Best Team Names of February 2016!

Bad Ass Movie Quiz
- The blackest thing at the Oscars tonight is Christian Bale's soul
- Martin ScorSEXY
- That one time at Band Camp
- Oh fuck, we shot Marvin in the face!
- We put the lotion on our skin
- The death eaters strike back
- If I were a bear, I would have raped Leonardo DiCaprio
- Ebony and Ivory Strike Back
- We thought we were the Fantastic 4, however we are simply Dumb and Dumber

Milwaukee Public Radio Event
- Off Constantly 
- Not tonight, honey, it's an election year 
- Tequila Mockingbird 
- Wait...Wait...Don't tell me your team name
- Mike Westendorf is NPR hot! 
- Wait, Wait Don't Brew Me!! 
- WUWM: We Understand Women's Minds (
- NPR?! I thought you said PBR! 
- Wait, Wait...Do Tell Me! 
- Butrous Botrous Golly! (miss molly)
- Pen is mightier, Alex

Brass Monkey, West Allis
- At Least We're Not Last!!
- PuppyMonkeyBabyPuppyMonkeyBabyPuppyMonkeyBaby
- Cam Newton's Former Press Agent
- Better Late Than Pregnant
- Show Me Your TDs
- Steve Avery for President
- Smart Ass Buffalo Cheese Balls
- We Wrote Hobophobia as a Joke, and Finally Got a Question Right 

The Brown Bottle
- Lebron Stole My Bike
- Ya Know What Else Is Good to the Last Drop...?
- Schlitz My Pants
- Actriviaaaaaah!!
- I Thought Spotted Dick was a Meat Dish

Cafe Hollander
- Rock us with your Caucus
- Hold me closer Tony Danza
- Lifegaurds dont save astronauts cuz theyre too far out

Caffrey's Pub
- Trump can suck our caucus
- Fuck, marry, kill: helen keller, bill nye, neil de grasse tyson
- Help! I'm FDR and I can't get up!
- Judge judy for supreme court

- Stephen Hawking School Of Dance
- Crest White Striptease
- I quizzed in my pants
- My couch pulls out but I don't
- Better late than pregnant
- Tom Selleck's mustache for Supreme Court 
- Hallowed be thy game
- Jeb Bush got whacked
- I got 99 problems but a quiz ain't one
- One dump Trumps

Camp Bar, Shorewood
- Don't Touch My Caucus
- Bill Clintons Secret Service Codename: Leather Britches
- Someone Give Cam Newton a Snickers
- New Panther's Logo "Twice the Sucking Power"
- Chris Martin, Stop Crouching, Bruno Mars Still Looks Short
- Roses Are Red, True Love Is Rare, Booty Booty Booty Booty Rockin Everywhere
- I Would Even Bang Keira Knightly With Steve Bucemi Eyes
- If A Little Quiz Is Called a Quizzicle, What Is A Little Test Called?
- The Stevie Wonder - Hellen Keller Tennis Match.
- I'll stroke your guitar if you pluck my fiddle
- Debbie Hairy... yes she was

Camp Bar, Tosa
- Bend Over, Here Comes My Caucus
- Trump Can Suck My Big Fat Caucus
- Trump: "It's Not a Toupee, I Just Found the Bush that Jeb Lost"
- Hilary Clinton & Her 12 inch Black Rubber Caucus
- Snooki... The Reservoir for Dogs
- (In Forrest Gump voice) I'm Sorry I Ruined Your Black Panther Party, Cam Newton
- All I Need for Valentine's Day is the 3 B's: Butter, Bathtub and Buscemi Eyes
- Antonin Scalia... Died of a Weak Constitution 
- My Valentine's Day was Like a Peter Gabriel Song... I Shocked the Monkey
- These Danishes is Good, Gurl!" -Tracy Morgan

Fat Jacks
- I Swear to Drunk I'm not God
- Let's Get Quizzical
- James Frankbro and Seth Brogen
- When You Trust a Fart Too Much & Poop

Fixture Brewing Co.
- My doctor said I have acute angina and my boobs are nice, too!
- I heard Kristin is a BIG hitch-cock fan!
- Oedipus and the motherfuckers
- Titanic swim team
- Sack of schlongs
- E is for idiot

Hogs and Kisses
- LA Royale With Cheese
- Tequila Mocking Girl

- Join us for a bonfire with the Avery's
- The team next to us offered us $10 to throw the quiz
- Hermoines Magic Wand
- Donald Trumps Tiny Caucus
- If you squash my balls, I'll cause a raquet
- Better late that Pregnant 

Jack's American Pub
- Ted Cruz loves taking the Caucus
- I'm good to the last drop
- Cruz-in on the Cock-us
- The slow white Bronco couldn't help OJ, but it worked for Denver
- Mom, I was searching for pawnhub, I swear
- Jesus wore birkenstocks??!?
- Cam Newton's salty, salty....salty tears
- My Jolly isn't green, but it sure is giant
- Goldman lick my Sachs
- Supreme court justice aborted in the 320th trimester
- Anne Frank's Hide and Seek Club

