Best Team Names of September 2018!

Friday, October 05, 2018

The Office Trivia
- Why take time make team name when team name no win
- Sometimes I’ll start a team name and I don’t even know where it’s going. I just hope I find it along the way
- Bippity Bobbity give me the zoppity
- The Ungrateful Beeyotch Hotline
- We're here to burn Utica to the ground
- www.creedthoughts.gov.www/creedthoughts
- Schrute for the Stars
- Tan almost everywhere, Jan almost everywhere
- Sort of an oaky afterbirth
- Chicken Breast, hold the Chicken
- Michael Scott's Dunder Mifflin Scranton Meredith Palmer Memorial Celebrity Rabies Awareness Pan Am Fun Run Face for the Cure!
- Diversity tomorrow, because today's almost over
- Two bullets for Toby
- Sharp Schruters
- Why did they change Andy's parents
- Slumdunder Mifflinaires
- Dwight, you ignorant slut!
- Boner Champs
- Got mose in different area codes
- Meredith, Where Are Your Panties
- Pamalama ding dong
- Hitler, Bin Laden and Toby
- Team Megadesk
- We need paper for our ass turd
- Little Kid Lover
- Scrantonicity
- Astrid's Asturds
- I hope we don't finish at the bottom, but we might finish at the top. That's what she said!
- Dink n flicka
- I declare bankruptcy
- Who is justice beaver??
- Kevin and the zits
- Sprinkles Deserved Better
- The People Persons Paper People
- Hilary Swank Is Hot
- Oscar Meyer Weiner Lovers

42 Ale House
- The Hitler cafe shut down once they saw the gas bill
- Trump put a tariff on cheese grater to America grate again
- Nothing stood out #insertpenisjokehere
- Would done better if I hadn't had a Cosby cocktail
- Which servers Nickname is the big "D"...Dominic and his super tight butt hole
- Quiz on my face

Bavarian Bierhaus
- Notsoberfest

Black Husky Brewing
- Kavanaugh’s 4th Accuser

Brass Monkey
- Brewers on TV, brew in our glass, rounded 3rd we didn’t fall on our ass!!!
- Kava-no-means-yes
- Boner Dome

- It's Britney Bitch

Camp Bar, Shorewood
- Grease Witherspoon
- Alchoholics By Volume
- Between the Ben sheets
- I caught the deadliest catch at Camp
- Up your ass and to the left 46 pts

Camp Bar, Third Ward
- Vonta Davis: Believe in Something, even if it's just until halftime
- White Snakes Younger Brother "Pink Worm"

Camp Bar Tosa
- I should have known Herpes wasn't a Greek god
- Not Billy Jean's Whitesnake
- Van Gogh's Art was Ear-resisitable

Club 400 
- The Drunkyard Dogs

- What is this, trivia for ants?

Izzy Hops
- If She Can Beat My Quaffle, She's A Keeper

Jack's American Pub
- Better than the Vikings in overtime
- Front row Amy's hot air balloons make Sam Speaker hard
- Mama Cass died choking on a piece of meat
- Clay Matthews - Flagged for breathing

The Landing
- The team that has accomplished more than almost any team in the history of Quizmaster Trivia

Loaded Slate
- I only clean n jerk when I can’t snatch
- Kavanaugh means naw
- If the glove does not fit Freddy Mercury’s mustache ride does not quit
- Semen possible
- It’s only cannibalism if you swallow
- Wow google really didn’t help us at all
- Pen 15 club

- Sara Huckabee Sanders love child
- Pumpkin Spice Everything
- Were just here to offset our gambling losses
- Ha ha Clinton dix pics

Milwaukee Ale House
- Bed bath and Beyoncé
- Very stable geniuses
- Ariana is a murderer
- Hungry hungry for that big D
- Rubber? I hardly know her! 
- 2 girls 1 cup: a Cosby story

Milwaukee Brat House, downtown
- You Can't Quiz With Us

Milwaukee Brat House, Shorewood
- Medusa makes me rock hard
- If you can dodge a wrench you can dodge a ball... but not a mosquito

- Baby Genious

New Berlin Ale House 
- At least we got more points than the Viking Kicker
- Squirtle squad
- Tell me yeli for MVP's
- Discount double check the answer

Newsroom Pub
- The Governor of Wentzylvania

- Just like the Brewers, We Won!
- George Lucas is going to have hemmeroids
- Dahmer’s Quality Meats

Raised Grain Brewing Co.
- The Average Joes
- Your Beertenders 

Red Lion Pub
- Geriatric Loungewear

Second Salem Brewing Co.
- I'm dropping out of college to play trivia the rest of my life

The Tosa Tavern
- Browns Pound Town
- 58 Clay did nothing wrong
- They're all dumb questions
- Cornwallis is a Quitter
- That's not roughing the passer 

Whole Foods, Edgewater
- In terms of Water, THE Wettest

Whole Foods, Streeterville
- Hepatitis B-yonce
- Kavaugh-Naughty naughty boy.

