Best Team Names - March 2022!

Disney Trivia 
- Some Day Our Pints Will Come
- No One Twerks Like Gaston 
- Malt Disney
- Shannon Nicole Never Bothered Me Anyway 
- Every Person Can Own Trivia (EPCOT)
- The other 7 Dwarfs: Anxiety, Horny, Hornier, Drunky, Druggy, Humpy, and Hungry
- Whistle While you Twerk 
- 101 Libations 
- Hakooter Matata: It means no coochie for the rest of your days 
- Third Space Mountain 
- Keep Your Genie out of my Wife's Magical Mouth
- These White Men Are Dangerous
- Bibbidi Bobbidi Bitches
- We Disney-d a Life
- Hakuna Matrivia 
- Ladies and The Champs 
- The Dishonorable Cows 
- The Little Chefs 
- To Whole Foods and Beyond
- We Don’t Talk About Jada 
- Buzzed on a LIGHTBEER 
- Everything’s better down where it’s wetter… 
-Turn Down for Walt 
-Walt Quiz Me 
- Eating Ratatouille made us Winnie the Pooh in the Pride Land 
- Bippity Boppity Booze 
- We Don’t Talk About Bruno’s Search History 
- Here For Walt’s Big D
- Chris Rock does not have a friend in Will Smith 
- Raised Grain: The Happiest Fucking Place on Earth 

Harry Potter Trivia
- Right dead Fred: too sexy for this life 
- Parseltongue my Secret Chamber 
- Myrtle Moans over a 9 3/4
- Harry Potter is still cool even though J.K. Rowling is a bitch
- Snapes on a plane
- Moaning like Myrtle
- The Itsy Bitsy Teeny Weeny Yellow Polka Dot Nagini
- Why So Sirius
- Don't Mind if I Slytherin 
- Ain't No Laws When You're Ravenclaws
- Is it…Tim Riddle 
- Expecto to Bone Em
- Parseltonging My Snitch 
- Let me Slytherin Your Gryffindor to get that Golden Snitch
- Sly Slytherins
- McGonagall for UW Chancellor 
- Wood For Wood 
- Dumbledore’s Army 
- Mighty Muggles

1840 Brewing
- I thought this was speed dating

Bad Moon Saloon
- Crimea River - Justin Timberlake
- FAP Tuesday
- Arson? Do you mean Crime Brûlée?
- Keep my teams name out yo muthafuckin mouth

- Knocking loud bitches out 
- Chicken wings or porn, either way you have a mess on your hands
- Table 12 sucks a busy beaver
- My pussy identifies as harrison ford’s wet beaver 
- Who doesn’t like a wet beaver?
- Our Turkish delight brings all the boys to the yard and damn right it’s better than yours
- I have a chocolate churro from princess peach

Branded at Iron Horse Hotel
- Exiles of Gilligans Island
- MILF Masters
- Keep My Team’s Name Out of Your Mouth

Brass Monkey, West Allis
- Gas stations should play porn while you're filling up your tank so you can watch someone else get fucked.
- Jon Lennon ate my Beaver and I had a Dance Dance Revolution.
- Brennan had a mangina
- The reason why Clinton was so happy as President was because he was between two Bushes.
- Def Leppard’s drummer gave Princess Peach’s beaver a rubbin’ with his nubbin

Caffrey's Pub
- I only need 4 inches to stroke off Uranus
- That armadillo is bigger than Mike Pence's penis
- Team GILFs
- Chris Got Rocked
- Caff’s card reader skimmed me for $200

Camp Bar, Shorewood
- Putin Should Fuck Off to Uranus 
- I Believe in You, Bigfoot 
- Putin Sucks Cock
- Stifler's mom 
- The cream pie MILFs 
- Sippin whiskey and rye and eatin Boston crème pie 
- Voldemort's nose surgeons
- Why can't adults be on spring break?
- Is Uranus an Element?
- Will Smith's Slap is as Weak as His Rhymes
- Keep our fucking team's name out of your fucking mouth

Camp Bar, Third Ward
- Armadillos: Ribbed for Mike Pence’s Pleasure 
- Warning: Adult Content, Princes Peach stroking off Larry the Cable Guy 
- 4 inches, 4 ounces? Armadillo? More like my fully erect penis!
- Mount Rushmore of Milfs; Your mom
- Chris Rock is the reason Will Smith had to move to Bel Air 
- Fresh Slap of Bel Air

Camp Bar, Tosa
- Brand Alexander bell
- Arnold may have owned the first hummer but Bill got the first one
- Paper covers rock, rock crushes scissors, smith punches rock

