Questions Are Coming... GoT Trivia is this May

Monday, April 23, 2018

Holy Mother of Dragons! Game of Thrones may be taking the year off but that doesn't mean we're skipping GOT trivia night!

Game of Thrones trivia hits select pubs and bars this May. Current locations and dates include...

Sunday May 27th...
5PM - Loaded Slate, Milwaukee, WI
5PM - Red Rock Saloon, Madison, WI

7PM - 42 Ale House, St Francis, WI
7PM - Brass Monkey, West Allis, WI
7PM - Club 400, Waukesha, WI
7PM - Milwaukee Ale House, Milwaukee, WI

Wednesday May 30th...
6:30PM - Last Call, Minneapolis, MN
7:00PM - The Post Brewing Co., Boulder, CO
8:00PM - Uptown Tavern, Minneapolis, MN

We MAY add more locations (pending demand) so please watch this space.

Expect the usual prizes for 1st, 2nd and "best Game of Thrones team name" and venues will be running specials too.

Entry fees will be paid on the night and will not exceed $5/player. For venues charging $5 per player there will be a cash prize (on top of the regular bar prizes) for the winning team.

Specially-themed quiz FAQs

Do we pre-register or make reservations? 
While most venues operate their themed nights on a first-come, first-serve basis, some venues WILL BE TAKING RESERVATIONS. We advise that you call the location in advance (by at least a couple of weeks sometimes) to make a reservation. If a location is on a first-come, first-serve basis, we advise that you arrive extremely early to grab a good seat.

Okay, how much is it? What are the prizes?
It varies for each venue. Up to $5/player but no more. There will be a CASH prize (as well as regular gift card prizes for 1st, 2nd and best team name) at venues where it is $5 to play.

Can people under 21 play?
That's out of our hands we're afraid, and will vary depending on the venue. We'll be sure to communicate that via our Facebook page for each specific event, but if you're unsure just call the venue in advance to find out.

Is there a team-size limit? 
Surprisingly no! While we typically have an 8-person limit for our regular quiz nights, we keep the specially-themed events open. Why? Well, we figured you'll need all the brain power possible.

Do spectators have to pay? 
Yup. If someone on your team is just there and "doesn't really know anything" they still have to cough up the dough.

I own/manage a venue. Can I host such an event at my bar?
It depends. In almost all cases, we only work with existing Quizmaster clients on our specially themed events, so hire us now and perhaps we can work something out. Such venues must fit certain criteria too.  Location and venue size are key, especially when we've been known to pull in over 100 people for certain events.

MKE League Registration & Info

Monday, April 16, 2018
If your team is a regular participant of Quizmaster Trivia games in the Milwaukee area (our home base) then it's a no-brainer to sign up for our MKE League!

It's pretty simple: register your details below for FREE. Every time you play at a Milwaukee-area venue include your league number (emailed to you after you register) on your answer sheet alongside your team name.

We track your score over 10 week periods and accumulate them in a league table to see how you stack up against Milwaukee's elite trivia teams! Plus once you register your league number is yours for LIFE! So no need to come back and re-register for each league. Just keep playing and using that same good ol' league number and we'll take care of the rest.

At the end of each league season, we have a post-season tournament featuring hundreds in cash, bar tabs and swag prizes.

Details for our latest MKE League are below:

- Begins: April 16th, 2018
- Final week: June 18th, 2018
- Duration: 10 weeks
- Post season tournament: Sunday July 1st
- Play as many times as you like, at as many different participating venues as you like.
- Register your team below for FREE.
- Your team's "league number" from previous leagues (if applicable) now carries over to this league. No need to re-register if you played previously.

MKE League FAQs:

Do we pre-register, sign up online? 
Yes! Registration can be made below. If you don't register online your scores will not be counted at the bar.

What is our "league number"? 
Once your team registers below, you will be emailed a three-digit "league number". Be sure to include this after your team name (on your answer sheet) each time you play. This way you can change your team name each week (to try to win the "best team name" prize), but it'll still be easy for our Quizmasters to track your score.

Will our "league number" be the same as last time?
YES. For previous leagues we had teams register each time and assigned a new league number, but we're now changing that policy. To save us all a little time and to avoid confusion, the league number you were given for our last league will be yours until further notice! If you didn't play in the summer or fall league you will have to register again to get a new number, but once you do that will be your number forever!

