Thursday, December 13, 2018

Thursdays 8pm
(starting January 12th)

750 N Jefferson St
Milwaukee, WI 53202

$5-off all pitchers
$15 buckets of beer
(Miller Lite, Coors Lite, High Life)
Burger Night: featured burger deal every week!

Rotating prizes for 1st, 2nd and best team name every week


Best Team Names of November 2018!

Thursday, December 06, 2018

Parks and Recreation Trivia
- The Moon Shall Join Your Coalition!
- Ya Heard With Perd
- Are We Getting Paid? Knope
- I’m Perd Hapley and this teams name is the name of this team!
- Three Skin (Formerly Four Skin)
- Rectangle. America. Megaphone. Monday. Butthole.
- The Perd-verts
- Joan Callamezzo's Powdered Vagina
- You had me at meat tornado.
- The questions on this page were answered by the team that is called "the Perd-verts."
- Gary, Jerry, Larry, Terry Gergich Gengrich
- Leslie, I typed your symptoms into the computer and it says you have network connectivity problems
- You had me at meat tornado
- Jerry’s fart attack
- I’m a feminist, if I had to have a stripper name it would be equality
- PCP makes it fun
- I’m perd Halley and our trivia name is the name of this trivia team
- Stop. Pooping.
- Jan cooper will give you chlamydia

42 Ale House
- Our chances of winning are about the same as the packers making the playoffs

Bavarian Bierhaus
- I can’t say that name out loud

Bilda's Friess Lake Pub
- We would have won trivia if not for those meddling kids
- I would do anything for best team name, BUTT I won’t do that

Black Husky
- Jeff Sessions- Former AG, current Keebler elf
- I would do anything for best team name, BUTT I won’t do that
- Stallis Lives Matter
- Mary Poopins

Brass Monkey, West Allis
- I voted for One Eyed Willy on ERECTION Day
- Tiger Woods loved to drop anchor in Victoria!
- In my recreational activities, ATV stands for Ass to Vagina
- Josh didn't draw a penis on his receipt this week!
- Fallopian Swim Team

- Weapons of Mass Seduction
- Lick Us on Facebook
- Plaid Parenthood
- Tear Gas or Bust
- Peyton's ManThing

Camp Bar, Shorewood
- I Mustache You A Question, But I'll Shave It For later 
- Still Spending All Our "Camp"aign Funds on Booze
- Crossing Swords, But Not In The Men's Room
- What's The Difference Between Hilary Clinton and Donald Trump? A White Russian
- Cause Here At Camp, We're Better Than You and We Know It
- Lay Off The Coke, Eleven
- It's Okay Pluto, We're Not A Planet Either
- You Eat Pieces of Shit For Breakfast?!

Camp Bar, Third Ward
- The Sun is as close to Uranus as I want to get
- Andy's Mom's Toys
- Gobble This!
- Camp Bar Cyber Monday Special

Camp Bar, Tosa
- George Washington Spent His Campaign Money on Boobs
- How much booze does it take to get to Uranus?
- Tis Nothing But a Raw Horse Flesh Wound
- Second Hand Sex Toys R Us
- That McDonalds Question Made Me Grimace
- Winston Churchills Pee Wee
- Color Outside the Lines Like Michael J Fox
- We Trusted the Jew with the Money Question but He Got It Wrong
- Monica Lewinsky Votes Republican Now Because Democrats Left a Bad Taste in Her Mouth
- Pluto? I'm waiting for a high definition picture of Uranus!
- Escape or Die Frying is Mel Gibson's Holocaust Story

Caffrey's Pub
- We Can Still Get Wood
- Almost Famous: A Clay Aiken Story
- Wet Farts at the Fiserv Forum
- Claps For Everyone

Club 400
- Bees and condoms, 2 things I don’t mess with
- Does anyone know if an olive is a fruit or a vegetable?

Colectivo Lakefront Cafe
- Kingdom of the Quiz-tal Skull
- To infinity and Beyonce

Compass Bar
- Like a suburned penis, we can't be beat
- Trivia Newton John
- Titanic: the first ice bucket challenge
- Bite the sheets I'm coming in dry
- Malaria heaters and small pox blankets
- In dog beers, we've had 1
- Moaning myrtle's chamber of secrets

Izzy Hops
- Check out my midterm erection
- In Soviet Russia Tennis Plays You
- Some if us are dating, some of us are just friends BN: Galapago fuck Dick Cheney
- Diamonds Are Forever, but Tindr is more fun
- William (the "J" stands for "Jerk Me Off") Clinton

