Best Team Name of the Month... September 2016!

 Marvel/DC Trivia Night
- It's not the size that matters! Just look at Ant-Man!
- The MegaSonic Teenage Warheads & an Old Guy
- Burpin Terds
- Spider Juan Spider Juan Gets Your Woman Mows Your Lawn
- Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Naaaaah
- The Insidious Six Inches
- Missing Question: How many movies feature heroes with nipples on their costumes
- Teplinsky and Wurm, Avocodoes at Law

Boomers Sports Pub
- It's Science, Bitch

Brass Monkey
- Does Running Out of Alcohol Count as Cardio?
- There's an Undercover Cop in the Bar
- I ate a bowl of alphabet soup and had a large vowel movement
- There are no Q's in the states, but I can put me in U.
- Kaepernick Licks Little Dicks, Go 'MURICA.
- Beer is the Answer. It doesn't matter what the question is.
- Eat my Shitter like Apple Fritters.

Cafe Hollander
- Better late than pregnant
- Less work more Twerk
- Feel the rhythm feel the rhyme get on up its boobsled time
- Hood Girls of Tosa
- Team Yeast
- Taj Mahal 2: the Squeaquel
- A team has no name

Caffrey's Pub
- The Fighting Anal Plugs (The FAPs)
- Albatross, BITCH!
- It's britney, bitch!

Camp Bar Shorewood
- Who Cut The Fromage?
- You Can Put Your Long Island In My Butthole
- Reedsburg Beavers
- What Color Is Uranus 
- Darius Rucker and Rob Thomas Dancing Tip to Tip
- Barbie and Ken Will Always Have Paris
- Paid A Babysitter For Quizmaster

Camp Bar Third Ward
- My couch pulls out, but I don't
- 3 Holes and a Pole
- Can My Dad Buy Chili?
- Happy Times Abortion Clinic: We bring out the kid in you

Camp Bar Tosa
- I Killed a Bird with My Big Unit
- Weezy Is Our Jefferson!
- I Love My Samsung Galaxy Note 7... It's the Bomb
- Barbie Wasn't Interested in Ken's Missing Equatorial Bulge
- Put Your Equatorial Bulge in My Mini Pooper
- Is the skin flute a woodwind?
- You don't have to be 18 to Stuff My Ballot Box

The Fermentorium
- Trump's Colonoscopy
- The Game Plan...Not the Tooth Fairy
- Bill Makes Me Pneumonia
- Happy as a Bowlful of Skittles
- Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Beers
- 400 pound hackers in our mom's basement

Hogs and Kisses
- If I could use Google Id win every week
- You're a piece of shit
- Washington Foreskins

- Emily & Her Harem of Never Nudes
- Clarence's Parents have a real nice Marriage
- 3 Dudes 1 Cup
- There are 30 cows and 20 8 chickens, how many did not?
- You wanna see a butthole?

Houdini's Escape
- I'd Rather use my brain cells playing trivia than lose them watching Trump

Humboldt Park Beer Garden
- Nobody puts Ryan Lochte in a corner!
- We came, we answered, we failed miserably

Jack's American Pub
- Trump/Harambe '16
- We're not cheating, we're fantasy drafting
- Rosa Parks gives good BJ Rajis
- How many tuggers does it take to win trivia?
- Bernie Sanders doesn't have pneumonia
- Hillary Clinton's Body Double
- Our Trivia Team: The only time a threesome is disappointing
- Is a llama a bird?
- The Man, The Mitch, The Legend
- Who cares, We're drunk.
- Brangelina 9/20/2016 R.I.P
- Hillary for Hosipice
- Ya Zika'n Me Crazy!
- #harambe4president (#RIP)
- Too smart to pay federal taxes

The Landing at Hoyt Park
- WILSON!!!!!!!
- Gene Wilder has more life in him than Tiger Woods' sponsorships
- Even at age 70, I would look under Dolly Parton's bonnet
- Wouldn't the easier question be: what has Miley Cyrus NOT licked provocatively?
- Cameltoe wrestlers

Loaded Slate
- Thinking positive and testing negative
- Squirrelly savages

- Vincent Van Gough Fuck Yourself
- It's Britney, Bitch
- Let's Get Trivial
- ACL Over Troubled Bridgewater
- I'm Not Gay But $20 is $20
- Bush-Cheney 2016
- We Go down Like Hillary Clinton on 9/11
- Taking Shots is Just Like Prom! Shut Up and Put it in Your Mouth!
- The McGillybuddies
- Trick Question: Tupac is Still Alive

Milwaukee Ale House
- My dick is longer than Brock Turners Prison sentence
- Tots and Curds: Meal of Champions
- The rise of the dicks of the planet of harambe
- Star Wars episode III revenge of the Harambe
- Plan B is our Plan A
- Watch out Pizza Hut, Here Comes Hillarys Little Seizures
- One skin, two skin, three skin...
- Brad Quit
- I'm not a gynecologist but I'll take a look
- Camouflage condoms: they never saw us coming
- Pablo Escobar causes #trumpsniffles

Milwaukee Brat House
- Farmers only group date
- I didn't even realize that buffalo had a team in the nfl.
- Brangelina's marriage counselor
- Amelia's 69ers

New Berlin Ale House
- We Thought This Was Speed Dating.
- Bitches with Balls.
- Decision 2017: Hillary vs. Donald errr... Brad vs. Angelina
- I have the best temperament

- My childhoods ruined. Brontosaurus don't exist
- Let's get Quizzical

Panga Bar and Grill
- Turn off this crap, we're thinking!
- Team Pull and Peel Quizlers
- Sausage Party....Where all the white buns at?
- Glorious Guzzlers
- Panga is our "calming area

Red Rock Saloon
- Charlie Sheen's bitches
- We saved our double downs for you mum

Second Salem Brewing Co.
- Quizzing in my pants
- Endless Love - the Helen Keller and Stevie Wonder tennis match
- Using head to get ahead
- Better late than pregnant
- Crouching Woman, Hidden Cucumber
- Quizzical Quartet
- Let's get Quizzical
- Marvel at my DC
- Trivia Newton John
- Hillary Clinton sent us dirty emails

St. Francis Brewery
- Playing Polo is the Surest Way to End Up With Blue Balls
- And the Best Team Name Goes to...#mudbloods
- Cruising Down the Highway to the Danger Zone!
- Beer Buddies, Together Longer than Brangelina
- Drink Like a Barfly, Stumble Like a Bee
- Spooning Leads to Forking

Three Lions Pub
- Cube monkeys

Uptown Tavern
- Kanye and Taylor might still have sex.
- The Lyin’ Ryan Lochtes
- D***s out for Harambe (I bleeped it out, haha)
- The Crewnecks
- Old Farts

Von Trier
- We started at pneumonia, now we're here
- Nothing sucks like a Dyson
- Quizmaster Ross has Buscemi eyes
- My couch pulls out but I don't
- Pussy: Virginia's most profitable crop stove the 17th century

Whiskey Bar
- Haramballet
- The only thing we're pulling out is our watch discovery channel
- Please don't card us
- Off Road Rob and the Douchettes
- Sasha Grey: the best a man can get
- Donald Trump's coke dealer
- Code Red : Hillary's power suit
- Bill Clinton's bastard children


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