How does the scoring work?
Teams are awarded points for attendance and #winning also. Every time you show up and play a Quizmaster event you receive 10 league points. The top five teams at each quiz receive additional points too: 5 points for 1st place, 4 points for 2nd place, all the way down to 5th place. So for finishing 1st you get 15 league points, but you'd receive 10 league points for finishing 10th, so the gap is never too large.

Also, follow us on Facebook and Twitter to stay in the loop on scoring bonus points. Select venues may have additional points awarded for attending on any given night (i.e. 5 bonus points for teams at the Ale House tonight).

Can we register late?
Yes! We understand some people may become aware of our awesome MKE League at a later date. No worries... you can register at anytime and still rack up points.

Can we back-date scores?
We're afraid not. If you had been playing Quizmaster but hadn't registered we can't backdate any score that would've counted. There's not a reliable system in place and way of us truly knowing what your scores were, so no dice we're afraid.

Is there a limit on how many times we play or play per week?
Nope. Rack up as many scores as you like. We want to award teams that are loyal and play a lot, hence why teams get 10 points just for showing up. Also, if you know you're going be out of action for a week or so you could perhaps hit the quiz circuit two or three times another week. So even if you SUCK big time, you've still got a chance of making the top 20.

Will teams be seeded (in the post season tournament)?
Yes, teams will have seeds that correspond to their league finish. This may result in additional perks at the post-season tournament and also just make it more fun when the one seed finishes 10th, haha.

Okay, how much is it? 
Zero dollars. Yes, sign up for the league is free, but players will still have to pay the $1/person entry on the night, where applicable. Hey, remember all those $1 fees go straight to your Quizmaster host... their beer money for the weekend.

What are the prizes?
We'll have some prizes for our top league finisher, but the bulk of the prizes will come at the post-season tournament. These will include COLD HARD CASH, gift cards, Quizmaster swag (t-shirts, koozies), and more!

Can people under 21 play?
We like to include queeps (quiz peeps) of all ages, but this is venue-specific. Some venues let under 21's play, others do not. We encourage players to call the bar directly to find out.

Is there a team-size limit? 
Yes, our team limit of 8 players will be implemented during our quiz nights.

Do the same players have to play every time?
No. Usually there will be a core nucleus of three or four players for each team, with other randoms joining here and there. As long as you use the same league number, your score will be counted all the same.

Do scores from themed quizzes still count?
Yes. In this case they will. Watch our social networks to see what bonuses certain themed events might serve up.

Please register your details below. Note that your below "team name" will just be a standard name to identify your team; you may change your name at quiz nights (to win the "best team name" prize). Just make sure your "league number" is on your answer sheet each time you play…

* Required

MKE League Table

Sunday, April 08, 2018

The league table for our MKE League will be updated on a weekly basis. The table below shows the final league standings, after 10 weeks of play (all scores as of April 8th, 2018)...

How does the scoring work?
- All teams are awarded 10 points for attending a quiz

- A team is awarded additional points based on how well they do at a quiz...
----- 1st place = 5 points (so 15 points total)
----- 2nd place = 4 points (so 14 points total)
----- 3rd place = 3 points (so 13 points total)
----- 4th place = 2 points (so 12 points total)
----- 5th place = 1 point (so 11 points total)

- Any position 6th place or lower does not offer any additional points, so those teams earn the 10 points just for attending the quiz

- BONUS: We will offer "bonus points" for teams attending certain venues. Watch our Facebook page for announcements on where you can earn bonus points just for showing up. Most of these bonus venues will offer 20 points just for showing. Winning a quiz at such a venue will earn a team 25 points rather than the 15 points you could earn at a regular venue.

Best Team Names of March 2018!