Deer Camp MKE
- I’m no longer on my period
- Apple Bottom Geniuses
- Don’t drop the soap in front of Jailbird Jake
- This has been a long time coming and I can’t believe I am saying this, but I quit my job as Quizmaster
- I like my men like I like my tofu: soft, firm, and extra firm

Eagle Park Brewing 
- Keep my Team Name out Your Mouth

Ferch's Crafthouse Grille
- Here for the Booze

Hogs & Kisses
- Party All The Thyme

- 4 drinks and a mom
- Shamalama ding dongs
- Lt Dan and the jail bird Jim's
- Cleveland Streamers
- Blarney Bunch 
- No FUcking Irish clue
- If you squint hard you can see Steve Carrell

Izzy Hops
- Robert Pattinson is NOT my Batman
- Ides of farts
- New York Cock Exchange on Ball Street
- Nic Cage ate my son

J&Bs Blue Ribbon
- I’m not Putin that in my mouth.
- Are you pandiculating or are you just happy to see me?
- I didn’t Arkan-SAW that coming.
- Tofu tastes like Friskies

Jack's American Pub
- Northwestern Mutual Fan Club 
- I’ll give you my John wooden you
- Thot-o-bots (Roll out) 
- Uncle Ben is tired of getting killed 
- Ex-MILF Hunters
- In Honor of Women’s Day in MKE, get a Pabst….Smear 
- Big Dick Energy
- Girls go to College to Get More Knowledge, Boys go to Jupiter to get more stupider 
- Putin needs a biotin’ 
- Army of Dumb 
- Help me I’m Poor 
- Quiz Middleton 
- The pen is one mightier 
- I write trivia not tragedies 
- 5 Inches Collectively
- G.I. Jane 2: Electric Boogaloo
- Would you believe me if I told you there is a map on the back of the Declaration of Independence?

- Team minivan: 2 in the front, 5 in the rear
- Quizzie McQuire 
- Is butt cheeks one word or should we spread it apart?
- Teenage Mutant Ninja Sea Turtles

Magoo's on the Mound
- The wordle answer today is: Rupee 
- Zaddy Zelenski can be my daddy 
- Paczki Putin in the Face
- Quarter pounder? I barely mc' know her 
- Brutus can inpaile me with 9inches
- Stacy's mom's skin flaps 
- John's mom has got it going on
- Where's Will Smith when you need him?

- Name 10 assholes
- Will show titties for beads or bar tabs
- Zelensky, fuck my wife
- He-Man Woman Haters Club 
- Fargo Fuck Yourself, Putin 
- D and D got cancelled so we’re here.
- Lasted Longer than the First Time
- Phallic Baldwin
- Jada’s Other Lovers 
- G.I. Jane Enthusiasts

Milwaukee Ale House
- Four Seasons Landscaping Company
- Harri(son) and the Blowfish
- Toast-Yay to Trivi-Yay #girlscoutcookies 
- One Ball That's All
- Get Quizzy With It! 
- If Stephen King wrote Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Less Kids Would Have Died
- Is ketchup a beverage? 
- We do talk about Bruno 
- Dude, it was a G.I. Jane joke 2
- Platypussies

Milwaukee Brat House, downtown
- Poop Francis the turd
- Eagle River: also the meth capital of WI 
- the Fig Puckers
- We Shaved Our Beavers for This? 
- Who Uses the Cucumber Emoji to Talk About Vegetables?

Milwaukee Brat House, Shorewood
- Putin my dick in Russia’s mouth
- I’m stupid but not as stupid as mlb owners 
- I let Britney hit me one more time 
- I’d take Wilson over Rodgers any day 
- The amputated toes of Deion sanders 
- Viagra: with great power comes great responsibility
- I'd leave my wife for elastagirl
- Lance armstrongs Undescended testicle 
- Bathtime with elasta girl (she’s the bath) 
- The only place you can still get gas for under a $1…. Taco Bell 
- I’m having brat farts tonight 
- At home syndrome 
- Seal can shuck my maracas 
- We're looping for putins micro penis
- Abolish the lightening round 
- I’m having brat farts tonight x6000 
- Boobs. They’re cool. 
- Bruce Wayne’s mom had it going on
- I’m having brat farts tonight x10000 
- Dirty, sexy, scandalous- the Stephen hawking documentary
- Keep your fucking Oscar away from my fucking wife
- Will smith's fragile masculinity 
- Will smiths marriage is open to everything except jokes
- V for vendetta 2: starring jada pinkett smith

Milwaukee Brewing Co
- 4... 4... 4... 4... Ha, take that tetraphobes
- Robert Pattinson will forever be Cedric Diggory
- We put a bad word and then got embarrassed
- My trivia team is like my love life; solo and disappointing
- We love thick creamy head, also our coconuts have a lot of creamé
- Insane in the Ukraine
- Keep my trivia name out your fuckin' mouth
- Get out of my George Bush

