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13 October 2014

No Quiz For You! The Seinfeld Quiz is Nov. 2nd!

We're pleased to announce, that due to popular demand, our Seinfeld Quiz is coming to Club Garibaldi's in Bay View on Sunday November 2nd at 7 p.m.! Yada, yada, yada....

The quiz, of course, will be about nothing whatsoever, but we think that won't discourage our die hard fans from coming out to the Bay View joint for a Sunday night of trivial uselessness. The quiz will be $5/person, pay on the night, cash only. Again, this event will be on a first-come, first-serve basis with the possibility of us adding a second venue in advance if the demand is there. Watch this space on that.

Club G will offer drink specials and the typical prizes for first place, second place and the best Seinfeld-themed team name. And if you haven't yet, you've got to try their signature chicken wings!

This quiz should be as pointless as they come... not that there's anything wrong with that. We'll see you all there!

Specially-themed quiz FAQs

Do we pre-register, sign up online? 
No. We do these events like it's 1999. Just show up --- we advise you arrive a little early to grab a good seat --- drink, think and have fun. Seating is on a first-come, first-served basis, no reservations.

Okay, how much is it? 
Five-dollar-holla. Or $5 as you common folk might say. Bring cash, pay the Quizmaster and drink while you think!

What are the prizes?
This will vary with each event but typically most are offering standard moolah for first place, second place and the best themed team name.

Can I wear a special outfit or costume?
Absolutely. Particularly if you want to feature on the blog. Hey, in some cases we even have costume contests and give out extra stash for those dressed up folks!

Can people under 21 play?
That's out of our hands we're afraid, and will vary depending on the venue. We'll be sure to communicate that via our Facebook page for each specific event, but if you're unsure just call the venue in advance to find out.

Is there a team-size limit? 
Surprisingly no! While we typically have an 8-person limit for our regular quiz nights, we keep the specially-themed events open. Why? Well, we figured you'll need all the brain power possible.

Do spectators have to pay? 
Yup. If someone on your team is just there and "doesn't really know anything" they still have to cough up the 500 cents.

I own/manage a venue. Can I host such an event at my bar?
It depends. In almost all cases, we only work with existing Quizmaster clients on our specially themed events, so hire us now and perhaps we can work something out. Such venues must fit certain criteria too.  Location and venue size are key, especially when we've been known to pull in over 100 people for certain events.

10 October 2014

Sweet Dreams Are Made of Cheese... the Packers Quiz is Oct. 23rd!

Packer nation this one is for you! With the NFL season now in full swing, we're delighted to announce that the Packers Quiz will hit the Loaded Slate on Thursday October 23rd...

The All-Packers themed quiz will replace the Loaded Slate's regular trivia night, which takes place every Thursday at 8 p.m. The bar will be serving up it's regular specials of $7 all-u-can-eat tacos as well as...
  • $3 Imports
  • $3 Micros
  • $3 Bombs
  • $3 Mixers
Additionally this quiz will be just $1/person to play! Plus bar tabs will go out to the first and second placed teams on the night as well as the best Packers themed team name! Plus the bar will be giving away two spots for their bus trip to the Packers vs Bears game on November 9th. That will include a ride to Lambeau and back, all the free food plus booze you can handle (tickets to the actual game not included).

As always, it's advised to arrive early for this event as the Loaded Slate has limited capacity! We'll see you then, and GO PACK GO!

09 October 2014

The one where a team got a perfect score! The Friends Quiz recap...

Milwaukee's finest Friends fans came out in full force on Sunday, as "How You Quizzin': The Friends Quiz" took over two MKE staple bars for the night. Fifty-three (yes, that's 53) teams came out to contest for prizes, with two venues to choose from to play: Who's on Third, or Jack's American Pub.

First up, find a full portfolio of photos (provided by the awesome folks at Snapifeye) at this Facebook link.

And there was only one place to be on October 5th if you were a single guy, because it was 80 percent ladies (GNO OMG!!!) at this trivia shindig, as some our photos from the night prove….

And one team even came armed with their own colorful umbrellas…

It's a shame they were missing three Friends though :(

After a plethora or Friends topics were asked, the team name rolled in. In the end seven teams went with Princess Consuela Bananahammock or a variation of that awesome Phoebe Buffay alias.

