Today's Article - Annie Moore

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Anna "Annie" Moore (April 24, 1874 - December 6, 1924) was an Irish emigrant to the United States in 1892. She was the first immigrant to the United States to pass through federal immigrant inspection at the Ellis Island station in New York Harbor.
Moore arrived from County Cork, Ireland aboard the steamship called the Nevada on January 1, 1892. It was reported that her arrival was on her 15th birthday, but records in Ireland reveal that her birthday was in May and she was actually 17. Her brothers, Anthony and Philip, who journeyed with her, had just turned 15 and 12, respectively. As the first person to be processed at the newly opened facility, she was presented with an American $10 gold piece from an American Official, which is the equivalent of $267 in 2015 dollars accounting for inflation. From 1820 to 1920, more than 4 million people left their native shores of Ireland bound for the Port of New York and a new life in America. When Ellis Island officially opened on January 1, 1892, the first passenger registered through the now world-famous immigration station was a young Irish girl named Annie Moore. Annie departed from Queenstown (County Cork, Ireland) on December 20, 1891 aboard the S.S. Nevada, one of 148 steerage passengers. The trio would spend 12 days at sea (including Christmas Day), arriving in New York on Thursday evening, December 31. They were processed through Ellis Island the following morning, New Year's Day. All three children were soon reunited with their parents who were already living in New York.


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