Best team names of November 2016!

Disney Quiz
- We look good from Jafar
- Snow White and the Seven Drunks
- Taco Belles
- Walt Disney: Unthawed
- Donald Trump Presents Lilo and the Illegal Immigrant
- When You Wish Upon Walt Disney’s Cryogenically Frozen Head
- Phenomenal Trivia Power, Itty Bitty Living Space
- Dis-neez Nutz
- I'm Ariel's long lost seventh sister, Areola (71)
- A Disney Quiz with no Star Wars Questions? Give me a fucking break... 
- Bibbity-Boppity-BOOOOOOOBS 
- Grinding Nemo
- Turn Down for Walt!

ABV Social
- BYU: Connecting Buyers and Sellers Worldwide
- We have the 3 loud kids
- That's what's wrong with this country - everyone wins. #participation
- Three Times the Suction of Any Other Team
- We tried Scientology but couldn't afford it...
- David S. Trumpkins
- We Crashed Harder than a Brazillian Soccer Team

Boomer's Sports Pub
-  It's the End of America, as we know it... and I feel fine.
- Making Mexico Pay for Our Beer
- These Boots Are Made For Pewauking
- The Only Thanks I'm giving on Thanksgiving is for the "D"
- Vaginasaurus Rex

Brass Monkey, West Allis
- I don't know who hates "No Shave November" more: My thighs or my boyfriend.
- Naturally, in Buffalo, the dildo came up short of the end zone.
- Just Remember... Chicago Still Has the Bears
- This Should Be Our Team Name: We are Getting Married on Friday!!!
- Some Drunk Girl Chose Our Name
- Well Brexit... we played our Trump Card
- Make America Grrrrrrreat Again!
- Cubs won, Trump won, and Katelin still can't get laid 
- 5 players, 11 nipples
- So we suck at Geography... bite me.
- Paul Walker also Starred in Crash
Cafe Hollander, Tosa
- Oman...I exposed my weine
- Qatar hero
- Global warming is a myth perpetuated by the Chinese
- My dad left to get cigarettes but never came back, and now I work the streets
- Is America great again yet?
- Why does trump want to ban shredded cheese?... To make America grate again
- Obama pardoned the white house turkey but he let trump live
- At least the packers are better than us this week

Caffrey's Pub
- Ask me about Anthony's Weiner 

Camp Bar, Shorewood
- Hey Chicago What Do Ya Say, You Go Fuck Yourself
- Quiz On My Face
- Chris Christie Got Faaaaaaaaaaat
- If We Use The Electoral College We'd Win
- Dick Van Dyke's Real Name Is Dick Van Lesbian
- The Trump Kitten Adoption Center: Grab A Pussy Today!
- I Thought Just Do It Was Bill Cosby's Slogan
- Tell Your Mom Knee Pads Are On Sale On Black Friday

Camp Bar, Third Ward
- Drink Up! Tomorrow we move to Canada!
- We don't like cocaine we just like the smell of it
- Ban Shredded Cheese, Make America Grate Again
- Kanye 2020
- Joe Biden's Large Manly Hands
- Camouflage Condoms- She Never Saw Us Coming
- FDR: Marco Polio Champion

Camp Bar, Tosa
- Trump Grabbed Anthony's Weiner, It Was Yuge
- We do great trivia. It is so great. Believe us, people tell us, we do some of the best trivia.
- 4 inches: Hung like a one handed horse 
- Bill Bilicheck Yourself before You Wreck Yourself
- Like a Virgin, Feeling Nepals for the First Time
- It's a Dirity Job Cleaning Up the Panty Dropper When It's Wet

- Jill Stein Garden and Gift
- I Don't Understand the Question and I Won't Respond to It
- Rufio! Rufio! (Bill Cosby's Favorite Hook Character)
- I Shot the Hamburglar, But I Did Not Shoot Mayor McCheese
- Steamboat Willy's Shwetty Balls (42 pts)
- Make Trivia Great Again
- Never Gonna Greece You Up
- "Liv Tyler was a Bitch on the Set of Armageddon." - Michael Bay
Fat Jack's
- The Banana Hammocks
- Operation Panting Hoes
- Our drinking team has a trivia problem
- He said she ain’t got no nipples
- Your mom’s hot but she aint’ got no nipples
- Trivia pays the bills
- Vicious and delicious

The Fermentorium
- Just Like The Bears, The Cubbies Still Suck
- Make Cribbage Great Again
- How do you lick your llama?
- Fermented lives matter
- Girls Rule Boys Drool

- The Cubs STILL Suck
- "Anal"
- Trump's Tiny Hands can barely hold a Tic Tac
- Random Lesbians in the Corner

Houdini's Escape
- Neville Wears Prada

Jack's American Pub
- Fact Hunt (say it quickly! :))
- Quizlamic Extremists
- Three Nasty Women
- I Wish John Madden was calling this election
- Florida is dead to me
- After the first round we were projected to win
- We''re gonna need a lo more shots of Seagrams 7 to get through this election
- AA is for quitters
- Putin the cart before the horse
- Technically, jackie's dress was not a solid color, but had splotches of red and grey on it
- Just for Cumming
- You would think the Green Party wouldn't want paper ballots
- People from Seattle are called Hipsters
- I sleigh all day
Loaded Slate
- Dicks out for harambe
- Make loaded slate great again
- Christian dads who vape
- In dog beers, I've only had one 
- I've put much dirtier things in my mouth than this straw