But in the end, their was one team that was destined to win it all as The One with the Winning Team took home glory as the best Friends know-it-alls in the Brew City with a perfect score of 74 from 74 points….

Congrats to them! Smart arses!!

Watch this space for more upcoming quiz events including A Major Music Quiz on October 19th, and "No Quiz For You! A Pointless Seinfeld Quiz" on November 2nd.

Until next time Milwaukee, drink while you think...

Sunday October 5th, 2014 scores:

  1. 74 The One with the Winning Team
  2. 72 The One with the Best Team Name
  3. 72 "Hello Who's! We need more alcohol and you know what, we need more beer!"
  4. 72 Central Perky Tits
  5. 72 Princess Consuela Bananahammock
  6. 71 Trivia-onies
  7. 70 Big Fat Goalies
  8. 69 My sister's gonna have a baby!
  9. 69 Could you BE any more trivial?
  10. 68 They don't know that we know they know we know!
  11. 67 We bet our apartment on this!
  12. 67 The one where we kicked ass at trivia
  13. 67 Big Fat Goalie
  14. 67 Ms. Chanandler Bong
  15. 66 It's not that common, it doesn't happen to every guy and it IS a big deal!
  16. 66 The Bam-booze-lers
  17. 66 Hey Milwaukee! How you doin?
  18. 66 Viva Las Gay-Gas
  19. 65 Do you even know what a bananahammock is?
  20. 64 Team Bamboozled
  21. 64 The one where three hot chicks win
  22. 63 Moose
  23. 63 Ode to pubic hair
  24. 63 Could I BE wearing any more clothes
  25. 63 The Joey Special
  26. 62 Miss Chanandler Bongs
  27. 62 Spud-nik and the Holiday Armadillos
  28. 61 The one with the best team name
  29. 61 Viva Las Gaygas
  30. 60 Princess Consuela Bananahammock
  31. 60 The Holiday Armadildos
  32. 59 We were on a break!
  33. 59 Princess Consuela Bananahammock
  34. 59 The one where we win trivia
  35. 59 Frankie Says Relax
  36. 58 Seven, Seven Seven!!!
  37. 57 I found my identical hand twin in the bathroom
  38. 57 Princess Consuela and the Bananahammock
  39. 55 Joey doesn't share FOOD
  40. 55 Princess Consuela Bananahammock
  41. 54 The moistmakers
  42. 54 The Transponsters
  43. 54 Princess Consuela Bananahammock
  44. 54 The one with all the trivia
  45. 52 Chandler's third nipple: nubbin
  46. 50 Bracelet buddies
  47. 49 Princess Consuela Bananahammock
  49. 47 The more I drink, the less the kids can drink
  50. 42 The cast of Friends is our celebrity FREEBIE list
  51. 41 Crap Bag
  52. 39 You're cat to be kitten me right meow!
  53. 37 The one where Rachel is a crazy psycho bitch because they were on a break!!!

08 October 2014

Best pub quiz team names of the month! Sept. 2014...

Brass Monkey
  • Shitty Shitty Bang Bang 
  • Adrian Beaturson 
  • "Rape Me" is my Safe Word

Cafe Centraal
  • I Shaved My Balls For This? 
  • Oscar Pistorius: Shoe Don’t Fit You Must Acquit… 
  • Centraal Intelligence 
  • Talk Nerdy To Me Quizmaster

Cafe Hollander
  • Quiz-lamic State Of I Rock
  • Ray Rice's Wife Threw The First Punch: # FreeRayRice
  • Ray RISIS
  • Quiz On Her Face 
  • I Hate Thinking Of Names, If I Have Kids They Are Getting Numbers
  • Samuel Hunt Had a Brother, Mike. He Was Dirty
  • 99 Problems...And A Quiz Ain't One

Caffrey's Pub
  • Adrian Peterson's Whipping Boyz
  • Camouflage Condoms - They Never Saw Us Coming
  • Save a tree, eat a beaver
  • You're a quizzard, Harry

Camp Bar
  • Leonardo DiCaprio Doesn't Have An Airport Named After Him
  • When The Quizmistress Screams "Fuck Me" I Say "Yes Please, Thank You"
  • You Know I'm All About That Bass, Bout That Bass, No Salmon
  • Jay Cutler's Little Ditka
  • DVD's: Diseased Veiny Dicks
  • We Had a Filthy Team Name Picked Out, But Our Boss Showed Up at the Bar 
  • Adrian Peterson: Out on a Limb
  • Fuck Ray Rice
  • Home Alone? Squirt Some!

