Best Team Names of January 2021!

Team Name of the Month:
When Mario finds out Trump has been in peach twice!

-- From Milwaukee Brewing Co. --

Bilda's Friess Lake Pub
- Prince Charming's cucumber killed John Lennon
- Justin Biebers Tootsie Roll is No Country For Old Men
- Dennis Rodman kissed Coco Chanel's Velvet Underground

Brass Monkey, West Allis
- My favorite extreme sport is camel toe wrestling
- You'll be in La La Land when I put my German sausage in your buns.
- Hunting Beaver - shaved or hairy - is my favorite sport!'
- Milwaukee got 9 inches yesterday. My girlfriend is getting 10 inches tonight.

Camp Bar, Shorewood
- It’s only cannibalism if you swallow 
- Why do men name their penises? Because they don’t want a stranger making decisions for them 
- Just Kidding, they’re in first place! 
- Why Don’t Melons get married, because they cantaloupe! 
- Blind Threesome
- Quizzin Our Pants 
- I can’t think of a phrase as  equally stupid as the phrase “Tax Year” 
- Please Stop with the Simpsons Questions

Camp Bar Third Ward
- Snowflakes, the classic gold diggers
- Win or lose we booze
- We Dr. cherry bombed this quiz
- Houston we have a trivia problem
- The Browns is the Browns
- We Futzed it up! 
- 68 + 1

Camp Bar, Tosa
- Dad’s gone wild
- Ben eats ramen out of Brady’s anus
- Buck the Fucs

Izzy Hops
- All I got for Christmas was a fleshlight

Milwaukee Brat House, downtown
- 2 Kates, 1 Cup 
- Thumbs Up! Cocks Up! 
- Trumps Peach 4th 
- I'm only here for an Alibi 5th
- Condoms and rattlesnakes, 2 things we don't fuck with 
- Executive Order #69: Drink More Beer 3
- Butt monkeys from uranus

Milwaukee Brat House, Shorewood
- Wu-tang > tang 
- Mia khalifa and her stepbrother burj 
- Erection night jitters
- Wurst kase scenario 
- Crabs are cancer? I thought it was just an std 
- Geriatric porn stars: inaugural edition 

Milwaukee Brewing Co.
- When Mario finds out Trump has been in peach twice!

- Mike Tyson says "Knock On This Short Fat Wood" 
- Knock Knock", "Who's There"? LOUD NOISES 
- Now That Donald Trump is Banned From Twitter, He'll Have To Incite the Next Riot on Grindr
- I Want My Stalagmite In Your Cave 
- Red Heads Do Graceland Better

- The Quizmaster’s Gambit 
- The Waitress Helped Us Cheat 
- We Support Single Moms
- Suns out, thumbs out 
- Quizzed my pants 
- O’shitias we’re bad at trivia 
- This is the highlight of my week and IDK how to feel about that  
- Obi-wan-can bone me 
- GameStop to the Moon 
- Quizness in the front, party in the back

Pete's Pub
- 2 impeachment, one cup. 
- NSFW- Never Storm Federal Walls 
- Donald Trump’s deleted tinder
- Donald Trump’s Discount Movers
- I Found My Pipe Wrench in Uma Thurman’s Bush

Red Lion Pub
- Lyndsey Graham is too Hetero formy taste
- Who gets married at Disney?
- GameStop stock brokers llc 
- Mounted Montreal MILFs

Three Lions Pub
- Burs are nature's herpes


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