Funniest Feud Answers of Fall 2023

3 Sheeps Brewing
- Name something that would be useful if you were stranded in the middle of the ocean? Answer: Blowup doll with benefits

Leff's Lucky Town
- Which president would be the best in bed? Answer: Obama and his BBC
- Name a sport where you'd love to get one-on-one lessons from a pro? Answer: 50 Shades of Gray

The Hive
- How many times do guys shake it? Answer: 2 or 3, but just wipe your piss hole off
- Name an animal your ex would be? Answer: Cheetah (cheat-ah)

The Hounds and Tap
- Name something a teen couldn't go without for a day? Answer: Masterbating

Milwaukee Brat House - Shorewood
- How many times as a man shake his thing before it’s considered playing with it? Answer: 6
- Name something a grown man might want while in his trick-or-treat basket? Answer: Flesh light
- What is someone has a lot of once they have kids in their car? Answer: paddles to whip them kids
Pete's Pub
- Name something that is as American as apple pie? Answer: High obesity rate
- How old are you when you start rebelling against your parents? Answer: Whatever age your mom is.
- What is something you hope doesn’t happen when holding somebody else’s baby? Answer: punt it

Rally Time
- What is easier to do in a van than a two seater sports car? Answer: Abduct children
- How can you tell your significant other is in the Mafia? Answer: They eat too much spaghetti.
- If you dated a firefighter, name something of theirs you might like to play with? Answer: his pole

Topsy Turvy Brewery
- If you’re dating a girl, what profession don’t you want her father to have? Answer: Only Fans Model


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