Best Team Names of August 2022!

Friends Trivia
- As Rachel said, no uterus, no opinion! 
- Joey Triviani: we majored in lightning rounds I
- The one where they lost
- the I hate Rachel green club 
- The transponsters 
- Tthey don’t know that we know they know we know 
- The chick and the duck 
- Central Perky nips 
- Mr heckles and the cuties  
- The reason Ross and Rachel were on a break was because Rachel smelled like a lobster 
- Ugly naked team
- And if I had to, I’d pee on any one of you!
- With the answers we’ve been given, we’ve been bamboozled
- Isn’t that just kick you in the crotch, spit on your neck, fantastic 
- They don’t know, we know, they know, we won.
- Central Perky Tits

Disney Trivia 
- The Dinglehoppers 
- Were we the only ones who thought that was a g growing up? 
- BIppity Boppity Bitches
- Put a spoonful of sugar in our mouths and call us medicine 
- Bibbidi- Bobbidi Brew 
- Bibbity Bobboty- Boozed 
- We don’t talk about Jada- no no no.
- Megara THEE Damsel
- We brought the 3 middle schoolers and all they did was TikTok 
- The Fappiest Place on Earth 
- Less Elsa, Mo- Anna
- When You Wish Upon A Bar 
- Quizney Princesses 
- Bold, Bald, and Wasted 
- Shake Your Moana Maker 
- You Tell Me Where My Supersuit is Woman
- No one twerks like Gaston
- Get my Genie's name out of your damn mouth!
- Hello, is it Smee you're looking for?
- It’s a problem-free, colonoscopy 
- Walt Disney & his wife started at each end of the puppy 
- Dumhos

1840 Brewing Co.
- Catwoman likes to play with Batman’s glockenspiel
- Quiznos? How about Quiz YES
- I’ll trade fame any day for a pot of ale
- The Great Rubber Nipple Price War

The Baaree
- Smurfette has Daddy Issues 
- Shaving Ryan's Privates
- It's my birthday, I can be a bitch if I want to 
- Make Like A Tree and Get Out of Here 
- Trump's Missing Records
- Red Hot Titty Peppers
- Definitely Not Cheating on the Boys Room 
- We're Clean & Jerks

Brass Monkey, West Allis
- Snakes on buddy Holly's plane
- Rumpleforskin 
- Moderate to severe rheumatoid arthritis
- I could never be a lawyer because I can never pass a bar.
- Batman & Robin’s were so tight you could see their white balls.

Caffrey's Pub
- This Is No Yolk.
- We’re straight trash
- Salvador Dali’s Flacid Clocks
- Jeffrey Dahmer was a vegan

Camp Bar, Shorewood
- Pungent spirits 
- Can we make our team name as poorly worded as these questions?
- Fine…be that way,call us giant-squid-octopussy
- Now playing toy story 5: my bedroom drawer
- Who orders a salad at McDonald’s?
- Grocery Store Sushi 
- I Got A Hot Tub Trivia Machine 

Camp Bar, Third Ward
- Glazer! I Hardly know her!
- Goldfinger my Octopussy
- Hey There Delilah wanna see my sex pistol 
- O’Trivia Newton John
- RIP Snack Wraps 
- Cam Gordon Gecko save me 20% on my auto insurance?
- We were too late for darts
- Show me your mammoth coxles 
- Smack my gluteus Maximus and call me Steve buschemi

Camp Bar, Tosa
- Cum on her face, big disgrace
- Am I testicle? Yeah!
- My clay don’t wiggle wiggle it molds
- Trump's declassified presidential survival guide

Deer Camp MKE
- George W Big Bush
- I feel in the Deer Camp tonight
- Your mom has the longest coastline” and “Forgive me Father, for I have student loans

Eagle Park Brewing
- Yoga pants give me yogurt pants 
- Lord of the beers, fellowship of Eagle Park 
- Corn, we’ve got the juice!

