Team Names of the month! August 2013...

Red Rock Saloon
  • Passion of the Quizmaster
  • Ryan Braun called me an anti-semitic Cubs fan 
  • If cheating is Braun I don't want to be right
  • Milfwaukee Screwers
  • When I say I love One Direction, I mean I fucking LOVE One Direction
  • Forever Blowing bubbles.... and dicks! 
  • If you can't stand the heat, stay out of my vagina 
  • It's like punching a baby, sure its fun but after the 10th time what's the point
  • OMG!! I had no idea that Andy from the office was in Mumford and Sons
  • You can't spell "Nukes" without UK!

Cafe Hollander
  • Breaking News: Miley Cyrus Pregnant With Foam Finger Babies
  • Obi Wana Cum Blow Me
  • Aaron Hernandez's Killer Off Season Damnit! 
  • I Should Have Read The Sign For Fish Fry and A Flick More Closely Before Shaving My Legs
  • Wait, Wasn't Kelly Slater On Saved By The Bell??
  • Alabama Thunderpussy . . . Your Mom's Nickname In High School!
  • Sit On My Facebook
  • What's The Difference Between Peanut Butter And Jam? I Can't Peanut Butter By Dick In Your Ass
  • Ariel Castro's Fun-House!
  • Sneaky Stanky Snakey Underpants Dance 
  • Anthony Weiner's Couch Pulls Out But He Doesn't 
  • America - Where Our Weiners and A-Rods Refuse To Pull Out

Caffrey's Pub
  • Dhiskey Wicks
  • State Fair Diabetics
  • What is the difference between A Rod, Braun and Cory Montheith? If you play baseball you live.
  • Mayors of titty city
  • Blow jobs are better than no jobs
  • Typical Day in Russia...Snow'd in
  • Miley's next haircut
  • Riley coopers racial sensitivity training

Camp Bar
  • Did you see Miley Cyrus humping Beetlejuice on the VMA's last night? It was scary!
  • Billy Ray's Achy Breaky suicide note
  • World's tallest midgets
  • This is my first time and it didn't hurt
  • White Gurl Wasted
  • I'm Clay Aiken to win
  • The Pearl Neckties 
  • Twats what you said? I cunt hear you! 
  • You can touch it if you want. Can I? 
  • I find this difficult to masterbate to
  • Stop 'Camping' my style bro 
  • My couch pulls out, Milwaukee doesn't

Two Bucks
  • Obi-Wan Kanblowme
  • A Scrub is a Guy Who Thinks He's Fly
  • 4 Titts and a Dick
  • At least the new Batman isn't James Franco
  • Two Black Guys
  • My Balls Got Kicked By The Hooker
  • Don't Drink and Drive...smoke and fly!
  • I Live in a Gangsta's Paradise...Oh,'s just Milwaukee
  • We Are The Ones Who Knock
  • Gryffindor in the Streets, Slytherin in the SheetsVaginal Queens Love Pussy

Whiskey Bar
  • I Thought Mobi Dick Was An iPhone App
  • Since We Know Miley Cyrus Is A Slut, Is It Safe To Assume She Blew Moby's Dick? 
  • If I Was That Ugly, I'd Shave My Ass and Walk Backwards 
  • On a Scale of 1 to 10, How Old Was Michael Jackson's Boyfriend? 
  • She Was Working For the Tips Because No One Was Willing To Put It All In
  • If George Zimmerman Can Get His Gun Back, Casey Anthony Should Get Her Baby Back 
  • Why Use A Box When You Can Use A Sock 
  • I'll Take "The Rapist" For 800 Trebek. That's "therapist" Mr. Connery.
  • The Prostitute Realized She Was Raped When The Check Bounced
  • Typical Day In Russia, Snow'd In

  • Camo Condoms: Can't See Them Coming Through The Bush
  • Get Your Seamen Off My Poopdeck 
  • I Am Who I Am Because Of The Porn I Watched Growing Up
  • I'm A Genie In A Butthole 
  • How Many Women Does It Take To Change A Light Bulb? None! They Sit In The Dark And Bitch About it!
  • Brown Eyed Girls Love Rim Jobs 
  • If Guys Have Morning Wood . . . Do Girls Have Morning Dew? 
  • Feel The Rythem, Feel The Rhyme, Get On Up . . . Go Fuck Yourself
  • Toothbrushes Aren't The Only Thing Dentists Like Around Their Mouth

Panther Pub
  • Patio People
  • "Old Farts" Team

Fox River House
  • Watching Miley Cirus was more awkward than that time I had a boner in the Disney World pool 
  • Billy Ray’s daughter gave me an Achey Breaky Heart-on 
  • I’m deathly afraid of speed bumps, but I’m slowly getting over it.