Jack's American Pub
- Mexican Wrestling: Only summer olympic sport requiring a mask
- "All my life I wanted to be a Quizmaster"
- See(C) Yo(U) (N)ext (T)uesday
- Ivanka Trump's private email account

The Kerry Piper
- The Nation of Quizlam

Loaded Slate
- The touchables
- Wait there’s 2 cities in Oklahoma?
- Make the packers great again
- Tom Brady in the streets, Greek freak in the sheets
- Michael got Cohen-Ed

- The Last "L" Country

- Winter Came
- Gang Green Bay Packers
- Cirrulous Black is my Patronus
- McCartney would be a better coach than McCarthy

Milwaukee Ale House
- My couch pulls out but I don’t 
- Ding dong the witch is dead 
- Last weeks losers
- Stuffing her before thanksgiving
- Bungee jumping with condoms
- Zipping up your testicles, not as old as the phone?
- Ye oldie mcboaty Constrictor? I hardly know her!
- Trivia: cures what ales you
- Tubes and turkeys
- Stuff my turkey
- Lettuce cure your ecoli
- The smashed potatoes
- Condoms and Rattlesnakes: two things we dont fu$# with
- Foccacia be kidding me!!!!
- I come faster than the trolley
- Not your Grandma's Bingo
- One fish, two fish, red fish, penis.

Milwaukee Brat House, Shorewood
- We couldn’t think of anything so we drew a penis
- I like to get stuffed like my turkey
-  I earned those Facebook points

Milwaukee Brat House
- Eva, Can I Stab Bats in a Cave?
- Kung Pao Chicken: China's 5th Greatest Invention

New Berlin Ale House
- Getting quizzy with it 
- Thanks to viagra, tonight is erection night! 
- Uncles with benefits
- Trump only comes when his showers are golden
- My pants of mass destruction
- Florida recount committee 8th
- Quizards of oz
- Don't look up body building children online
- Moisturizer?  I hardly know her!

Newsroom Pub
- I drug my boyfriend here with promises that football would be on the TV

- 1864 Olympic circle jerking hold medalists
- We don't always drink PBR... But when we do we also drink whiskey
- Quiz in my pants

Raised Grain Brewing
- I Quizzed in my Pants
- Go Hang a Salami, I'm A Lasagna Hog (its a palindrome)

Rally Time, West Bend
- When we lose, we still booze.
- My Trivia team has a trivia problem

Red Lion Pub
- Countries that start with the Letter L; El Salvador

Second Salem Brewing Co.
- My drinking team has a trivia problem
- The shia la boeuf holes
- At least we got third

The Tosa Tavern
- Quizmaster hiring? I work well with difficult people, signed Jeff Sessions
- The one time we trust Wikipedia
- Binge watched the Simpsons So we could get #13 right

Whole Foods, Edgewater
- Checkers @ Walmart
- Thanksgibbon
- Tequila Mockingbird 

Whole Foods, Streeterville
- Contact your Doctor if this ELECTION lasts more than 4 hours
- Hermione Texas Granger
- Couches pull out and so should you
- This thanksgiving: trump eats the turkey and pardons himself.
- How can global warming be real when my feet are so cold?

Whole Foods, West Loop
- Not in Sessions Anymore
- Hitman In a Porno Movie
- Banned from All Press Conferences
- Jive Turkeys
-  Paul’s Manafortication

Whole Foods, Willowbrook
- They did surgery on a grape!?

MKE League Table

Sunday, December 02, 2018

The league table for our MKE League will be updated on a weekly basis. The table below shows the  FINAL league standings after 10 weeks of play (all scores as of and including December 2nd, 2018)...

The top 20 teams have qualified for the post-season tournament game at Milwaukee Brat House Shorewood on December 11th. We will be emailing all team captains soon and sending out hints the day of the quiz via email. The higher you finished the more hints you got! 

How does the scoring work?
- All teams are awarded 10 points for attending a quiz

- A team is awarded additional points based on how well they do at a quiz...
----- 1st place = 5 points (so 15 points total)
----- 2nd place = 4 points (so 14 points total)
----- 3rd place = 3 points (so 13 points total)
----- 4th place = 2 points (so 12 points total)
----- 5th place = 1 point (so 11 points total)

- Any position 6th place or lower does not offer any additional points, so those teams earn the 10 points just for attending the quiz

- BONUS: We will offer "bonus points" for teams attending certain venues. Watch our Facebook page for announcements on where you can earn bonus points just for showing up. Most of these bonus venues will offer 20 points just for showing. Winning a quiz at such a venue will earn a team 25 points rather than the 15 points you could earn at a regular venue.

Brat House Shorewood to Host Tournament for MKE League!

