Best Team Names of February 2020

Monday, March 01, 2021

Schitt's Creek Virtual Quiz
- The Elmdale college Pubic Relations Dpt
- Eww COVID 
- Blouse Barn's Porny Mannequins 
- Adam Levine’s Bubble Tea-m 
- Allezvous Regional Area Managers 
- Fold in the cheese, you schitt head 
- I love this journey for Quizmaster 
- Quizmaster Trivia is gonna be a Schitt show tonight! 
- Ted's #1 Webcam OnlyFans Fans 
- The Crows Have Eyes 4: The Crowna Virus 
- Covid Gave Me The Schitts 
- I Love This Quiz For You 
- Blouse Barn pre-David is peak Wisconsin fashion

Disney Virtual Quiz
- The cold never bothered Ted Cruz anyway
- No Rapunzel in ten did 
- Texas Most Wanted: Elsa 
- Maleficent was framed 
- I'm Surrounded by Idiots 
- Oh I just can't wait to be vaccinated! 
- Slip Me a Mickey 
- "The Cold Never Bothered Me Anyway": Ted Cruz, on his way to Cancun

Rom Coms Virtual Quiz
- There's Something About Fauci"
- How to Lose Trivia in 10 mins
- Crazy Poor Millennials 
- Trainwreck was a train wreck 
- Misery. A true love story
- PS: I love Booze 
- Cincinnati is My Safe Word 
- How to Lose an Eye in 10 Days 
- The Human Head Weighs 8 lbs 
- You had me at, "want to play trivia"?

Ultimate Sports Virtual Quiz
- You miss 100% of the shots you don't pour 
- Nice Field Goal, LaFleur 
- Favre's Cocks and Crocs. 
- Walking to the beer fridge is the most exercise I've gotten all quarantine 
- Tom Brady's Deflated Balls 
- The Minnesota Vikings of Trivia 
- Washington Sports Trivia Team

Virtual Quiz (General Knowledge)
- Timothee Chalamet is the Tom Cruise of Michael Ceras 
- Cleopatra's Nice Asp 
- Only Sheldon Cooper has fun with flags 
- OK I'll Say IT.  PANDEMICS are a MASSIVE Cock Block... 
- Somebody give Tiger a leg up 
- Ted Cruz Had to Check His Douche Bag 
- Ted Cruz's Travel Agents 
- Random Scenes From Mediocre Movies 
- Wisconsin's drunken weather wandered down to Texas!! 
- Cancel Culture Club 
- I paid for a Cameo and all I got was this lousy quiz 
- Me in first? There snow way
- Walking to the beer fridge is the most exercise I've gotten all quarantine
- Do you think Edward Scissorhands ever nicked his Frankeweenie when using the bathroom? 
- Ariana Grande Had 7 Rings Before Brady 
- Pole her Vortex 
- Drake from State Farm *discount double check*
- Dustin’s life came to a screeching halt. What, too soon? 
- It's Been Groundhog Day for 11 Months 
- Smart as a Horse 'n Hung like Einstein.. 
- Alcohol is a Solution 
- 2020: "1 star - would not recommend" 
- Robinhood: steal from the rich to give to the...rich

Bilda's Friess Lake Pub
- We Belize Dolly's Hoo Has crushed Adams walnuts
- Parties are more fun with a pink lady and a giant phallus
- Leave the gun, take the Canary
- Courtney Shuttlecod went to the playboy mansion and left with a grimace

Brass Monkey, West Allis
- Why do we call it a head of lettuce but not a dick of cucumber?"
- Tom Brady is a bitch, not a GOAT.
- Uranus has the highest wind speeds of any person
- Tiger Woods won't be playing with a shuttlecock anytime soon, but instead, giving a nurse a Grimace.