The Hotch Spot
  • #11 Made me Realize that when I was a Sophomore in College, My Girlfriend was 7 Years Old
  • Stop The Bus, Let my Brother Jack Off
  • Daddy's Third Leg has One Eye
  • I Cant read the Name, Probably because I'm too drunk to keep this Fake Accent Going 
  • More Legs Than Christopher Reeves
  • All Im Asking You To Do is Drop Trou and Squeeze Out A Cleveland Steamer On My Chest
  • Fat Kids Are Harder To Kidnap
  • Kumquats
  • Silent but Deadly

Jack's American Pub
  • Miley's Virus
  • Why did the scarecrow win a gold medal? He was outstanding in his field
  • One, two, three, foreskin 
  • Necrophilia: A victimless crime or I didn't realize the lead singer of eagle eye cherry was black.
  • This Quizmaster Trivia Kicked Our Djibouti.
  • Thanks For Shagging My Daughter.

Titletown Brewing Co.
  • They found Jimmy Hoffa…in my pants 
  • No mean yes, yes means anal
  • Aaron Hernandez, no longer a "tight end" 
  • Paula Dean's White Staff 
  • How long is your Javelin?

New Berlin Ale House
  • Jake The Snake And The Slinger Sluts
  • If You Say One More Word Alpaca Your Ass
  • We Are Jessica Fletch Sweet Sexy Quiznasty
  • We Suck At Coming Up With Team Names So This Is It
  • D'Armenians Unchained: The D Is Silent
  • It Rhymes With Socks, Rocks, Looks Like It Has Chicken Pox And I Can Put It In Your Box
  • I Got A Dump On Deck That Could Choke A Donkey

Brass Monkey
  • Twerking is Now in the Dictionary 
  • Oh Shit, What's Our Team Name! 
  • Win or Lose We're Here to Booze 
  •  It Might Be Small, But it Fits Them All
  • GizzMasters

  • Walter White's Meth Heads 
  • Wait, Randy Jackson is not a member of the Jackson 5!?! 
  • Aaron Rodgers no habla español. Thanks Time Warner!
  • I ate so many mozz sticks I'm shitting Cream City Brick
  • You Still Can't Motorboat Personality

Milwaukee Brat House
  • Even Miley Cyrus couldn't get Robin Thick
  • Get your ass off the stage your little twerk
  • The Real British Invasion was in 1776, we kicked ass. 'Merica! 
  • We Should Have Paid More Attention in College
  • Of course I love Phil Collins - I have two ears and a heart, don't I?
  • Ryan Braun's Free Beer

Major Goolsby's
  • Fighting, Screwing, And Reading The News
  • We Came For The Hot Sauce And Stayed For The Quiz
  • Tits McGee Is On Vacation

Mulligans Irish Pub
  • UPS Goes Down, 2 Soon?
  • Daisy Dukes and Leather Boots
  • Last Year Your Mother Won The Gobbler Trophy

Black Rose Irish Pub
  • I don't Do Coke, I just like the way it smells
  • Wrecked em, Damn Near Killed em 
  • Its all Shits and Giggles until Someones Giggles and Shits
  • Hey, We Still Need a Team Name, Fuck!!
  • Not Your Cup of Tea Bagging
  • When I Think About you, I Quiz Myself
  • Its Blakes Birthday. But Buying Hookers is Illegal. What do I Do?
  • I wish this Microphone was my Own Penis

Playoffs Pub
  • The Walking, Talking Stephen Hawkings
  • A Sucker is Born Every Minute, But A Swallower Comes Once In a Lifetime
  • Our Brains Are Up Here

The Highbury
  • Bacon, Lettuce, and "Fuck You" Sandwiches sound delicious!
  • The cream was medically necessary, the lozenge was just necessary
  • Know how I know you're gay? You listen to Coldplay. 
  • What's the difference between the Quizmaster and a rooster? A rooster says "Cock-a-doodle-do", the Quizmaster says, "Any cock will do" 
  • Dildo Baggins: An unexpected journey

St. Francis Brewery
  • The Syria of Trivia Teams
  • Ryan Braun Should Get a Taylor Swift Kick in the Butt
  • Fact or Fake? A Baby Brings You Good Luck at Trivia
  • Kevin Ware Takes Better Snaps Than Aaron Rodgers
  • The Only Thing That's Harder Than These Question Is At Home and I'm Out of Batteries!

The Eatery on Farwell
  • I Have a Wet Dream
  • Johnny Football's Fake Autograph
  • Me, Quizmaster Cody, must confess that my thick hard cock be hurting for a squirtin'...bad
  • I'll bring the Wrath down upon your pet Sloth, you Gluttonous piece of shit!
  • There's Always Money in the Banana Stand!
  • My Girlfriend Has a Thick Crimson Tide Once a Month

Vino 100
  • It's My 25th Birthday. Where my Birthday Sex At?! 
  • Is This The Real Hitler? Or Is This Just Rush Limbaugh?
  • My License Plate Says "U-Da-Ho!" 
  • Condoms and Rattlesnakes 2 Things I Don't Fuck With.


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