Best team names of January 2016!

Animation Quiz for Big Kids...
- Everything is coming up Millhouse
- I Like My Cartoons Like I like My One-Night Stands: No Last Names!
- The Flintstones Get an Anal Probe
- They Said Darkwing in the Fucking Song...
- The Spooner Street Cowabunga Cornholios
- Bird, Bird, Bird, The Bird is the Word
- We're Not Just Sure, We're HIV Positive
- Tasteful Sideboob
- Oh My God! We Killed Trivia!! You Bastards!!

Brass Monkey, West Allis...
- Enjoy you 19 NFC North Championships Minnesota, we'll enjoy our 4 Super Bowls!
- Blind prostitutes, you gotta hand it to them!
- Too Many Holes, Not Enough Glory
- Won in Two Hundred Ninety Two Million
- Eddie Lacy's Lovehandles
- Keep Your Bar Tab, We Won the Powerball
- Oscars are for White People
- Our Loser Team is Endorses by Sarah Palin

Brown Bottle...
- Hello... It's Me...
- IB40, UB40, WE ALL B40
- Schlitz My Pants
- Tour de Boars

Cafe Hollander...
- I had an ant farm and them fellas didn't grow shit
- MaCauley Culkin matrabates home alone
- This is Tom. Tom inflates balls to win. Tom lost to the Broncos because Karma is a bitch. Don't  be like Tom

Caffrey's Pub...
- Manitowoc's Claim to Frame
- Flint MI "leading" the way in water quality

- Lesbian Barbie comes in her own box
- Cheese and crackwhores
- The Birthday Bitch and her Hoes
- The Kimcheeses

Camp Bar, Shorewood...
- Ringo and the Fantastic Fourskins
- My Bed, Were Wishes Come True
- Yeah Bowie, We Get It, You Have A New Album
- Adrian Peterson and the Switch Hitters
- These Cookies Are Laced With LSD
- Mallory's Bombs Make Me Go From Little Man to Fat Boy
- After That Packers Game, My Balls Are Also Red, Black, Blue and Yellow

Camp Bar, Tosa...
- Bill Cosby's Sleeper Picks
- Where Amazing Happens #mybedroom
- Sydneysiders Love to Go Down Under
- Jerry Sandusky: A Fat Man in a Little Boy
- David Bowie, Alan Rickman, My Period: A Bad Week for 69
- Instead of Parting the Red Sea, I'll Go Through Djibouti
- Flint, You Got Me Wet and You Lead Me On
- Djibouti-licious

Fixture Brewing Co...
- PMS jokes aren't funny. period.
- I Came on Eileen
- 5 girls, 3 cups

- Timothy Fleshlight is offended his invention wasn't included
- Gerald Ford Fiesta
- My Penis Pump is Names Tonette
- E=MC Hammered

Jack's American Pub...
- The Obi-Wan Jabroni's
- Dan "Speed 2: Cruise Control" Marino
- The Law Firm of Strang and Buting

The Loaded Slate...
- Stroke me king dick until the monster inc cums out.

The Lodge...
The Bill Cosby Experience
- Real Housewives of Cudahy
- Quiz in my Pants

- The longest bone I had was last night
- I swallow
- Ken Kratz dirty mustache rides
- I drop my 5 year old niece yesterday, don't worry she didn't roll out of the casket
- What's the opposite of Christopher Reeves? Christoper Walkin

Miller Time Pub...
- Donald Trump's hairstylist
- Red hot trivia peppers

Milwaukee Ale House...
- Beer is Good
- Wookie Steak... Tastes a little Chewy
- Michael Jackson's Powerballs
- The winning powerball # is 69
- Steven Avery's Bonfire Party
- Brendan Dassey's Life Coach
- R-Kelly's Potty Training Video
- Trump, the Kardashian of Politics 
- We were doing well until Sarah Palin endorsed us
- Sarah Palin: I'd still hit it #clitoracy
- Yes, the carpet does match the drapes
- Save a tree, eat a beaver
- Trump's Designer Dildos
- Why you gotta imply Midwesterners are all fat & ginger? (Oh wait, I am fat & ginger)
- If i don't win this, call me Leo
Milwaukee Brat House...
- Everything's better down where it's wetter #Ariel'sRedSea
- Saudi women's favorite NFL team: NY Jets
- Powerballs in your Mouth
- 200 Schlitz = Secret of the Booze!
- Where to Send My Pregnant Girlfriend... Brazil or Flint?

