Best Team Names of August 2021

Disney Trivia
- Bippidy Boppidy Booyah
- Lets get down to quizness
- Honey, I shrunk the audience
- Mary Poppin Dat Booty
- Walt Quizney
- I though the Devil's Bayou and London were the same place?
- Our brain is bigger than Dumbo's Ears
- The artist formerly known as Prince Charming
- 2 Belles and a Beast
- Pumba, not in front of the kids!
- My woody will give you a buzz!
- The Thinkerbelles
- We're surrounded by idiots
- Andy's Mom has her own Toy Story =)
- Bibbidy Bobbidy Boom Goes the Dynamite
- Once Upon A Cream Ale 
- Hakuna Matwata
- Bippidy Boppidy Booyah
- Alice in Trivia Land
- The wonderful world of Alcoholism 
- Lady and the Champ Best Team Name 
- Beauty in the streets, Beast in the sheets

Friends Trivia
- The Routine' is better than our Trivia Score
- Princess Consuela Banana Hammock, but my Friends can call me Valerie!!
- The Bingalings
- Regina’s Phalanges
- The future Mr. & Mrs. Crap Bag
- The One Where Wendy Bagina Wins 
- Worst part of COVID was having to cancel our trips to Yemen and Minsk 
- Team Joey Triviani
- The Transponsters 
- Could We BE any worse at this? 
- The One Where We Didn't Know There Was A Theme
The Baaree
- The Scrotes
- Alexa: Why do the Scottish like haggus?
- Leonardo Dicaprio? More like Leonardo Di- have sex with me 
- Baaree naked ladies
- My Trivia partner has no idea this is a date

Bilda's Friess Lake Pub
- The Brewers have the runs this weekend and so do we
- Al Capone was really Rich Uncle Pennybags
- Chicken Strips? I’ve never even seen a chicken wear clothes!
- Uncle Fester’s IKEA-Based Love-Fest

Brass Monkey, West Allis
- I thought the longest Shakespeare play was the one I was watching.
- Wiki Says 19 Years for Andy Dufresne Shawshank Escape...

Caffrey's Pub
- Fleetwood Sack

Camp Bar Shorewood
- You Can Call Me Daddy if You Want To
- Facebook: The Most Trusted Name in News 
- David Beckham, you can kiss me while doing the breast stroke anytime 
- 1912 Titanic Swim Team
- A stoned Italian is called baked Ziti
- The Hash Slinging Slashers (Because we’re intimidating)

Camp Bar Third Ward
- I’ll show you a breaststroke
- Lady Liberty likes my Titanic Dick

Camp Bar Tosa
- What do David Beckham and the tube have in common? They both go in and out of Victoria
- Tell the Afghans to just dance. It will be ok
- autocorrect is my enema

Cheap Andy's Saloon

- Not smarter than a 5th Grader'
- RIP Betty White, we know she’s not dead but it’s coming

Izzy Hops
- Spain Pooed on my Newfound Dildo
- Asp and Tittles
- I closed my legs at Wolski’s
- I lost my virginity at Trinity.

The Landing at Hoyt Park
- J Lo's Ass is My Final Answer
- Chatanooga my Nuts
- Tchaikovsky? I thought you said Chai Coffee
- Thanks, Dumbo was my safe word
- Ryan, you're a QILF
- Jaguar? More Like Jag-U-are-stupid
- Who looks at an f-ing Oreo?
- Our team name is never dirty enough to WIN
- I'll show you my dinglehopper if you show me yours
- 2001 Toyota Tacoma, high miles, new exhaust ask for miles
- Jeffery Dahmer's House of Ribs
- Taliban came quicker than my boyfriend
- We Kabul'd this team together
- I'm the favorite daughter
- My piper also bring me children
- Your mum is easier to finish than IKEA furniture
- This is not a team name, this is just me talking. My name is Ryan and I suffer from erectile dysfunction 

Magoo's on the Mound
- Just Biden our time in Afghanistan
- "Watts" going on with the Rolling Stones?

- 2 girls, 2 cups, and a pup
- Remember when that drunk lady fell down?

- Waikiki is Sneaky in the Cheaky
- Whores-Radish
- Sheboygan Whale Penises 
- The Bee Jay's.

Milwaukee Ale House
- Megadong
- Singles are for strippers and trivia

Milwaukee Brat House, downtown
- Bucks in Schlitz 4
- 2 girls 1 Quiz 
- You can Czecho my slovakia
- No I've never been but I like to Bangkok

Milwaukee Brat House, Shorewood
- Butt plug, Ontario
- Cuamo… more like cum-ooo
- Sliced bread is the best thing since Betty white 
- That whale has a huge Cocker spaniel 
- If this is the only team name about that whales dick then I’m very disappointed
- Bucks in schlitz 
- Sharks with frickin laser beams attached to their heads
- The artist formerly known as meatloaf

Milwaukee Brewing Co.
- Remember when that drunk lady fell down?

- Bulging Arm Veins 
- Thanks for the Mammaries 
- Easy Cum Easy Cuomo 
- Smart Like a Horse, Hung Like Einstein 
- Put Your Nevada In My Spain, Don't Mind the Pain
- Half Sprite, Half Lemonade, No Ice
- Do You Know That Light Comes Out of a Black Hole's Butthole? It's True. Look It Up 

Newsroom Pub
- Tricky Dick's Big Newfoundland Tours
- Drink Pineapple Juice because OJ Might Kill You 
- The Often Unappreciated Honey Pot

The Nutty Squirrel
- The Corner Warmers
- Quizpicable Me
- America has a terrible “Pull out Game”, just look at Afghanistan and Vietnam

- Started from the barley now we’re beer
- Wake Me Up When Septemberfest Ends
- Oxiclean & cocaine...can’t tell the difference

Pete's Pub
- Cuomo’s Resignation Letter
- R Kelly Trapped in the Courtroom

Rally Time, West Bend
- I thought the longest Shakespeare play was the one I was watching.
- Random Answers IV: There Is No Hope. 
- The Vagitarians
- Your Mom Is A Menace To Sobriety.
- Stop. Dont Touch Me There. This Is My No-No Square

Raised Grain Brewing
- 50% of us did 0% of the Work
- The Fauci Ouchies

State Line Distillery
- "Actually, that's a walrus..." formerly known as those assholes in the corner
- Tik Tok ended my Marriage
- Love and Anxiety in Real Time
- Applebeez Nuts

Wisconsin Brewing Co.
- The Scooby Doo-Me’s


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