Best Team Names of August 2016!!

Seinfeld Trivia Night
- They're real and they're spectacular!
- The Moops
- It takes a mighty big quiz to kill a man!
- Another Game for Milos!
- The Bizzaro Team
- Table #33 - Lord of the Idiots
- Quizmasters of our Domains
- The Cosmo-politans
- Sleepover at Tim Watley's Office
- Is anyone here a marine biologist?
- Little Jerry's Cock Fighters
- Assman

Milwaukee Irish Fest
- Real men wear kilts, wear the kils feel the breeze it's a manly skirt that comes down to you knees
- Ticky Tack Tartan
- I come to Irishfest for the Snake Chaser!
- Bangers and Mash
- Cliffers of Moher Jameson, please!

Bavarian Bierhaus
- Better Late Than Pregnant
- A Team Needs No Name
- My Microphone Is Better Than Your Microphone

Brass Monkey, West Allis
- Pig Races Should be An Olympic Sport
- Going for Gold; Will Settle for Beer
- Michael Phelps can Cup Me Anytime!
- Fat Kids Always Win at Seesaw
- Ain't no thing but a chicken wing w/ ranch.
- Mayor Barrett, tear down this segregation wall.
- Just Missed the Medal Bound!
- My girlfriend says if we win best team name, I'll give my boyfriend a blowjob!
- Generic Team Name #2

Cafe Hollander 
- I would shoot Donald Trump 9 times for 50 cents
- Ivana build a wall
- I would tell you a chemistry joke but I know I wouldn't get a reaction
- How do you get 30 drunk Canadiens out of a pool? Please get out of the pool
- Ralph Wiggum's Unsullied
Caffrey's Pub
- Smarty pints
- Brohemian fratsody
- The golden snitches
- The ghost of quiz Farley

Camp Bar, Shorewood
- Put the Coke On My Dick: Copacabana 2016
- Like Usain Bolt, My Ex-Boyfriend Finishes In 9.81 Seconds 
- Field Hockey Is Poor Peoples Golf
- Gin and Jews
- Harry Potter Can Catch My Golden Snatch Any Day
- Gene Wilder Finally Got His Golden Ticket RIP Willy Wonka
- Just Like Colin Kapernick, I'll Sit This One Out
- TNT Blowing Up Like Johnny Manziel's NFL Career

Camp Bar, Tosa
- The Difference Between Hungry & Horny is Where You Put the Cucumber
- Ben Cock-less Berger and the Titsburgh Feelers
-  Michael Phelps: Outswimming his Competition Since Conception
- Die-a-Rio
- Louisiana Flooding - Also Known as Deadpool 2
- If Alcohol Were Steroids, I'd be a Russian Olympian
- Camp Bar: Sweatier than a Russian in a Drug Screening
- Jeffrey Dahmer's House of Ribs
- I'm My Own Best Friend
- Your Shawshank Gives Me a Tingling Sensation

Camp Bar, Third Ward
- Taking the Browns to the Superbowl
- Breast stroke is my best event
- Blood, Sweat, and Tears
- Clinton-Lochte '16: a ballot you can trust
- Shaving Ryan's Privates
- I'm a nurse, I can touch you there

The Fermentorium 
- The fair is in town and we're no carnies
- Baby Sarah Palin looks like Monica Lewinsky
- Trivial Pursuit of Hoppiness
- My Olympian Wife Can't Wrestle, But You Should See Her Box
-  It's an Upside Down Snowman
- Crusty Uncle Ted's Whispering Sith

- Itchy Itchy Hotch
- Blue Hair Don't Care

Houdini's Escape
- It's my 30th birthday so lick my balls
- Trump-Hitler 2016
- Pepperoni Areolas

Humboldt Park Beer Garden
- We'll take "We Suck Tonight" for $300, Alex!
- Alpaca better team next time!
- Quick! Build a wall while Trump is in Mexico"

