Best team names of November 2015!

Brass Monkey, West Allis
- Donald Trump's Burning Man Gyna
- The Curious Case of George W. Clooney, Eleven
- The Edmund Fitzgerald Swim Team
- God Bless our Veterinarians, Support Our Pets
- Aaron Rodgers' Harem
- Avoiding Grandma's Racist Comments at Dinner Tomorrow
- I'll Stuff Your Turkey

Brothers on Oak
- Al Coholix
- BOOberstein Bears
- Three Brothers Down
The Brown Bottle
- X-hibit Presents: Pimp My T.A.R.D.I.S.
- Jar Jar Drinks
-  I Got 99 Problems but a Quiz Ain't One!

Cafe Hollander 
-  Do you smell what The Rock is cookin: title of The Rock's cooking show

Camp Bar, Shorewood
- Come As You Are, Nevermind, Your Penis is Missing
- It's Just a Game Focker
- Donald Trump: Portrait of an American Idiot
- We Really Unibombed This Quiz
- The Moustache Riders
- I'm Starting to Regret That One Night Stand With Charlie Sheen
- If John Taylor Makes Clothes, and John Baker Makes Bread, What Does John Hancock do?
- Judas Ask The Questions, and We Jus Answer Them
- The Desperate Housewives of Whore-hood
- Even Ray Charles Could Tell That Was Willow Smith
- Beefeater? Hardly Know 'Er

Camp Bar, Tosa
- Jesus Christ... Starbucks Hates Christmas
- Jizzmaster Trivia: Spank While You Drank
- Small Hot Dog, Large Hallway: The Story of Octomom
- Cancel my meetings and hold all my balls, It's trivia time!
- I liked you better in Platoon, Charlie
- 1 in every two and a half men have HIV
- We had a good team name, but Davante Adams Dropped It 
- Post-stroke Bart Starr is still better than Jay Cutler 
- Quiztema Aguilera

Fat Jacks
- I'm not a Doctor But I'll take a Look Anyways

Greene's Pour House
- We would of won but we got dragged down by our Peter

Hogs and Kisses
- Washington Foreskins
- Lamar cant Hang
- Caitlin Jenners boob Job
- Looking to Score

- I ain't as good as I once was, but I'll still rock Her Majesty's Ship
- Trump/Xzibit 2016
- I Russia, Plane lands you!
- I ain't as good as I once was, but I'll rock her Majesty's ship

Jack's American Pub
- "Seriously, who watches king of queens?"
- The parts of human genitalia that start with 'P'
- All about that Baste
- The disestablismentarianists
- Sorry, Starbucks, Red Solo Cups are trademarked.
- Dr Strangelove AKA Mitch the Trivia Guy
- Rattlesnakes and Condoms: 2 Things I Don't Fuck With
- Why does Turkey need airspace? Turkeys don't fly...
- The Twerking Turkeys
- You were adopted, your parents don't even love you
- Hey Russia, Settle the fuck down.

Loaded Slate
- I drink until I can't feel my feelings
- Republican mass debaters were loaded inside the Pfister
- Fact that ass up

The Lodge
- Not Your Ordinary Dummies
- Soulless Gingers
- Winner, Winner, Charlie Sheen Dinner

- Masturbation Prevention, it's in your hands!
- Charlie Sheen is HIV positively #winning
- Why doesn't JFK take shots cuz they go straight to his head

Milwaukee Ale House
- Kimmy Gibbler's Nibblers - Fear Boners
- Payton Manning's Massive F***ing Forehead
- Movember Special: Free Vagina Mustache Rides
- Your mom has the whitest teeth I've ever cum across
- Bark twice if you're in Milwaukee
- My drinking team has a trivia problem
- It's only cannabalism if you swallow
- Charlie Sheen got HIV from all that tiger blood #winning
- O-Gii, I'm drunk again
- Subway Jared's Prison Special: Free Footlongs
- I prefer dark meat

Milwaukee Brat House
- I wish my boyfriend lasted as long as this quiz
- Wait, Kangarootown isn't one of the largest cities in Australia? #downundermyballs
- My asshole is the biggest gas giant in the univers
- My FitBit said I masturbated for 2.5 miles last night #neverleftthebed
- Preheat the oven, I'm going in RAW
- Don't be fuckin with my turducken

New Berlin Ale House 
- Fat Kids Always Win At Seesaw
- The packers are making me drink
- Not as positive as Charlie sheen
- Trump dees nuts
- And the winners, with 250 points...

- Putin on the Ritz
- Toxic Secretions
- With all that's negative in the world right now, at least Charlie Sheen is positive.
- Live Free or (Princess) Di Hard
- The fight was fixed - only Charlie Sheen's AIDS could knock out Rhonda Rousey
- Grandma, where'd your pants go?

Red Rock Saloon
- Let's get quizzical
- Funny, I thought Hell was in Chicago
- Michigan's original Hell: Detroit
- Let's play Pinocchio: you sit on my face while I tell lies
- I wish this microphone was a penis
- We drank while we thank
- They tried to make me go to rehab and I said "over my dead body!"
- John Hancock? More like John FootPenis
- Smirnoff ISIS
- Stephen Hawking's School of Dance

Second Salem Brewing Co.
- Using Head to Get Ahead
- E=MC Hammer
- Using Head to Get Ahead

Sprecher's Pub, Wisconsin Dells
- Lithuanian Oyster Club
- Paging Mike Hunt
- I tried to watch the mass debate but I dont get Fox Business so I came to this instead
- The Wreck of the Sprecher Fitzgerald
- Has anyone seen mike rotch lately?
- Daylight Losings Time
- The Sprecherinos
- Turkey Kings
- Gorbachevs Kids

St. Francis Brewery
- I Thought This Was Speed Dating
- Allotta Fagina vs. Pussy Galore, Who Wins?!
- GOP On Me
- Who Doesn't Eat on Thanksgiving? The Turkey, It's Stuffed!
- I Thought This Was Speed Dating 

Three Lions Pub
- This quiz hit me harder than Greg Hardy
- I wish this mic was a big fat cock

Vino 100
- That's What She said (in a Scottish Accent)
- The Couch Pulls Out But I Don't
- Just the tip

Von Trier
- My Couch Pulls Out But I Don't
- Poke a Hot Ass
- Shake it Off Michael J. Fox
- Two Pickles, One Jar
- Postiively Charlie Sheen
- Everyone Wins when you stuff your turkey with Xanax
- Is there a picture of Ben Carson in Heavan
- The Ben Carson and Brian Williams "I was there" club


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