Victory tastes like a 112 ounces of chocolate pudding! Our Walking Dead Quiz recap...

Sunday night saw Milwaukee's finest walk into the Loaded Slate for our second all Walking Dead Quiz.

Topics ranged from the group's brief stay at Terminus (particularly the throat-slitting trough scene) to Carl's encounter with chocolate pudding.

Six round, 30 questions passed, which included two wager categories and two round in which teams could go "Double or Nothing!" One such team went double on both such rounds and the gamble paid off as I Like Pudding (who doesn't!!?) with their score of 93 points….

Bravo gents!! Taking a big bite out of the quiz!

The only team that even got close to them were four points back, as Quizmaster newcomers Gimme some of that man meat rolled in with 89 points and a second place finish….

We hear they had the Bob-B-Q for dinner. Awesome job from them.

And some other pics from the night...

Some of our pics didn't turn out and we apologize to those teams for that (you know who you are!)

Our Breaking Bad Quiz is Sunday March 8th and the Mad Men Quiz and COSTUME PARTY will follow on April 5th!! Great cocktails (think Blue Meth Margaritas and Old Fashioneds, respectively) to feature at both!

Until next time Milwaukee, drink while you think....

Sunday February 22nd, 2015 scores:

  1. 93 I like pudding
  2. 89 Gimme some of that man meat
  3. 66 Team Kill Carl
  4. 66 Carl's Douchey Hat
  5. 63 Milwalking Dead
  6. 62 The Walking Drunk
  7. 59 Caaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrllllllllllll!!!!!????!!!??!
  8. 59 #WePayExtraForGuacamole!
  9. 56 "Walking" donw the street in my 64 (bar team)
  10. 56 The Walking Nutsack
  11. 54 Cum Spitting Dilophosaurus
  12. 51 Burrrr, it's cold
  13. 51 This bar sucks my Daryl Dixon
  14. 48 Talk Shit Get Bit
  15. 48 Oh no! Someone dripped sttawberry jam on Beth's head!!! - on shit... she's dead
  16. 45 "O" Negative
  17. 44 I love babies.... they're great with BBQ sauce
  18. 42 Daryl's crossbow bitches
  19. 31 Discount Double Tap


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