The Loaded Slate
- Hilary's dry taco
- Menace to sobriety

The Lodge
- Sandusky's Kids
- Trump in my Rump
- The Nine Inch Males (It's a dick joke)
- Our Couch Pulls out but we Don't
- Masterdebaters
- The Jazzmasters
- Ivana Humpalot

- Bill Cosby walks into a bar
- Tequila Mockingbird
- Brofessionals
- Argo Fuck Yourself
- I like my women like I like my bourbon, aged 19 years and full of Coke***
- I could really go for some spotted dick!
- Argo Fuck Yourself

Miller Time Pub
- Bever sell a used car in Manitowoc
- Trivia newton John
- Sabrina, the teenage basic bitch

Milwaukee Ale House 
- We installed and UNINSTALLED the dispatch app
- Girthquake
- Cruzin' for Votes
- I should quit teaching and start cooking meth
- I feel the Bern in the Caucus
 - I got 99 probs, but useless info ain't one.
- An other night where nobody came but me
- Caitlin Jenner's Balls 
- All Caucus No Class 
- Bern Your Enthusiasm
- Trump wins, Canada it is 
- Brother, Kanye Spare a Dime? 
- Drink Wisconsibly
- Let's be honest, we all guessed hobophobia 
- Camouflage Condoms: She Never Saw Us Coming 
- Kandy Bars 4 Kanye
Milwaukee Brat House
- Pale isn't a color - it's a classification
- I gave up winning trivia for lent
- When you pull my third arm, it gets bigger too!
- Schlitz, tits, and bong rips! 

 New Berlin Ale House
- The Last Time The Broncos Had A Good Drive, OJ Was At The Wheel
- We Weren't 'Pey-ed' By Budweiser
- Steven Seagull

Point Burger Bar
- Anne Frank's Hide and Seek
- Reuben Masturbates to Gina's Party Hat
- My Safe Word is Scalia!
- Spotted Dick...Hillary Clinton Has Eaten One Of Those.

Prohibition Junction
- Quizzy Stardust
- Risky Quizness
- Trivia Newton John
- Hot Holy Mama's
- Betty White Supremacist
- Quiz in my pants
- Leap tards

Red Rock Saloon
- Wetflix and Tears
- Not winning the house cup
- You sound like you're from London!

Second Salem Brewing Co.
- I Wish This Microphone Was a Giant Horse Cock
- Jerry Sandusky Youth Fan Club
- Rehab Is For Quitters
- We're Not Gay, but $20 is $20
- Star Whores: The Pussy Awakens
- Stephen Hawking's School of Dance
- Enjoy the Show, Mr. Lincoln
- Buzz, Your Girlfriend...Woof! 

Silver Creek Brewing Co.
- The moon wasn't the only thing being explored in '69
- Anne Frank's School for Hide and Seek
- A bird in hand is worth two in the bush, but a hand in the bush is worth triple
- Just the tip in the pudding

Sprecher's Pub, Milwaukee
- Team names are harder than soccer questions

Sprecher's Wisconsin Dells
- Sprecher's Shockers
- Latex salesmen of Vandelay Industries

St. Francis Brewery
- Does Anyone Else Find it Funny that Hitchcock and Climax are in the Same Question? #mount
- #TrumperTantrum Feeling the Bern
- Can We Win On a Coin Flip?
- Hillary Can Be Bernie's Goomatta
- Our Minds Are Dirtier Than the Water in Flint, Michigan
- Please Stop Telling Me to Follow Quizmaster Trivia on Social Media
- Fix the Tits
- Playing to Pay Off Kanye's Debt
- Scott Walker's Bald Spot
- Dildo Bagins
- I Took the Browns to the Super Bowl About an Hour Ago #skidmarks
- Marco Boobio
- Make America Grate, Stop Pre-Sliced Cheese

Three Lions Pub
- Viagra falls has run dry
- Don't move, I'll get the towel 

- Puppy Monkey Baby
- We Have a Big Caucus
- Do We Get Credit for the Snow Day?
- Human Centipede 
- Dorques

Von Trier
- Barbie Girl Likes it Gangnam Style
- Can the Winner Be Decided by a Coin Flip
- Galapago Fuck Yourself
- Solo, yet so hi
- Does this microphone smell like chloroform
- Manitowac PD finds Avery DNA in Scalia's Bedroom
- Argo Fuck Yourself

Whiskey Bar
- Ted's Cruzin, Trump's Luzin
- Rub the genie out
- Manziel's Alibi
- Hootie and the Blow Me
- Spotted Dick in or around your mouth
- Elvis is DTF


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