Tuesday, April 03, 2018

Harry Potter Trivia
- Don't dip your wand in liquid luck unless you're ready to HuffleFuuuuuck
- Everyday I'm Hufflin' on the tube, mid the gap
- I wanna Rita Skeeter all over these GryffinWhores
- Slytherin Just the Tip
- Harry Potter and the Prisoner of dat ASS!!
- 3 Bitches and a Buckbeak
- Founders of your Forbidden Forest
- Sirius Sluts
- I'll suck your dick for a QUIDditch
- The Muggle is Real
- Ten "pints" to Gryffindor
- Moaning Myrtle and her Chamber of Secrets
- Fred WAS the funnier twin
- We'll whomp your willow
- 2 Girls, House Cup
- Griffindorks
- Neville gonna give you up, Neville gonna let you down, Neville gonna run around and dessert you.
- We’ll build a wall and make the mud bloods pay for it!
- snapes on a plane
- Harry Twatter
- Neville gonna let you go, Neville gonna let you down
- Getting her Ravensloshed wondering what the hell is a Hufflepuff so I can Slytherin her Gryffindor, Mugglefuckers
- If we don't win, I'm suing Stormy Daniel Radcliffe
- It's not Herpes, it's just Hogwarts (71 points)
- Your mom's name is Dumbledore 'cuz she's the real Headmaster
- Boo, you whorecrux!
- Shirley you can't be Sirius... I am Sirius, and quit calling me Shirley
- We don't give a Hufflefuck
- I've got 99 problems but a snitch ain't one
- Hungry, Hungry Hippogriffs
- Madame Hooch Taught us how to grip our broomsticks
- I don’t know why, but madam hooch fucking does it for me
- I got hogwarts when my Harry Potter slithered in that horcruxes long bottom
- Stormy daniels and the champer of secrets #makehogwartsgreatagain
- Yo Mama's So Fat, Her Patronus is a Cake

Mega Movie Trivia
- The Movie Mafia
- We’ve seen Arnie Hammer’s Hot Dog Cannon!
- More Like Woke-Anda
- Lawrence of a Labia
- Mr. & Mrs. Smith Go to Trivia
- We aren’t winning an Oscar
- Stan Lee’s Prison Break
- Dumb & Dumber
- You’re a Quizard, Harry

42 Ale House
- Wakanda 4eva
- William Taft was so fat…he sat in TWO branches of the Federal Government
- Is Trump more orange from his self tanner of motorboating Stormy Daniels?
- Total Eclipse of the Fart - Super Tight Buttholes
- I work at Coldstone
- What do a ghost and Kylie Jenners dad have in common? They are both trans-parent

Bavarian Bierhaus
- Lance, opps! Neil Armstrong
- Lick my stein

Bilda's Freiss Lake Pub
- Bilda Tolerance to Beer
- March Sadness RIP steven Hawking
- Oh Lordy #JORDY
- Irish we could win for once (they did finally win)
- Good team names: it was Nicki Minaj with the Candlestick in Prague
- Your eyes are as beautiful as Steve Buscemi's

Brass Monkey
- I Love Unsolicited Dick Picks
- Stephen Hawking and Lt. Dan Jumping Contest
- White Humans Can't Jump
- 40 Years Old Today - Viagra Please!
- Fubar Focus (fucked up beyond all recognition, fuck off cause you're stupid)
- Tofu isn't the only thing that can be soft, firm, or extra firm!
- What do Gordon Ramsey, Al Gore, and a clarinet all have in common... they are all blowhards

Caffrey's Pub
- Shuck me for my inner nutrients
- Cardi B(ee)s are dying at an alarming rate

- I Fucked a Fish, Too. Where's My Oscar?
- Whitney Houston, We Have A Problem
- Our Drinking Team Has a Trivia Problem
- We Only Dress As LadyBoys on the Weekends
- Community Chest Was My Nickname in High School
- I'll Stick My Heart Eater in Your Octopussy
- Putin on the Ritz
- Dark and Stormy
- Myld Stallions
- The Cunt for Red October
- Fat Kids Are Harder to Kidnap
- Sarah Palin's Delhi Delights

Camp Bar, Shorewood
- Sea Creature Sex Wins Oscars!
- I'm Never Using Stupendous, Tremendous, Hazardous, or Horrendous Ever Again
- The Doctor Will See You Now
- Better Late Than Pregnant
- Amy Schumer Looks Better Pixalated
- Morgan Freeman Narrates My Sex Life
- Qwerty Is My Safe Word
- Steven Hawkins Dance Studio
- Radical Quizlam

Camp Bar, Third Ward
- What Concert Costs 45 cents? 50 Cent featuring Nickelback
- Taking My Tromboner to Beavertown
- Nickelback is the musical equivalent of nine feet of manure
- Three Girls, One Team
- My dress is so long it goes all the way to my penis 59
- Forget Jupiter, let's see Uranus
- Who da hoe? Idaho
- Iditarod and I liked it
- Stephen Hawking's School of Dance
- The Betsy DeVos Institute of Higher Learning
- Stormy visits the oral office
- I, the Quizmaster, wish the microphone was a huge cock
- Cambridge ANALytical
- Stormy 2020
- Don and Stormy's Love Child
- What's it called when it's raining and you're drinking alone? Stormy Daniels.
- Did you hear that Stephen Hawking's died? God finally finished his vegetables
- I like my trivia like I like my blowjobs. Random and enthusiastic.

