Bar Owners: Hire Us!

Our business model is no big secret. 

We offer a fun and quirky pub quiz that appeals to beer drinkers of all kinds and brings them back every week! 

We have been running live events in bars in 2006, starting with our flagship brand, Quizmaster Trivia. Plus we now offer Feudmaster; a bar game spin on Family Feud where players answer survey-type questions on white boards, which they have 30 seconds to fill out! 

See what the Queeps (quiz peeps) are saying about us...

Plus, we specialize in themed nights (think pop culture staples like Harry Potter, Disney, Star Wars and more), that really increase sales for our venues. See what our quizzes are all about at the videos below...

How long does it take to build up a consistent player base?
Well, this really varies depending on the venue. Usually it's somewhere between 1-6 months. 

We have a pretty hefty social media reach, and promote our locations heavily through Facebook and Instagram, including ads for the initial launch. However, bars that self promote, whether through social channels or good ol' fashioned word-of-mouth, tend to have more success. Once your crowd it established, they will keep coming back.

What kind of numbers should we expect?
Our clients don't share that info with us, but based on attendances, bars increase the number of people though their doors by 3-4 times after bringing us in to run trivia for them. 

What does the venue need to provide?
Not a lot. We provide all the materials for the game, including answer sheets, pens, posters and we coordinate with you for a host. 

We usually run our sound through a venue's existing house speaker system, although circumstances can vary and in rare cases we bring in our own gear. If your venue already has a microphone and iPod jack hooked up then that makes our job that much easier!

Besides that, just ensure posters are up, the bar is stocked and the staff are ready to roll on quiz night.

I could whip out some questions myself? Why should I hire you guys?
Yes, you could, and we dare you to! But coming up with 30 thought-provoking, fun and entertaining questions every week, including a picture sheet and audio clips, is harder that it sounds. Besides actually running a bar, and all that comes with it, it's probably best to leave the professional quizzing to us.

What's the best day and time to do it?
That's really up to you guys. Most venues opt for a typically-slower week night. Our most popular nights tend to be Tuesdays or Wednesdays, but having said that you might want to draft us in on Saturdays before or after "the rush!"

Alright, I'm almost convinced... how much?
Well, that's the million dollar question. Don't worry we don't quite charge that much, and prefer not to disclose such information online. Rates can vary depending on a venue's specific needs. Fill out the form below to inquire about more information...


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