FeudMaster's Funniest Answers of October 2022!

Tuesday, November 08, 2022

3 Sheeps Brewing

  • Name a place where it would be in bad taste to hit on someone? Answer: The Abortion Clinic

J&B's Blue Ribbon

    • Guys, name a collection a woman might have that might scare you away? Answer: Live-in ex-boyfriends

    Milwaukee Brat House, Shorewood

    • Name something you takeoff a turkey before serving it? Answer: Balls
    • Name an item/object found in your house that would be a good weapon during a Zombie Apocalypse? Answer: Vibrating Dildo
    • Name something a bad guy might throw out the window during a police chase? Answer: Baby
    • If you were about to “go all the way” with someone, what’s something that might make you have second thoughts once you see them naked? Answer: 'someone drew the smallest penis I’ve ever seen.'

    Pete's Pub

    • Name something that pregnant women often complain about? Answer: Peeing too much
    • Name a place where I would be in bad taste to hit on someone? Answer: The abortion clinic
    • Name something soft and white? Answer: Coke! … We mean snow
    • What do cannibal children want in their candy bags? Answer: Candied nuts

    Rally Time, West Bend

    • Name a musical instrument you need a good set of lips to play? Answer: Meat Flute
    • When you get out of bed in the middle of the night, name something that's easy to trip over? Answer: Mike + Gary's Toys
    • For cannibal Halloween, name a body part the little cannibals hope to get in their treat bags? Answer: Chocolate Covered Nuts

    Best Team Names of October 2022

    Wednesday, November 02, 2022

    Star Wars Trivia
    - Darth Binks 
    - Qui Gonn Gin-and-Tonics
    - I Fell Into a Sarlac Pit and all I got was this lousy T-shirt
    - I’ll have two beers now… but 15 beers when we reach Alderaan
    - Mace Windbrew
    - Why So Siddious 
    - Han Shot First
    - Many Bothans Died For These Answers
    - Boonta Eve Bois 
    - I am the Senate 
    - Let the Wookie's win
    - The Senate 
    - Quizzing in Alderaan Places 
    - I did it all for the Wookie
    - Even the younglings

    Scary Movies Trivia
    - Jamie Lee Curtis’ Patent 
    - Nightmare on Walnut Street 
    - Get Out…Us? Nope.
    - 2 Older Than Dracula
    - Scary how horror-able we are
    - Jason VorDeezNuts
    - Frankly doctor, that sounds like something Miggs would say 
    - Spookie Buddies 
    - Children of the Grain

    1840 Brewing
    - Notsoberfest
    - Taylor swift to Kanye: “now we’ve got bad blood” 
    - Me and the pope taking all the “L”s tonight
    - Edward Scissor-Cans

    The Baaree
    - I want to have Axl Rose with these single ladies
    - We won't win trivia but please let us win best team name for Steve's birthday!
    - Nothing compares to U 4 
    - "Yo-da"-me after I finally think of the correct answer
    - This is how trivia ends - not with a bang but freezing cold 
    - The Great Masterbaters 
    - Really Cold Chili Peppers Last 
    - We Suck at Trivia,  Crimean River

    Bilda's Friess Lake Pub
    - Turkish Public Bath 3
    - Brining up the rear.
    - No Prohibition here 
    - Bilda's Game cock
    - Guilty on all Counts 
    - The Twisted Nipples

    The Blue Badger
    - The old guy dancing 
    - the ish! The original 
    - Fish are friends not food

    Brass Monkey
    - Autocorrect is my enema.
    - Mark Spitz, Katelin Swallows
    - Fuck Box, Fuck Down, Fuck It
    - BOO! Bees.

    Caffrey's Pub
    - Siblings or Dating?
    - Fish love me, women fear me because I fuck the fish 
    - Smartinis
    - Belvedere, with club soda, with the carcass out
    - Cocktober 31st

    Camp Bar, Shorewood
    - Do not pass go, do not collect a camp gift card 
    - I’d like to get to know your coxswain
    - Why did the melons have a big wedding? Because they cantaloupe
    - To boldly go to the same places we go every week
    - There’s a colonial woman on the jumbo jet’s wing and she’s churning butter
    - bitches
    - West Virginia department of transportation 
    - Halloweeners
    - Bitches hate Halloween 

    Camp Bar, Third Ward
    - Hoovers final resting place
    - Terminator? I hardly know here
    - My spotted dick is an appetizer, meal, and dessert
    - Is spotted dick a congenital defect? Asking for a friend …
    - Alexander Bell “new phone, who did”
    - Pocahontas is my dancing Queen Second: flamingo Fauquier clues, jamba  boy Best: we already told our moms we won
    - Wanna get Simon Pegged?
    - Halloweeenies

    Camp Bar, Tosa
    - Fiji skeet skeet mother fucker
    - Spotted Dick? Worst New Glarus beer ever!
    - New scary movie: Freddy Krueger reading Kanye tweets
    - Will Jamie Lee Curtis ever figure out HOWDAH escape Michael Myers?
    - Spookie dookies

