Best Team Names of April, 2017...

ABV Social
- Our couch pulls out but we don't
- At the end of his rope: the Aaron Hernandez Story
- We did more guessing here than we did on our taxes.
- Croquet is not a sport

Allgauers Pub
- Single and ready to mingle

Bavarian Bierhaus
- If you fillabuster our answers we will go nuclear

Boomers Sports Pub
- Elway is Spanish for the way
- United We Stand
- Bill O'Reilly - Love Machine

Brass Monkey
- We are so deep, they'll have to pump us sunshine
- You change your mind like a girl changes her tampon!
- Bill O'Reilly's Next Bestseller: Killing Bill O'Reilly
- I Got More Hung Up On this Quiz than Aaron Hernandez in a jail cell (

Caffrey's Pub
- Gonzargal my Balls.
- You must be Rainman if you knew the names of Sarah Palin's kids

- McDonald's Szechuan Dipping Sauce From the Movie Mulan
- I Didn't Peg Out in Time
- United Airlines: First Class, Medallion or Fight Club

Camp Bar, Shorewood
- It's our first date- a gift card would be nice. Preferably two $5 cards in case there's no second date
- Nine Inch Males

Camp Bar, Third Ward
- We prefer cities with double d's
- Camouflage condoms, never see us coming
- Assad's bad gas
- United Airlines Passenger One
Camp Bar, Tosa
- Jeffrey Dahmer's Lampshades and More, Interior Deco
- Bill Cosby Innocence Project
- Sean Spicer Needs to Work on His Concentration
- Black Forest AKA My Pubes
- Team Hernandez: Still Hanging in There

Highbury Pub
- Klondike will need a new logo soon
- Gweneth Paltrows guide to anal sex
- Dahmers lamp shades n more interior deco

- I missed Greys for this
- Shrek yourself before you wreck yourself
- We may have lost trivia, but at least we weren't drafted by Cleveland
- Only scrubs don't know TLC

Jack's American Pub
- Papyrus: Also known as "Papyrus"
- Off to your mom
- It takes Jim Hines as long to run 100m as it takes me to orgasm
- When it's April 4th and she's still pregnant
- "Is there a doctor here? GET THE FUCK OUT!" #United
- The "not so United" airlines
- Save a tree, eat a beaver
- United airlines new slogan: go fuck yourself
- Bill O'Reillys Chamber of secret
- I have anxiety about picking my team name
- Wow... that last team name sucked
- I'm too drunk to taste this chicken
- Just the tip is my favorite thing
Loaded Slate
- I'll put my Big Ben in your Elizabeth tower
- My drinking team has a trivia problem
- Fuck the Blackhawks
- We will beat you like United

Lucky Chance
- Who's That Tubthumping in My Chumbawumba?
- Channing All Over Your Tatum and Bouncing Djibouti
- Doin' Bumps Like Sheen

- Sometimes I drink water just to surprise my liver
- Board as a doctor, leave as a patient
- Stephen Hawking's school of dance
- I enjoy long romantic walks to the refrigerator at night
- Surprise Sex is the Best Sex (Except in Prison)

Milwaukee Ale House
- Balls Deep in The Rough
- Did You Hear The Joke About Helen Keller? Don't Worry, Neither Did She
- Something Something United Airlines
- The Order of the Phoniecians
- Only served three years of a life sentence, Patriots keep cheating
- Hanging In There Like Aaron Hernandez
- We Just Murdered This Trivia...and Live Streamed It!
- Golf Balls Are Made of Deez Nuts
- With $50 In My Pocket, I'm A Trillionaire in Zimbabwe
Milwaukee Brat House
- Scott Walker's Bald Spot
- This ponytail hides my weed
- Bourbon, bath, and bon iver
- Ready or nut, here I cum
- Who screwed up the worst - Pepsi, United Airlines,  or Sean Spicer?
New Berlin Ale House
- I thought this was speed dating!
- United we stand, Together we get dragged off airplanes

- When you name your kid ’North West,’ they’re going straight to the top and a little left.
- Jupiter has Ganymede but Uranus has noble gases

- Aaron Hernandez linen service, just hang it by the window
- Jesus is coming! Get him a towel!

Red Rock Saloon
- Parallel lines have much in common, it's a shame they will never meet
- R Kelly's Shower Club
- Laser Guided Love Machines
- Man, I Feel Like a Woman - The Kaitlin Jenner Story

Second Salem Brewing Co
- We like it rough, just like United
- In dog beers we've only had one

The Source Public House
- Thanks for making us talk about boob jobs on the first date.
- 3 Gays and Trivia

St. Francis Brewery
- Black Hawk May Be Down but Ryan Can't Forget
- Brett Favre Shouldn't Break Young Girl's Hearts
- The Dirty Thirties We're Dirty in More Ways Than One!
- United We Stand...Until We're Overbooked

The Tosa Tavern
- Shakira has a nice Djibuti
- United Airlines Customer Care (1-800-Beat-You)
- Aaron Hernandez, because we go for low "Hanging" Fruit

Uptown Tavern
- Mesh shorts at the strip club
- Bukkake Party
Von Trier
- This trivia was lit - literally because our answer sheet caught on fire
- Flying United... What A Drag
- Outback at dat ass

Whiskey Bar
- Apparently the right answer was just plants
- I didn't know Ray Rice works for United Airlines
- Harry potter and the battle for women's suffrage


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