochie Bobsledders
- I Was Never Given a Name 
- Drake’s Favorite Key is A Minor
- Coincidentally, my girlfriend also calls me Cameroon because I also give her double Os
- Bloaty and the Who-Fish 
- Two Brains, No Answers
- Jefferey Dahmer was a Vegan!!

Pomona Cider Co.
- Samuel-mutha-fucking-jackson 
- Georgia O'Queef 
- Put your magic mike in-cider
- Cider, I barely know her
- Snuggle like a virgin
- Bruno Mars threw the first brick at stonewall 
- I mount her until I Rushmore 
- everlasting cheese!
- We got 99 problems but 34 felony counts aint one

Raised Grain Brewing
- She worked my Lincoln log” like “Nintendo” and gave me that “four-in-hand” til I “Condoleezza Riced” - I Made My First Dad Joke 
- Hungry Hungry Mother Fuckers
- When I get excited about trivia my willy wonka shoots out a-gust-of gloop
- Brokeback bitches

Rally Time - West Bend
- Your Mom Will Do An About Face For Some Cookies n' Cream 
- How To Make Sextuplets? You Arma-get-it-on! 
- 1st And 9th Life Pussy
- Shout OUt To Wild Things and Jergens for Helping Hable In 1998
- Hugh Hefter Puts The Moan In Lisa
- I Prematurely Quizzed and My Wife Kicked Me Out Of The Bedroom 
- Dixie Normous
- Hugh G. Rection
- I’m gay for sports, I’m really into Bucks stuff!

Sahale Ale Works
- Mothaf***ing Snakes at Mothaf***ing Sahale
- We run this Motha 
-Strangers With Candy
- Pina Colada Piss Tanks!!! 
- Who does #2 work for?!
- I’ll Grub Your Hub! God, that’s dirty!! Buy me dinner first!!

State Line Distillery
- Over the Hedgegog 
- It’s Britney Witch Dot Com 
- OOPS! I took last again
- This Is Us Trying 
- RIP Cricket 
- O'Keefes Queefs
- The Late Great Hannibal Lecter 
- Quiztopher Walken 
- Nick Cannon's Future Baby Mamas
- Smut? Just call it erotica! 
- Morena is Bad Ass! 
- Mentally at the Four Seasons Orlando

Station 1 Brewing
- Livin in a VanGough down by the river 
- Sorry Boys, We Only Look Gay
- It’s Not That Small
- Drinking Team with a Trivia Problem

Surly Brewing
The Criminals From The Statistics

Third Space Brewing
- Tall Glass of Hog Water
- We Were Pretty Les Miserables Tonight

Up Down
- Troy Built Riding Mower, Burns Oil, Cuts Well, Ask for Mike 
- The Cube Root of Poop 
- These Tuplets are Doing What???
- Does Mona Lisa’s Carpet Match the Eyebrows? 
- Twinkies, with Raisins?! 
- Save a Twinkie, Ride a Micro State!
- Semi Pro Beaver Rammers 
- Call a Doctor, DaVinci is Coding!
- We Wonder How Many 4 Inch Beams Marilyn Monroe Has Straddled

Willy's on the Water
- free my willy

Whole Foods Streeterville
- I drink beer out of a whiskey glass to be classy

Whole Foods - Tosa Tavern
- Small hands big win
- Please be nice, we suck
- Even a magnum doesn’t everlast me
- Oh Schlitz!

Wisconsin Brewing Co
- It’s okay to be a Swiftie! 
- Quiz in my pants
- Eminem and Ed Sheeran are Identical Twins.
- The Worst We Can Do is 3rd.


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