Caffrey's Pub
- Fire Wojo
- Dear Sam, the night at bed when you left...
- Ted Cruz’s Frequent Flyer Account

Camp Bar, Shorewood
- I’ll have what she’s having. As long as it’s not that burger 
- Drinks on Me - Matt W.
- Really tom Brady, during black History Month?
- Gentlemen, not scholars 
- I think I’ve reached the point in my life where I can feel the difference between nougat and cookie. 
- Autoerotic Vaccination
- Always wanted to be fucked by Leonardo DiCaprio ... but not like this.
- Quiz in my pants 
- Never use a British rubber 
- Blood , sweat, and beers 

Camp Bar, Third Ward
- Buzz, your girlfriend, woof 
- Put tiger back on the wheaties box
- Gunther I hardly know her
- Upper deckers 
- Upper Deckers 

Camp Bar, Tosa
- Tom Brady open mouth kisses his kids
- Reese’s is not a candy bar
- *NSYNC is better than the Backstreet Boys

Hogs & Kisses
- Bubba, Gimp, & The Shrimp  
- Foreskins Found A Friend
- Foreskins & Drinks 
- Startenders 
- Spicy Lil Nuggets, Hold the Lettuce 

Izzy Hops
- Better late than pregnant.
- Kohl's Cash is the new US Currency
- Is that a Hard Rock in your pants or are you just happy to see me?
- If he's such an avid fan, why is he reading?

Milwaukee Brat house, Downtown
- Condoms and rattlesnakes, 2 things we don't fuck with 
- Executive Order #69: Drink More Beer 
- Butt monkeys from uranus
- What has two arms and can't drum for shit 
- Steven slugs Schlitz by the seashore 
- Let's get schlitzfaced 5th 
- I can't keep it on the fairway, Tiger cant keep it on the road 
- The Lunchbox munchers 
- Steve sugs Schlitz by the seashore

Milwaukee Brat House, Shorewood
- Groundhog glory hole 
- Scranton: the electric city
- Following Tom Brady’s training regimen to prep for next weeks trivia
- Let’s do some rumplesnorts
- Did kaitlin take her pills?
- Immunity should be vaccine and not herd 
- Tiger woods driving instructors 

Milwaukee Brewing Co.
- Reddit Told Me To do it
- Monica Lewinsky is my Valentine
- "I Like My Trivia Questions HARD"

- I Only Use the Eggplant Emoji
- The Kevin King's of Trivia 
- It's Just Nice To Get Out of The House 
- All I Got For Christmas Was a Fleshlight
- Quiz in my Pants 
- Snow Much Knowledge
- Where We're Going, We Don't Need Points 
- My Nightcrawler Likes Your 4 Inch Golf Hole 
- I Prefer My Beer With A Side of Trivia 

- GameStop to the Moon 
- Quizness in the front, party in the back
- Two Ducks, One Cup
- 6 feet away from 1st place 
- Bad taste, more filling, bud light
- Brokeback Brady
- Rush Limbaugh’s Paul Bearers 
- It’s Always Snowy in Milwaukee
- Keep Your Spacey 
- We Didn’t Forking Win Again
- Ted’s on a Cruz

Pete's Pub
- Tom Brady’s Sexually Confused Children
- Just Not That Inuit
- Rush Limbaugh’s Last Cigar
- Tiger Woods’s School of Driving

Red Lion Pub
- I live on poo poo fart street
- #freebritney 
- Butt seed

The Oaken Hogg

Friday, February 26, 2021

Tuesdays 7pm
Starting March 23rd

111 N Main St, 
West Bend, WI 53095
(262) 429-1074


- $1-off all tap beers!

1st place: $30  Gift Card
2nd place: $20 Gift Card
Best Team Name: $10  Gift Card


Best Team Names of January 2021!

Wednesday, February 03, 2021

Team Name of the Month:
When Mario finds out Trump has been in peach twice!

-- From Milwaukee Brewing Co. --

Bilda's Friess Lake Pub
- Prince Charming's cucumber killed John Lennon
- Justin Biebers Tootsie Roll is No Country For Old Men
- Dennis Rodman kissed Coco Chanel's Velvet Underground

Brass Monkey, West Allis
- My favorite extreme sport is camel toe wrestling
- You'll be in La La Land when I put my German sausage in your buns.
- Hunting Beaver - shaved or hairy - is my favorite sport!'
- Milwaukee got 9 inches yesterday. My girlfriend is getting 10 inches tonight.