    Deer Camp
    -"Knock, Knock.” “Who’s there?” “KGB” “KGB, who?” SLAP!* “WE WILL ASK THE QUESTIONS!"
    - If you can dodge this dick, you can dodge these balls
    - Free Feet Pics to the Winners

    Eagle Park Brewing, Milwaukee
    - Not sure what the English channel is, but I wouldn’t watch it
    - We already told our moms we won! 
    - Trivia is cheaper than therapy
    - I’ll show you my cantaloupes if you show me your spot a dick
    - Melissa McCarthy was whistling straight on my jumbo jet 
    - House of the Dragon these nuts across your face
    - We already told our moms we won
    - The only thing scarier than Freddy Krueger is a Alex Knox’s basement

    Eagle Park Brewing, Muskego
    - Quizard of Oz 
    - Toom Raiders 
    - The Bird Brains
    - Dahm - n - ate Mondays 
    - I’m Drawing a __________
    - Something quizzing this way comes 
    - Tom Brady’s divorce lawyers
    - It puts the lotion on its skin or else it loses trivia again (
    - Hella’wieners

    Gathering Place Brewing
    - Saving Ryan's Privates
    - Fen, Brewer and the Gang 
    - Renegade Roma Rascal Raccoons 
    - Place You're a Quizzard Harry!
    - Maximum Leon Striped Dick
    - Fen and the Gang
    - The Shaky Limbs
    - Nothing scarier than the Packer's this season 
    - You Can Anagram My Asshol
    - The Severed Arm of John

    Iron Horse Hotel
    - How Did We Forget Mammoth
    - Your Mother’s No Thief, But You Should See Her Snatch! 
    - Mike Told Me That the Hamilton Round Was a Glitch
    - 2 Guys, 1 Quiz

    Izzy Hops
    - 60 mile gap in my ass!
    - Flip Flap my ass…
    - Get Pegged or Die Trying 
    - Stewart’s Rod has got it going on.
    - Our Amps Go To 69!!

    J&B's Blue Ribbon
    - Eddie the Eagle ski jumped into space for the KGB
    - I'm at least 5 inches tall!
    - Aaron Rodgers's shaman
    - Rodent that pisses on his partner? Didn't know Donald Trump was back in the news
    - Does R. Kelly count as a rodent?"
    - Salvador Dali's Flacid Clock
    - Ashlee Simpson should teach Kanye West to Shut Up

    Jack's American Pub
    - We survived Jeffrey Dahmer 
    - Quiz on her face 
    - At least we know the Danube isn’t in Baghdad 
    - Alphabet Mafia
    - Quiz in my mouth 
    - The Quizasters
    - The Flexorsists 
    - Buy me a drink, it’s my birthday

    Magoo's on the Mound
    - Brigadier General Twerk
    - Does Bowser's carpet match the drapes? Go pack go
    - Is butter a carb? 
    - Does Bowser's carpet match the drapes?
    - Stacy's Grandma is a GILF
    - (Schwarzenegger voice) It's not a Tuba 
    - The tootin' tubas

    - No Particular Order = Alphabetical order 
    - The Sex Pistols would like our score--69
    - Gilly’s Breakfast Club
    - John Wilkes Booth...GOP Nominee 2024
    - Not my foot fetish 
    - http://www.onlyfans.com/snowwhite-and-the-seven-dicks
    - Bring back Olympic jousting

    Milwaukee Brat House, downtown
    - Quiz in Alex‘s pants 
    - Quiz on my mom’s titties
    - Who is Noah warm a beavers in Alaska 
    - Ben Affleck ruins superhero movies 
    - Who is the 2 inch pulmonary erect or flaccid?
    - Should’ve done board games, but now I’m stuck in trivia deeply contemplating my friendships and life choices
    - Taylor’s Tits: 2 Ians 2 Handle 
    - 99 Problems & Trivia is one

    Milwaukee Brat House, Shorewood
    - Fun fact! Both bars Jon taffer rescued in Milwaukee are closed! 
    - I caught your mom twerking on my sex pistol 
    - We’ll eat you out like jeffrey dahmer 
    - Twerkin popes on the poles of Vatican City 
    - I’d bang Ryan Reynolds 
    - Send danubes 
    - Idaho, udaho, wedahos 
    - Summers over, put away your flip flaps 
    - Your mom said I-da-ho 7. 
    - Mike hunt 
    - Brett Favre's welfare checks 
    - Elvis was also a huge fan of barbiturates 
    - Standing room only for John Wilkes booth: the departed 
    - My only fans is exotic feet 
    - Ayahuasca turns you into a shitty quarterback 
    - Ed gein we got the meats!