Wednesday, November 28, 2018
MKE League teams! Our latest league is about to come to a close (we are in the final week as we speak) and we have just announced the venue for the post-season tournament quiz!

That event will take place at the Milwaukee Brat House in Shorewood (NOT downtown Milwaukee) in Milwaukee on Tuesday December 11th. The quiz will take place during the bar's regularly scheduled Tuesday trivia. The event is invite-only with the top 20 finishers qualifying for a spot. However, as the event is scheduled during regular trivia, other teams are welcome to play but will not qualify to win the bars $500 in cash prizes and other swag for league teams!

This event will be $1 per player -- all a tip for the regular Quizmaster host.

Tournament topics will include pop culture staples from movies, TV, music and sports. Bring your ringers for all kinds of topics, as knowledge will be across the board.

Watch our Facebook page as select venues will offer extra incentives and bonus points between now and then.

MKE League Post Season Tournament details...

When: Tuesday December 11th, 7-9pm

Location: Milwaukee Brat House, Shorewood

How much: $1 per player (going to the regular host as a tip!)

What else: Top ten MKE League finishers will get a table reserved --- all others will be first-come, first-serve.

Will teams be seeded? Yes! Teams will be seeded. The higher your seed, the more quiz hints your team will get in advance.

Team size limit? Yes, teams for the post-season tournament will be limited to 8 players.

What are the Prizes? We'll be giving away $500 cash during the tournament as well as Brat House gift cards! Other useless goodies and Quizmaster swag will also be up for grabs too.

But until then, we suggest your team gets busy quizzin' to rack up your league score! And be sure to look out for venues offering bonus points by following us on Facebook or Twitter.

The One With The Quizmaster... Friends Trivia is back for the Holidays!

Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Oh. My. Gaaawd! Friends trivia night is back just in time for the holidays!! Be sure to bust out your best Holiday Armadillo outfit for this one as we'll be covering a whole plethora of topics from across 10 seasons of Friends.

Current locations include...

Sunday December 9th...
- 7:00pm: 42 Ale House, St Francis, WI
- 7:00pm: Brass Monkey, West Allis, WI
- 7:00pm: Camp Bar, Milwaukee, WI
- 7:00pm: Camp Bar, Shorewood, WI
- 7:00pm: Camp Bar, Wauwatosa, WI
- 7:00pm: Howie's, La Crosse, WI
- 7:00pm: Rally Time, West Bend, WI
- 7:00pm: Red Rock Saloon, Madison, WI

Monday December 10th...
- 7:00pm: The Haunt, Ithaca, NY
- 8:00pm: The Kerry Piper, Willowbrook, IL

Tuesday December 11th...
- 7:30pm: Midnight Pig Tap Room, Evanston, IL
- 8:00pm: Fox River House, Appleton, WI

Wednesday December 12th...
- 6:30pm: Last Call, Minneapolis, MN
- 8:00pm: Uptown Tavern, Minneapolis, MN

Thursday December 13th...
- 8:00pm: Muldoon's, Wheaton, IL

Expect the usual prizes for 1st, 2nd and "best Friends team name" and venues will be running specials too.

This quiz will be on a first-come, first-serve basis and entry fees will be paid on the night and will not exceed $5/player. For venues with a $5 entry fee there will be a CASH PRIZE (on top of regular bar tabs prizes) at the end!

Specially-themed quiz FAQs

Do we pre-register or make reservations? 
While most venues operate their themed nights on a first-come, first-serve basis, some venues WILL BE TAKING RESERVATIONS. We advise that you call the location in advance (by at least a couple of weeks sometimes) to make a reservation. If a location is on a first-come, first-serve basis, we advise that you arrive extremely early to grab a good seat.

Okay, how much is it? What are the prizes?

It varies for each venue. Up to $5/player but no more. There will be a CASH prize (as well as regular gift card prizes for 1st, 2nd and best team name) at venues where it is $5 to play.

Can people under 21 play?

That's out of our hands we're afraid, and will vary depending on the venue. We'll be sure to communicate that via our Facebook page for each specific event, but if you're unsure just call the venue in advance to find out.

Is there a team-size limit? 

No! While we typically have an 8-person limit for our regular quiz nights, we keep the specially-themed events open. Why? Well, we figured you'll need all the brain power possible.

Do spectators have to pay? 
Yup. If someone on your team is just there and "doesn't really know anything" they still have to cough up the dough.

I own/manage a venue. Can I host such an event at my bar?

It depends. In almost all cases, we only work with existing Quizmaster clients on our specially themed events, so hire us now and perhaps we can work something out. Such venues must fit certain criteria too.  Location and venue size are key, especially when we've been known to pull in over 100 people for certain events.