The Edge
- Ill tempered seabass 
- The Hassel Gases
- 3 girls and a sausage pizza 
- Golden Roy boys
- I didn’t go to collage

Fox River House
- Move It Or Louvre It 
- Kings of Suck Balls Mountain 
- I don’t have any classified documents in my house either
- The Real Housewives of the Fox Valley 
- Too Hot 4 T.H.O.T.S. 
- Crouching Mitt Romney, Hidden Javelin

Gathering Place Brewing Co.
- Lucy Dogs Night Out 
- Trivia Newton John #RIP 
- Aldi’s Nuts
- Honor Roll Hoes 
- Can We Get Lucy another Snack?!
- The Drunk Mormons
- I'm not as think as you drunk I am

Iron Horse Hotel
- There is No (Fucking) Way Eeew is Spelled with 3 E’s 
- Glaser Face? I Just Met Her!
- Mr. Potato Head’s Private Parts 
- Pablo Escobar Was Innocent
- Ed Gein Made Great Lampshades 
- Ronald McDonald’s Side Piece
- We Escaped…Except Jake 
- Two Evil Geniuses and an Old Man 
- Took the Red Pill, no Longer Cockless

Izzy Hops
- Jizzy Hops
- Girthquake
- Milwaukee county parks
- Mr. Gorbachev, tear up this ass.

 Jack's American Pub
- How the Jack Pollark can I Win at Trivia 
- I am sofa king We tod did!!!
- I better win something damn it 
- Douchebags in General Hats
- Call us Jon Snow we know nothing 

The Landing at Hoyt Park
- We’re kissing the Pope’s Glockenspiel 
- Dear God Man, the Pope made me miss something else… 
- The Pope's fave U.S. city is Boise
- The Pope's Cock Ring
- The “Ocho”
- Smells like sophomore spirit
- Finally, an emcee we can understand 
- Dwight Shrute’s volcanic eruption looks like fungi and smells like garlic
- I’m a Ger-man, you’re a Ger-man, let’s make Ger-Babies 
- Czechia yo self before ya wreckia yo self 
- A cougar polished my St. Peter.
- Hoyt cougars polish my stroke index
- Don't talk about Jada Smith's PH Levels
- Hop on my tower of Terror for 60 minutes

- How do you get to Uranus? Use your shuttlecock to blast off
- I also named my penis magic cube 
- Donald Trump, in the Lamborghini, with the Lightsaber
- Zak Morris is Trash 
- I kissed a girl and it gave me a raging bull 
- Guess what "Part of me" is also known as my "Raging Bull"

- Nobody went to the moon; Lee Harvey Oswold didn't kill JKF; Nelson Mandela Died in Jail 
- Kyphosis is the medical term for ligma 
- Maclomhair (pronounced MacEver)
- Marky Mark Willingly used his prosthetic penis in a hate crim
- Montreal Expo’s Deez Nuts
- 4 for 4 Second
- Pitchers and Bitches 
- Let’s Go To Silk After This
- Rollie Finger my Ass 
- Super Stan and Sexy Sam 
- The Real Slutties of Cuddy's

Milwaukee Ale House
- Dear God, Man. We're Terrible at Trivia!
- How many tiddles can you fit in your muntin 
- Blue Guys at Kam's
- Walk Like an Egyptian 
- Orange ya glad Tom Brady isn't deflating balls anymore?
- Our first date was at MKE Ale House trivia two years ago :)

Milwaukee Brat House, downtown
- Whiskey dicks and bourbon boobs
- Mar Lago Raiders
- Can I get a Shot of Updog
- Snakes on a Brain
- I heard the Quizmaster has a huge dick!
- Sometimes the bartenders can win 
- Is that a pop quiz in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?
- the Jesus Fucks
- The juggernauts

