Best Team Names of July 2019!

Disney Trivia
- Adult Toy Story: I've Got a Friend in Me
- Darling it's better down where it's wetter
- Buzz’s morning woody
- Beauty in the streets beast in the sheets
- The Three Muses and a Moose
- Leaning tower of CHEESA!
- The Three Mouseketeers
- You looked better from Jafar
- "I have a dream" to "go the distance" and will not "let it go"
- Turn Down for Walt
- Dis Ney is my Left and Dis Ney is my right
- Whistle While you Twerk
- The Goof Troop
- Quizney Princesses
- Uncle Scar's Tiki Bar
- Jenear, Jafar, Wherever Ja-Are
- Guardians of the Dinglehopper
- My Seashells Bring all the Boys to the Yard
- Mulania and the Trump
- Tweedledee and Tweedledum
- The Walt Quiznies
- The Dumbos
- Are you Jafar? No I'm Close, Glenn Close in 101 Dalmations live action 1996
- The Beer Necessities
- My Parents Didn't Let me Watch Anything but Disney Movies Until I was 25 #fact
- Free Lamp Rubs
- We Survived The Matterhorn
- Lamps Aren't The Only Thing Aladdin Rubs
- Bro White and his 7 Whores
- Whistle while you Twerk
- Andy's Mom's Toys
- The Taco Belles
- Turn Down for WALT!
- Some day my Pints will come

42 Ale House
- Brittany should have used protection on that snake

Black Husky Brewing
- We put the sex in dyslexic
- Can we Mmmbop our score up?
- First class flight from ASS to POO

Brass Monkey, West Allis
- Billy Ocean is the Hottest Ocean
- The only score lower than ours is Joe Biden's IQ.
- New Zealand: Where men are men and sheep are nervous.
- We think, We drink; Sometimes we win and Sometimes we stink
- We did not collude with Russians on this quiz
- Due to the lack of champions, Wheaties has changed its slogan to the Breakfast of Serial Deviants.
- All I Want Is An Adult Onesie and Popcorn!

Caffrey's Pub
- American Education: We know nothing!
- What the fuck did Nickelback do wrong?
- I went blonde because I want to attract fuck boys
- Megan Rapinoe, please punch us in the face
- What Would Chris Christie Do?
- I have angina
- Will you be my Guantanamo Bae?
- We’re here! There’s beer! Get used to it!
- Cracked under pressure
- Area 51: the final frontier
- Nintendo sixty whores
- Don’t forget about the Alzheimer’s run this week!
- P. Sherman, 42 Wallaby Way, Sydney

Camp Bar Shorewood
- Guantanamo Bae
- The Late ADDitions
- Our odds are pretty even
- I Hate Pants
- Our parents thought we would do better at this
- Key West, Kanye’s Mother

Camp Bar Third Ward
- The Good, The Trump, and The Trump
- Uecker Can Sniff My Sausage Any Day
- Big Thunder Down Under - Donald Trumps Alternate Slogan
- Does Mannekin Pis' Urine Smell like Brussel Sprouts?
- I can circle Uranus in 25 minutes flat
- Teeth is to Tooth as Spleen is to Sploon

Camp Bar Tosa
- My Shuttlecock is Hard for Your Thunderballs
- Win from Within: A Vibrator's Slogan
- Lick Our Dick? Yes We Can!
- Epstein School for Gifted Youth
- This Quizmaster Makes More than the Goalie to the Women's US Soccer Team
- This Homo is Erectus
- Where is the Penis's 2nd Attachment?
- Google 'Scallop Eyes' and Be Haunted Forever
- Since Squirrels Reproduce So Quickly, Are they Sex Kittens?

Club 400
- the Abusement Park

Colectivo, Lakefront
- Put the tungsten my booty
- Veggie Tales taught me nothing
- Shaken, not stirred. Unless it’s a baby. Never shake a baby
- Are your Levi’s made out of mirrors? I can see myself in them

Colectivo, Monroe St
- Thursdays Aren't Good for Us
- Help me I'm Poor!
Finally Understanding Nothing
- Catalan Independence Movement
- Thursdays Aren't Good For Us
- The Scrappy Don'ts

Izzy Hops
- U.S.Ayy Pay Women Equally
- Steve Buscemi's Angel Eyes
- Team 69
- The Olympic Firing Squad gold medalists
- I'll F D your R
- Operation Quizzy Hops: Mission Failed

Jack's American Pub
- Does a rim job count as a ring around Uranus
- Now taking donations for Mitch's Mammoplasty
- My boyfriend's uncle's girlfriend's niece's dog was on cops one time
- As long as I have a face, you have a place to sit
- We’ll give you a Boston Cream Pie in half a Nano Second.
- Mitch, we can't be friends anymore because you like Creed and Nickelback
- Operation PAperclip, also code name for my penis
- The mariners of Trivia

