Best Team Names of September 2021

Marvel Trivia
- I want Thor to Ragnorak me around my bedroom
- Thanos did nothing wrong
- Statbucky's: Wakanda's firrst coffee shop
- Kick names, take ass
- Alligator Lokis
- Broke, Ugly, Dumb & Selfish... take that Tony Stark
- The Never-again-gers 
- Mr Roger's Neighborhood 
- No Condom Forevah
- Visions splitting headache/Batman? 
- Kick names, take ass 
- Lo-ki

The Baaree
- Tugalug my peahen
- Go Jamie Foxx Yourself
- Vaxxed, Waxed + Ready to Go
- Two Mountain Girls in a Flat State
- Eleanor Rigby's Cousin's Balls

Bad Moon Saloon
- Cunt Muffins
- The Ghoulish Gals

Bilda's Friess Lake Pub
- Bildas gave me blue marbles
- Sari Winona, don’t touch my Gucci’s
- Big Booty Witches

Brass Monkey West Allis
- The original Playboy Mansion is located in West Allis and it's called "The Spotlight."
- Winona Ryder stole all of our right answers.
- Thanks to my middle finger for always sticking up for me

Caffrey's Pub
- John's trivia sluts

Camp Bar, Shorewood
- Helen Keller’s Optometrist
- My Hard Nepal’s
- Fear and Loathing in Shorewood

Camp Bar, Third Ward
- Glory Hole - The original'
- PEMDAS - please excuse my dumb ass sister

Camp Bar Tosa
- I don’t know fuck about shit
- Give it up for Manager Mike’s jorts

- I thought Uranus only had two moons

Deer Camp
- Sly like a Jamie Fox 
- Change the Music Station
- Beer Pressure

Hangout MKE
- Showed up without my brain

Izzy Hops
- We Blew Out Batman’s Back

Jack's American Pub
- Anwer!? I barely know ‘er 
- Batman can break my back any day 
- Prestige World Wide 
- Just a bit outside 
- Nothing better than norm 
- Quiz on my chest
- Answer, I barely know ‘er 
- Superman can hold my car any day ;) 
- Drink pineapple juice because OJ might kill you 
- Tig ‘ol Bitties 

The Landing at Hoyt Park
- Professor Plum did in the Ferrrari with the Bagpipe
- The kids who can't read good
- Walter Whitey's Tighties
- George Clooney's Batnips
- 4 Skinz
- Couches Pull Out, We Don't
- Quiz in my pants
- Sold the Tacoma; 2004 Honda CRV: low mileage, new catalytic convertor, ask for Mike
- Not the Winners
- Operation 2: Search for Albert's Pujols
- Your Pujols can go into my cavity Sam
- Even I can't last 14 minutes when you tickle my Gucci
- What's the difference between a chick pea and a garbanzo bean... R Kelly never had a garbanzo bean on his face
- The outermost ring of my butthole is also white
- One "P" in Pterodactyl, 2 "P"s in Brokeback Mountain
- It should be 3-and-a-half minutes every week. That's what she said
- I like my women like I like these questions: thick and fast
- Custom thongs by Ed Gein
- Pter u a new dactyl with Bud Lite
- R Kelly got 20 years for reaching out and touching someone
- Elton John's favorite English food is a big Spotted Dick
- The CDC does not recommend the slogan "Reach out and Touch Someone"
- Reach out and touch my Rocket Man

Magoo's on the Mound
 - Take Ryan Braun and bring back Norm MacDonald
- The sofa pulls out but I don't
- Ryder Cup? I barely know her cup
- It's the remix to ignition, R Kelly's going to prison

- The peacock goes in the peavag & peababies come out
- Call Me Socratitties
-  If you think about it…we are all dressed in meat

- Uncles with Benefits
- Regular Ronaldos

Milwaukee Ale House
- Mourn McDonald
- Quiz in my pants
- Ryder? I hardly know her! 
- Putting the hoe in homo 
- Two girls one Ryder cup

Milwaukee Brat House, downtown
- Netflix and Cuddle(fish) 
- I'll be your cuttlefish
- Ask MKE about my wiener 
- Isn’t it sad that we are your kid’s teachers?
- As Bull Durham taught us, you never throw a punch with your pitching hand
- Rattlesnakes and Condoms, 2 things we don't fuck with 
- We know nothing John Snow! 
- Should I call you Logan, weapon X? 
- I want to slytherin to your chamber of secrets

Milwaukee Brat House, Shorewood
- The bastard sons of norm Macdonald 
- Hey at least we did better than the packers 
- We’re here for trivia and oj Simpson killed his ex wife
- Started from the barley now we’re beer - drake president Dwayne Elizondo Mountain Dew Camacho 8
- The loaded tots gave me the schlitz 
- Bill Clinton never forgets a bitch 
- You've got a baby.... in a bar!
- Drunk old folks 
- Sally sells Schlitz shot down by the sea shore 
- Two heads are better than none 
- Rings of Uranus: what can brown do for for you? 
- I met Steven Tyler at Kopps 
- Dwaynes Johnson is as hard as a rock 
- Areola grande

Milwaukee Brewing Co.
- It's allergies, not COVID!
- Rudy Giuliani's Law School

- Under Pressure But Wishing We Were Under Harrison Ford 
- David Bowie's Bogotatas
- RIP Turd Ferguson
- I'm From Phoenix and It's Cold Here 
- We Are Going to Be Babbelas Tomorrow 
- The Price Is Wrong, Bitch
- Oops, I Crapped My Pants 
- Suck On My Steamboat Willie
- Lick My Pumpkin 
- Dildo Saggins

Nutty Squirrel
- E=MC Hammer 
- You're a Quizard Harry
- Nobody Gives a Shit What Your Team Name Is
- Buttholes & Blow
- Fuck your team name, I own a Ford Pinto

- At least I know why my wife's porthole is round
- We will miss Claire, but honestly the guy last week was a pretty good quizmaster ;)
- Claire is leaving us too Zune

Pete's Pub
- Turd Ferguson Joins Trebek, Suck it Alex
- Kaleidoscope into my Life

Rally Time, West Bend
- Doesn't John Look Like Sal From Impractical Jokers? 
- Please No, Quiz Daddy. Not The Belt!
- On His Birthday, Mrs Potato Always Gave Mr Potato Head.
- Tickle Your Quizzies
- Back That NASA Up
- Why Can't We Get A 16 Incher Over Here 
- Eye One Two Half Six
- Tip Your Bartenders

Raised Grain Brewing
- C… U… Next… Thursday’s
- Elton Johnnie Great on a Piano, but sucks on an Organ

Red Lion Pub
- 3% brain power, 30% body fat
- Jen bush (please clap)

Second Salem Brewing
- The only mandate I like is a date with a man!
- Scooby Brew
- Stinky Sleepy Babies (SSB)

State Line Distilley
- Mcdonald's is currently being investigated by the federal trade commission over the abundant amount of broken ice cream machines and not enough people are talking about it.
- Quiztopher Walken

Third Space Brewing
- Showcase Showdown: The Keys to Uranus
- We Missed Bachelor in for this?

Wisconsin Brewing Co.
- Quiz me baby one more time.
- There's always money in the banana stand


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