April 2014's Best Team Names...

Brass Monkey, South MKE
-  The only difference between your mom and laundry is after I dump my load in the laundry it doesn't follow me around all day.
- Dogs Love PBR

Cafe Centraal
- I didn't know Juggalos voted Republican
- Hermaphrodite Barbie - she comes in her own box!
- We Doubled...and We Nothinged

Cafe Hollander
- I named my member the Lillyhammer
- My summer internship choices are an alter boy or a ball boy at Penn State
- Tom Brady's Balls
Camp Bar, Shorewood
- As The Only Asian In This Bar, Its Less Like "White Snake" and More Like "Golden Dragon"
- My White Snake Looked Like "The Rock" and Left That Thing Looking Like Gettysburg
- Stroke My White Snake Until It's Oompa Loompa Purple
- Hmmm...2 Answers Involving Snake, I Wonder What's On Mal's Mind
- The Lego Sandusky Tickle Monsters
- Farts & Literature
- Lumbersexual Marriage Counselers
- I'd Put My Tower of London In Scarlett Johansson's "Iron Lady"

Camp Bar, Tosa
- RIP Bruce Jenner's Whitesnake
- I Missed Game Of Thrones Last Night Because Just Like Bruce Jenner, My TiVo Likes To Cut Things Off
- Kate Middleton's Crowning Moment.

Fixture Brewing
- Yesterday, the 4th was with you;Today it's revenge of the 5th
- I'll Jump(h)er Box
- Taco Belles

- O.J.s and Blow Js
- Fact Hunt (say it fast)
- Destinys red headed step child
- The late comers

Jack's American Pub
- Guzheng clan ain't nothin to pluck with
- The 1976 Decathletes all lost to a girl
- Now filming: season 6 of The Wire
- Let's get LA la la la Bamba'd
- Tequila Mockingbird

Major Music Quiz 2:
- I've never let me children listen to jazz or classical music - it's full of sax and violins
- There's cream on my tromboner
- Broscendos before Hoescendos
- I'll let you blow my harmonica
- We felt sharp, but we fell flat
- Breakfast at Symphony's
- Too Hot to Händel
- We're bringing sexy Bach
- I'll be Bach, get to the Chopin
- I knew you were Treble when you walked in 
- I once dated a French horn player... she was a decent kisser but you should see what she does with her hand
- Sax, Violins and Roll n Roll

Miller Time Pub
- Team Serious guessing happening over here

Milwaukee Brat House
- I thought this was speed dating
- Back Seat Windows Up #DutchOven
- Droopy Dan and the Floppy Donkey Dicks
- Tom Brady's Saggy Balls
- The People's Republic of Caca Poo Poo Pee Pee Shire
- Up Schlitz Creek without a Paddle
- Welcome to Baltimore... it's a riot
- Coincidentally, the "Big D" is also... in my pants

New Berlin Ale House
- The British Are Coming...In And Around My Mouth
- Little Jimmy Buffet Sat On His Tuffet
- Gender Reassignment Is The Eleventh Event
- The Sex Panthers 60% Of The Time We Win Everytime
- Does Sister Golden Hair's Carpet Match Her Drapes?
- It's Too Damn Hot Out Here For A Penguin,
- Whiskey Tanho Foxtrot.

Red Rock Saloon
- I right pretty and spel shity
- Buck you Chicago
- I named a band after my penis too: Titanoboa

SandBar Sports Pub
- Sweat Pants Boner

St Francis Brewery
- We Showed Up Even If the Bucks Didn't
- Bulls Won But Chicago Still Has Jay Cutler
- This Sheet is Messier Than the Bucks Game
- We Can't Think While We Drink
- And Freddie Mercury Won't Go Into the "Queen's Palace"

Star Wars Quiz
- Weesa Gonna Win!!!
- Riding Solo
- Picard is my Favorite Jedi
- Han Shot First, Leia Came Second
- Jedi on the Streets, Sith in the Sheets
- Millennium Foreskins
- Darth Maul's Double-Sided Dildo
- Drop it Like its Hoth
- Alderaan Answers
- Episode 69: The Incest Awakens
- Is Episode 4 the one where the Klingons attack Gryffindor?
- Leia's Crusty Sarlacc Pit

Titletown Brewing Co
- Brady Bunches His Balls
- Avengers: Age of Princess Charlotte

Von Trier
- How did Kermit the Frog Die? He choked on Miss Piggy's Ham Sandwich
- Headlining At Summerfest: 45 Cent (50 Cent with Special Guest Nickleback)
- Where was Sandwich Making, Kitchen Cleaning, and Ironing in the Women's Pentathlon?
- Sex Panthers - 60% of the time, we win every time
- The Wire, Season 6: Baltimore's Revenge
- Does this dick make my legs look skinny
- It's all about the Fuss

Whiskey Bar
- Baltimore? I say balti-less


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