Lucky Chance
- The Lucky Bitches
- We Shall Over Comb Trump 2016
- Big Fact Hunts
- Clueless Amateurs

- How did you get a dildo into the stadium?
- I Ain't Afraid of no Goats - 42pts
- Much like my penis at the end of Titanic, this quiz was harder than expected
- Don't Let an Extra Chromosome Get you Downs
- Vodka and Redbull because you want to be wide awake for this mistake
- I Just Want the Quizmaster to say Antetokounmpo
- Taking shots reminds me of going to prom, just shut up and put it in your mouth

Milwaukee Ale House
- Trivia Newton John
- My Couch Pulls Out But I Don’t
- Titanic Swim Team
- What’s the Score Of the Brewer Game?
- What’s This Trivia Shit? We’re Here For the Game
- "I have a really small penis." That's not our team name; I just wanted to get that off my chest
- Bono is an Asshole
- At Least The Polls Show We Won
- Adorable Deplorables
- Ivana Hump Ivanka Trump
- Getting Quizzy Wit It
- No Friends, Hanging Out With Our Kids
- O-Gii I’m Drunk Again!
- Make Trivia Great Again

Milwaukee Brat House
- Grabbing the lady by her Jams
- Make quiz great again 
- Milwaukee's own Ken Bone
- Oops I Schlitz My Pants
- Biden Crushes Puss 

New Berlin Ale House
- It's The End Of The World As We Know It
- Apocalypse Now
- There's no place like last place
- AIDS is still the deadliest catch (
- The only Kardashian show ever to get cancelled: Kanye
- That's What Cheese Head
- Now Accepting Applications To Our Trivia Team
- What do you call an alligator who wears a vest? An in-vest-a-gator!
- Next on "How to Catch a Predator" - Anthony Weiner
- Straight Outta Fucks
- Fantastic Bitches and Where to Find Them
- I got a new mechanic, he came highly "wreck"ommended
- "A Foot Away From Shit" Miller Lite's Slogan
- Fewer Points than Don Caper's Defense
- Yesterday I swallowed two pieces of string. Today they came out tied together. I shit you knot!

Panga Bar and Grill
- I ain't afraid of no goat
- Grab Trivia by the Pussy
- Mike McCarthy is not my head Coach 

Red Rock Saloon, Madison
- Highway to the Grainger Zone
- Humphrey Boggart
- Neville Wears Prada

Red Rock Saloon, Milwaukee
- Steve Harvey to Announce the 2016 Presidential Election

Second Salem Brewing Co
- Every time I undress in the bathroom my shower gets turned on
- Names are for tombstones
- Make Trivia Great Again
- Suck my farts

St Francis Brewery
- The Cubs May Be Champs But the Bears Still Suck!
- 108 Year Rebuilding Project
- Exit Polls Predicted We'd Lose Tonight So We'll Probably Win
- Tom Brady Trump and Deflated Balls-38
- Our Score is Higher Than the Number of Fans at the Bucks Game
- Trumpled Foreskin

Three Lions Pub
- Tiny Hands, Tiny Weiner
- Insert obligatory politically-related team name here (#108)
- Soup Boner
- I'd hang with Robin Williams

The Tosa Tavern
- We'll accept the results, as long as we win
- Dirty Diapers Dun Dirt Cheap
- Don't blame me, I voted for Kodos!
- Tom Hanks 2020
- 11/9 was no 9/11
- At Least our score is higher than congress' approval rating
- With 85 points...

Uptown Tavern
- #lovetrumpshate
- The Pantsuit Warriors
- We really should write something political but...oh shit...well we'll write nothing.
- Grab em by the horcrux
- Boo you horcrux
- Harry Potter can't tell the difference between his cooking pot and his best mate because they're both cauldron
- You look better from Jafar
- Hakuna My Ta Tas
- We banged Prince Eric

Von Trier
- Walking Talking Stephen Hawking
- Your daddy kills prostitutes
- Barack the vote!
- Billy bush presents,  trump's greatest grabs
- Conservative in the streets, Liberal in the sheets
- Joe Biden,  the first stone cold motherfucker to be elected VP
- Spiders are from Mars, Republicans are from Uranus
- I'm basically a child that pays bills and drinks
- Pence pledges pantsuits to planned parenthood
- Rattle snakes and condoms, two things I don't fuck with
- Andre the Giant bag of dicks
- I can Somalia Djibouti from here
- We want a recount on our point total
- hotdads@hotmail.dads
- this quiz is rigged unless I win

Whiskey Bar
- Truck Fump
- Make Hogwarts great again
- Grab em by the dastardly nuggets
- Devon, you might be 21 now, but you're still adopted
- Please no more science
- The people that just walked out
- I mustache John a question


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