Best Team Names of November!

Bank Shot
- If Kevin Spacey is gay, it's okay
- Vagina Jokes Aren't Funny...PERIOD!
- Children of the Corn
- Dixie Wrecked
- Dick Fingers, Astroglyde and 2 Fistin' Double Penetration
- Bill Cosby Rejects

Bavarian Bierhaus
- The former Matt Lauer Fan Club

Brass Monkey, West Allis
- I found Anita Vagina, so now I'm surrounded by Pussy Galore.
- Walt Disney Presents, The Untouchables, Featuring Harvey Weinstein as himself.
- Darty Minds
- Walt Disney Presents, The Untouchables, Featuring Harvey Weinstein as himself.
- I’ll Pay $100 for Quizmaster Katelin’s Community Chest

- Louis Showed Me His CO"C.K."
- Walt Jizzney's The Little Spermaid
- Real Housewives of Walker's Point
- Wearing a "Do Not Resuscitate" Bracelet to Thanksgiving

Camp Bar, Shorewood
- "I'm Gonna Make Her An Offer She Can't Refuse" - Harvey Weinstein
- Louis C Not Ok
- DVD Stands For Dick, Vagina, Dick
- Li Angelo Ball, Tryin' To Catch John Stockton in Steals
- If Kevin Spacey Was My Boss, I'd Want To Kill Him Too
- 3 Bitches and a Dog
- 3 Dudes and a Bitch -
- My Boyfriend Is A Lot Like Snails, Centipedes, and Squids - He Has No Spine

Camp Bar, Third Ward
- LiAngelo Ball and the Sticky Bandits
- Louis CK's Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap
- Cunts R Us....Like Toys R Us, but more fun
- Triviasaurus Rex
- We Would Never Call Our Opponents Short and Fat
- Horrible Bosses 3: Starring Harvey Weinstein, Roy Moore, and still Kevin Spacey
- Kevin's Safe Spacey
- We'll screw you harder than the tax bill
- The Noel it alls
- We have XCIX problems and this quiz may be one of them
Camp Bar, Tosa,
- Monica Lewinsky Loves Clinton-Dix
- Uncle Sandusky's Sleepover Party
- All We Want for Christmas is First Place at Trivia
- Keep 'Er Movin', and F**k the Bears
- Horrible Bosses 3 - Starring Weinstein, Spacey & CK
- On a Scale of Roy Moore to Charlie Manson, How Much Do You Like Teen Girls?
- Removing an Aquarium is a Tankless Job
- My Beaver Has a Big Red Spot
- Destiny is a Domesticated Pig from the Midwest

- Just Another Mueller Monday
- The Real Ex Patio Wives of Camino
- Smoking Weed is Illegal and We Don't Condone It

Izzy Hops
- We didn’t get 69 now, but we will later tonight
- I lance-her-a-lot in Cum-a-lot”

Jack's American Pub
- Big Trouble in Little Vagina
- Well at least we did better than the Packers
- Invisible Condoms - You didn't see us cumming
- If Kevin Spacey is gay, it's okay
- Weinstein's Warm Hands
- Then you brine the turkey...and shove it up your butt -
- You know what's 5000 times better than "Candle in the wind?" 5000 Candles in the wind
- Walking. Talking. Stephen Hawking

JBs on 41
- How Long Does it Take You to Get to Climax...Minnesota? #getyourheadoutofthegutter
- Even Kevin Spacey Can't Make Trump Look Good
- When You're Feeling Down, Let Harvey Weinstein Feel You Up
- Glory Hole in One #propyourballs
- Kevin Spacey Touched Me Too!
- Stop With All This Lovin, Touchin, Squeezin, It's Time to Tis the Season
- What Would You Do For a Klondike Bar? #doublethepleasure #doublethefun
- Ralph Benson's Moustache Ride

Loaded Slate
- The second season of Stranger Things wasn’t that great
- Trivia: a big fact hunt 5
- Roy Moore’s parental consent
- Thank god it’s spacex and not Spacey
- American beauty more like American booty
- Thanks Matt Lauer now I have to return all my coworkers Xmas gifts
- Dennis Quaid's quads

Lucky Chance
- Operation Blow Me Hard
- Louis CK-Fap, Fap, Fap
- I Did NAZI You Coming From Behind

Milwaukee Ale House
- Kevin Spacey and Helen Keller’s awkward first date

Milwaukee Ale House
- Paul’s Poophole Loophole
- Putting the Putin in Rasputin
- We Spent the Last 2.5 Months in Kevin Spaceys Basement
- Chew Chew Drink, I'm the Captain Now
- Welcome to Paul's Kittenballs Emporium!
- Pussy Ball aka Softball
- Cocksless Fours: The Best or Worst Orgy Ever
- The Other Drummer From Liverpool
- At Least I'm Not Matt Lauer - 67 pts
- On Lock Down Like Matt Lauer's Office -
- Enough With The Fucking James Bond Questions
- Make Being A Male In The Entertainment Industry Great Again

Milwaukee Brat House
- Pepperoni Nipples Strike Again!
- I'm flying solo tonight; hopefully I do better than Roy Halladay
- Too Bitchy to be a Lesbian (Margaret Thatcher)
- Riding Solo with the Poultry: the story of Lance Armstrong's be testicle on Black Wednesday
- Matt Lauer's Bad Hair Day

Milwaukee Brat House, Shorewood
- Trivia turkey trotters triumphantly trolling tromboners on a Tuesday
- Why did Simba's Dad die? Because he didn’t Mufasa-nough
- Everyone can eat shit! A big bag of shit! We’re the greatest trivia squad in the world!
- Pirates of the North Korean

- Medical biophysics is a soft science
- Uncles with Benefits

New Berlin Ale House
- From Sea To Shining Benghazi
- Flex Crunchington

- Kevin Spacey ... or John Wayne Gacy
- I like my Trivia how I like my women... easy
- Embarrassing Drunker Father'
- Mike Pence's Hot Daughter
- UCLA International School of Theft
-  Where in the world is Matt Lauer?
- Fucking Millenials, they can't keep a job

Red Rock Saloon
- Team don't know shit

Second Salem Brewing Co.
- I've Had Older
- Santa's Little Helpers

State Street Station
- The Cockless Four: Trump, Pence, Ryan and Sessions
- I Cried During The Fox and the Hound
- Hungry, Hungry Hippas
- The Village Idiots
- A Sheet of Money is a Girl's Best Friend
- I Thought This Was Speed Dating

The Tosa Tavern
- Kevin Spacey is a big fan of Operation Baby Lift
- Invading your Spacey
- So Kevin Spacey and Louis C.K. walk into a room
- Roy wants Moore, Moore, Moore!
- James Bond only uses the aubergine emoji

Uptown Tavern
- Grimes With Orange
- In Dog Beer We Have Only Had One

Whole Foods - Schaumburg
- Shreks tiny shripples
- Sexless panda

Whole Foods - Streeterville
- Vladimir Poopin and Colludin’

Whole Foods - West Loop
- One-year-old Trump is getting so bigly.

Whole Foods - Willowbrook
- Ghosts of Dominick's Past
- Le Tits Now 


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