January's Best Team Names!

Milwaukee Ale House:
  • Better Choke Job: Jay Cutler or Wayne Brady?
  • O...Think Twice, It's Just Another Day With You and Me... In My Pants
  • The Ineffectuals: Like a Yeast Infection Jay Cutler Throws off the Team Chemistry
  • "I Saw, I Conquered, I Came" - Peter North
  • Jay Cutler Can't Be Pregnant...He's Bleeding
  • I Wonder if Petula Clark Was Clean Shaven Downtown
  • And the "Extended" Forecast...3 to 5 Inches... In My Pants!!!
  • You Might Not Know Real Flags But You know Real Boobs When You See Them
The Eatery on Farwell:
  • Team Pigeon Poo
  • Jeffrey Dahmer's Meatery on Farwell
  • Michael Vick's Kennel Club
  • 2's a Crowd, 3's a Riot!
Caffrey's Pub:
  • It's My Party and I'll Queef If I Want to
  • My Last Abortion Tickled
  • Who Puts a Dragon on A Flag?
  • Drink apple juice because OJ will kill you
  • Queen Laqueefa
  • Mike Ditka is bigger than your Ditka
Whiskey Bar:
  • My Girlfriend Thinks I'm at Trivia
  • I'll Blow This Mic for a Dollar
  • Tits McGee
  • What Has Nine Arms and Sucks? Def Leppard
  • She Said Boobs!
  • One of Us Hasn't Had Sex in 2 Years. Guess Who?
  • We lost because I sprained my MCL, and we suck
  • Roethlesberger's Hotel Sweethearts
  • Jay Cutler Sprained his Uterus
  • Snooki wants smush smush & so do I
  • Water covers 2/3 of the Earth, Charles Woodson covers the rest
  • If we don't win, we're going Mayfair on your asses!
  • Brett Favre Massage Parlor #4
The Highbury:
  • Carl's Penis Is in Two Time Zones
  • Jay Cutler Sucks My Mouth Organ
  • Who Cares I'm Hemoragging!
  • The Bears Blow More Than Lindsay Lohan
  • Viagra and Prozac...When You're Ready to Go, But You Don't Care Where
  • Fancy as Fuck
Trinity Three Irish Pubs:
  • The Penis Mightier
  • Brown eyed monsters
  • We have a Polack
  • Porn Parodies: Grand theft Auto-erotic asphxiation
  • Trivia Newton John - lets get quizzical
5th Ward Pub:
  • Jay Cutler's Meniscus
  • The rest of my team sucks they didn’t show up and I’m not that smart
  • Eli Manning's Press Conference
  • The Boners...the balls...the shaft...the whole damn thing!
  • Bernie Brewer trimmed your mums love bush
  • I touch myself everytime I hear my accent
  • Orton Hears a Suh
  • No one really likes Marquette
  • The Ravenous Lurching Eskimo Polliwogs
Milwaukee Brat House:
  • The Brits Should be More Worried About Their Own Hairlines Than Those of the Stars
  • Coitus Interuptus is Inevitable for Jay Cutler Because He Always Quits Midway Through
  • !Hot as a Crackspoon
  • 26 Years Ago... Coitus Interuptus Failed for Mrs. Wickens
  • POW! Abortion
  • I Tried to Use Penis as My Password But My Computer Said It Was Too Short
The Black Rose:
  • The Couch Pulls Out But We Don't
  • The Muff Rangers... helped by the girl that yells out answers.
  • I just Schlitzed my pants from that nasty Budwiser
  • Same Shit, different day
  • Paging Dr. Faggot
Grafton Ale House:
  • I'm Sorry to Interrupt Your Black Panther Party
  • Chuck Norris isn't Hung Like a Horse, a Horse is Hung Like Chuck Norris
  • Hurry Up, I Need to Pee!
  • Brett Favre's Junk is Worth More than His Arm
  • Where's Waldo? In my pants.
  • "Too tired and not witty enough to make a comment about your accent."
  • "T" As in Tits McGee
  • Kelly Osbourne May Have a Bikini Body But She'll Never Have a Bikini Face
  • Vick's Dick Went Limp After He Got Rogered
  • The Holey Condoms
  • Dammit there's a hole in my glass!


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