Whole Foods, West Loop
- Didn’t expect that reaction but that’s all right
- Mr. Kurd and the Freedom Fries
- We Know Everything Except What You’re Asking

Whole Foods, Willowbrook
- Smashin' Pumpkins Bumpkins

MKE League Table

Sunday, September 30, 2018

The league table for our MKE League will be updated on a weekly basis. The table below shows the  league standings after 2 weeks of play (all scores as of and including October 7th, 2018)...

How does the scoring work?
- All teams are awarded 10 points for attending a quiz

- A team is awarded additional points based on how well they do at a quiz...
----- 1st place = 5 points (so 15 points total)
----- 2nd place = 4 points (so 14 points total)
----- 3rd place = 3 points (so 13 points total)
----- 4th place = 2 points (so 12 points total)
----- 5th place = 1 point (so 11 points total)

- Any position 6th place or lower does not offer any additional points, so those teams earn the 10 points just for attending the quiz

- BONUS: We will offer "bonus points" for teams attending certain venues. Watch our Facebook page for announcements on where you can earn bonus points just for showing up. Most of these bonus venues will offer 20 points just for showing. Winning a quiz at such a venue will earn a team 25 points rather than the 15 points you could earn at a regular venue.

This Quiz is Making Me Thirsty!

Thursday, September 27, 2018

If you're the type who's good at spotting man hands, always wanted to pretend you were an architect or your entire life is just a sham, then this is the quiz for you!

After a long hiatus, Seinfeld trivia is back this October at select locations across four states on the Quizmaster circuit!

Current locations include...

Sunday October 21st... 
(also happens to be Packers bye week)

- 6:00pm: Loaded Slate: Milwaukee, WI
- 7:00pm: 42 Ale House: St Francis, WI
- 7:00pm: Brass Monkey: West Allis, WI
- 7:00pm: Howie's: La Crosse, WI
- 7:00pm: Red Rock Saloon: Madison, WI

Monday October 22nd...
- 7:00pm: The Haunt, Ithaca, NY
- 8:00pm: The Kerry Piper, Willowbrook, IL

Tuesday October 23rd...

- 7:30pm: Midnight Pig Tap Room, Evanston, IL
- 8:00pm: Fox River HouseAppleton, WI

Wednesday October 24th...
- 6:30pm: Last Call, Minneapolis, MN
- 7:30pm: Nevin's Brewing Co., Plainfield, IL
- 8:00pm: Uptown Tavern, Minneapolis, MN

Thursday October 25th...
- 8:00pm: Muldoon's, Wheaton, IL

Expect the usual prizes for 1st, 2nd and "best Seinfeld team name" and venues will be running specials too.

This quiz will be on a first-come, first-serve basis and entry fees will be paid on the night and will not exceed $5/player. VENUE CHARGING $5 PER PLAYER WILL HAVE A CASH PRIZE ON TOP OF REGULAR BAR TABS PRIZES. Some venues will offer the event for free (but will not feature a cash prize).

Specially-themed quiz FAQs

Do we pre-register or make reservations? 
While most venues operate their themed nights on a first-come, first-serve basis, some venues WILL BE TAKING RESERVATIONS. We advise that you call the location in advance (by at least a couple of weeks sometimes) to make a reservation. If a location is on a first-come, first-serve basis, we advise that you arrive extremely early to grab a good seat.

Okay, how much is it? What are the prizes?
It varies for each venue. Up to $5/player but no more. There will be a CASH prize (as well as regular gift card prizes for 1st, 2nd and best team name) at venues where it is $5 to play.

Can people under 21 play?
That's out of our hands we're afraid, and will vary depending on the venue. We advise that you call the venue directly in advance to find out.

Is there a team-size limit? 
Surprisingly no! While we typically have an 8-person limit for our regular quiz nights, we keep the specially-themed events open. Why? Well, we figured you'll need all the brain power possible.

Do spectators have to pay? 
Yup. If someone on your team is just there and "doesn't really know anything" they still have to cough up the dough.

I own/manage a venue. Can I host such an event at my bar?
It depends. In almost all cases, we only work with existing Quizmaster clients on our specially themed events, so hire us now and perhaps we can work something out. Such venues must fit certain criteria too.  Location and venue size are key, especially when we've been known to pull in over 100 people for certain events.

