Best Team Names of February 2018!

Disney Trivia Night
- I didn’t say Minnie was crazy, I said she was fucking goofy
- Whistle While You Twerk
- Bambi's Mom Deserved It
- The Magnificent Maleficents
- Slutty White and the Seven Dwarfs: Drunky, Goofy, Dizzy, Sloshy, Tipsy, Bitchy, and Frank
- Prince Eric's Dingle Hopper
- Hakuna Ma Twata
- Robin da Hood
- Bippity Boppity Back the fuck up
- You look good from jafar
- We drink because we are surrounded by tweedle dees and tweedle dumbs 
- Baby got hunchback
- The little spermaid
- Magic carpet riders
- Women who read and have ideas #sorrygaston
- 2 beauties and a beast
- I went down on Ariel and something was a bit fishy!
- Beauty on the streets, beast in the sheets
- UW Madison Disney Club Officee Board
- Dumbledory's
- Bippity Boppity Boobs

42 Ale House 
- Even our team name belongs in the shitter on flaming mountains
- Catch a crab sounds an awful lot like speed dating

Bavarian Bierhaus
-Trivia players from russia
- North Korean cheering squad

Bilda's Freiss Lake Pub
- Hey Bartender, another round of Tide Pods
- We got St Valentines massacred
- Greg says he'll buy everyone a round
- We thought this was speed dating

Brass Monkey
- Stock Market was down this week... unlike my dick!
- Double Sided Dildo, Everyone's a Winner!
- I'm gonna nutmeg when I get home tonight!
- Cobra Kai body bags... the best around!
- I still think Bambi's mom deserved it...
- Doesn't Kanye's bedroom have a jumbo-tron and a 60-piece orchestra?

Caffrey's Pub
- Will putting my balls in your hat get me to 3rd base?
- Charles' Dick - en yo mouth

- I'll Take Anal Bum Cover for 200, Trebek
- We Drank Tom Brady's Tears and Loved It
- Unscramble These Letters: FKCU!
- Blow Me Like One of Your French Horns
- Participation Medals Are All We've Ever Known
- Cougar Sighting in Brookfield? Must Be Ryan's Mom!
- Mind the Thigh Gap
- Dixie Normus
- Five Inches Collectively

Camp Bar Shorewood
- Jeffrey Dahmer's house of ribs
- We pay in sacageweas
- Marcellus and William Wallace, bros from different hoes
- I have a nickname for my balls “the good the bad and the ugly”
- 4 men in the presidents bath tub is a gay orgy
- Dr. Dre May Be From Compton But We're Straight Outta Camp Bar
- Gary Busey's Teeth
Camp Bar, Third Ward
- Brad Pitt can Tonga my Scranton Any Day
- It's Only Cannibalism If You Swallow
- I thought a Flamboyance was a group of Figure Skaters
- We Don't See the Georgian Luge Team
- North Korean Olympic Cheerleaders
- Shit I Booked My Flight to Pyongyang
- There's Norway We're Gonna Win Best Team Name
- The Olymp-dicks: Not Enough Luge
- Hot Take: Avatar Is Just OK
- Warren G. Hard-on
- Not My President's Day 
- Sabrina, Don't Just Stare at It, Eat It
- What's Brown and Rhymes with Snoop? Dr. Dre
- The Six Essential Nutrients for A Wisconsin Diet: Cheese, Funnel Cake, Beer, Veal, Milk and Fudge 

Camp Bar Tosa
- Team Low Brow... Just Kidding, it's a Tide Ad
- Janet Jackson's Wrinkly Tit
- My Ex Must Have Been Bactrian, because He Only Had 2 Humps in Him
- Larry Nassar, More Touching than a Hallmark Movie
- Chick-Fil-Atio
- There's Norway We're Going to Win
- Two Girls, One Luge
- A Clean Beaver Gets More Wood
- Your Mom Can Also Fit 4 Fully Grown Men
- Kim Kardashian's Vagina is the Northwest Passage
- Camouflaged Condoms: She Never Saw Us Coming

Club 400
- Quiz on my face
- Why are you calling me an alcoholic?
- Captain Planet is an eco terrorist

Izzy Hops
- Philadephia Smeagols
- Choux pastries are filled with feet!
- If the Choux pastry fits..
- Backstreet’s Back.....” - then they said Alright!