Jack's American Pub
- Rio 2016: Survivor Games
- Make trivia great again
- Why'd we play trivia? "Shit, it was 99 cents"
- USA Olympdicks
- Japanese Men's Basketball Wins Gold
- One of my Michael Phelps got loose... Now I'm a dad
- Ryan Lochte just robbed me... JUST KIDDING!
- We came for the beer, we stayed for the trivia
- I, The Quizmaster, wish this microphone were Harambe's dick.
- Better Call Gene Wilder With The Good Hair
- Chris Brown only knows how to deliver a hit
- Collage educated
- We would've done better but we needed to return some tapes

The Landing at Hoyt Park
- I hate my job as a trivia conductor
- Married with flesh reading children
- The CDC recommended Olympic athletes not swallow. Female athletes bet relieved
- Sorry, after 8pm our child turns into a pumpkin, and by pumpkin we mean asshole
- In dog beers we have only had one
- Cupping isn't just for swimmers - It's also popular in ball sports
- We are better at counting camel toes than ostrich toes
- Ryan Lochte's Hurling Team

The Loaded Slate
- Department of redundancy department
- Chmuras after party
- Favre dollar foot long

- Quiz on my Back
- Don't tell my wife I'm this drunk
- The only thing dirtier than the water in Rio is the Russian's piss
- Russia's Too Dope For the Olympics
- On Fire Like the B.P. Gas Station
- Much like my penis at the end of the Jungle Book, this quiz was harder than I expected
- Who the fuck dies of toe cancer?

Milwaukee Ale House 
- Growler?! I barely know her.
- The Debbie Dahmers
- Get Djibouti Out Of Rio Swimming Pools - They're Green!
- Russia's Dope
- Lochtes sponsors pull out but I don't 
- Still not as disappointing as Ryan Lochte
- Bicurious George in the case of the disappearing banana
- Want to see the second largest organ in my body? (It's my butt hole)
- The humanities are relevant, damn it!
- Veruca Salt, tequila, lime
- Becky with the good dick

Milwaukee Brat House 
- Hairy maggots under your tongue for prez 2016
- Who's taking gold in Zika? Your mom
- Alpacas aren't the only mammals that spit #SpittersAreQuitters\
- RIP Harambe

New Berlin Ale House
- And in first place with 357 points...
- When in doubt, draw stick figures
- Farve Dollar Footlong

- Betty Lou got the shaft

Panga Bar and Grill
- Prime Members
- Soccer Socks!?!
- How do you lose your shirt at a party.
- Red Neck Yacht Club
- Don't go Jason Waterfalls, don't go!
- Team Tattoos & Ta Tas
- "Panga's, Penga's, Pongo's?"
- Just here for the 90's playlist
- Wine 'em, Dine 'em, 69 'em

Red Rock Saloon
- My penis always takes home the gold
- I'm too sober to be here
- Saving Ryan's Privates
- It's a game of inches just ask your wife

St. Francis Brewery
- Endless Love, The Stevie Wonder/Helen Keller Tennis Match
- The Fractured But Whole
- Little Lebowski Urban Achievers
- Double Nothing!
- Jenny Craig Success Stories 
- Ryan Lochte's Posse
- Lochted Out of Rio!
- Robbed Like Ryan Lochte
- Smells Like Team Spirit

Titletown Brewing Co.
- Favre 4 Eva
- 5K... Get that Baby Outta Here

Three Lions Pub
- The biggest city named after an animal is San Diego, it means whales vagina
- Olympic Pool Lifeguards
- Irish lesbian slutty panda head

Uptown Tavern and Rooftop
- Rum Guzzler

Von Trier
- Abita my meat-a when I think of you
- I Squirtle when I Pikachu
- Trump for Mexicutioner
- Your wife has the best teeth I ever came across
- The 'mourning' after because sometimes Plan B become Plan A.
- A murder of unicorns
- Argo Fuck Yourself
- Cher moments,  Cher life
- I didn't choose the thug life, my mom did for me

 Whiskey Bar
- Pilgrims came over on the Mayflower so Trump could become the official hangman
- Subway presents Draymond Green's $5 footlong
- Nose, breasts, lips or butts? 
- Dick out for Harambe
- The party is bumping at Club Kerrigan
- We don't do pull ups and we don't do pull outs


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