New Berlin Ale House...
- I'll be the biggest bone in YOUR body.
- Bad Week To Be A Musician

Point Burger Bar...
- We Thought This Was Speed Dating
- Hugh G. Rection
- Team FrankenGINA

Red Rock Saloon...
- The kids R. Kelly peed on
- Human Centipede: Stay Thirsty My Friends 
- We thought "were amazing happens" was the slogan for Cialis
- I like my men like I like my whiskey - twice my age and from Scotland
- A win for us will come down to a coin flip
- Double Penetration or Nothing
- Tom Brady's Deflated Balls
- When the Red Sea is Flowing, go to Djibouti

Second Salem Brewing Co...
- Free Steven Avery
- Quiz on My Face and Tell Me You Love Me
- Jar Jar Drinks
- Waiting For the Bartender's Tits to Fall out
- Lesbian Barbie Comes in Her Own Box
- How Was the Parade, Mrs. Kennedy?
- Camoflauge Condoms (She Never Saw Me Coming)
-  I'm Not Gay, But $20 is $20

Silver Creek Brewing Co...
- On a scale of Jerry Sandusky, how much do you love kids?
- Please let Justin Bieber be nex
- Stephen Hawkings school of dance

Sprecher's Pub, Glendale...
- If I Knew 2016 Questions were going to be so hard,  I would have stayed in 2015
- Nick was pumping something other than the hand soap in the bathroom

Sprecher's Pub, Wisconsin Dells...
- We came to watch the state of the union and all we got was this lousy Greg
- At least our score is higher than the temperature
- The League of Extraordinary Barhoppers

St Francis Brewery...
- Deez Nuts Are a Girl's Best Friend
- Steve Avery Thinks the Lemurs Were Fake
- Circumference Equals Pi Times Diameter #geometryteachersdoitwithaprotractor
- International House of PUNcakes
- Did Alan Rickman and David Bowie Ever 69?
- Ten Points to Slytherin
- Making a Quizmaster
- After All this Time? Always. #RIPAlanRickman #TrustSnape
- We Did Better Tonight at Trivia Than We Did at Powerball
- I Just Schlitzed My Pants Ice Skating Down a Double Black Diamond
- You're Palin In Comparison Because We Trumped You!
- Green Bowl Packers

Three Lions Pub...
- This is the Louis Van Gaal of audio systems
- Steve Avery probably did it... in the butt

Titletown Brewing Co...
- The Rowdy Roddy Pipers (1st)
- Spoiler Alert: Darth Vader is Still Dead (2nd)
- Making Up Answers Like Brendan Dassey (3rd)
- Truth, Lies & Netflix
- Manitowoc County Sheriff's Department
- Gnarls Barleys
- Spider Y-2 Banana Up the A Gap is Jon Gruden's Ultimate Sex Move
- We Don't Know S&*%, At Least There's Popcorn
- Hiding Under the Couch With the Flu
Von Trier...
- Jabba the Butts
- I boned Wilma before she was a Flintstone
- Anybody Want a Peanut
- Solo, Yet So High!
- Mo Money Mo'na Lisa
- 36" of snow is just another day in Milwaukee

Whiskey Bar...
- Big bag of dicks
- This is the Captain of the titanic speaking... "Th-th-th-that's all folks!"
- Who knew brett gave and recieved


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