Compass Bar

Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Wednesdays 7pm
(starting October 17th)
Compass Bar
14015 N Cedarburg Rd,
Mequon, WI 53097

$5 double tall Absolut mixers
$3 tall boys
(PBR & Busch Light)

1st place: $30 tab
2nd place: $20 tab
Best Team Name: $10 tab

Olivia S.

Best Team Names of August 2018!

Thursday, September 20, 2018

Harry Potter Trivia
- Yo moma so fat her patronus is a cake
- Neville gonna give you up, Neville gonna let you down
- It's triviOsa, not triviosA!
- Not my daughter you bitch!
- The Dumblewhores
- Hermoine Texas Granger
- Charlie Weasley is the Knight King
- Our Patronus is a beer
- Dad's in Gryffindor, Mom's in Slytherin, I'm in Therapy
- Granger Danger
- If you're having quidditch problems I feel bad for you son, I  got 99 problems but a snitch aint one
- Golden snitches get stitches
- Snapes on a plane
- Expecto to win this
- My anaconda don't want none unless you speak parseltongue
- Trump Umbridge 2020
- Team Whorecrux @ table 9 3/4
- Everybody wang Cho Chang tonight
- Beergardium LeviTosa
- Slytherin to her DM’s
- #nevillegothot
- I’ll show you my longbottom
- If your patronus is a wooly mammoths you’re compensating for something
- Expecto patron on the rocks
- Moaning myrtle gave me hogwarts
- We’ll get sleepy for Fred and George Weasley
- Hungry Hungry Hippogriffs
- Is that a wand in your robes or are you happy to see me?
- Dumbledore’s elder wand made Myrtle moan
- Muggles in the streets, wizards in the sheets
- 50 Shades of Gilderoy‘ robe
- #Swagrid
- We would have done better if our kids were here
- Are you a Deatheater cuz Azkahd-ayum!
- Forget the platform, our average age is 9 3/4!
- Granger Things
- 10 Pint to Gryffindor
- Accio Alcohol!
- How Did Harry Get Down the Hill? He Walked! JK, Rolling.

Friends Trivia
- The one where the answer is PIVOT
- seven seven SEVEN
- The holiday armadillos
- That's Not How They Do Pants
- We're here for the troll doll nailed to a 2x4
- They don't know that we know they know we know
- Nes-lay tool-house-ah
- Seven! Seven!! Seven!!!
- Ode to a Pubic Hair
- Well isn't this quiz just kick-you-in-the-crotch-and-spit-on-your-neck fantastic
- Seven… Seven… Seven… Seven, seven, seven, SEVEN!!
- They don’t know we know they know we know
- Red Ross
- The moistmakers
- Joey Triviani
- All or nubbin
- Could the sound system BE any more messed up
- Ms Chanandler bong
- Bracelet buddies
- The One With All The Answers
- We Taste Like Feet
- We Don't Even Have A "Pla"...
- Could There BE A Better Team Name?
- Maurice and the Space Cowboys
- The Chick and the Duck
- The Identical Hand Twins
- Gum Would Be Perfection
- I Take My Underwear Off In Other Peoples Homes
- Regina Philange and the Banana Hammocks
- Chandlers 3rd nipple

42 Ale House
- Stephen Hawking had a better audio system than 42 Ale House
- We had more bullshit answers than the vatican PR team
- I drink and I don’t know things

Bavarian Bierhaus
- Yay...Grrr...My...Sister
- Quiz me like one of your French girls

Brass Monkey
- What was founded in 1903 and rides my H-O-G? Your mom!
- We drink, we think, and sometimes we know things!
- Wilt Chamberlain had a Magic Johnson
- We Drink, We Think, and Sometimes we Know Things
- Instead of polyorchid, we only know monoorchid
- The only thing lower than our score is Nike's stock prices
- A planet will be destroyed tonight. Will it be Pluto or your anus?
- The Sexagon

- Tom Petty and the Heart Failures
- Spam spam spam spam spam spam spam spam spam spam spam spam spam spam spam spam and spam (72, best team name)
- A Dyslexic Walks into a Bra...
- Spray-Z and Peeyonce Ft. Poo Iv
- MAGA: My Attorney Got Arrested
- I Dont Usually Play Trivia, But If I Do I Prefer Camino
- Dracula Isnt the Only One Sucking
- Costs Money and Lasts 2 Hours: Title of My Sex Tape

