Best Team Names of May 2022!

MCU Trivia
- The guardians of red rock 
- Friends from work Name
- Wanda Max-I-milf
- I Love You, 3000!
- What that axe do
- The Revengers 
- Bruce Boner
- I thought it was Friends trivia
- Thanos’s Dust 
- Black and Blue Balls

Seinfeld Trivia 
- Vandelay Industries
- Van Buren Boys 
- No Beer for You!!
- Yamahama, It's Fright Night
- Hip Musicians With Complicated Shoes
- The Panties Your Mom Laid Out For You
- The Lesser Babkas 
- The Rabid Anti-Dentites 
- Snoopy & Prickly Pete 
- Cockeyed Optimists 
- Mr. Heyman's Wedgies 
- Delicate Geniuses
- Team Shrinkage

1840 Brewing Co.
- May the force be with you…and with your spirit
- In dog beers, we’ve had one!
- 3 docs, no answers!

The Baaree
- Cut Us Off Before The Moose
- More Drinkin' Than Thinkin'
Bad Moon Saloon
- 3 Men and a Baby
- Yes, I am sexual
- Liz Chaney Has Balls

Brass Monkey, West Allis
- Qui-Gon Gin & Tonics
- Aaaaaand back to more penis talk with Quizmaster Katelin!
- 7 years of hosting trivia and  all I got was a lovable group of misfit stalkers

Caffrey's Pub
- What’s the difference between a potato and a chickpea? I won’t pay to have a potato in my mouth.
- Amber Heard shat the bed
- Quiz on my Face
- Jeffrey Dahmer was a Vegan
- Jayson Tatum wets the Bed
- I say peacock and nobody bats and eye. I say poopcock and everyone loses their minds.
- “Trivia is a “sport”

Camp Bar Shorewood
- America Snipe My Ass 
- What percent of your body weight is alcohol 
- Titanic Swim Team
- The Usual Unusuals
- We love us our vagitus and tittles
- Haywood Ja Blowme
- The New Goblin Wieners 
- Top Jack Sparrow Hits
- They don’t know we know they know we know what they did last summer

Camp Bar Third Ward
- Scappy Doo is a cunt
- Princess Diana had tunnel vision 
- Praying Mantis Mommy Eat me Please
- Lee Harvey Tea Bag 
- 8’11 in the streets, 9’2” in the sheets
- Earth wind and Fyre festival 
- Ambers Heards Legal Team (we know our shit)

Camp Bar Tosa
- Feet pics or meat pics
- The creative members of our team abandoned us tonight
- Hamburglers
- 5 days with my wife’s divorce attorney, also known as hell week

Deer Camp MKE
- Juliette Lewis, you SCREWED us!
- Chicken pot pie: three of my favorite things
- The Kentucky Derby lasts longer than you do! 
- Stevie Wonder is NOT blind!

Eagle Park Brewing
- S.P.E.W. 
- Pardon Us for the Shameless Promotion

Ferch's Crafthouse Grille
- Star Wars, Star Whores
- You bet Giraffe we Rhino the answers

Fox River House
- I wish this microphone was a horse cock

Hogs & Kisses
- Put The Cocaine Back In Coca-Cola

The Iron Horse Hotel
- We Don’t Talk About Bruno’s Drinking Problem 
- Blonde’s Aren’t Always Dumb
- Hot and Cold Flashes of Brilliance
- They Can Take Away Our Answers, but They’ll Never Take Away Our Drinks

Izzy Hops
- Hot girls for vasectomies
- Quiz on my face
- The rectal assassins
- 3 sheeps for the wind!

J&B's Blue Ribbon
- Cinco de Mayonnaise
- YOUR MOM RANTS ON is an anagram for ANTS ON YOUR MOM.
- 2 Minute sex Olympics (there can only be one winner)

Jack's American Pub
- Drink Pineapple Juice Because OJ Might Kill You 
- Inflation Station 
- Harry Potter and the Deathly Black and Blue Balls
- Amber Heard No Lies, She said many. 
- Hey Barbie, Ken I take you home tonight?
- The In quiz Itors 
- Why is Golf an Olympic Sport

Kyote's Bar & Grill
- Prom mom bitches!
- The we’re not sure’s

Magoo's on the Mound
- Swaziland used to be a country damnit 
- Professional Butt Pokers
- Dildo Shaggins
- My Nutellas are too close to my black hole
- The Very Diabetic Caterpillar
- F1 race, Ariana's face, Magoo's place...we suck last place

- 3 Drinks Til I give Crazy Stairs 
- Papa don’t preach, I’m in trouble deep and I’m keeping my baby
- This is not the greatest team name in the world, this is just a tribute
- Phallic Baldwin
- In Soviet Russia, trivia wins you
- Equatorial bulge was my nickname in college 
- “I’m the Juggernaut, bitch!