Camp Bar, Shorewood
- It’s only cannibalism if you swallow 
- Why do men name their penises? Because they don’t want a stranger making decisions for them 
- Just Kidding, they’re in first place! 
- Why Don’t Melons get married, because they cantaloupe! 
- Blind Threesome
- Quizzin Our Pants 
- I can’t think of a phrase as  equally stupid as the phrase “Tax Year” 
- Please Stop with the Simpsons Questions

Camp Bar Third Ward
- Snowflakes, the classic gold diggers
- Win or lose we booze
- We Dr. cherry bombed this quiz
- Houston we have a trivia problem
- The Browns is the Browns
- We Futzed it up! 
- 68 + 1

Camp Bar, Tosa
- Dad’s gone wild
- Ben eats ramen out of Brady’s anus
- Buck the Fucs

Izzy Hops
- All I got for Christmas was a fleshlight

Milwaukee Brat House, downtown
- 2 Kates, 1 Cup 
- Thumbs Up! Cocks Up! 
- Trumps Peach 4th 
- I'm only here for an Alibi 5th
- Condoms and rattlesnakes, 2 things we don't fuck with 
- Executive Order #69: Drink More Beer 3
- Butt monkeys from uranus

Milwaukee Brat House, Shorewood
- Wu-tang > tang 
- Mia khalifa and her stepbrother burj 
- Erection night jitters
- Wurst kase scenario 
- Crabs are cancer? I thought it was just an std 
- Geriatric porn stars: inaugural edition 

Milwaukee Brewing Co.
- When Mario finds out Trump has been in peach twice!

- Mike Tyson says "Knock On This Short Fat Wood" 
- Knock Knock", "Who's There"? LOUD NOISES 
- Now That Donald Trump is Banned From Twitter, He'll Have To Incite the Next Riot on Grindr
- I Want My Stalagmite In Your Cave 
- Red Heads Do Graceland Better

- The Quizmaster’s Gambit 
- The Waitress Helped Us Cheat 
- We Support Single Moms
- Suns out, thumbs out 
- Quizzed my pants 
- O’shitias we’re bad at trivia 
- This is the highlight of my week and IDK how to feel about that  
- Obi-wan-can bone me 
- GameStop to the Moon 
- Quizness in the front, party in the back

Pete's Pub
- 2 impeachment, one cup. 
- NSFW- Never Storm Federal Walls 
- Donald Trump’s deleted tinder
- Donald Trump’s Discount Movers
- I Found My Pipe Wrench in Uma Thurman’s Bush

Red Lion Pub
- Lyndsey Graham is too Hetero formy taste
- Who gets married at Disney?
- GameStop stock brokers llc 
- Mounted Montreal MILFs

Three Lions Pub
- Burs are nature's herpes

Best Team Names of December 2020

Thursday, December 31, 2020

Disney Trivia
- Rocketing through Expedition Everest in a Tower of Terror
- Wish upon a bar, to become a beer hero 6
- Walt Disney's Frozen Head
- Whistle while you twerk
- I'll Make a Stan out of you
- When you wish upon a bar

- There will be blood coming out of my Venus
- Loosen Mai Tai and Vault My Pole
- Jerry Springer's Breast Meat Challenge
- Balls Deep
- Jennifer Aniston's octagon is full of worcestershire sauce

Brass Monkey, West allis
- If Quizmaster Katelin was a planet, she’d be the hottest
- The best excuse for being late is "playing with my pussy
- It only takes us one night to name our pussy
- If 2020 was a blow job, it had braces.

Camp, Shorewood
- If we were on trivia deathmatch, we’d have more than just our ear bit off.
- Santa and his Ho Ho Hos 
- Iced tee is a tr8tor to rap
-  Do they allow loud laughter in Hawaii or just a low ha? 
- Quizness in the front, party in the back 
- Joe Exotic has Stuffed at Least a Dozen Animals 
- Harvey’s Milkmen.
- Who actually eats homemade roasted chestnuts? 
- “More Gluhwein” (in a Lannister voice) 
- We had too much brandy in our egg nog

Camp, Third Ward
- Blackout Wednesday but make it to Monday
- All I want for Christmas is Booze 
- Upper  Deckers 
- The Buttcrackers
- Santa Slayzzz
- The Reinbeers
- 2020 can kiss my ass
- The Stimulus checks 2.0
- Herd immunity
- Ghosts of trivia past

Camp, Tosa
- Indiana Jones and the temple of poon
- Jolliest bunch of assholes this side of the nuthouse

