Best Team Name of June, 2018

90s Trivia Night
- Buffy the Vampire Layer
- Lewinsky’s Handbags
- Drink Apple Juice because OJ will kill you
- Titanic Life Savers
- E=MC Hammer
- Dumb and Dumbers
- We ‘Stync
- Lt. Dans Legs
-  Been Drunk Since 1992
- The Frosted Tips
- We did not have quizical relations with that woman
- Lorena bobbit died in a car accident, apparently some dick cut her off
- You can tickle my elmo
- Zach Morris is Trash!
- Clinton: not so bad now is he?
- Tickle my Bobbit
- We may have lost but we kept our tomagochi alive
- In West Quizadelphia Born and Raised
- Slob it, don't Bobbit
- Triv free die hard
- Smells like Team Spirit
- Piiiivvoootttt
- My tomagachi has a pog addiction
- You got mail
- Could we BE anymore 90s?
- We were on a break!

42 Ale House 
- Hold me closer, Tony Danza
- I nicknamed my dick the burj khalifa
- Who needs Summerfest when you have trivia
- We are nihilists, it’s exhausting

Bavarian Bierhaus
- Stormi with a chance of golden showers

Brass Monkey, West Allis
- ATM - A hole in the wall to pay for holes in the wall
- What do Donald Trump and a condom  have in common? They both are good at separating children from their mothers...
- Florida: America's Droopy Dick
- When Summerfest Sucks, They Will Blame Trump!

- Is That Wagyu In Your Pants?
- Lizards Aren't the Only Ones Who Know How to Use Their Tongues
- Donald J Dump
- We Only Eat Cage Free Babies
- Charles Dickenabox

Camp Bar, Shorewood
- Artsy Fartsy Hipster Batman
- I Use a Spoonful of Vaseline Each Day Too, But I Don't Eat It
- Reach Out and Touch Someone Is Also Bill Clinton's Slogan
- *Insert Thong Song Here*

Camp Bar, Third Ward
- Lady Gaga's Meat Dress: #neverforget
- My favorite kind of BJ is Bowser Jr.
- Someone farted on Lebron, get eye
- IHOB: International House of Buttz
- Alex Trebek is a Smug Twat
- Justified to Nookie all over your face
- The Men On Our Team Are Well Hmong
- Mo-mo-mo-mormonism is my Fant-ta-ta-sy
- Monica Lewinski's Cuban Cigars
- No Pain, No Gein
- Reach out and touch Sandusky Summer Camps

Camp Bar, Tosa
- Violets are Red, Roses are Smelly, I Spent Last Night with Petroleum Jelly
- John Trivialta and Otrivia Newton John
- I'll Show You the Biggest Organ in the Body
- 7 Days without a Pun Makes One Week
- Why don't chickens wear pants? Their peckers are on their heads
- Reach Out and Touch Someone: The Archdiocese of Milwaukee
- Alice Cooper's Stupid Band Name

Club 400
- Asians drive so bad, I'm starting to think Pearl Harbor was an accident
- We drink and we know things

Colectivo Lakefront Cafe
- Jeffrey Dahmer’s House of Ribs
- Blood, Bath, and Beyond: Rated M for mature

Dugout 54
- Bleeding pus buckets
- The pen 15  club

Enlightened Brewery / Twisted Path
- Trump Gives Himself a Pard-On
- When I Pick Up a Bone It Means Something Completely Different
- Thomas Crapper: That Man Knew His Shit
- We Googled All the Answers
- Jeffrey Dahmer's Freezer of Pieroguys
- Fat Kids Are Harder to Kidnap
- Poop

Izzy Hops
- Oedipus and the Motherfuckers
- Lil’ Romeo ain’t got shit on Lil’ Bow Wow

Jack's American Pub
- Bill Cosby's Illegitimate Children
- Honey, I flunked the Quiz
- Quiz in my pants
- "Taste my rainbow" - Donald Trump
- I quized a girl and i liked it
- Never run with a bagpipe. you might hit someone in the eye. Worse yet, you might get kilt
- Doubtfire, in a meat dress, with the tommy gun