Best Team Names of October 2018

Friday, November 09, 2018

Seinfeld Trivia
- Thirsty pretzels
- The Moops 60
- The Hoochie Mamas
- George cock stanza
- 3 Pints of Kramer
- Jiffy Parking Attendants
- Pendant, those bastards!
- Mr. Spongeworthy and Mrs. Man Hands
- Serenity Now
- The Close-Talking Mulva's
- The pennypackers; industrialists, philanthropists, bicyclists
- Festivus for the Rest of Us

42 Ale House
- Surprised everyone got the Graham question wrong, this place is full of crackers!
- Manny Machado's a dick
- Quiz on my face 4th
- Bear Gryll's drinks suspicious liquid
- The MegaMillion Winner in South Carolina touched me inappropriately 30 years ago #MeToo
- Boo’s Clues

Bavarian Bierhaus
- How do you say brewers win in German?
- We got a package for you...it’s deez nutz
- Men without Bierds
- Touch my halloweenie

Black Husky 
- Start at 11 and turn it up to 15 real quick!
- Just a little husky
- Brewskis, Butts Brewers, and Braun
- Jeffrey Dahmer’s leftovers

Brass Monkey, West Allis
- MSRP = My Super Rad Penis
- You didn't need Capsaisan to spice up band camp - just a flute!
- If you add 2 to 11 you get the size of my dick!
- We would have won this game if it weren't for those meddling kids!
- How Many Destiny's Child Songs Does a Team of 4 Dudes Know? - Fucking NONE
- Hey Mason, laces out. Love, Ray Finkel.
-  My Drinking Team Has a Trivia Problem
- Everything Happens for a Raisin
- I wish this microphone was a giant horse cock
- Brewers Suck, Dodgers Swallow
- Kavanaugh’s Party Planning Committee
- My Package is the Bomb
- You know what involves a hooker and a scrum? My Saturday night
- Par for the Corpse

Caffrey's Pub
- Bone-r, I Hardly Knew Her

- I like beer. I drank beer. I like beer.
- This Date Isnt Going That Well
- Army of One...Sociopathic High School Dropout
- #chickswithBuscemieyes
- I like beer...I still like beer
- You Never Forget Your First Wet Pet
- Show Me Your Hitchcock
- Legalize Weed on November 6th!

Camp Bar Shorewood
- Cocktoberfest
- Michael Jackson’s alleged rhinoplasty
- We’ve been very kavanaughty
- I Drank Beer, I Liked Beer, I Still Like Beer
- Quiz Me Baby One More Time
- We Are The Halloweiners

Camp Bar Third Ward
- A nose job is my favorite kind of job
- A Crash of Rhinoplastyies
- Cosby's Puddin' Pop Parolees
- We Boofed It Tonight
- America's Heartland? More like America's Fartland
- 50 Cent, or as we call him in Zimbabwe, 4 million dollars
- One Dollar Toner Donors
- Jodie Foster's calves are the real killers in Silence of the Lambs
 - I LOVE LAMP...S made out of people,
- What's the worst part about necrophilia? The awkward silence!

Camp Bar Tosa
- We Scored More Points Than Brigham Young Had Wives
- I'd Rather Party with Brett Kavanaugh than Do Trivia with Team Low Brow... Fuck Team Low Brow
- Patrick Swayze... Dirty Cancer Beat Dirty Dancer
- Hans Gruber Law Offices
- What do you call a Muslim Elvis impersonator? Amal Shookup
- I don't "DO" cocaine, I just like the way it smells
- Necrophilia... coming dead last

Club 400
- The beauty, the brains, the brawn
- You’re a quizzard Harry
- Warn me before you Quiz 

Colectivo Lakefront Cafe
- We’re just sweet transvestites from transsexual Transylvania

Compass Bar
- Your mom has the whitest teeth I've ever come across
- Team shit show
- Canada shattered the grass ceiling
- WTF Are Runner Beans
- Machado is Spanish for Gooch
- Playing Trivia Is Like Having Sex, It's Harder When You're Alone

Jack's American Pub
- D.B. Pooper
- Walking, Talking Stephen Hawking
- That tits the question
- Packer's lost but the cubs still suck
- Crosby's crooked kicks
- I drank beer... my friends drank beer... I still drink beer... I like beer
- Poop Francis the Turd
- You know that guy in the sixth sense? It was Bruce Willis the whole time.
- We just came for the boos

Hogs and Kisses
- Periodic Table Dancers

Izzy Hops
- Bread Kavanaugh’s Yeast Infection
- Keeping Kavanaugh away from my whisker biscuit
- Hades who? HaDEEZ NUTS!
- Orange is the new Black... Box
- Potter? I barely know her!
- What do you get when you cross a sloth and a “Cheatah” Manny Machado!
- Vote, Dammit!