Camp Bar, Tosa
- Elaborate team name having to do with current events... just kidding, it's a Tide ad"
- I lost my virginity but I have the box I came in
- Lance Armstrong Finally Had the Ball to Come Clean
- Slick Willy's Guide to Exploring Uranus
- When Morgan Freeman Makes a Documentary, He Narrates it first, then Nature Makes it So
- How Do You Find Will Smith in the Snow? Look for the Fresh Prints
- A Chameleon that Can’t Change Colors Has a Reptile Disfunction

Club 400 
- And the Oscar goes to Grinding Nemo
- Warn me before you quiz ;)

Cork N Barrel
- Misfit Sextuplets
- Here for the beer
- Quiz Knows

Dugout 54
- Lick her in the front, poker In the back
- We tried our best
- We tried harder

Enlightened Brewery / Twisted Path Distillery
- I Wish Shannon Elizabeth Would Change in My Room
- The Team Formerly Known as Kinnickinnick Kinnickinnick Kinnickinnick Kinnickinnick
- The Only Thing I Thirst For is Knowledge...And Beer!
- Let's Get Quizzical!
- Periodic Table Dancers
- Twisted, Yet Enlightened
- Do White Men Count as Mammals That Can't Jump?
- Straight Outta Wiscompton
- Tofu and Asses Have Something in Common: They Come in Soft, Firm and Extra Firm
- Would You Rather Have Bananas for Teeth or Muffins for Hands?
- First Day of Spring, Last Three Months of Winter
- Jesus Has Risen!...April Fool's!
- Those Sound Like the Steps of My Last Relationship

Hogs and Kisses
- Quiz in my pants
- A ginger, Jeff, and a blonde walk into a bar
- Prestige worldwide
- Drinks apple juice OJ will kill you

Izzy Hops
- Jacob sits when he pees
- Rex Tillerson Couldn't Name Five African Countries
- Han Yolo *make a wookie noise
- You know what's worse than last place? Being in the back of the room
You can taste my Turkish Delight if you show me your Netherlands

Jack's American Pub
- Fergie and the National Anthems
- Ted Cruz IS the Zodiac Killer
- Quiz on my chest
- Dildo Baggins
- Get in my octopussy
- Trump Jr. Did your mom
- Monet, Monet, Monet, Moooonet
- 69, nice
- Bristol Palin's 3rd husband
- I was going to buy a driverless car, but then it hit me
- Category 5 Storm-y Daniels
- #FreeSteveHarveyOswald
- Sister Jean Blessed This Team
- She's late...
- Mitch, do you Miss Hotch trivia as much as we do? #HotchHash
- The Jedi Counsel

Loaded Slate
- My grandma doesn’t wrestle but you should see her box
- Tequila mockingbird
- Joey triviani
- Stephan hawking just died, but that’s not rocket science
- Circumcised and ready for the prize
- Quiz team Aguilara
- When does the mud wrestling start?
- Make Sunday’s great again (tiger) get in the hole!
- Loaded Sluts

Lucky Chance
- I Got A 1600 on My STDs
- Jeffrey Dahmer's School of the Culinary Arts
- The Stormy Daniels Cleanup Crew
- I've Been Training My Whole Life for the Legs Open
- 1 and 2 Degrees from Kevin Bacon
- Dance for Me, White Boy!
- Two Holes and a Pole
- Monogamy: The Only Thing Clinton Can't Do

- Thanks James Obama!
- The most interesting team in the world
- cash > cupcakes
- Freud knew how to party
Save me with your witchcraft, Tom Cruise!

Milwaukee Ale House
- I'm in love with the shape of water - Ed Sheeran
- You know another mammal that can't jump? White dudes
- Meow, meow, meow, meow
- Rootin' 4 Putin
- Draining Stromy's Swamp

Milwaukee Brat House, downtown
- Why isn’t Trump’s Tiny Balls on the jukebox?
- One Call That’s All
- Pandiculated is when a dude's cock flops out when he's cooking
- Trump's Cabinet Policy- You're Fired!
- RIP Stephen Hawkings Running Team
- Stormy Trump, Love Child

Milwaukee Brat House, Shorewood
- The shape of Schiltz
- Liquor? I barely know her!
- Bratwood is the best wood
- Chick-fil-atio
- Stormy Daniels took rides on trumps disco stick
- We need more than 60 minutes with stormy Daniels
- Sex chili at Maralago

