Best Team Names of May 2019!

Parks and Recreation Trivia
- I want all the bacon and eggs you have. I worry you didn't hear me. I don't want a lot of bacon and eggs. I want all the bacon and eggs you have
- Scarecrow Boat
- The Low-Cal Calzone Zone
- Johnny Karate Super Awesome Musical Explosion Show
- 1st in Friendship, 4th in Obesity
- Department of Homeland Obscurity
- Ethel Beavers’ Beavers
- Money, please!
- If you can’t handle me at my Andy Dwyer, you can’t handle me at my Leslie Knope!
- The three-skins
- Fill the pit!
- We got Knope Hope
- Little Sebastian's micro-penis
- I'm Perd Hapley and this is our trivia team
- The Very Good Trivia Team
- Perdverts
- Threeskin
- I was thinking with my lady parts
- The Low Cal CalzoneZoners

42 Ale House
- Measles- give it a shot
- 'Win from within'... a vibrator's slogan

Ale Station
- My Drinking Team Has a Trivia Problem
- Grandpa Joe Skipped Leg Day
- Playing Twister With Ryan Gosling

Bavarian Bierhaus
- Nikia: goddess of trivia
- Please Tip Your Host
- The Bartender's Mustache is Better Than John Oates

Brass Monkey, West Allis
- Taller People Sleep Longer in Bed
- I can't play the clarinet but you cant play my skin flute!
- I'll perforate your oblong hole
- Richard Simmons may be 70 years old, but he sucks cock like an 18 year old at prom.
- If at first you don't succeed, try a bottle opener. It probably isn't a twist top.
- Let's eat out is your mom's slogan

Caffrey's Pub
- I thought this was speed dating
- Shuttlecocks in Uranus
- I was breastfed till I was 7
- Tron Javolta
- The new TVs
- Happy 2nd anniversary to Mike Pence f***ing a horse
- There’s food at home
- BaCardi B's

Camp Bar, Shorewood
- A Chameleon did go to space, but no one saw it

Camp, Third Ward
- Only the Brits Would Teabag in a Tank
- Cersei & Jamie on the Rocks
- Taylor & The Meat Sweats™
- Bran the Broken, Never Stroken

Camp Bar, Tosa
- Phalloplastered Shuttlecocks
- My Largest Organ Would Win The Battle Of the Bulge
- It was Paul in Camp Bar with the microphone... he's killing it!
- Fake dads are faux pas
- Better late than pregnant, especially in Alabama

Club 400
- The millennials that don’t know what bimillenial is
- Bruce Jenner-talia
- Two Wong’s don’t make a right

Colectivo, Lakefront Cafe
- Who lives in a pineapple under the sea? No one cause they’d be dead

Colectivo, Monroe Street
- The Five Skins
- We don’t know a latte but we’re chai-ing
- Team Awesomely Late / spelling and good penmanship is not my good work
- Alexandria O-quiz-io-Cortez
- A Team Has No Name

Izzy Hops
- But aside from that, Ms. Kennedy, how was the parade?
- Moaning Lisa
- Drake should take the blue pill

Jack's American Pub
- Crimean River
- Prince Charles In the streets ed gein in the sheets
- Im no obstetrician but I’ll take a look
- Ed geins favirote cookie? Lady fingers
- Shaving Ryan's Privates
- Two dudes one pitcher

Loaded Slate
- Bucks in.... pour me another one

- I Wish Boys Look at me Like the Night King looks at Bran
- GOT is just the porn version of Lord of the Rings
- Anal Bum Covers
- Sorry About Your Shitty Dragon Show

- maximum insecurity
- We’re not drunk just dehydrated
- We were on a break
- I lost my virginity at 62
- How do OB/GYNs prefer their eggs? Ovaries-y

Milwaukee Ale House
- Y’all ready for Kim k to be a lawyer
- Ray j hit it first
- Whoa black Betty ambulance
- Wiff my balls
- Attorney generals shower buddies
- Here comes the meat wagon
- The significantly older table was the only one to get the king of swing question
- Win from within...Trojan conforms
- More backed up than Niagra Falls
- Entertainment 720

Milwaukee Brat House, Downtown
- We Don't Care What Happens Tonight Because We Won Marvel Trivia a Couple Weeks Ago And Wanted The Bar To Know

Milwaukee Brat House, Shorewood
- What’s worse than ants in your pants? Uncles in your pants
- We are useless with useless knowledge
- Poop dood
- Raptors? More like craptors #bucksin6
- Save a seamare ride a cowboy

New Berlin Ale House
- BrokenAnkleDerbyWinner
- Baldwin's fraternal twin, Alec Hair loss
- Harry Balswin
- Yay Vaginas!
- She nurses patients, not her drinks
- Ted Bundy did it Better

Newsroom Pub
- The Ottoman Empire was followed by the Sectional Empire which was taken over by the Couch

- Wanna see my boom box or are you into ghetto blasters?

Raised Grain Brewing Co.
- Giannis is upon us!
- Fear no Beer
- Bucks In Sex

Rally Time, West Bend
- Panic at the Palace When We Run Out Of Beer
- Sarah Has A Nice Pair Of Eyes
- Senor Quiztopher Quiztopherson
- My Safe Word Is Pineapple Juice
- Quiz Kalifa

Red Lion Pub
- Michael Jackson DID do it
- Lance Armstrong Biking on The Moon
- I am the biggest asshole here
- Dinosaurs are just giant Chickens
- Hairy Name Little Weiner Club

Second Salem Brewing
- Mande's mom has got it going on!

- The Quizlamic State
- Talk Derby to Me
- A Claire Voyant Voyage
- Team Flip Phone
- Giant Bangos, Giant waango
- Obtuse Rubber Goose Green Views Guava Juice

Three Lions Pub
- If beers were tears how would I cry myself to sleep at night
- Ah Phuket, we’re not winning tonight
- Mashed Potato Heads

The Tosa Tavern
- Milwaukee Tea Bag Party
- I came to America to forget about Brexit
- Quiz Master, Quiz Faster
- I play tug of war alone
- Surly, you can't be serious...Don't call me Surly
- Beer the Fear
- Fear the Beer
- Drake's Back Rub
- I'd also like a cougar to polish me

- Trivia Is The Second Best Thing I Do By Myself
- Of Course Nuts Can Blow
- Feeling Like A Disney Princess
- My Horn Is 12 Feet Long
- We Demand Executive Privilege For This Quiz
- Trivia Newton John
- "Wau" we playin', we suck
- Sit The Buck Down, Drake!

Whole Foods, West Loop
- If it’s Hungary, I’m going to kick your ass
- We drink and we know things
- People are dying Kim
- Winter is Leaving
- 1 $150k degree and 0 correct answers
- Uber pissed about my lyft job, quick like a bunny

Whole Foods, Streeterville
- I’m not the father!
- I told you! Boat Surchargers
- How I Met Your Mother...of Dragons


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