Best Team Names of July 2017!

Harry Potter Trivia Night
- Cho Chang is a Bitch
- Chicken and Quaffles
- For Fawkes Sake
- J.K. Rowling and the Homies
- Neville Gonna Give You Up, Neville Gonna Let You Down
- Headless Buckbeaks
- Slytherin into your DMs
- Golden Snitches Get Stitches
- Bone Thugs and Hermoine
- Nagina in a Bottle
- Dumb and Dumbledore
- Wingardium Triviosa!
- Matthew Lewis gets an A+ transfiguration
- Not a great time for a house elf to be in my bedroom
- Gryffindorks
- Gryffindor in the streets, Slytherin in the Sheets
- Ron's last corned beef sandwich
- My Nevilles Longbottom make your Myrtle Moan
- Hermione could have taken care of this shit in 3 books
- Make Voldemort Pay For the Wall
- Gryffinwhores and Hufflesluts
- ...You Have Your Mother's Thighs
- I'm The Reason Myrtle Moans
- Harry Potter and the Half Drunk Bitches
- Moaning Myrtle's Toilet Fetish
- Ten Pints to Gryffindor
- Tonight my Basalisk is going to Slytherin to your Chamber of Secrets and Make you Moan like Myrtle 
- Snapes on a Plane
- Your girlfriend's name is Dumbledore because she's the real Headmaster
- Do you want to Slytherin my Gryffindor
- Genital Hogwarts

Bavarian Bierhaus
- I'm Drunk 
- The Actual Germans 
- Nerds Gone Wild 
- Limited Edition Folger's Coffee: Steve Brewscemi
- The juice is loose

Brass Monkey
- Armageddon is the best documentary second only to Top Gun.
- E=MC Hammered

Caffrey's Pub
- “Belle said she was 18” - the Beast

- We're Just A Trivia Team, Standing In Front of A Quizmaster...
- Colonel Mustard with the Lead Pipe in Miss Peacock's Back Door
- We promise we aren't stalking you!

Camp Bar, Shorewood
- Chris Christie's Beach Partayyy!
- I Would've Won this Trivia if it Weren't For Those Meddling Kids
- Camp Counselors
- We Will, We Will, Trump You *Boom, Boom, Clap*
- If You're As Late as The GOP Health Care Bill, You're Pregnant

Camp Bar, Third Ward
- Quizlamic Jihad
- Look At My Boom Booms
- Dumber than Donald Trump's Twitter
- Jasona-aaaaa he's cheating on you
- Chris Christie #MakingBeachedWhalesGreatAgain
- Number Juan
- Doc Johnson's Johnson Doc
- The Juice is Loose
- What has 4 legs and sucked in the 80s? Def Leopard's guitarist and your mom

Camp Bar, Tosa
- What did Cinderella do when she got to the ball? She gagged!
- The Star Spangled Boners
- Good names: Idaho? No, U Da Ho!
- I-da-ho: All the States Touch Me
- I Swear Belle Told Me She Was 18 #oops
- David Bowie's Unit of Measure
- What's the Female Version of a Man Cave? The Kitchen
- And That's How I Beat My Meat
- I Listened to Aaron Carter Backwards and Got a DUI

Colectivo Lakefront Cafe
- We wish you a merry prime day and some happy new gear
- Gary Busey's Teeth
- Paul Walker's Driving School
- My mom lied every time she told me I was smart...
Jack's American Pub
- Brain-al leakage
- I would watch the shit out of olympic croquet
- Alex Trebek is a smug twat

JBs on 41
- The See You Next Thursdays
- We Always Come In Last, So What's the Point?
- We May Be Second, But We're Still Last

The Landing at Hoyt Park
- Penguins can fly if you throw them hard enough
- There is nothing noble about our gas
- A team has no name
- Captain Morgan:the second best thing since sliced bread-36
- White Russian collusion
- I'm a member of R Kelly's sex cult- guess my specialty
- Peter Dinklage gives me a Throner

Loaded Slate
- Shots on the bar!
- Your gun is digging into my hip
- Buttermilk slug dicks
- Fat kids win at seesaw
- Michael J Fox, Shaken not Stirred

Lucky Chance
- I Would Leia 'Round But I Jabba Thing
- I Quizzed in My Pants
- The Ass Landers

- Quiz in my pants
- Castration takes a lot of balls
- Stephen Hawkins school of dance
- I have to Schlitz
- Trivia: Just a big fact hunt
Milwaukee Ale House
- What the Fuck is a Buckeye?
- We Cooked Dinner But We Still Ate Out
- Paul's Mom has 28 Gold Medals...In The Bedroom
- Coca Cola Was Better When It Was Made With Cocaine
- Cosby School of Bartending

Milwaukee Brat House
- She's always right
- Capt morgan ain't got nothing on sailor jerry
- Churchill did not say "we'll fight them with our cocks out"
- I couldn't think of one

New Berlin Ale House
- New Berlin Fail House
- E=MC Hammered
- We've got the runs, and so do the Brewers!

- Winter is coming... and John snow doesn't pull out
- R Kelly's Piss

Red Rock Saloon
- Winnie the Poop
- Soooo, My Bumble Date Sux at Trivia.

The Tosa Tavern
- Quizzed" in my pants
- George Clooney's Bat-nipples are Hoobastanky
- The Juice is on the Loose!
- I'd Rather down 72 Hot Dogs than take this quiz again

Von Trier
- You say kiwi, I say cantaloupe, let's call the whole thing off
- Professor Plum in the bedroom with the rusty dildo

Whiskey Bar
- The titanic still has less leaks than the Trump administration
- Kurt Contains biggest hit was himself
- Whipping your Koch out
- Congrats to any Winehouse on being 6 years sober


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