The Landing at Hoyt Park (brought to you by WaterStone Bank)
- The Real Beach Cows
- My "P" only has one end point too
- Shag Pad Shut-Ins
- It's Britney Bitch
- Britney Spears got a rash from holding my snake
- Quite Quaint Couples Competing in Questionable Quizzes
- Rosé All Day
- The Hoyt Mess
- We peaked in High School
- I think one of my dads is gay
- Drinkers and Thinkers
- Area 51 Welcome Center
- The Waterstone Skanks
- Rock of Love Season 2 Contestants
- The Jagwires
- Andy's Former Friends Minus Andy
- Uranus Lacks Mass
- What do you call a German bra? Un-Stops-Em-from-Floppin'!
- You better BEERlieve it we're gonna lose
- CTC - Cat Turd Collectors
- Mike Pence can't watch women's Wimbledon without his mother
- Superheroes are our Kryptonite
- Got excited and quizzed ourselves
- Saved by the beer
- If the glove don't fit, you must acquit
- Google was wrong
- Tequila, because it's Mexico somewhere
- Suck it, Trebek
- You mom was "knot"very "dormant" last "knight", know what I'm sayin'
- The true turning point in the civil war was the battle of Schrute farms

The Loaded Slate
- Nice silky men and women
- Let’s get loaded

- Mgnsraaa is an anagram of anagram
- Dahmer's House of Ribs
- "Untapped" Intellect

- Darles Chickens
- Pen-15-Club
- If you like it Galileo, put a ring on it
- That’s What Cheese Head
- Queef Latina
- Tungsten My Balls
- Little Lebowski, Urban Achievers
- Regulars @ Silk
- Solo Han

Milwaukee Ale House
- I just got two end points baby, the 3rd is off limits
- Princess diana? more like princess dead-ana
- Mama aint raise no luge-r
- French porn
- Nava-hoes
- Napoleon loosened up my buttons
- Don’t worry, poo on my rocketman
- Can’t wait to fly into POO
- The steel shaft
- NASA = never anal.............sometimes anal
- Our lawyers made us change our name so we won't get sued
- The unvaccinated children
- The league of aggressively ordinary engineers
- For his final crusade, I want indiana jones to cum in my temple of doom

Milwaukee Brat House, downtown
- Quiz Master for President 2020
- Salt Lick + Deer Ticks
- The Wu is for the Children
- Weed: It's Magically Delicious

Milwaukee Brat House, Shorewood
- How long Am I in the bedroom? Is it: a) 30 seconds or b) 2 inches
- How did Galileo miss the rings around yo mama?
- Headhunters found Marie Antoinette
- The only sand sport I play is sex on the beach
- Nick and Doug knew Nunavut
- The US Virgin Islands is the only place you cant get a Boston Cream Pie
- Before the hangover comes art
- Good thing the American made category was not a citizenship test

New Berlin Ale House
- We cream our own fruit
- Our trivia team wants equal pay
- I want a fot of shireball
- WE want Nunavut
- You can't fake steak but you can fake an orgasm
- R Kelly Quizzed on my face
- I thought this was speed-dating
- Other peoples spouses
- Can't think of a name

Newsroom Pub
- we drink and think we know things

- Britney Got Boa
- My Grandma Doesn't Wrestle But You Should See Her Box
- Usain in the Bolt Brain
- U.F. Olydias
- Quefer Sutherland
- The Only Booty I Get Is When I Open A Brand New Loaf Of Bread

Raised Grain Brewing Co.
- The Koala Didn't Get the Job Because He Didn't Have the Koalafications

Rally Time, West Bend
- Anti Vaxxers Hate The Band 'The Cure.
- Jack the Ripper is What I Call My Penis
- My Volcano is not Dormant

Three Lions Pub
- I’d poke a giant squid in the eye.
- I believe you have my stapler
- There is a trivia name generator online
- Boris Johnson’s Johnson’s Boris
- Do Kangaroos Live in Trees?
- The Red Coats are Cumming

The Tosa Tavern
- Trinidad & Barbados
- The Winklevoss Twins
- It's pronounced "Cornell" it's the highest rank in the Ivy League

- Can I Cook A Proper Cup Of Coffee In A Copper Coffee Pot
- Lynard's Innards
- Don't judge my umbrella bro!
- It's past my bedtime
- Whiskey Echo Delta Uniform Mike Bravo (WE DUMB)
- Glory holes
- Death is the theme of my trivia score

Whole Foods, Edgewater
- This is better than our high school reunion

Whole Foods, Streeterville
- PB and J All Day
- March for our Alien Lives #alienlivesmatter
- Lollapoolosers

Whole Foods, West Loop
- Chandler's Hoes
- I'm Not a Quizard!

Whole Foods, Willowbrook
- Trump - Rapinoe 2020
- If you aint crockin’ you aint rockin
- trivia


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