Best Team Names of June 2015!

Harry Potter Quiz
- The Artist Formally Known as the Half-Blood Prince
- Defense Against the Dark Farts
- Dobby Had it Coming
- Gilderoy Pop and Lock-Hart
- The Gryffinwhores
- I have a magic wand at home but it's for different purposes
- If I got sorted into Hufflepuff I'd throw myself out the window
- Matthew Lewis' 9 3/4
- Neville's Longbottom Gives Me Oliverwood
- Neville Wears Prada
- Ron is not afraid of Dementors - He has no soul
- Slither in Hermoine's Harry Pot
- Touched By Uncle Vernon
- We be sleazy for Ron Weasley
- You know what else is 9 3/4...#swagrid
- Felix Fellatio
- Chicken and Quaffles
- Moaning Myrtle Gave Me Hogwarts
- I'll Huffle Your Puff
- Snapes on a plane
- Let me Slytherin to your Chamber of Secrets
- The Dumbledorks
- Hairy Peter and the Deathly Swallows
- Nudey Magazines at Hogwarts Must Be Awesome.

18 West:
- Just the Tip

Brass Monkey, South MKE
- Sodomy Hussein
- Trans"Jenner"ed

Brass Monkey, West Allis
- No Mas Pantelones
- Queefer Surtherland
- We Thought This Was Speed Dating
- Save a Tree, Eat a Beaver
- Stephen Hawking's School of Dance
- Face Down, Ass Up - That's How We Tie Our Shoes!

Cafe Centraal
- Liberace's Sister - Mariachi
- Notorious RBG (Ruth Bader Ginsberg)
- That's a Whores Instrument
- BUT - Can Rachel Doleful Jump?
- Rachel Dolezal's Tanning Salon
- There Once Was A Brother Named Duggar, Who Wanted To Fuck His Mother, Oedipus Complex Is Considered, And So He Settled For His Sisters, Oh Brother!

Cafe Hollander
- JLo's ass is my Personal Jesus
- Bret Michael's diabetes summer camp
- Ed Gein's Home Interiors and Design LLC
- 3 Girls, One World Cup

Caffrey's Pub
- The daddy blower king experience
- Trumps toupee

Camp, Shorewood:
- The Lumbersexuals
- If My Daughters Were The Kardashians, I'd Cut My Balls Off Too
- Can I sleep in your hollow - Girls: don't give your guys blue marbles, just sayin'
- As flat chested as Oklahoma
- The chlymidiots
- Kids seat, windows up that's the way John Duggar likes to fuck
- If Mallory was my sister, I'd go Jamie Lannister on her
- Mussolini stuck his giraffe in Sara bareilles' lost ark
- Sarah says her major is dance, but really it's stomp the divets 

  Camp, Tosa
- Oedipus and the Motherfuckers
- All of FIFA Got Arrested... 'Sepp Blatter
- Trivia Didn't Beat Us, Hope Solo Did
- Camouflage Condoms: She Never Saw Us Coming
- Two Girls, World Cup
- HaHa Clinton's Dick (is small)
- Long and Winding Chode
- Queer Eye for the Bill Nye
- Follow the Yellow Brick Chode 

Estabrook Beer Garden
- From now on call us Team Caitlyn
- A couple of normal guys from New York who definitely didn't just break out of prison
- We wish we had a rich uncle moneybags
- Ed Gein's favorite food was ladyfingers
- Isis cakes taste better than confederate cakes

Fixture Brewing Co.
- Caitlyn (don't call me Bruce motherfucker) Jenner
- The cucumber wasn't big enough so I had to use my fist
- Caitlyn Jenner's Penis
- DVDA = Double Vag, Double Anal
- Bag of Dixie Chicks
- A small but deadly bag of dicks
- The cunning stunts
- Marilyn Monroe Scratched JFK's 7 Year Itch

Greene's Pour House
- Doppler's Dingleberries

- Van Gogh-fuckyourself
- Mitch is a gay icon
- 50 shades of Milwaukee
- Daywalkers
- What's in the box?? My dick...
- Long Islands make Hillary Clinton a Pretty Woman
- Our collective Johnson (is bigger than Lebrons!)
- We got our asses kicked worse than Hope Solo's Family