Milwaukee Brat House, downtown
- Rattlesnakes and Condoms: Two things we don't fuck with 
- We Demand a Recount
- Thanks for Coming
- Hey Tina, Eat your Lasagna
- Two things we don't fuck with: rattle snakes and condoms 
- My drinking team has a trivia problem
- Hairy Tentacles 
- Jupiter is big, but Uranus is bigger! 
- Quizpics.com/boobs 

Milwaukee Brat House, Shorewood
- I suck ass at bar dice 
- Born and raised in South Dakota 
- My drinking team has a trivia problem 
- Coitus interruptus: retribution
- Miley Cyrus wet nelly 
- Who the fuck is tiana?
- The spy who shagged me 
- Why the fuck did I download Applebee’s app? 
- O.J.'s taxi cab
- Angels with filthy souls 
- Santa’s sack is so big because he comes once a year 
- Merry schlitzmas
- Jeffrey Epstein sleeps in May 
- I should not have ordered this pretzel for 1 
- We walked through the snow to come in second to last place 

Milwaukee Brewing Co.
- 6 feet away from 1st place

- The glove did not fit
- If you slurp my plum pudding, I’ll suck your spotted dick
- Team Xmas Socks
- Snow way Carole baskin is innocent

- We would like the waitress' number
- Urethra Franklin
- He Who Shall Not be Named

Pete's Pub
- A Tribe Called Quince
- Rona the Res Nosed Reindeer
- Speaking with 20/20 Hindsight, 2020 Sucked

Red Lion Pub
- Brazen blitzen balls 
- Sleigh all day 

Three Lions Pub
- Inverted Oreos

Best Team Names of November 2020

Wednesday, December 09, 2020

Bilda's Friess Lake Pub
- Dolly Parton's Prism Breasts take me to the danger zone
- Multiple Scoregasms with a side of Mint Julep
- My blue whale can outlast your purple carrot
- I would have won the street luge but I was high on Triptophan

Brass Monkey, West Allis
- The Goofy Humps
- Lube up your Bjork before sticking it in my bunghole!
- Our Color Me Badd is Dog Dick Pink

Camp Bar, Shorewood
- No ass, but what about a nut? 
- Remember pre covid when we could have parties in the USA 
- My Drinking team has a trivia problem 
- Pretty sure babies don’t come from Vietnam, they come from Va-China 
- 3 hole Punch team 
- Lettuce Win
- I wonder what George bush’s nickname is for Trump?
- Our nips don't lie...it's cold outside 
- Dudesistas 
- Don’t just stare at it... Eat it 
- Ridley Scott’s Tots

Camp Bar, Third Ward
- Bert is definitely the top 
- Joe’s Hoes 
- You can tinky my winky 
- The whore-ologists 
- Dwayne the rock my Johnson 
- Cunnalingus Rice... sounds like a Mexican dish
- This year is longer than a Tom Brady kiss

Camp Bar, Tosa
- Why did Hellen Keller wear tight pants...so people could read her lips
- The dinosaur climaxed in my face-butte
- Mrs clause’ yoga pants give her massive mistle toe

- Let's Ask Whiskeypedia
- Jeffrey Epstein Didn't Kill Himself".

Izzy Hops
- This is the first time I’ve put on clothing in months...

Jack's American Pub
- Kovid Killers

Milwaukee Brat House 
- Spelling Beez 
- Roses are Red, Wisconsin went blue 
- Uncles with Benefits 
- Brat the wurst answers

Milwaukee Brat House, Shorewood
- I ain’t playing no fucking snooker 
- The sausage sampler
- Hall of fame baseball persons 
- Picked a bad week to sell my Pfizer stock 
- Two beers one cup 
- I paid Rudy Giuliani 20,000$ a day and all I got was this lousy team name
- Salvador Dali had a floppy clock 
- Fuckin Wolverine Says Happy Thanksgiving 
- Straight Off the Couch

Milwaukee Brewing Co.
- Anal but not sexual

- You're A Quizzard Harry
- We Would Have Won If It Wasn't For the Curse of Kordax!
- Dixie Normus
- Disclaimer: Animals Can Read
- A sperm Roman in my Trojan

Pete's Pub
- Drink Pineapple Juice because it might kill you
- Fookin’ Useless


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