The Landing at Hoyt Park
- It's getting Hoyt in here
- Miralax: Runs Deep
- In dog beers we've only had one
- Why do ducks have tail feathers? To cover their butt quacks
- British accents make me HOT!
- Team mediocrity
- Coup de Tosa
- Trump's Pard-On
- I'm only here for the alibi
- Flat Earth Cartographers
- If it wasn't for America, this quiz would be in German
- Brewers Win, Cubs Lose, We Drink Beer
- Verne Troyer is a Giant of an Actor
- We don't flush at Trump Tower
- Happy 3rd Birthday Theo!
- We don't know Bruce Willis films
- Two girls, 1 cup of beer
- Average scores brought to you by WaterStone Bank
- England's greatest gift to the world - Murica!
- How many times did the UK go to the moon? Asking for a friend...
- Down with our colonial oppressors. God bless America!

Loaded Slate
- Bicurious George and the disappearing banana
- Chicks with dicks
- A team has no name

The Love Shack 
- Vincent Van Go Hards
- 2nd Cherry Cola Pop Divas

- Ed Gein’s Custom Upholstery and lampshades
- Really Really Ridiculously Good Looking
- My Dentist has all the drugs
- Parks & Wreck
- C U Next Tuesday

Midnight Pig Tap Room
- The Squirrel and the Stag

Milwaukee Ale House
- Get in the bunghole
- The official joint USA & North Korean supreme trivia team 
- This bicycle seat was designed specifically for lance Armstrong’s uniball
- But, like, who are the maids milking?
- Thomas crapper shit on our score

Milwaukee Brat House, downtown
- My husband grew up 3 blocks away from Dahmer and lived to tell the tale!
- My parents wish I'd been separated at the border.
- What's That Stench Coming From the Pfister? 

Milwaukee Brat House, Shorewood
- Introducing Kate spades new designer body bag
- Milwaukee brat house center for kids who can’t drink Schiltz good
- Everybody Kim Jung Un Tonight! KJ
- Make immigrants great again
- Trumps space force: on high alert for illegal aliens

New Berlin Ale House 
- The Not So Incredibles
- I’d rather be on jeopardy!

Newsroom Pub
- Six tits and a dick
- You're a Quizzard Harry
- Mr. Miagi and the E Street Band

Raised Grain Brewing Co.
- Les Quizzerables
- ICE, ICE, Baby Jails 

Rally Time, West Bend
- We're Not ashamed of what we did for a Klondike bar.
- My Drinking Team has a Trivia Problem
- 4 Dudes and a pair of boobs
- Crystal Methodists

Red Lion Pub
- The Derek Zoolander Team for Kids who can drink beer good, but wants to do trivia good too
- My doctor said to drink apple juice cause oj will kill you
- Quit thinking start drinking
- Flies spread disease so keep yours closed
- 5 inches Collectively
- Butter my Crossiant
- Insert Uranus Joke Here

Second Salem Brewing Co.
- Don’t Swear in Church

Sobelman's, Richfield
- Bed, Bath and Beyoncé
- Your a Quizard, Harry
- UW Zeros
- It's my birthday and I'll quiz if I want to
- The Australian kiss - like a French kiss but down under

The Tosa Tavern
- What's your favorite planet? Mines the sun
- Nobody puts baby in a corner, but Trump puts them in cages

Three Lions Pub
- The Ambien made us do it
- My parents said Jake Gyllanhael was boxing in Brokeback Mountain
- Trump’s staying at the Pfister, but I thought he lived Pee Pee
- Swanky Unicorns

Whole Foods, Streeterville 
- My grandma can’t wrestle but you should see her box
- The young and the Guessless

Whole Foods, West Loop
- Trump/Rodman 2020
- My Kid Is Having a Great Time At Trump Camp
- I Demand a Re-Count

Whole Foods, Willowbrook
- Drunk Suburbanites


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