Best Team Names of January 2019!

Disney Quiz
- JaNear, Jafar, JaWherever you are
- Freaky Rafikis
- Some day my pints will come
- Buzzed Lightbeer
- Turn down for Walt
- Pizza planet delivery crew
- Walt Deeznuts
- Hi hos hi hos into your butt we go
- Taco-belle
- Darlin it’s better down where it’s wetter
- Beauty and the yeast
- Andy loves his woody
- Stop being a bippity boppity bitch
- Bambi’s mom supports the 2nd amendment
- I got mugged by 6 Dwarfs last night. Not Happy.
- Bert swept Mary Poppins' chimney
- Wish Upon a Beer
- Andy's Mom has toys too
- Andy's mom played with Buzz and Woody too!
- There's a snake in my pants!
- Beauty in the streets, beast in the sheets
- I'll show you my sword if you show me your stone
- I'll let you ride my magic carpet

42 Ale House
- I wish this were birdbox so we didn’t have to see our score
- Just like the government, our brains are shut down
- The kids R Kelly peed on
- We Thought You Said CumTwat

Ale Station
- Vegetarian Meat Eaters
- My Drinking Team Has a Trivia Problem

Bank Shot
- Make Trivia Great Again

Bavarian Bierhaus
- I quizzed my pants.
- Breaking 3 of my New Years resolutions in one night!
- Alex Trebeks love child
- Your mom loves when I hang 11

Bilda's Freiss Lake Pub
- Not My American Family Park

Black Husky Brewing
- 2 guys and a girl walk into a dog bar..

Brass Monkey
- 2019... New Year... Same Shitty Trivia Teammates!
- How do you milk a Water Buffalo? With scuba gear?
- There is still one team that sucks more than this trivia team... the Bears still suck!
- Mike Oxlong and the Parishoners
- Dick van.. Damn, that dude is still alive?
- Just curious... is your pussy still loose or did you find your cat?
- Unlike the Australian Snapping Turtle, Quizmaster Katelin inhales DICKS up her butthole instead of air
- I am no meteorologist, but the forecast calls for Becca getting 12 inches tonight
- Young Dumb and Broke... Wait, I'm 30...

Caffrey's Pub
- Wake Me Up Before You Gogh-Gogh
- Virginia Monologues
- I Shower With My Dad
- Cruisin’ for a Brewsin’
- Super Smashed Bros
- Saints to the Super Bowl
- We came for the popcorn, stayed for the bar back
- Snow daze
- My dad hits me :(
- Call me Mr. Flintstone

Camp Bar, Shorewood
- My Pubes Are Cinnamon Colored
- The Last Time I Didn't Fuck on a First Date was A Second Date
- Laura Finally Came...To Trivia

Camp Bar, Third Ward
- Unabomber Barbie Playset: Mailbox Included
- We thought we'd do better, but we'll blame it on the Nutmeg
- Don't be Piste because I have an 87" Tricky Dick
- Whisky Dick Nixon
- Blizzards, the only time plowing 12 inches is acceptable
- What is the opposite of Christopher Reeve? Christopher Walken.

Camp Bar, Tosa
- To Kill a Mockingbird, All You Need is a Unabomber
- Your Butt is Mine: A Freddie Mercury Story
- It's going to be in the teens tonight... R. Kelly's Favorite Kind of Weather
- Monica Lewkinsky got the Slick Willy
- Tide Pods: Tomorrow is overrated

Club 400
- Trivia Turds
- Don’t stop believing we can win

- Boom goes the Bradley Center
- We Have All The Koalafications
- Meghan Markel can Bam-Bam my Pebbles anytime
- Donald Trump poops on a platter, asks “what’s the matter? don’t you like a little splatter?”

Compass Bar
- Playing trivia alone means you can't blame your team for being dumb

Izzy Hops
- King Tut’s Sticky Substance
- Polar Beers

Jack's American Pub
- National Park Shit down
- Science is a liar sometimes
- Fat kids always win at seesaw
- Da Bears Get no Puss
- Trump's Buffet
- Two dollar sloppy hoes

Loaded Slate
- Herbie Handcoxs
- Bernhard Langlers putter
- R Kelly’s children
- All you can eat pink tacos
- - If the senate keeps swiping left it’s going to be a lonely 2019
- Ignorant sluts
- Do you like fish sticks? (In and around your mouth)
- That’s what cheese head

