May the Fourth Be With You… Our Star Wars Quiz Recap!

A few days ago in a pub not that far, far away, a period of quizzing unrest saw 29 quiz teams unite for a chance to rise up and take a victory from the galactic Quizmaster.

Yes, this past Sunday was May the fourth, and that could only mean one thing: Star Wars trivia at Jack's American Pub.

As we mentioned already, 29 teams converged on the Brady Street pub in what was Quizmaster's largest specially-themed quiz to date!

And to prove that this crowd was a die-hard as they come, some were even sporting Star Wars ink...

We told you they were a serious bunch.

Others, who were quite so dedicated still showed some love via their baking talents...

…or dressing up as one of their fave characters...

We vote for bikini-clad Princess Leia next time!!!

Although we ran out of answer sheets, once everyone was in place the quiz got underway with 30 Star Wars themed and thought provoking questions.

In the end, it was Quizmaster veterans Ewokalypse Now who racked up 70 points (from a possible 75), which was just enough to seal the win...

Apparently they weren't surprised at all that they won, even if the margin of victory was nail biting. They also selected the Huntington's Disease Society of America (HDSA) as the charity of their choice for the money raised on the night. BRAVO gang!

Second place was garbage-compacting close, as we had a tie from two teams on 69 points. Inglorious Blasters and Darth Maulers Shot Callers were tractor-beamed into a sudden death star round, each asked the diameter of the second (much larger) death star to determine the winner.

The closer answer would take the prize, which happened to be Inglorious Blasters answer of 960 miles...

Hey, they also dressed up, so you've gotta give them credit. The correct answer was 559 miles (or 900 km).

As always, we were awarding a small prize to the best Star Wars team name, and as expected their were some real crackers, including...

  • Looking for love in Alderaan places
  • What do Star Wars and Alabama have in common? It's okay to kiss your sister
  • I'll take a Qui-Gon Gin and Tonic
  • Han shot first, Leia came second

But in the end, based on crowd reaction and the timeliness of their name, team Jar Jar wanted to go to the pod race but Donald Sterling doesn't allow Gunguns got the vote...

They "spake" the truth. Well done gents.

Given the success of the event, we plan on reuniting Milwaukee's Star Wars geeks annually on May the  fourth, so we'll see you all next year! We just have two requests: more tattoos and sugar-coated dark side cookies please.

And watch out for the Mad Men quiz on May 25th!

Until next year Milwaukee, drink while you think...

Sunday May 4th, 2014 scores:

  1. 70 Ewokalypse Now
  2. 69 Inglorious Blasters
  3. 69 Darth Maulers Shot Callers
  4. 68 Alderaan Answers
  5. 67 Episode VII Act I: Jar Jar Binks falls off cliff onto a knife in the head and rolls off the sail barge into Sarlacc 36 times
  6. 66 Dead Ewok Society
  7. 65 Darth Vader's robotic dick brought me to the dark side
  8. 63 Looking for love in Alderaan places
  9. 63 Lando's smooth mutha-fuckas
  10. 61 The odds of us winning this are 3720 to 1
  11. 61 What do Star Wars and Alabama have in common? It's okay to kiss your sister
  12. 60 I'll take a Qui-Gon Gin and Tonic
  13. 59 Not so scruffy looking nerd herders
  14. 59 Alderaan Memorial Team
  15. 59 Jedi in the streets, sith in the sheets
  16. 59 Jar Jar wanted to go to the pod race but Donald Sterling doesn't allow Gunguns
  17. 59 The Porkin's enthusiasts and the rebo band
  18. 59 Survivors of Alderaan
  19. 57 When I go SOLO, I touch my hairy wookie
  20. 56 Han shot first, Leia came second
  21. 56 Let the Wookie win
  22. 56 You though we smelled bad on the outside
  23. 54 Luke's left hand
  24. 54 The 501st Legion
  25. 53 Lando's smooth motherfucker
  26. 52 Spock's special ladies
  27. 47 We clearly lack metachlorious
  28. 43 May the force brew with you
  29. 34 Help me Obi Wan Kenobi, this woman needs to get Leia'd… you're my only hope


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