Jack's American Pub
- I was over prepared for the sports illustrated question 
- I didn't kill my wife" - OJ Simpson
- If you ain't first you're last
- Shirley Temple you can't be serious
- ...Tide ad
- Dahmer: The man that made Milwaukee food famous
- MSRP = My Schlong's really pleasing
- I'm not getting laid tonight

Loaded Slate
- Shawn White Privilege
- Olympic athletes from Milwaukee
- Stormy Daniels marital aids
- Brookfield cougar hunters meeow
- Wine em, dine em, 69 em

Lucky Chance
- The Hardest Part of a Vegetable to Eat is the Wheelchair
- Charlie Manson's Family Therapy
- The Titanic Made A Lot of Women Wet
- Two Gynecologists Without An Office
- The Harvey Weinstein School of Chivalry

- It’s stormi in north Chicago
- Getting wasted on Shirley Temples
- Drinking Team with a Trivia Problem
- I made her Moana all night long
 - I’m not gay but $20 is $20

MAM After Dark
- Time is Monet
- The Van G.O.A.T.'s
- Strangers After Dark
- Van Gogh's Other Missing Part
- Mo' Monet Mo' Problems
- We Touch Children....'s hearts

Milwaukee Ale House
- Camouflage Condoms: She never saw us coming
- Double deucin' on the toilet
- Bye Paul-icia
- RIP, the true hero Paul, Paul Walker
- Olympic cross country shotski team
- Shaun white privilege
- Fergy ferg 2020
- Real slim ladies
- Jack loves rose like kanye loves kanye

Milwaukee Brat House
- I Invented the GANG Bang Theory
- Jumping Through Hoops w/ My Fat Valentine
- Doping Curlers

Milwaukee Brat House, Shorewood
- Yak on my pubes
- Tom Brady mouth kisses his son
- Bang! Pregnant!
- You win some, you luge some
- Putin on the ritz
- Suck my tennis clock love
- I’m just here to get Schitlz faced
- Psychos in the corner
- Wayne Gretzky’s piercing blue eyes
- I like my sausage like I like my 80s movies: wrapped in bacon

- Fire Breathing Rubber Duckies
- Jerry the Pirate is a Smart Ask
- Is Arnold Palmer a Fan of Beyonce's "Lemonade" and Ice-T?

New Berlin Ale House 
- Randall Cobb Salad
- The past, the present, and the future walked into a was tense

- 2pac's alive in the flaming mountains
- You cannot use "beef stew" as a password... it's not stroganoff!
- We're shooting for a bronze
- If bananas contain potassium, call my dick a pharmacy

Red Lion Pub
- O.A.R. - Olympic Athletes of RedLion
- You're Acute Triangle. Want to have Sexangle.

Red Rock Saloon
- The Biggest Bone in the Human Body is in my Pants
- Scuba Steve and the Muff Divers
- If we win we get naming rights to Ryan's unborn child

Second Salem Brewing Co.
- Walking Talking Stephen Hawking

Sobelman's, Richfield
- Sobermans
- Soberwins
- SobOlympiWins

Three Lions Pub
- Rowing? That's the second time I caught crabs
- The Narrow Urethras
- Trump said he would willingly run into danger, but I doubt that dude could run anywhere

The Tosa Tavern
- Drinking Beer should be an Olympic Sport
- General Huxx is a Weasley
- Sarlacc My Balls
- Darth Maul of America

Uptown Tavern
- Pornstache and Blondie

Whole Foods - Edgewater
- The Squirrel that lives on Donald Trump's head

Whole Foods - Streeterville
- This is our team name, no it’s not, it’s a tide commercial
- Acid TripAdvisor

Whole Foods - West Loop
- And in first place is...
- Alexa asks Us
- Let's get these hicks outta the white house

Whole Foods - Willowbrook
- Seymour Buttes


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