Best Team Names of July 2022!

Harry Potter Trivia
- The reason Myrtle moans
- The only team worse than Slytherin is the Chicago Bears
- That's so Ravenclaw
- Aberforth, the Throat Goat
- Hungry Hungry Hippogriffs
- Dobby's Sock Drawer
- Gilderoy Lock'in up that win
- The team that shall not be named
- Alas, Earwax
- Dumb and Dumbledoor
- Wintrivia LiveinTosa
- These muggles have struggles
- Law and Order SVU: Special Voldemort Unit
- It's WauwatOsa, not WauwatosAH
- Chudley Cannons in Six
- Here for the Butter Beer
- Quibbler Queens 
- Snapes on a Plane 
- Hit it and quidditch
- I Solemnly Swear That I Have No Idea Who Headly Fleetwood
- Neville Gunna Give You Up, Neville Gunna Let You Down
- Slytherin into my hairy pooter
- I'm the reason Myrtle is moaning

The Office Trivia
- The Animal Rapists
- Justice for Sprinkles 
- The Slow Train from Philly 
- Creed’s Worm Guy 
- Todd Packer’s Legal Team
- Little Kid Lovers 
- Faith and the Zits
- Bob Vance, Vance Refrigeration
- FACT: Beer beats Battlestar Galactica 
- #creedthoughts

1840 Brewing
- Hotdog Water
- Tickle My Elmo or I’ll call Lorena Bobbitt
- Intergalactic Dump Truck

The Baaree
- Ned Flanders Got Lost in my Kraken
- Gutter Ballers 
- Abort the Supreme Court
- Girls Just Wanna Have Titicaca 
- Surly,  she said Netflix and Cheel!
- Your Mom's a Black Hole 
- Scott Tot's Class of 2022

Brass Monkey
- I earned a point for a drawing of a cock and balls.
- Stinky, Itchy, Smelly, Leaky, Rashy, Queefy, Burny, and Pus are the gifts Snow White got from the 7 Dwarfs when she fucked around and found out!
- Say my name Jeff Bezos. I’m a Pitbull, not a bull dog

Caffrey's Pub
- Rollie Got Fingered.
- Stop! I could’ve dropped my croissant

Camp Bar, Shorewood
- Kick names, take ass 
- Here for the (root) beer 
- My anal glands smell like vanilla too! :)
- Hillary cliton 
- I’m a solid 10, but it’s in the ph scale 8
- Would you like to tickle my Elmo?
- I feel like I have a booger in my nose
- At least the music and drinks were good 
- We came for the popcorn

Camp Bar, Third Ward
- My parents had sex 27 years +9 months 
- Jared’s Quarter life crisis
- Can’t find the Cletus
- Wii Golf she Cleans 
- Show me your unum

Camp Bar, Tosa
- We all live in a Chinese submarine
- I’d recognize wakanda on a map anywhere

Deer Camp MKE
- Taste the Winebow
- Free Brittney (Greiner)

Eagle Park Brewing
- The Sprouts 
- Eagle Park: Because We’re Worth It 
- We’re Ecto Cooler Than You

Fox River House
- The Supreme Court Legally Aborted My Team Name
- Veggie Tales is the Gay Agenda

Gathering Place Brewing Co.
- We’re not saints, but we do serve the tastiest beaver anus this side of the rio grande
- You’re a Quizzard, Harry!

Iron Horse Hotel
- Suck my Coconuts 
- Who the Fuck Woke Up This Morning and Did a Rain Dance?
- Fondle My Aussie Footballs
- Monty Python’s Trial of Trivia
- Nicole, Not So Richie
- Cream City Swallowers

Izzy Hops
- Ted Cruz Ate My Son
- Lake Superior isn’t as deep as I was in your mom last night
- I’ll give you a Winkie if you tickle my Twinkie

Jack's American Pub
- Skipping Class & Eating Ass 
- Jeffry Dahmer’s All you can eat Buffett

J&Bs Blue Ribbon
- Kraaken Deez Nuts
- Haggis! I put that shit on everything!
- Slythereeans

The Landing at Hoyt Park
- TCB… What is a power cut? 
- Nuns In A Blender (What’s black, white and red all over?) 
- Thicker than Shrek, Wetter than Phelps
- #QuizLife
- 16-inch circumference? That's what she said!
- My spanner has a large circumference
- Pinocchio had a 16" big bird
- A little more Monica in his life and Clinton would have been divorced too
- My javelin has perfect accuracy when it comes to your mom
- Vince McMahon's mistresses
- Django Unchained my Shuttlecock
- A group of MILFs is called a gargle
- Wrecking Ballsack
- Pitbull's Krispy Kreme Pie
- Walking Talking Stephen Hawkings
- RIP Choco Taco
- Lumberjack me off until I Krispy Kreme

- Kate Bush is my President
- U2 is Poo Poo
- The G.I. Hoes
- I caught 100 STDs in 1 minute from Uranus Second
- Can my headless cock(roach) live on your anus?

