Best team names of October 2015!

Back to the Future Quiz:
- Great Scott, my Mcfly is open!
- Where's the biff?
- Marty McShakes
- "Where we're going we don't need condoms?" #DocBrownEye
- Great Scott!... Is what she said about my flux capacitor
- Great Scott, we're shit.
- The cubs could have used Michael J. Fox's curve ball tonight
- What's the difference between Marty McFly & a Bears fan? Marty McFly eventually STOPS going back to 1985!
- Duded-up Egg-Suckin' GUTTER TRASH.
- When this baby hits 141.6 kilometers per hour, you're going to see some serious shite.
- We've got to get his refrigerator to 88 degrees below zero!

A Major Music Quiz III:
- I'll be Bach... you can be Mozart
- It's all about the treble
- Bach to the Future
- Fermata Thin Air
- It's All About that BASS-oon
- The BE Sharps
- Our G-String is too tight!

Oktoberfest Quiz:
- My Bratwurst brings all the girls to the yard
- Hasselhof's Hamburglers
- Flick my Snitzel

Angry Brother's Pub
- Menergy Crisis
- Jason Hammel Toe

Appleton Beer Factory 
- That's not ranch on the answer date's a hottie
- 3 Hallo-weenies and 2 Boooooobs"

Brass Monkey
- Bruce Jenner, Here to Pop Caitlin's new Cherry
- Huey Lewis and the Booze
- 2 Dude, One Red Solo Cup
- Our Couch Pulls Out, We Don't.
- Necrophilia: She Never Said No!
- Tim Allen (15xs) Tim "Tool Time" Allen Taylor Swift
- Hey guys! Brass Monkey is paying for your tab tonight!

Brothers On Oak
- Young, Drunk and Full of Rum

The Brown Bottle
- When does the Brewers playoff game begin?
- I Quiz My Pants
- Shoot It, in my mouth, Jr!
- Scare so Hard I Schlitz my Pants

Cafe Centraal
- OBGYN Kenobi
- Now Watch Me Gump, Now Watch Me Jen-nae
- Ommegang Becky, Look At Her Butt!
- Started from the bottom now there's BEER
- Bonesaw is Ready
- Nobody puts winners in the corner 

Cafe Hollander
- I keep my magic socks in my Dumbledrawer
- Lamar couldn't  keep up with the Kardashians

Caffrey's Pub
- Caitlyn Jenner's Team of Fem-Bots

Camp Bar
- Josh Sitton My Face
- AT&T is Pursuing Bill Cosby as a Spokesperson
- Stickin My Red Lobster in the Drunken Clam
- Andy's Mom Also Named Her Toys Woody and Buzz
- Green Bay Fudge Packers
- Let It Bleed: The Tampax Story
- 50 Cent Is His Name and Also His Bank Account Balance
- John Henson: A Diamond in the Rough
- It's Only Cannibalism If You Swallow
- Just Like Camping This Games Intents
- Ed Gein Made a Lampshade Out of My Thing
- Did Buffalo Bill Help Heidi Klum with her Costume
- During My 14th Year Gonorrhea Was A Plague Upon My World
- Ed Gein's Furniture Company
- Skinless Heidi Klum Still Gives Me an Erection

Fat Jack's
- Armagetting it On
- Anne Frank's Hide & Seek Club
- Arangatang Balls
Greene's Pour House
- Sexual harassment pandas

Hogs and Kisses
- Washington Foreskins
- Royales With Cheese
- Lamar Odom straight outta Coma

- Lamar Ordom's Boner Pills
- You quiz, you lose, we still got booze
- The Happy Halloweeners
- Do you want to play a game?... of trivia!
- Cosby's Sleepers
Jack's American Pub
- Orange is the New Black Box
- I Studied business slogans for a WEEK for NO REASON!!!
- Playboy: Only read it for the articles anyway.
- Back to those Ladies from the 80s
- Who in the hell wears any of these hats?
- Quiz night knowledge > Finishing College
- It's my birthday and all my friends got me was $1 Trivia Night...
- You call it "Technical Difficulties" I call it delivering us from Joe Buck
- Habush, Habush, Dahmer, and Rottier
- So a nurse and a lawyer walk into a bar... and their boyfriends are the joke.
The Landing at Hoyt Park
- The New Canadian Border, aka the Great Wall of Walker
- Middle aged strippers
- Marty could go to 3015 and the Cubs still wouldn't have win a world series
- The 1.21 Quiz-a-Watts
- Cubs in 9!

The Loaded Slate
- Probing Hilary's Benghazi strip

The Lodge
- Smarter than a 5th Grader
- Hallowinners

- Putin and his Bears

Milwaukee Ale House
- I call my Dick Cheney because I shoot people in the face
- Where we're going, we don't need Droids
- Go easy on us; we are blow ins from Australia.
- The Halloweenies
- Bad Ass Motherfuckers... Its on my wallet
- Bacon gives you cancer? Thanks Obama!

Milwaukee Brat House 
- Tongue punch your fart box
- American-stan, fuck yeah!
- Lamar Odom's Kidneys

New Berlin Ale House 
- We got our answers from Hillary's emails 
- Star Wars Marathon this weekend. My house
- Marco Rubio - the thirst is real
- More correct answers than NFL officials
- Gun control? More like fun control... Am I right?

- Clap for McDonalds Breakfast ALL day
- Doolittle's Destroyers
- Taylor's Swift Penis
- Pacific Rim Job
- This Mic Smells Like a Penis

Red Lion Pub
- Defense Against the Dark Farts
- Please, Please..Tell me more about your fantasy team
- Bad to the Boners

Second Salem
- Vah Gogh-Fuck Yourself
- Boom Goes the Vaginamite
- The Bud Made Me Weiser
- I Wish This Microphone Was a Giant Cock
- Let's Get Down to Quizness
- The Halloweinerschnitzels
- Jizz Biscuit

Sprecher's Pub, Glendale
- Necrophilia is not useless knowledge
- Dr. Fart Doctor, PHD, Esquire, the III

Sprecher's Pub, Wisconsin Dells
- Young, Drunk and Full of Rum
- Exsprecht the UnexSprechted
- Crane Foundation Superstars
- My sister shaved her legs and wrecked 'em
- Cruise 'n Chubbies
- My Dixie Wrecked

St. Francis Brewery
- General Maximus Pupianus' Rear Guard
- I Went On a Plenty of Fish Date and All I Got Was This Lousy STD
- All of Heather's Accomplishments are Due to How Well She Was Raised By Her Mother Wendy, and We Love Her Burgers.
- We're Like the Patriots (Deflated)
- Here for the Boo's
- The Tranny's/The Franny's
- "I'll Take 'The Rapists' For $200"
- Will Drugs and Hookers Save My Marriage?
- Show Us Your Tricks, We Have the Treats

Titletown Brewing Co.
- Thanks to Colin Sack or Pick, we're 4-0 in Titletown
- Major Buzzkill
- Don't Step on That

Vino 100
- Lamar Odom's Bank Account
- Unconscious like Lamar
- Ballz Deep
- The Trumpty Dance

Von Trier
- Joe Biden Flies Delta
- Endless Love: Helen Keller vs. Stevie Wonder in Tennis
- Johnny Depp is a Terrible Actor
- The servant waits while the master baits
- Solo, Yet So High
- Vanilla Ice does not belong in the music category
- Show me on the doll

Whiskey Bar
- Hollow Weenies
- Vin really fucked me on this one


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