Milwaukee Ale House
- Choke Me Like Leia Chokes Jabba 
- May the 4th be Quiz You 
- Jabba deez nuts
- Fanny McDick's Mouth of Shitterton
- I Want to do Meth but All My Spoons are in the Dishwasher 
- Kyle
- Catch me Outside how bout dat
- Bhad Babie's Snatch is a Super Soaker

Milwaukee Brat House, Downtown
- Dummer Then We Look
- Suck My Wilson Balls
- Who Came Faster? Snap, Crackle, or Pop.
- We’re Super Soaked 

Milwaukee Brat House, Shorewood
- Saturns intrusion of Uranus 
- Quiztopher walken
- Your moms jaws wrapped around the usual suspects 
- Kens sugar Babies 
- Hit me smeagle one more time 
- Am I original? Yeah. Am I the only one? Yeah. Am I O.J. Simpson and killed my wife? Yeah.
- Agave to your mom last night
- School zone…mother zone… bed zone….? 
- How heavy do you think these balls are? (Gesture to crotch) 
- School fucker, bed fucker, mother fucker 
- My ex is a stone cold bitch 
- Is that an equatorial bulge or are you just happy to see me?

Milwaukee Brewing Company
- OBGyn-Kenobe
- Be fucking nice
- Rogue moose with a brown bag

- 2 Will Smith Questions? #cancelquizmaster
- Barbie's new Sugar Daddies
- Snow White and her 5 Bearded Gaya
- I told you we should have Weighed our Balls!
- More like 21 Dumps in my Bed
- I can tell you what's Not the Longest Muscle
- Edward Nigma Balls
- Those Darn Tree-Hugging Sloth Liberals

- John Travolta‘s hot dog eating contest 
- Rudy Giuliani ate my face off

Pete's Pub
- Bangor? I hardly know her!

Raised Grain Brewing Co.
- We beat trivia harder than Amber Beats Johnny.
- Joe Biden looks good in drag

Rally Time, West Bend
- Boba Fett Got That Sarlussy 
- Jabba The Sluts
- AL Horford's a Bitch 
- Crash Bandit Coochie
- I Bet Bill Clinton Comes in A Minute, Sometimes Twice In A Moment
- In the Mid-90s, Brad Pitt was Known as the Super Soaker 
- Super Soak that Hoe (Youuuuuu)

Red Star Bar (Whole Foods, Streeterville)
- Darth Trivia Team 
- Heard's Turds 
- Yoda One That I Want
- You're My Only Hope, Obi Quiz Kenobi 
- Un-banned for Life 
- Dickmount 
- Joe Bailey and the Tones Tones

Rock Bottom
- Win Some, Lose Most
- Stable, Drunk Geniuses
- Quiztian Yelich

Third Space Brewing
- LAND-ing at the Bottom
- I did not have sexual relations….with that trivia question
- Les(s) Miserable at Trivia.

The Turn
- The Wet Sticky Bandits

Second Salem Brewing Co
- Amber Heard's PR team

- Baby Yoda Balls 
- Miss Piggy! It gets the people going!
- Justin's Beaver likes to Eat Corn 
- CornHub a Site for Lonely Farmers
- Big Booty Judy and her Big Booty Braincells 
- Sex Panther 
- Hydra was killed by Herpes

State Line Distillery
- Jalapeño business
- A swamp yankee in king Arthur’s court 
- The Quizban Missile crisis
- Nicholas Cage Fighters

Station 1 Brewing Co.
- We Love Thomas Ashley
- Here for the Beer
- Quizly Bears 
- Take Me to Your Liter
- Station 1 Hit Wonders

Tailgate Social
- Deez Nuts

UpDown MKE
- Nile Cockadiles
- Lara craft, bond-age girl 
- Jeffrey Dahmer was a vegan 
- Crash bandicoot at my children
- Bill Clinton’s Sexopohone 
- Jeffrey Dahmer was a vegan
- Stuart Little Orphan Annie Edson Taylor Hall and Oates 
- Count Chocula? More like Count Cockula!

Wisconsin Brewing Co.
- Phoenix Standard Time 
- Mandatory Fun!
- Black and Blue Balls
- Buzz! Your girlfriend! Woof!


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