Jack's American Pub
- Sepp Blatter's legal counsel
- In dog beers we've only had one
- No condoms 4 Caitlyn
- She spelled Caitlyn with a "C" for a reason
- Whore Island Ocelots
- Should have doubled on American Pharoah
- LeBron James' Missing Hairline
- Alex Morgan put in 66 minutes today... she's going the full 90 tonight ;)
- Hide your kids, hide your wife. Happy Father's Day - Stannis Barratheon
- I call my dick Cheney because i like to shoot people in the face
- Iggy Quizalea

The Landing at Hoyt Park
- Let's Make This Awkward
- Call Me Caitlyn
- I thought trivia was at seven
- My husband few up 2 blocks from Dahmer - and lived to tell the tale
- Captain crunch and the cereal killers
- The Landing Strip at Hoyt Park
- From Chile's Southern Tip to... Applebees
- Sex Toys and Game Boys
- The Meat Sweats

The Loaded Slate
- Quiz in my face and tell me you love me

- The first rule of Alzheimer's club is don't talk about chess club
- It's just gotta cum to you
- If sex is a race to orgasm, I'm undefeated
- Wait a second...We have a girl cumming
- No cuddling after
- 2 girls World Cup
- Is it a grower or a shower

Milwaukee Ale House
- Blackhawks Down
- It's always sunny in Milwaukee... Not
- Big ol turd cutter

Milwaukee Brat House
- Bruce's Jenner-talia
- Herbert Walker Texas Ranger
- Bruce Jenner's Motorboat Captain
- Caitlyn Janner's New Sex Tape
- 1976 Decathlon Silver Medalists
- Bruce Jenner is Tuckin' Nuts
- Fuck FIFA
- In dog beers, I've only had one!
- Now available: Confederate flag toilet paper
- Hannibal Lecter: the next top chef

New Berlin Ale House
- FIFA Finally Relieved It's Blatter
- Two Beatles Down, Two To Go
- Anyone Else Watching The Nancy Kerrigan Documentary On The Big Screen? No? Just Us? Ok, Cool
- All About That Ace! No Trivia
- Dildo Baggins
- Oh no, Benifer broke up! Who gets custody of Matt Damon?

- Hawaiian Island, I wanna lay you

Red Rock Saloon
- First Place Team
- We put the "D" in Caitlyn Jenner
- We got married BITCHES!
- Four straights and the gay
- Marrying Bros but still Bangin' Hoes

Three Lions Pub
- Beer it's what's for dinner
- You're in the yucatan peninsula mother fucker
- Sepp blatters urinal cakes

Sandbar Sports Pub
- Cheese Curd farts
- Sweatpants boner

Sprecher's Pub, Glendale
- I'll Triple Crown You
- The Cunning Linguists
- Play Sum Skynyrd!
- Pete Rose Picked Us To Win!

Sprecher's Pub, Wisconsin Dells
- I find your lack of beer, disturbing
- Coke Suckers
- Sprech-Her? I Hardly Know her?
- Tequila Mockingbird
- Quiz in My Pants
- Question Heirs

St. Francis Brewery
- The Muffin Taint
- We Still Suck 
- Caitlyn Jenner's Balzac
- My Boyfriend Is Huge in China!
- It's Gon' Rain!
- Three on the Lam and We Didn't Use Power Tools
- Quizdom Teeth
- Liquid Invaders Quiz Investigators
- A Steamboat Willie Is Better Than a Rusty Trombone
- Naked and Afraid...Oh Wait, That Was Last Night

Von Trier
- Caitlyn Jenner Wishes He/She was One of Michael Jackson's Wives
- 3% Body Fat, 1% Brain Activity #HelenKeller
- Another Reference to Caitlyn Jenner
- USWNT, Go Get That Cup... And WASH It!
- This Quiz Didn't Beat Us, Hope Solo Did
- Cersei's Walk of Shame Was Worse Than Yours This Weekend
- Rachel Dolezal Is the New Black
- Solo Yet So High
Whiskey Bar 
- Sepp Blatter couldn't be sadder but his bank accounts fatter so what does it matter
- Unfortunately attracted to Caitlyn Jenner


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