Best Team Names of the Month... Dec 2015!

Star Wars Quiz
- Jedi on the streets, Sith in the sheets
- Death Cab for Chewie
- Scruffy Looking Nerf Herders
- Pre - Car Crash Mark Hamill
- I have a Boba Fett-ish
- Mace Windu or Do Not
- Han shot first... that's what Leia said!
- Is that a light saber in your pants or are you just happy to see me
- Chewy Lewis and the News
- Fucking Dan and his Scrotal Nodes

Seinfeld Quiz...
- The Hipster Doofuses
- With Darren's Help, We'll Get That Chicken
- Little Jerry's Cock Fighters
- Team Low Brow (We're Real, and We're Spectacular!)
- The Riemenschneiders
- Mandelbaums, Mandelbaums, Mandelbaums!
- Vandelay Industries: "And You Want to Be My Latex Salesman!"
- Poppy's Pee Pee Couch
- The Menage a Trois
- It's Not You, It's Me!
- Serenity Now
- T-Bone's Human Fund
- T-Bone and the Pudding Skins
- "Jimmy Goes Down..."
- The Les Georges
- Quiz Masters of our Domain
- Shrinkage
- When I Dip, You Dip, We Double Dip
- Frank Costanza's Korean BBQ Massacre
- Moops
Brass Monkey, West Allis...
- This beer tastes like I'm gonna miss work tomorrow
- Gary Busey's Teeth
- The Only Thing Better Thank Gary Busey's Teeth is 100 Dollars. Cash.
- Hide Your Nuts, There's a Squirrel Loose
- I swear to God, that had to be Jeff Bridges, not Jim Carrey. When did Jim Carrey have a beard?!
- All I Want For Christmas is a New Presidential Candidate
- Is That Your North Pole or Are You Just Excited To See Me?
- The Louder You Cheer, The More I Will Deep Throat This Microphone
- Who Invited Frosty to the Hot Tub Party?
- 4 Balls, 2 Holes
- Vanilla ISIS Baby
 The Brown Bottle...
- Michael Jackson's Crotch Grabbers
- We Could Give Two Schlitz
- Wet Naked Piggies!!!
- Jedi on the Streets, Sith in the Sheets
- One Direction: My Vagina

Cafe Hollander, Tosa...
- I dreamt I was a muffler. I'm exhausted
- Dr Dreidel: Hebrews the rhymes like no other
- If prisoners took their own mugshots they would be call Cell-fies
- Fifty shades of sleigh
- We make the Kessel run in 11 parsecs

Caffrey's Pub...
- My drinking partner has a trivia problem

- Your Mom Says Hi
- No Beer and No Cheese Makes Homer Something Something Something
- Quizzard of Oz
- It's New Years EVE, not New Years STEVE!
- Steve Avery Is Innocent

Camp Bar, Shorewood...
- It's On Like Donkey Kong - Pretty Much Naked
- Toby Sucks Dong
- Grover Cleveland's Dong Gave Us An Inglorious Bastard 
- New Monopoly Railroad; When Conductor Joe Run the Train on Mallory 
- I Wish I Could Pay My Landlord In Dong
- What do the Dallas Cowboys and broke back mountain have in common? The Cowboys all suck.
- You'd consider your ship cursed too if it were missing all its semen
- Dashing Through The Hoes
- I'd Like To Roast Justin Bieber's Nuts On An Open Fire
- Yeah, I'd Give Nancy Reagan a Miracle on 34th St.
- The Steve Harvey Center For Kids Who Can't Read Good and Want to Learn How To Do Other Stuff Good Too
- My love is like a candle, if you forget about me I'll burn your fucking house down
- 13 seconds? I wish my boyfriend lasted that long 

Camp Bar, Tosa...
- I Only Accept Payment in Dongs
- Grover Cleveland Couldn't Keep His Vietnamese Currency in His Pants
- My Father is as Absent as Seamen on the Mary Celeste
- Bitches w/ Buscemi Eyes Make My Seamen Jump Ship
- I Asked Santa for Battleship, but All I Got Was Seamen in My Stockings
- Mel Gibson: Not a Jew
- The Winner Goes to Miss Columbia
- Jolliest Bunch of Assholes This Side of the NuthouseLarry McCarren's Weird Finger
Fixture Brewing Co...
- Suck my snowballs
- It's beginning to look a lot like Dickmas
- My mom says our team name should be clitty clitty gang bang
- Back to the future part four: Marty gets the luge up to 88 mph
- We're dreaming of a green Christmas
- It's my quiz in a box
- All I want for Christmas is my dick in a box
- Santa likes your mom's cookies
- Dashing through the Ho's
- Santa claustrophobia
- the Goobers
- 2015: best and biggest bag of Dix

