August's Best Team Names

Milwaukee Ale House
  • Nick Cannon? Really Mariah!?
  • Rattle Snakes and Condoms: Two Things I Don't Fuck With
  • Hungry for Michael Phelp's $5 Foot Long
  • Casey Anthony Babysitting Club

Caffrey's Pub
  • I Went To New York And Got Blown By Irene, It Got In Her Eye
  • Steve Buscemi's Wood Chipper
  • If Jay Z Likes It Then He's Gonna Put A Fetus In It
  • Polish My Nuts And Give Me A Sandwich.
  • Sebastian Gave Ariel Crabs aka House of Payne.
  • 3 Chicks & A Dick aka Lady Gaga.
  • Hurricane Irene, What A Slut.
  • I Fucked A Fat Chick In An Elevator, It Was Wrong On So Many Levels
  • The Glazed Donut Is The Slut Of The Donut World
  • The Seal Club, Clubbing Club.
  • Why Did The Boy Drop His Ice Cream Cone? He Got Hit By A Bus
  • The Only Thing Arnold Schwartzeneger Can't Terminate Is Unwanted Pregnancy
  • Hopefully The London Rioters Burn Down Stamford Bridge
  • Boy George, Freddy Mercury, The Teletubbies, and Pete - God Save The Queens.

Whiskey Bar
  • My name is Jason, I'm 26 and I live with my parents
  • Was that an earthquake.. or are you just happy to see me?
  • Kevin lost his accent in a Gansta's Paradise aka. Tottenham
  • "She said it was just razor burn..."
  • Tell Kevin to Stop Rioting and Get Back to Trivia
  • Amy Winehouse: 10 Days Sober!

Replay Sports Bar
  • I will shit my pants tomorrow! Thank you $2 PBR's
  • My iPhone ran out of battery or I would have kicked your asses
  • Raise your hand if you've shagged the quizmaster's dad!
  • Team that thought we'd be listening to Bob Uecker, not British Greinke
  • The last time I sucked this much, I got paid.
  • Marcum's Split-Fingered makes your mom cum in both holes
  • T Plush Hit Your Mom's Cardinal's Nest From Behind

The Highbury
  • Irene is Proof God Hates Jersey Shore
  • The Cunning Stunts
  • I Voted For Obama And All I Got Ws This Lousy Teabag
  • London Calling... 999

Fanatics Sports Central
  • Is that a flashlight in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?
  • Hermaphradite Barbie comes in her own box
  • Swamp Donkeys
  • Never would I have thought London & West Allis had so much in common..
  • Celebrating 11 days sober for Ms. Amy Winehouse
  • British Kevin is out with a case of gonhorrea

Milwaukee Brat House
  • Hey Girl, What Ya Got in that Bag? Schlitz?
  • A Hobo Stole Our Cheese Curds
  • Riots in England? Did West Ham Finally Win a Match or Something?

Dino'z Sports Bar
  • You Can't Rape Your Wife.......But I Can
  • If Size Doesn’t Matter, Let Me Fist You
  • Me and Some 60 Year Olds
  • I looted in London and all I got was this shitty Quizmaster
  • They say I shouldn't drive drunk, but those kids have to get to school

Jim's Place
  • Millions of Sperm and WE were the Fastest!!
  • We Butter Our Bread with Butter
  • I'll Root for the Cubs When They Play Al Queda
  • Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson in Schindler's Fist
  • Question 31: Our Team name is...?

Attebury's Pub and Eatery
  • Pete's Favorite Dog Breed, "Schlitz-Zuh".
  • I Need A Human Dart To Hit My Bullseye
  • We Weren't Paying Attention, What Game Are We Playing Again?
  • Tranny tunes date night classics volume 7.
  • Panic on the streets of London (and Pete is nowhere to be found).
  • If you choke a smurf what color will it turn?
  • That's Not My Belly Button And I Didn't Say Stop.

Black Rose Irish Pub
  • White Chicks with Black Babies
  • "Hi, I'm here for the Gangbang?"
  • Anne Frank and the hide and seek silver medalists
  • Shit Stained Balls.
  • I just shit in my pants, can I get in yours?

Grafton Ale House
  • I Thought San Francisco Was the City of Brotherly Love
  • Ryan Has It His Way With Mary Poppins. Mm Mm Good
  • Erin thinks they speak "American" in South America
  • 149 out of 150 students recommend Aruba for vacation
  • I'm so drunk, I feel retarded. Oh wait I am.

Three Lions Pub
  • Obama's new slogan -> " I thought we could"
  • This quiz nearly ruined our friendships and broke up a marriage
  • We're kicking Wendy off our team... She's useless
  • Come in our faces and we'll quiz on yours
  • Casey Anthony is guilty... of being kinda hot!
  • I'm not gay, but $5 is $5...
  • C.A.B.S - Casey Anthony's Baby Service "Tag it and bag it"
  • I don't do coke, I just like the smell of it

Crisp Pizza Bar
  • We drink, we think, we rage Quizmaster Trivia to the Brink
  • I'm British! And I Make Up Words
  • Team Can you get an STD from a Polar Bear?
  • I don't care, just write some shit down!


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