Loaded Slate
- Kanye isn’t bipolar he’s just sleep deprived
- The pipe bombs (too soon?)
- Witches get stitches
- Ted Cruz is the zodiac killer
- Greek freak in the sheets
- Colonel mustard with the lead pipe in miss peacocks backdoor
- The loaded taints

Lucky Chance
- If Trivia Was Easy, It'd Be Called Your Mom
- The Prima Donnas of West Allis 

- We pull out, but our couch doesn’t
- Dwayne “Theodore Rockefeller” Johnson
- Drink Apple juice, OJ will kill you
- The vanilla ice project
- Drinking while we're thinking
- 127 hour erection
- Dorth Nakota
- Mary poppin’ that booty
- Barbra's Bush

Milwaukee Ale House 
- Nurses at your cervix
- I wish R Kelly didn’t eat asparagus before our date last Night
- Trump texts me, but won’t text me back
- We’re not gay but $20 is $20
- Pabst smear
- Specific rimjob
- Corgi butt fluff
- Gopher the win
- What about the British word for “squirty cream”
- Thank god it was just a fart
- Let me see your tootsie roll
- The ouija board gave us all the answers

Milwaukee Brat House
- Put the Lotion in the Basket Or It Gets the Rumplemintz Again!

Milwaukee Brat House, Shorewood
- Steve and Ted's excellent trivia
- Brett kavanaugh should smile more
- I hate my team
- OJ was the real victim #justiceforoj 
- If you see me drinking bud light I have been kidnapped and am trying to signal you
- Nothing beats a quickie before the brewers game
- Halle Berry’s hooters
- Necrophilia is sitting back and cracking open a cold one

- Schnitzengiggles
- RIP Lil’ Sebastian 

New Berlin Ale House
- Dwayne Johnson Rocks... Get it, it's a pun
- Harrison Ford in Space Force One "get off my space plane!"
- We put the I in shitty
- I say machado you say ma-cheat-o
- Trivial massacre
- We didn't use Google, we just asked Jeeves
- A team name
- This trivia sucked..... my blood
- Much apu about nothing

Newsroom Pub
- Future Music Therapists aka Individualized Goals
- Straight Outta the Nursing Home
- Don't Blame Me I Voted for Hillary and Tim
- Flapper Yes Sir Some of Those

- Sarah Sanders baby drama

Raised Grain Brewing
- Booty and the Beard
- Aaron Roger’s Trick Knee
- The Magnanimous Turtles

Rally Time, West Bend
- My Drinking Team has a trivia problem Best name
- We've Been personally victimized by Regina George
- Mason Crosby or Bill Cosby, That's A Tough Call
- Camouflage Condoms  She Never Saw Us Coming
- MULTIPLE Scoregazms.
- Boooooook Club
- Nightmare before Quizmas

Red Lion Pub
- Poor Richards Law Students
- *in Brett Kavenaughs voice* We drank beer. We like beer. I LIKE BEER!
- *totally enthusiastic* Yay. Brewers win. Congrats.
- Dangerous when Wet
- Horsefaced-Hookers
- Boogie Knights
- Happy Swalloween
- Better Late Than Pregnan
- The Midterm Erections

Second Salem Brewing Co.
- The only scary thing about this quiz is our score

The Tosa Tavern
- Make Kanye Great Again
- Not sure how many times Packers and Bears have met but I do know the Bears still suck
- Better Late than Pregnant
- Jesus "Christina" Aguilar 
- Jazzy Jeff in Hell's Kitchen with the Pipe
- Do you civic duty & vote on Tuesday
- Shit! Ed said Dung Beetle

Whole Foods Edgewater
- I had Hog-To-ber-fest'
- Tequila Mockingbird

Whole Foods, Streeterville
- The only 2 girls who cannot accuse Brett Kavanaugh
- Are you smarter than a 5th grader?
- The Pap Smears

Whole Foods, West Loop
- On Oct. 3rd He Asked Me What Day It Was. It’s Oct. 3rd
- Prolific Pukers of ‘83
- That’s Just Showquiz Baby
- Oh Nikki, You Resigned, You Resigned, You Blow My Mind, Hey Nikki

Whole Foods, Willowbrook
- The Cheese Kurds
- The Girlfunkels
- I'm not a Doctor but I'll Take a look anyway


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