- Quit being a Clock Blocker
- 4 Beavers and a Lump

New Berlin Ale House 
- Jeff Bezos stepped on Legos and spilled his Pesos!
- The Touchables

- The fifth mammal that can’t jump is the Caucasian
- Pole vault over Billy’s Bush

Raised Grain Brewing Co.
- Raised Brain
- Howl’er? I just met ‘Er!
- My Blood Type is IPA Positive
- The Brewsual Subjects

Red Lion Pub
- I thought this was Speed Dating...
- Taking Donations to Land Lance on the Moon- Better Late than Pregnant
- Calm Before the Stormy Daniels
- Hoof Hearted....We're Just Horsen' Around
- Maine can't be closest to Africa because the World is Flat.
- Your Mom Runs a 4 Minute Mile
- While you were away, Hutch pissed on everything
- Werner Daddy Pickle
- How about Dem apples
- Jesus is Coming. Get him a Towel.

Red Rock Saloon
- Wisconsin is so cold I could key your car with my nipple
- Les Quizzerables

Second Salem Brewing Co.
- Lance Armstrong's tour de moon
- John snow it alls
- Bar wars episode iv a brew hope
- There's always money in the banana stand
- Nobody puts the dirty half dozen in the corner

Sobelman's, Richfield
- Cougars spotted in Richfield
- I Tried Using my Penis as my Password but My computer said it was too short
- Holden McGroin
- Fuckin Muggles
- Not so Rich in Richfield
- PMS - Perpetual Motion Squad
- Why do we always correct the winning paper?
- Quizlamic State
- What Do Monica Lewinsky and a Soda Machine have in common? They both say “Insert *Bill* here”-2nd
- 2 Legit to Quit

The Tosa Tavern
- Dale enjoys back alley facials
- My Harry Potter has Hogwarts
- Melania Einstein
- Bitchbetterhavemypancakes.com
- We got 69, nice!
- Did anyone try unplugging Stephen Hawking, waiting 10 seconds, and plugging him back in?
- Bitchbringmypancakesplease.com
- First rule of presidential fight club, you don't tweet about presidential fight club
- Ray Charles did better on the picture round than us
- Presidential days, stormy nights
The crew, some brew, and a season that's new

Three Lions Pub
- Johnny Cash eating out Heidi Klum's Ring of Fire
- Please pick us my mom only gave me $5

Whole Foods, Edgewater
- Spies from Jewel Osco
- 99 problems (but a quiz ain't one)
- March Sadness: Loyalty in my DNA
- My Drinking Team has A Trivia Problem
- The Dark N' Stormy Daniels

Whole Foods, Streeterville
- Stormy Daniels just rocked the East Coast
- It’s harder for Trump to build a cabinet than one from Ikea
- PhD stands for Pretty Huge Di...sposition
- Tempura women’s shelter for lightly battered women

Whole Foods, West Loop
- Yo mama so big, she can’t even fit in the Mariana Trench
- The avacadthoes

Whole Foods, Willowbrook
- Risky Quizness
- My drinking team has a trivia problem
- A Beery, Beery Good Team

MKE League Tourney Info Announced

Friday, March 23, 2018
MKE League teams! Our latest league is drawing to a close, with the final date to register a score being Thursday April 5th. And details for the post-season tournament have just been announced!

The post-season tournament for our latest trivia league will be held once again at the Red Lion Pub in Milwaukee on Sunday April 15th at 6PM.
Tournament topics will include pop culture staples from movies, TV, music and sports. Bring your ringers for all kinds of topics, as knowledge will be across the board.

Watch our Facebook page as select venues will offer extra incentives and bonus points between now and then.

The tournament will be by invite only, with our top 20 league teams all qualifying to take on MKE's elite trivia minds!

MKE League Post Season Tournament details...

When: Sunday April 15th, 6-8pm

Location: Red Lion Pub

How much: FREE (for qualifying teams)

What else: Top ten MKE League finishers will get a table reserved --- all others will be first-come, first-serve.

Will teams be seeded? Yes! Teams will be seeded. The higher your seed, the more quiz hints your team will get in advance.

Team size limit? Yes, teams for the post-season tournament will be limited to 8 players.

What are the Prizes? We'll be giving away $500 cash during the tournament as well as Red Lion gift cards and lots of random booze! Other useless goodies and Quizmaster swag will also be up for grabs too.

But until then, we suggest your team gets busy quizzin' to rack up your league score! And be sure to look out for venues offering bonus points by following us on Facebook or Twitter.


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