Milwaukee Brat House, Shorewood
- Guess what color my balls are 
- How do you get from the bars to your house? You shuttle this cock
- C u next Tuesday 
- Seriously… fuck that guy!
- Lance Armstrong law offices: one ball that’s all 
- Jessie spanos drug problem: I’m so excited, I so excited, I’m so scared!
- Mark wahlburgs prosthetic penis and your moms octopussy = success 
- Your mom's a big five game animal 
- Can someone please give a shit about my fantasy team?!?!? 
- I went Oscar Wilde with your mom last night 
- The moaning Lisa’s 
- Brat straws > hot dog straws 
- V for vagina 
- Glizzy guzzlers 
- Dixy gnormus 
- I kissed Michael Jackson and I liked it 
- Travel constipation, Sean penn, and your mom. These are a few of my favorite things
- The real house wives of hulk hogan

Milwaukee Brewing Co.
- I'd Tap That
- Team Rachel McAdams sucking on my tooth enamel at a Chili's bathroom
- "Don't be evil" Sponsored by Tooth enamel 
- Titties out for trivia
- Autocorrect is my enema
- Pour one out for the O-Gii's
- Make sure to clean AFTER you jerk"

Mo's Irish Pub
- Usually I’m the hardest mineral in the body
- Stressed, Depressed and Lookin a Mess

- EGOT This
- We smashed the shuttlecock to Uranus
- Spicy Chicago Octopussy 
- Dsylxeia? 
- STIs get high fives
- Thug Occupation
- We would have had enough points to win if it wasn't for Inflation
- Geezer Patrol
- Jordan Speith's Christian Cheeks make me Weak
- Real Housewives of Milwaukee
- I'm Going to Commit Seppuku, my Teammate thought Ronaldo was Rory McIlroy
- Scratch my Javelin

- I bet post Malone eats potatoes
- Wandering uterus
- Sao Paolo is Portuguese for Whale Vagina 
- I feel god in this chilis tonight
- Blue titty committee
- Joe Biden, please forgive my Olydias bar tab 
- Buzzed LightBear

Pete's Pub
- Fraternal and Sorority Zisters
- This team can’t believe Pete and Kim broke up
- Three MustGetBeers
- Big Llama Little Llama
- Bippity Boppity Bitche$
- We Teach, Therefore we Drink

Raised Grain
- What the Smurf is a Dash Hound 
- Me & Alex Jones: 2 people who aren’t winning today. 
- I’ve been described as 3 apples long.

Rally Time, West Bend
- Medusa Had Glizzy Hair 
- Bears Beats Quizmaster Trivia 
- I Nurdled On Your Mom's Tittles
- We Sat BY The Dart Board And STILL Got One Of The Fucking Colors Wrong! 
- The Muske-Queers
- 5 Women, 2 Men And A REALLY Wet Table
- Austin Pussy Is The Breakfast of Champions

Red Star Bar, Whole Foods
- Whole Feuds
- Enemas of the State

Rock Bottom
- Perfect Strangers

- I'm deaf and you played music
- David Gruber Fucked my Wife
- You Raise My Stroke Index
- One Brain Cell 

State Line Distillery
- One Erection
- Weenie Colada Name
- Little Miss Can’t Skip Harry Styles
- Quiz Pro Hos
- Perks Of Being a Wall-spider

Third Space Brewing
- Adele Dazeem
- Dirk Diggler's Johnson is the Largest Organ
- Lance Armstrong’s Missing Testicle
- John Fucking said Water Buffalo!

The Tosa Tavern
- Saving Ryan’s privates
- Good n Plenty Bad Answers
- How much for the kid in the Rodgers Jersey?

The Turn
- No Bun, Havin' Fun
- Just for Schitts and Giggles

UpDown MKE
- One Comma Club 
- Jeffery Dahmer was a vegan
- Squirt flavored Four Loko?
- Does Mr Tumnus Count as a DILF?
- Hershey Squirtzzz, PA Second
- Your Girl Loves My Stroke Index
- Abraham Thinken’


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