Camp Bar, Shorewood
- The Girl With The Nimbus 2000 Tattoo
- This Isn't The Greatest Quiz In The World. This Is Just A Tribute
- Do You Want Antz? Cause This Is How You Get Antz
- Gather Round Trivia Newton John
- White Claw Basic Bs in Our 30s #NoHangover
- Keep Your Liver Spotted Hands Off My Mother
- Beat The Ditka, Rodgers
- Dynamite + Tall Building Trivia Hints Google Search = FBI Watchlist
- Tom hanks gives me a woody
- Unlike mr. potato head the ken doll comes with a body but no parts
- Dorothy man tooth is a saint

Camp Bar, Third Ward
- Dyslexic Walks Into a Bra
- Hung Like a Ken Doll
- Quiz Me Baby One More Time
- We Couldn't Think of a Name, So We Drew a Penis
- Huge Jacked Man has the heaviest balls

Camp Bar, Tosa
- Sperm Whale? No Wonder the Ocean is So Salty
- Worse than a boner in sweatpants
- Am I the only one? (yeah) Is Bill Clinton Sexual? (YEAH!)
- Wanna hear a joke about paper? It's tearable.
- 1, 2, 3, Foreskin
- I prefer my men like my cocktails: tall, stiff and inside me!
- Butt-any: The Study of Deuce

Club 400
- E=MC Hammer
- Our Drinking team has a trivia problem

Colectivo Lakefront Cafe
- Keep the change, ya filthy animal
- My milkshake brings in all the boys to the yard, but they’re all lactose intolerant!
- I saved on tampons by dating Dracula

Enlightened Brewing / Twisted Path
- Mildo Baggins
- Ugh! Quiz On My Back
- My Favorite Non Olympic Event Also Begins with An F
- Dont Go Jason Waterfalls

Izzy Hops
- We put the “Hor” in Horologist
- Harry-son Ford-skin
- Steve Buscemi Gives Me A Semi

Jack's American Pub
- Hey Nero's, keep the change ya filthy animal!
- Van Wilder is the GOAT of Ryan Reynolds Superheroes
- Float like a butterflu sting like left eye
- My daughter's horoscope was a cancer, she didn't last a year
- Seymor Butts
- Red Balls: Cocaine in a can, baby!!!

The Landing at Hoyt Park
- I know what your mom tweeted when she was 17
- Tribute to Office Michalski
- Quiz in my Pants
- It's getting Hoyt in here!
- I work at GE and I didn't know our slogan - that's why our company's failing
- State Fair: Summerfest for the morbid and obese
- The male gentoo penguin gives the female deez nuts and the true name of a group of geese is "assholes"
- Quiztina Aguilera
- My Homey, Mr. Comey
- Go Vote on Tuesday
- If the couch pull out, do I have to?
- A group of Ostriches is called a Manafort
- Sam Smith is a white guy?
- If you know the Adam Sandler movies, we can't hang out
- Billy Zane would have let Leo on the door
- Shoulda, woulda, gouda
- If ass and tits aren't body parts then we quit!
- Wet dream are VERY lucid
- I have a bid deck. You should come over and sit on it some time.
- Legalize weed and finish State Street
- Paul Manafort's Soap-on-a-Rope
- Congrats to Paul Manafort on the 10-8 victory!
- Stephen Hawking doesn't even have a British accent
- My name is Forrest... Forrest Trump

The Loaded Slate
- Taco Bout Trivia
- Milwaukee county boner blasters
- The quizlamic state
- Bless the rains down in Africa
- I am here with my dad
- 2 hot 2 handle 2 cold 2 hold 
- 3. 5 inches collectively
- Burt Reynolds is dead sexy

Lucky Chance
- The Biggest Balls This Side of State Fairs Pigpen
- Date Knights of the Round Table
- The Unholy of Unholies, The Oncoming Storm, The Nightmare Child, The Devourer of Worlds, The Bringer of Death...or Tom...Just Call Me Tom
- We Like Our Violence Like We Like Our Beer-Domestic
- Castration takes a lot of balls
- Stick This in Your Trophy Case
- The Spiderlings of Mars
- Becoming a Vegan Would Be a Missed Steak
- Didn’t anyone else use their tongue to count their teeth?
- Lawrence of a Labia
- Episode III: revenge of the poop dollar
- Just give me the fuckin prize

Midnight Pig Tap Room
- Lonely Guy with Arrogant Backpack
- I'm all cream puffed out
- Red hot trivia peppers

Milwaukee Ale House
- BJ (I wish)
- Fidel Cashflow
- This one's for Trebek
- I'm rubber you're glue, come in me and I'll stick to you
- Seamen love to swallow
- Planet Girth
- Daddy new Guinea
- Asseaters anonymous
- Where’s that funky music white girl
- Aretha Franklin's Pallbearers
- Eat da Poo Poo
- I like my men like I like my veggies...seasoned
- Why is Barbie never pregnant? Because ken comes in his own box