- I'm still drunk from New Years
- I wish I was a jizzmaster
- The United Colors of Nancy Pelosi's Grandchildren
- The Cunning Stunts
- Two Dude, Two Cups
- Now that the government is shut down, we are going to steal the declaration of independence

- Pornhub Killed the Playboy Star
- White House Caterers
- 2 guys no cup
- Ladies Love cool Januaries

Milwaukee Ale House
- Is that a winter banana or are you just happy to see me?
- Let's Get Quizical
- Quiz in me daddy
- Make em cream city
- The us govt, where the shut down is slow but the food is fast
- Sassy classy yet gassy
- A javelin isn’t the only long thing around here

Milwaukee Brat House
- Pour One Out for Mean Jean
- Your Mom Goes 87 MPH on Her Back
- You Dont Have to Wait Til Midnight to See My Balls Drop
- White House McDonalds Buffet
- Team Dumbledore, but Your Mom is the Real Head Master

Milwaukee Brat House, Shorewood
- Black olives matter
- Girth control
- Jacob pays for tinder
- The popular 1950s children’s game-pussy
- I’ll show you a chudley cannon
- Miller family insures the win
- This weather is making our balls black and blue

Muldoon's Irish Pub
- John Wilkes Corner Booth
- I Know Victoria’s Secret

New Berlin Ale House
- Trivia shutdown, build that fence!
- Anything is a dildo if you're brave enough
- Discount double doink!
- I quizzed my pants 4th
- Help, help, they've trapped me inside the body of quizmaster Ross, seriously somebody help please, anyone
- Laffy taphophobia (the fear of being buried in laffy taffy!)
- Our trivia partners don't know this is a date

Newsroom Pub 
- Don't 'boo' me; I have a fragile ego
- We are still poorer than Jeff Besos minus 68 billion
- We wish we were hockey fans but alas we are just 2 future music therapists and a banker
- Stranger Danger

- Thicc Bois
- My girlfriend can’t wrestle but you need to see her box
- Trump shuts down the government as good as he shuts down my vagina

Rally Time, West Bend
- Take a look at THESE Golden Globes
- The Little Mermen

Red Lion Pub
- Better Late Than Pregnant
- The team formally known as Kringle Bells
- What's the Square Root of 2019.... You're Mom
- Mitch McConel Hide and Seek Champ
- Turns out Gillette isn't good on Sensitive Skin
- Where is my tax return????
- Hangin 11 at 11... Tonight. Be there.
- Neptune may be coldest, but Uranus is the hottest

Second Salem Brewing Co.
- Why did i come back this semester?

- Our Couch Doesn’t Pull Out And Neither Do We
- Clemson and Monica Lewinsky Had Their Way At the White House
- Polar Whoretex
- Neptune Is Not In Uranus
- We hope the Rams hang 11 on Tom Brady’s face and we hope hang 11means what we think it means

Three Lions Pub
- New year, same idiots
- The essential nutrients of life: Gym, Tan, Laundry
- Kumquat in Chief

The Tosa Tavern
- New Years detox will start next week
- I wish this was cash cab
- My favorite pokemon character is Coveffe
- Trumpy Dumpty Sat on a wall, Trumpty Dumpty had a great fall
- Who the hell is Matt LaFleur?
- The Real Housewives of Whole Foods
- Better Chance of surviving the polar vortex naked than winning trivia

Urban Beets, Downtown
- Beet Eaters
- Shut your Fucking Face Uncle fucker
- Cunning Stunts
- Suffering succotash

Urban Beets, Tosa
- They tried to make Trump fund the gov't, eh said "No, no, no!"
- There is no cheeseburger on the menu

Whole Foods, Edgewater
- You're Telling us Jeff Bezos can only afford a $30 gift card?
- Bezos Divorce Court

Whole Foods, Streeterville
- My 2019 resolution is to finish my to do list from 2016
- Beer and present danger
- Still lost in Steve Buscemi’s Eyes
- DJ Fantastic Beats and where to find them
- Periodic table dancers

Whole Foods, West Loop
- New Year, New Drunk Us
- Toxic Mas-quiz-linity
- Looks Like Rob’s Getting the Shaft
- Emperor’s New Wall
- 1000 Hamberders and a Hot Cup of Covfefe
- Trivia Shutdown in this Bitch
- Blood Red Wolf Men
- Milwaukee Talkies Meh
- Rudy, Tudy, Crass ‘n Moody

Whole Foods, Willowbrook
- I came back from Arizona for this


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