Best Team Names of June 2017!

Game of Thrones Trivia 
- Night's Watch on the Street, Wildling in the Sheets
- Show Me Your Moon Door
- Varys My Dragon
- Game of Bones... Get it?
- Craster's Boys are Back in Town
- A Team Has No Name
- A Girl Has No Team
- Ned Stark's "Brass"tards
- I drink, but I know nothing.
- A Team Has No Brain
- Hardest game of fuck, marry, kill... Jorah after he gets that stone disease, the Hound, Hodor
- Have you Seen My Penis: An Unsullied Story
- If you're Jamie and you know it, clap your hand!
- Our governor is a White Walker
- The Hound In The Street, Podrick In The Sheets
- Call A Maester - I've Had A Throner For More Than 6 Seasons
- #noygrittes
- We Drink and We Kinda Sorta Know Things
- When you put your little finger in her red keep, make sure your wildfire ends up on her twins
- Clegane Bowl: What Is Hyped May Never Die
- This quiz was harder than Tyrion in a brothel
- Bran Did It For a Better Parking Spot
- Mhysa Horny, Mhysa Love You Long Time

Bavarian Bierhaus
- We were late because Tiger Woods was my designated drive
- Tiger woods driving school 
- We don't skinny dip...we chunky dunk!
- Polka? I hardly know her!
- Trivia Newton John 
- Eat. Drink. Win Trivia. 
- North is always straight up
- Acordian to Nick we are the best
- Tommy politics and the underground pumpkins

Boomers Sports Pub
- Amish Against Climate Agreement
- Only the British would come up with mashed peas
- My trivia partner doesn't know this is a date

Brass Monkey
- Alpha Kenny Body
- What's the difference between a chick pea and a garbanzo bean? I've never had a garbanzo bean in my mouth.

Broken Bat Brewing Co
- DUI of the Tiger
- I know what the problem with Tiger's golf game, he can't see straight when he drives. (Leave Tiger Alone!)
- Honey I Shrunk the Mexican
- Dog showing is not a sport
- Quized in my pants
- The jury isn't the only thing hung in the Bill Cosby trial

Caffrey's Pub
- Out of work hand models seeking hand jobs

- Flames...At the Side of My Face!
- Chlamydia Riddled Koalas
- Fat-Shamed Sean Spicer
- Vladimir Poopin

Camp Bar, Shorewood
- William Howard Taft - The Ultimate Mustache Ride
- 2 Dads Lookin for a Good Time
- The rusty trombone quartet
- My fiancé thought mascarpone was a mob boss
- We All Got Stood Up By The Same Guy Tonight.. #Winning

Camp Bar, Third Ward
- Pulling Out, Why Melania is Jealous of Paris
- Does a Tiger Shit in the Woods?
- You were making out during Schindler's List?
- Vagina Jokes Aren't Funny, Period
- Lebron's Best Fade Away is His Hairline
- The Utah Polygamous
- We're here for the gangbang
- The best way to spread trivia cheer is to shout the answers for all to hear

Camp Bar, Tosa
- The Last Time I Played Hockey Naked, the Puck Got Stuck in My Crease
- a 6x6 Box Could Ride Taft's Mustache
- The 4th G in James Bond Stands for Gonorhea
- What Do You Call Having Sex with a Clown? A Funny Bone!
- Good names: N is for Nascar, A is for Ascar, S is for Scar, C is for Car, A is for Ar, R is for Rrrracists
- Bill Cosby's Hung (Jury)
- CO2 Emissions? Germany Hasn't Burned Anything Since the Holocaust
- Your Mom needs a Team Name
- Our family tree doesn't branch, it loops
-  I farted and now I have a foggy bottom

Dugout 54
- You Otto not go to North Korea
- We Got Mac 'N Cheese Sweats. 