Milwaukee Brat House
- A Team Has No Name Best Team Name
- My Mom Said I Could Become Anything so I Became a Disappointment
- I Was Promised a Hover Board by 2015 and I'm Still Not Over It
- Stephen Hawking's School of Interpretive Dance
- My ANUS is also a GAS GIANT

Milwaukee Brat House, Shorewood
- You’re a quizard, Harry
- Viagra- play laugh grow
- Shout out to Brooklyn Beckham’s instagram
- Fuck the geography round
- Jeffrey dahmers house of ribs
- Did you hear about the guy with 5 dicks? His pants fit like a glove

- Thanos did nothing wrong
- The White House Mole

Nevin's Brewing Co.
- Dilly Dilly

New Berlin Ale House
- We have the runs. Why don't the brewers?
- I couldn't Kuwait for the answer 
- Sega does what nintendon't

Newsroom Pub
- We're Too Stressed For Desserts
- Our trivia knowledge is like Capital Punishment - It's deadly

- We make Lebrun look smart
- Stephen Hawking: pro skater

Raised Grain Brewing
- My Couch Pulls Out, But I Don't
- I've Spent 525,600 Minutes Playing Trivia, I Better Win Some Beer
- The Only Way to Taste PBR Is With Your Feet
- Buffalo Humps
- My Trivia Partner Doesn't Know This Is a Date
- 10 Pints to Gryffindor
- Clay Aikin Pulls the Strings to my Harp

Rally Time, West Bend
- MY Drinking team has a trivia problem. League
- If We Look Familiar, You Watch Too Much Porn
- I'm Not Just Sure, I'm HIV Positive!
- Periodic table dancers

Red Lion Pub
- Bald Men are EVIL
- R-(ip)-E-S-P-E-C-T
- Up your ass and to the Left
- This is our first date (response from correcting team; "So go on a second")

Second Salem Brewing Co.
- Wrong answers are alternative facts

Three Lions Pub
- My Trivia Partner Thinks This Is a Date
- Endless Love: The Tennis Match Between Stevie Wonder and Helen Keller

The Tosa Tavern
- Taco cat spelled backwards is taco cat
- I'd phone a friend if I had any
- Cream puffs here we come!
- Thank God for FB Points! Only points we'll get tonight
- I sat naked on a chair, now it's tainted

Whole Foods, Edgewater
- C. U. Next Thursday

Whole Foods, Streeterville
- Quizmasters are my favorite thing
- Too Legit to Quiz

Whole Foods, West Loop
- Thank God they didn’t ask for my ID at the register
- Chewbacca and the Honey Bees
- Steampunk Vibrators LLC
- Melissa McCarthy Fans Accused of McCarthyism
- On Wednesdays We Wear Drinks
- Anonymous Op-Ed Writer
- Cunning Litigants

Whole Foods, Willowbrook
- Shipoopie
- Steve Hawking’s School of Dance
- Puddin' Headz

McGillycuddy's to host MKE League (Summer Edition) Tournamnent!

Friday, September 14, 2018
MKE League teams! Our latest league has come to a close and details for the post-season tournament have just been announced!

The post-season tournament for our latest trivia league will be held at the McGillycuddy's in Milwaukee on Monday September 24th at 7pm.

Tournament topics will include pop culture staples from movies, TV, music and sports. Bring your ringers for all kinds of topics, as knowledge will be across the board.

Watch our Facebook page as select venues will offer extra incentives and bonus points between now and then.

The tournament will be by invite only, with our top 20 league teams all qualifying to take on MKE's elite trivia minds!

Also, September 24th is the start of our latest MKE League, but all teams at this tournament game will have their scores entered into the new league standings so they don't miss out on a potential score. 

MKE League Post Season Tournament details...

When: Monday September 24th, 7-9pm

Location: McGillycuddy's

How much: FREE (for qualifying teams)

What else: Top ten MKE League finishers will get a table reserved --- all others will be first-come, first-serve.

Will teams be seeded? Yes! Teams will be seeded. The higher your seed, the more quiz hints your team will get in advance.

Team size limit? Yes, teams for the post-season tournament will be limited to 8 players.

What are the Prizes? We'll be giving away $500 cash during the tournament as well as McGillycuddy's gift cards and lots of random booze! Other useless goodies and Quizmaster swag will also be up for grabs too.

But until then, we suggest your team gets busy quizzin' to rack up your league score! And be sure to look out for venues offering bonus points by following us on Facebook or Twitter.


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