Hogs and Kisses...
- We couldnt think of a team name so we just drew a penis
- Washington Foreskins
- The Pen Is Mightier

- I hate the holidays because Grandma uses too much tongue
- Our Wives Also Call Us "The Wet Bandits"
- Jar Jar Binks Drinks When He Thinks
- Home Alone to Bone 2...The Wet Bandits

Jack's American Pub...
- Red Hot Trivia Peppers

The Loaded Slate...
- Your mom has the whitest team I've ever cum across
- Jingle balls

The Lodge...
- Straight Outta Wiscompton
- The Table Behind Us Googles -
- Bob's Abortion Clinic - No Fetus Will Beat Us
- Fuzzy Slut Rhinos

- Don't be Hungover while Driving Miss Daisy
- AC/DC wasn't named after their sister's sewing machine, it was a vibrator
- If my kids were the Kardashians I'd cut my balls off too
- Tiny Tim's tiny tears

Miller Time Pub...
- 9/10 ppl enjoy gang rape
- Can I use dong in Bangkok?
- Lonely IT guy at the bar

Milwaukee Ale House...
- Is your mama a llama?
- My Couch Pulls Out But I Don't
- The Farty Smarties
- Stay positive, Charlie Sheen
- What ever happened to the Milwaukee Lion?
- Meesa so excited for Star Wars
- Our couch pulls out, but we don't
- What's the difference between Jam and Jelly?
- Louie's Urrection
- 98% Sexy, 45% Redneck
- Santa doesn't pull out, he cums in your chimney on x-mas

Milwaukee Brat House...
- Camouflage condom: she never saw it coming
- Pfister? I barely even know her!
-  "Liberty Bell" is my porn name. #slutmachine

New Berlin Ale House
- Scott Weiland says 'Death Before Dishonor Milwaukee
- Hello... Winter Break Where Are You?
- Shitter's Full
- There's always porn, Miss Columbia

- The Team who wants to hear quizmaster try to say "Octopussy" again
- Gays 4 Trump
- I'm not gay but $20 is $20

Red Rock Saloon...
- Our grown up Christmas Wish is winning best team name :)
- Merry Christmas ya filthy Animals
- Why is my uncle always under the mistletoe?
- All I want for Christmas is a Dick Pic

Second Salem Brewing Co...
- Jar Jar Drinks
- Festivus for the Rest of Us
- It's Beginning to Look A Lot Like Fuck This
- Dashing through the Hoes
- Yoda Ho

Sprecher's Pub, Glendale...
- Kobe Bryant had good times in the Octopussy!
- D is for lysdexia
- We wish you a merry Christmas and a hoppy new beer
- No matter what, Steve Harvey says we win
- We will pay more attention in 2016

Sprecher's Pub, Wisconsin Dells...
- They're Real, and They're Sprechtacular!
- Two Sheets to the Wind

St. Francis Brewery...
- We Circumcised Our Pretzel
- Titicaca, I Used to Know Her
- Joke's On You...The Jaguars Aren't a Professional Football Team #gosports
- All Elfed Up
- What Nationality is Santa Claus? North Polish!
- C3P Oh No You Didn't!
- We Thought All the Nerds Would Be At Star Wars

Three Lions Pub...
- Wait, the village people were gay?"
- Hemeroidal celebration
- Liquor Back

Vino 100...
- Herro Logan, me love you long time
- Quiz in my pants
- There's a Range Rover being towed outside

Von Trier...
- It's Fucking Tuesday
- Brooks was Here
- Lee Harvey Awesome
- I don't do coke, I just like the smell of it
- "Smooth" by Santana featuring Rob Thomas
- Apple Bottom Wrangler Jeans by Brett Favre
- Five our of Six of us will enjoy the rape tonight
- These Aren't the Droids You're Looking For
- Santa love s his ho ho hoes
- Who's Gonna Win It? The Butts! The Butts!
- Han Solo Should Have Pulled Out
- MTV Presents: My Super Sweet 2016
- In dog beers, I've only had two...
- Trump says "It's white & gold... and HUGE!"

Whiskey Bar...
- Mrs Clause can jingle DEEZ BELLZ
- Get on your knees and tell me you love me
-  The quizmaster pours a mean glass of water
- Aaron Rodgers mustache


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