Club Garibaldi
  • Rodger Goodell's Ethic's Committee
  • Janay Rice Takes The Stairs: Take 2 
  • What Do You Call Cows That Are Best Friends? Brovines

Fixture Brewing Company
  • Pro: I Showed Up For Trivia. Con: Now You Have Ebola 
  • Beauty And My Beast
  • We're Safe From Ebola In Wisconsin, The Bear and Vikings Can't Catch Anything
  • Scotland May Have Said No, but Your Mom Sure Didn't
  • Sweatpants Boner
  • Just Like These Aborted Fetuses, We Weren't Born Yesterday
  • We're Gonna Beat You Like An NFL Player
  • Hit Me RayRay One More Time 
  • I'm Not A Gynecologist, But I'll Take A Look
  • I Hope The Cannibal Who Ate His Girlfriend Started With The Lips (It Means Vagina)

Fox River House
  • We're not Wisconsinites... please don't deport us
  • The coalition for casual public nudity
  • My couch pulls out, but I don't
  • Sexy ISIS
  • Ray Rice's Boxing Coach

  • Ray Rice's Left Hook
  • You Had ONE job, Nate
  • Drakes on a plane
  • The way you ask those questions makes me want to quiz all over

The Highbury Pub
  • If Adrian Peterson beats another kid, he gets a free sub
  • You can take the scotch eggs from our kilts, but you'll never take our FREEDOM
  • Fo' Shizzle My Quizzle

  • Will You Go With me To Homecoming? So I'm Not At Home Cumming
  • No Matter How Hard they Try, They Cant Beat Ray Rice

Miller Time Pub 
  • Jean Claude Van Daaaay-um Girl!
  • We Don't need no stinking picture sheet!

Milwaukee Beer Bistro
  • Adrian Beat-her-son 
  • "I'm a stupid moron with an ugly face, and a big butt, and my butt smells, and I like to kiss my own butt"
  • Febreeze Brothers, Because it's so fresh in here

Milwaukee Brat House
  • Name the three branches of my dick
  • I think we lost
  • Don't get trapped in Oscar Pistorious's water closet 
  • I hear ISIS gives good head

Mulligans Irish Pub
  • Our Team is Mad At Us 
  • Who needs sex when you have beer

New Berlin Ale House
  • NFL Switches and Bitches

  • One Ball That's All
  • Fallopian Swim Club
  • We're having a Yabba-Dabba-Doo Time!
  • Adrian "Beats His Son"
  • Ray Rice: A Love Story
  • Beats by Ray (Rice)
  • Two girls one blumpkin

Red Rock Saloon
  • Squirt her with your Frankenfurter
  • The only thing more beatable than our score is Ray Rice's Fiance
  • Gynecological Enthusiasts
  • When is a Door Not a Door? When it's Ajar 
  • Milfwaukee Screwers

Riverwest Filling Station 
  • Maybe we should have gone bowling...
  • Would a Wu-Tang Clan sweater get me suspended?

St. Francis Brewery
  • Batman Movies and the Royal Family Suck
  • Tom Cruise is the Ultimate Fudge Packer

Titletown Brewing Co.
  • Illicit Downloaded Photos of Obama's Tan Suit
  • Cloudi with a change of meat boobs
  • The Homeless Guardians of Miley Cyrus's Galaxy

Two Bucks
  • "Beat It" Michael Jackson ft. Ray Rice and Adrian Peterson
  • In the words of William Wallace "FREEDOM...unless it's too complicated" 
  • Switch It Up Adrian Peterson Children, the only one the Vikings beat
  • Beatz by Ray 
  • Something about Nazis...always kills 
  • Mike Hunt Presents Grandma's World Famous Pube Salad
  • Good thing I bought those shares in Elevator Surveillance Technology

Whiskey Bar
  • Is It Wrong When You Are Locked Out Of Your Car and Go To Planned Parenthood And Ask For A Coat Hangar?
  • Adrian Beat-Your Son

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