- Babe is Blue, and so are my Balls
- You Want to Know what's Harder than Titanium?
- Drake's Hot Sauce Condom
- Ariel's Daughter was a Bitch
- Zalensky Fan Club
- Tapped out of Guesses
- Confronting the Existential Dread of Failing to Live up to the Idea of Myself
- Last I Checked, it was your Mom that's got it Goin' on
- Show us your Skin Flap
- I can't promise 9, but I can give you 3/4 
- Keep our Fucking Trivia name, out your Fucking mouth

- Trivia makes me wicked hard 
- My name is hyman, buster hyman
- Each morning I wake up to the realization I am closer to my last day #showerthoughts
- #4 in the standings, 69 in your heart
- Keep our team name out your fuckin mouth
- How do you do fellow Trivias?

The Open Door Taproom
- I gave up winning for Lent
- The bar brains
- Clarendon Ho's
- Snortin' Malort
- Quiz My Ass
- G.I. Jane's Army

Pete's Pub
- I Gave Up Anal for Lent
- Scream if you like Pu$$y
- Pussy Monet Weed
- Goodwill Blumpkin
- Keep our team name out of your fucking mouth!

Raised Grain Brewing Co.
- Play my clarinet with your thunderlips
- Hey thunderlips, wanna choke on my ham… sandwich?
- Mama cass choked on a ham sandwich, we choked on this quiz

Rally Time, West Bend
- Real/Fake Is Not Trivia
- Is Buttcheeks One Word Or Do I Spread Them Apart?
- Who would win in a fight, A pussy or a beaver? 
- King Joffrey-Heart eater is a terrible name for your Penis! 
- The Bikini Beavers
- Why is chuck Norris on top during sex? Because he never fucks up 
- You test your cricket with your test tickles 
- Champions - the breakfast of chuck Norris
- What Does A Leprechaun and Your Mom Have In Common? They Are Both Gold Diggers.
- Keep My Trivia Name Out Of Your Fu@cking Mouth! 
- Keep Quizmaster Johns' Wife's Name Out Of Your Mouth

Red Star Bar, Streeterville
- Boom Goes The Edible
- WTF is Trivia I Just Want Some Pizza
- My Couch Pulls Out So You Should Too
- Thin Crust-Win Crust
- We Will Chris Rock You 
- The Slap Heard Round The World 
- Prestige Worldwide

Rock Bottom
- Everybody hates Chris

Second Salem Brewing
- Finally Not Last
- Keep my bartender’s name out of your mf mouth 
- Chris Rock’s Attorneys 
- We win every time, 10% of the time

- Ash Wednesday? More like Cash Wednesday
- If you show me your beaver I'll show you my 6th finger 
- a Rubix Cube is harder to solve than a pussy
- The moonshine made me do it
- Department of Drunks (DOD).
- Two in the pink Floyd one in the stink Floyd 
- GI Jane

State Line Distillery
- Gin-uine Guesses
- Trivia tramps 
- Hopefully were better than 4th place 
- Les quizerables
- Big tip energy 
- The potat-hoes
- Were Stealing From Your Coats Name
- I’m sorry judge Jackson, Cruz is unreal
- Keep my bartender’s name out of your mf mouth 
- Chris Rock’s Attorneys 
- We win every time, 10% of the time

Station 1 Brewing Co
- It’s my birthday and I’ll win if I want to!
- Aaron Robbers Us!
- Quiz in My Pants
- mc2 (Squared) pants
- 3 Regulars and a Red Head 
- Gettin Quizy Wit It

Tailgate Social
- Putin it on fuckin paper

Third Space Brewing
- Does 'Only Fans' have an app?
- Uncut Jaaamss
- Keep my team name out of your fucking mouth

Three Lions Pub
- I've never seen a shaved tiger, but I've seen a shaved Beaver

The Turn
- Group Tinder Date
- McMazing Duo
- Team Michael Scott's Dunder Mifflin Scranton Meredith Palmer Memorial Celebrity Rabies Awareness Pro-Am Fun Run Race for the Cure

- Leggo my Quizzo
- We Knew the Female Dog is a Bitch 
- Geography Kings
- Trivia Enthusiasts that Suck at Trivia
- Cardi B on the Moon 
- Hoosier Daddy
- GI Jane

The Waterlin
- Moscow Mull,  It Over!

Wisconsin Brewing Co
- Young People Shuffle
- Beer Me, I”m Irish 
- Smarty Pints


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