The Walking Dead Trivia Night is this November...


You can breathe, you can blink, you can cry... and now you can quiz! The Walking Dead trivia night is back at select venues this November! Plus select venues will be showing a live screening of episode 102 (season 8, episode 3) after the quiz is done!

Expect this quiz to cover all topics from season one through seven, and possibly a question or two from the first two episodes of season 8! So spoiler alert --- BE UP TO DATE!

Current locations and dates include...

Sunday November 5th...
- Camp Bar, Shorewood, 5:30pm (screening to follow quiz)
- Camp Bar, Third Ward, 5:30pm (screening to follow quiz)
- Camp Bar, Wauwatosa, 5:30pm (screening to follow quiz)
- Red Rock Saloon, Madison, WI, 5:30pm

Wednesday November 8th...
- Last Call, 6:30pm (Minneapolis, MN)
- Uptown Tavern, 8pm (Minneapolis, MN)

** Packers fans: please note that there is no Packers game on November 5th - they play Monday night **

Expect the usual prizes for 1st, 2nd and "best TWD team name" and venues will be running specials too.

This quiz will be on a first-come, first-serve basis and entry fees will be paid on the night and will not exceed $5/player. For venues charging $5 per player there will be a cash prize (on top of the regular bar prizes) for the winning team.

Specially-themed quiz FAQs

Do we pre-register, sign up online? 
No. We do these events like it's 1999. Just show up --- we advise you arrive a little early to grab a good seat --- drink, think and have fun. Seating is on a first-come, first-served basis, no reservations.

Okay, how much is it? 
It varies for each venue. Up to $5/player but no more. Some venues may even be free to play (to the venue's discretion). Venues charging will offer a cash prize as well as bar tabs too. 

What are the prizes?
This will vary with each event but typically most are offering standard moolah for first place, second place and the best themed team name, mostly likely free beer or bar tabs to the venue.

Can I wear a special outfit or costume?
Absolutely. Particularly if you want to feature on the Facebook page. Hey, in some cases we even have costume contests and give out extra stash for those dressed up folks!

Can people under 21 play?
That's out of our hands we're afraid, and will vary depending on the venue. Our advice is to just call the venue in advance to find out.

Is there a team-size limit? 
Surprisingly no! While we typically have an 8-person limit for our regular quiz nights, we keep the specially-themed events open. Why? Well, we figured you'll need all the brain power possible.

Do spectators have to pay? 
Yup. If someone on your team is just there and "doesn't really know anything" they still have to cough up the dough.


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