    Mo's Irish Pub
    - Hodge Podge
    - Crampons? I Thought You Said Tampons! 
    - The Only Prickly Rodent I know is my Ex
    - How many licks does it take to get to the center of Bernie Sanders 

    - V for Vagina
    - The Bootylicious Babes of Vatican City
    - Jackside, Jack off, Jack Flap 
    - How many Electricians does it take to fix 3 Speakers?
    - The Last Ditch Weiners
    - Went for the Hail Mary but she had a Red River
    - Originally there were 8 Dwarfs, but Horny Got Off
    - King Kong's Dong: He has the Meats

    - Rock me Amadeus
    - WTF is an anagram 
    - I must be a mushroom because i am a fun guy
    - We agree, fire Joe Barry 
    - High Velocity urinators
    - Dry spell
    - Giannis gives me a lompaur in my pants 
    - Stress farts 
    - Quizmaster got me banned from venmo
    - Halloweiners 
    - How many licks does it take to get to the center of my antidepressant 
    - Emily Sandwich

    Perspective Brewing 
    - West Allis Bulldogs Junior Varsity Volleyball Reunion '09
    - Chlorophyll? More like Borophyll!
    - Ringus Dingus Pingus: Too Extreme For Wisconsin? Paid for by the Yang Gang
    - The Really Good Guy and Gal 
    - Someone Told Me To Put Mr. Brightside

    Pete's Pub
    - Build a bitch workshop (BBW) 
    - BBW (the other one) 
    - Handjobs for Humanity
    - My beaver is 35 inches tall! 
    - We survived the Great Milwaukee Tornado Warning of 2022 
    - Whiskey-media
    - James Cameron’s Dirty Fingers
    - Catholic Church Couch Casting

    Raised Grain Brewing
    - Pontiac Schvantz Roadster 
    - If You’re Not 4th, you’re last 
    - Dank Brandon Pardoned me, so now I’m here
    - Surreal Monogamous Ocelots
    - Tim McGraw can park his truck in my Copacabana 
    - Billy Bob Thornton Hears a Who

    Rally Time, West Bend
    - Going Commando Never Left Stains In Bill Clinton's Pants
    - QR Stands for Queef Reader
    - Beaver? No Wonder Mark Spitz 
    - People's Republic Of Suck My Balls.
    - Never Trust A Chad 
    - Draw Me Like One Of Your Quiz Girls, John
    - Jeffry Dahmer's Favorite Halloween Candy Is Buttered Fingers 
    - Your Mama Is A Goblin For HAlloween... Goblin This Dick

    Red Star Bar, Steeterville (Whole Foods)
    - Clock in First, Then Starbucks
    - Jehovah’s Thicccness
    - The Bar Witch Project

    Second Salem Brewing 
    - Suck on our PHD's
    - We don't give two farts 
    - Always on time 
    - Quiz in my pants

    - 28th in Line To The Saudi Throne
    - Alternative Intelligence 
    - #1 Question: Livestrong
    - There was room for two!
    - When They Repealed The Volstead Act It Became The Fantastic Pour
    - I Think We Did Well For Two People? 
    - Pompous Pompadours
    - Trivia is Not The Problem, It's Me 
    - Reese's Peanut Butter Schmucks

    State Line Distillery
    - Huge Jacked Man (and a woman) 
    -  My Precious Angels (of warmth)
    - Trivia treat to self 
    - “According to all known laws of aviation there should be no way a bee can fly. It’s wings are too small to get it’s fat little body off the ground”
    - The lettuce won 
    - The state of the union my Charlie Chaplin is strong
    - the Quizmashtersh Name
    - Ah! They made my cocktail a virgin

    Station 1 Brewing
    - No Brain, No Gain 
    - Giant London Losers Make My Eyes Moist
    - Culver’s Scoop and Score 
    - Sofa King Smart
    - Elm Street Stabbers

    Third Space Brewing
    - Trivia the best way to celebrate your son's 4th birthday 
    - The Spookies (please read with hand gestures like a ghost)
    - Slutz for October
    - Paul, She Wrote
    - Paul’s Mom Has Got it Going On
    - I Wonder if There’s a 7 dwarfs porn

    The Tosa Tavern (Whole Foods, Wauwatosa)
    - Bono is an anagram for noob
    - We Don’t Know Jack
    - You know what’s scarier: old people naked! We can show you!

    The Turn
    - The Deuce Is Loose
    - Team Green Party Blarny Stone
    - Team One Hung Low
    - Biden's Memory

    Uncommon Pints
    - I called in sick for this!

    UpDown MKE
    - Did Maddy say BBW? 
    - Obi We-Won Kenobi
    - Chlorophyll my Beaver 
    - Papa Churchill Spitz on my Arches 
    - Democratic Republican Whig Federalists!
    - Pogs in the Machine 
    - Glory Whole Foods 
    - Komodo Draggin’ Ass Trivia! It’s-a-nice! (Borat voice)
    - The Undertaker Suplexing Oscar Pistorius 
    - Black Cat my Ass 
    - One Combined Brain Cell + Kailey 
    - Mary Shelly Sells Seashells by SeaWorld 
    - The Plague Doctors

    Wisconsin Brewing Co
    - Everybody twerkin' for the weekend
    - I am Smartacus
    - Answer-artica
    - Bananas over Antarctica


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