- Covfefe
- Air is dope, space has no air. Fuck space
- Who needs jazz in the park when you have Hotch
- Hotch-a-done
- Snifter my balls
- We'll at least we'll win at hotch next week
- Bye Lisa you were great (best team name, all the sucking up, lol)

Jack's American Pub
- In queso emergency, pray to cheeses
- The problem with tigers game is that he can't drive straight
- Thanks for Putin us upstairs
- War, huh, what is it good for? Dick Cheney's bank account.
- Nine Inch Males
- It's not cannablaism if you don't swallow
- The bud makes us weisers
- Hotter than the London apartments

JBs on 41
- Even In Defeat We Still Win
- The Quizzards of Azkaban
- Ed Gein's Tanning Company
- Is a Hot Dog a Sandwich?
- The Best Team Name
- Schweddy Balls
- Minnesota #thetoiletofthenorth #10000lakesofsuck 
- I Don't do Cocaine But I Like the Way It Smells 
- Periodic Table Dancers
- Winning with alternative facts

The Landing at Hoyt Park
- While my Qatar gently weeps
- Helen Killer's never-ending escape room
- I don't always pull out, but when I do it's from the Paris Accord
- I lost my balls in Erin's hills
- My man bun has executive privilege
- This beer tastes like I'm not going to work tomorrow
- The rain never came, and neither did I
- I shot the sheriff, but not the blimp
- Second-hand hand jobs
- I'm not using Google (bing)
- Think outside the manbun
- The people next to us brought a bottle of that allowed?
- The people next to us are tattle tales, is that cool?

Loaded Slate
- Comie is my homie
- I thought this was speed dating
- Milwaukees best... or nothing
- I just peed my pants
- Jeffrey dahmers house of ribs
- How do my tits look?
- Millennials are ruining trivia
- Star spangled hammered
- Covfefe is my safe word 

Lucky Chance
- Pabst and Loathing in West Allis
- Penis Fly Trap
- Soooo, You're Saying There's a Chance!!
- Castration Takes A Lot of Balls

- Irish we didn't come in last place
- My Penis is my strongest muscle
- Turn up the Taft Punk
- Bitches and Their Ugly Friends

Milwaukee Ale House
- Don't Comey A Liar
- Even Angelina's 14 Kids Thought Salt Was Terrible
- Save a Dollar, Ride a Quizmaster
- Bar Bar Drinks
- The Bears Still Suck Worse Than Us
- Grab Her By The Brewski
- Spidermen 2: Too Many Spidermen
- We Knew It Was The High Jump Before That Asshole
- Mysterious gymnast vagina
- In third place with 18 points is team fourth place
- Should've Went To Summerfest
- Binge Drinking at Summerfest Is All the Health Care I Need

Milwaukee Brat House
- Reykjavik wrecking crew
- The official language of Montreal is douche bag
- Scott Walker's bald spot
- Nobody exists on purpose. Nobody belongs anywhere. Everybody is gonna die. Come have a beer.
- Make America quiz again
- Right 100% of the time 30% of the time
- Close encounters of the quiz kind

New Berlin Ale House
- That's What Cheesehead
- Djibouti or Ja Booty?
- Tig Ole Bitties
- Educators Anonymous

- Just like the cavaliers, second place is inevitable
- Lick us on Facebook
- Nick Cage's Cream gave Me the Clapton
- The best O'Lydias quizmaster we've had yet!
- If Bill cosby can be acquitted, we can win too!

Red Rock Saloon
- Wood You Whisper in My Ear?
- The Number of Friends Questions is TOO DAMN HIGH!
The Source Public House
- We Need Another Drink Before We Can Come Up With a Clever Name
- The Fosburys taste like Fosburys

Three Lions Pub
- We may suck at trivia, but we don't suck at friendship
- Michael Jackson was never white
- I'd think of something cheeky but I don't want to be an ass
- Bob has bitch tits
- Why couldn't Trump's dad pull out just like he did in Paris
- Is that David Beckham? No... he looks like a goob
- I may have Alzheimer's but at least I don't have Alzheimer's
- Unemployed hand models looking for a hand job

Tosa Tavern
- Billy Zane in the Membrane
- We're feeling Surly tonight
- On my phone the whole time
- Steve Buscemi has **** me eyes
- If you do trivia without beers, is it even trivia? -
- Toy Story was real to me

Tosa Tavern
- Michael Moore's Next Documentary Titled: Make America Covfefe Again

Uptown Tavern
- Magic Johnson: the Gathering

Von Trier
- we got your team name right "Pierre"
- Morgan Freeman's titty sprinkles
- I am sick of these motherfuckin' snakes in this motherfuckin' bar 

Whiskey Bar
- The band is back together...and we still hate eachother
- We'll have our own trivia, with blackjack, and hookers!


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