- Ted Cruz Killed My Mom 
- Taj Ma-Balls
- Mercury is in Retrograde
- Fuck your Zodiac sign, what’s your favorite Kanye album? 
- It’s Not a Phase, Mom!
- Operation is the origin of my anxiety (and tequila is the cure)
- Name the Pixelated image of that politician who visited Epstein's Island 
- Alright, Alright, Alright, Alright, Alright, Alright, Alright, Uranus.

Milwaukee Ale House
- I Like Mike Hunt
- My MacBook Pro isn't the only Thing that's 16 inches 
- Bicurious George
- Snow White and the Seven Cucks

Milwaukee Brat House, downtown
- We like our women like we like our Ben Franklin‘s… Folded over and full of cocaine 
- Alex is the best quiz master this place has ever had!
- Big Bird's 16 inches
- Round 3 threw a spanned in my chances of winning
- Swipe Right on that Shuttle Cock 
- Two Landing Strips and a Bush
- A Crash of Shuttle Drivers 
- Every lumberjack loves a good blowfish

Milwaukee Brat House, Shorewood
- Ted Cruz is my moms macho man 
- No brain, no pain 
- The G.I. Average Joes
- The hoops not the only thing that’s 18 inches 
- Somebody once told me your mom had a Snuggie that looked like a Snuggie I had 
- Mia khalifas burj 
- The bratworst
- Did you go to school for art? No, I went to Pittsburg for vacation
- The quizmasterdebaters 
- The door guy 
- Larry birds magic Johnson 
- The best a man can get is Uranus 

Milwaukee Brewing Co
- Up for whatever: Trojan
- Real Housewives of Milwaukee
- Boner jamz '04
- Divorced dads

- Ted Cruzing for Village People
- Ted Cruz is: a) Les Miserables b) The Marvel Character that let himself Go c) Not a Macho Man D) Mrs White
- Was Kevin Spacey anyone else's Babysitter?
- Mom said to stop using the Vacuum on my Twinkie

Mo's Irish Pub
- Hulk Hogan’s Hoes

- Finkle is Einhorn, Einhorn is Finkle 
- Let's go to Appleton
- Denver? I hardly know her! (Trivia won’t be the “Sam” without you) 
- Show me your Titi-cacas
- My mom's black hole is insured by American family

Pete's Pub
- 80085
- the good, the bad, the Miley Cyrus

Raised Grain Brewing
- Same Thing Every Thursday Pinky
- Adam Levine’s Ass Tat 
- My Safe Word is “Keep Going”

Rally Time West Bend
- TCB (Takin Care of Bitches)
- Sockastickin is Another Name For An OBGYN 
- Riding A Bike Is A Lot LIke Sex. My Uncle Taught Me When I Was 9 
- Hickory Dickory Dock. The Mouse Ran Up My Shuttlecock.
- We see Barbie girl wants to go to paradise city but pitbull is a joker 
- sShe’s a 10 but she likes pitbull

Red Star Bar - Whole Foods
- Fat, Bald, Drunk and Confused
- Unbanned for Life
- Is That Inflation Or Are You Just Happy To See Me 
- Whole Infoodlation
- 3 Hot Dogs Down a Hallway 
- Quentin Triviatino 
- Late Boomers 
- Valeria Don’t Go! For every trivia host there is an equal and opposite physicist 
- Whole Nudes! 
- Drunk birds of a feather thank drink together 

Rock Bottom
- Most Horrible Bosses Ever

- No more British questions please #USA 
- Full Frontal House 
- Nation of Quizlam 
- Cock Scene, Cock Wave, Cock Ring
- Brollies Inc.
- Bishop In A Turtle Neck

State Line Distillery
- Mind the Gap in our Knowledge
- Doritos are a vegetable, right? 
- You don’t win friends with salad.
Third Space Brewing
- Et Tu Third Space? Nice!
- Throw in the Cum Towel, We’re Fucked
- Big Fuckin’ Eyes
- Rose, There Was Room
- E.T.: The Extra Testicle

The Turn
- I Thought This Was Speed Dating

UpDown MKE
- TCB, More Like Tits Clits and Balls 
- Dresden Deez Nuts Across Your Face
- Dumb, Dumber, Dumberest
- Our Couches Pull Out But We Don’t
- Snow White and the Six Dating Apps 
- Girth Wind and Fire
- Jizzmaster Trivia 
- Forget About Your Boyfriend and Meet Me at Trivia! DalĂ© 
- The Exorcism of Ted Cruz


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