Best Team Names of November 2022

Disney Princess Trivia
- Someday my hints will come 
- Someday our pints will come
- Four princesses and a toad
- Darth is my Disney Princess
- Once Upon a Team
- Flynn Ryder, I hardly knew her
- Practically Perfect In Every Way 
- Ladies, you aren’t a princess. Your dad lied. 
- Ariel’s Areolas
- Yes I’m alone, but I’m alone and horny
- Surly the 8th Dwarf
- Ale as Old As Time
- The Glass Sippers, ft. Gin Ryder, Rapunzale, Prince Phillip my glass, & Briar Rosé

1840 Brewing
- Cock Lock N’ Drop It
- What do you call a dog underwater…a sub-woofer

- You are not free to move about the squatty potty 
- Madonna the whore says the eagles are better than the eagles 
- Double D's
- Who's The New Studmuffin Quiz Host? 
- Never Going to Quiz You Up

Blue Badger Grill
- BYOB (bring your own baby) 
- One badger, two badger, red badger, blue badger

Brass Monkey
- I was dumping my steak into a dead moose and got an outbreak 
- If Mario had the same fireball as I do he wouldn't need shrooms
- MPS’ Finest
- I got Schlitz on my Bum Bag

Cafe Hollander -- Brookfield
- Mayflower mayhem

Caffrey's Pub
- Something Something the Lions Suck
- Kesha had to remove the $ From her name due to the current economy
- Is your girl the world cup? Because she only comes once every four years.
- Still in a Food Coma

Camp Shorewood
- I rode your mom to the North Pole and almost died
- What does a Buffalo say when dropping off his son at school? Bison
- Abolish the fashion police!
- Our tinder account is dryer than Lynchburg, TN
- Flaccid Reflux

Camp Third Ward
- Bill Destroyed Hillary’s Box 
- Bill Clinton’s lead pencil in my box
- Jackie Kennedy, How you doin? 
- Swipe Left on Captain Marvel

Camp Tosa
- o’draft a hoe
- Play laugh grow: Viagra
- Gerald ford was a dilf

Crafty Cow, Oconomowoc
- SuperSonics sparkle puppies: team formerly known as slut puppies (family edition)

Crafty Cow, Tosa
- The Good, The Bad, and The Alabama Huntsville Men’s Hockey Team 
- All The Single Disney Princesses

Deer Camp MKE
- My Little Trivia Squad 
- Daniel Day Poo-is, because he stinks!!! 
- My ascot brings all the boys to the yard
- PETA would protest Jaegermeister
- Thanks Mom for coming tonight
- Covid was a solid choice

Eagle Park Brewing - Milwaukee
- 3.16 minutes is ginger Jamba’s personal fucking record.
- Anthony wiener is a registered sex offender 
- $cientology is bogus
- V8 is mostly fruit 
- Betty cocker, queen of the stage coach 
- Alex KNOX boots with ginger jambas
- Do we get a golden cap for playing 100 games of Quizmaster Trivia? 
- She’s a doctor, OK

Eagle Park Brewing - Muskego
- Simple and stressed minds 
- ohhhh… that’s why it’s called V8 
- Nick canons 13th baby
- Les Quizerables

Gathering Place Brewing
- Bark Twice if You're in Milwaukee 
- Aaron Rodger's Haircut
- Hot Shrex with Bill & Hillary
- Anthony "The Cock" Weiner 
- Elon Muske(tears)
- Definitely, Not Prepared 
- Elon's Latest Venture 
- Who's that sexy man behind the bar? 
- Quizknows
- Swipe right on the bartender

Izzy Hops
- POG me little monster
- Choose MILF for Strong Bones and Strong Teeth 
- We Take Off at Aaron’s Party
- She’s periodically on our table in her element.
- Your Mom, My Candlestick, In the Bedroom

J&B's Blue Ribbon
- Sara Lee has Great Tits
- Dark side of the Poon 
- Ff you're still in line to vote.... stay in line 
- I ascot if we won and we did not

Jack's American Pub
- Spitting Facts at Jacks 
- Double D and the Boobs
- I voted Twice
- Jizzin and Quizzin
- Wearing jeans and flicking beans
- That Turkey just Jerkied my Perky Quirky Hambone
- Cum Dawg Millionaire
- Dan Acroyd’s Skull has a Hairy Hole
- The Good The Bad and The Girlies

Magoo's on the Mound
- My pipe gets Harden picturing Mariah Carey in a Dirndl 
- The Blind Cougars
- The Titanic and your mom, both famous for going down 
- I McLovin Magoos
- We don't talk about trivia 
- Jordan Love's Packers

- Mariah Carey is defrosting 
- Rodgerererer Federererer 
- FUCK instagram Hackers
- Bull Moose? More like Horse Cock
- Ring of Fire is from my Peehole 
- The Biggest Lugers
- FIFA World Cup my Balls 
- Tripping on Tryptophan 
- McGillyBuddies
- There is no fucking parking

Milwaukee Brat House, Downtown
- Kyrie Irving, Hebrew lessons 
- Jeffrey Dahmer rib shack
- Operation Golden Eagle Claws 
- My Ponytail is Missing 
- Cocks + Teabags in Space
- Need that squatty potty after my Lucky charms 
- Quizzed in the face 
- I got the Schlitz
- Bitcoin or Bust! 

Milwaukee Brat House, Shorewood
- Aaron Rodgers ayahuasca dealers
- Nimrod…. That’s what she calls my South Pole
- Celine’s Dion is dangerously cheesy 
- These results are less scary than the election 
- Electile dysfunction
- They should license ring of fire to real chili 
- Mclovin that ring of fire 
- Kanye doesn’t like au jus 
- You’re telling me there’s not a sex dungeon in clue? 
- Rappel down to cumtown
- Blackout Wednesday is for amateurs! Blackout Tuesday bitches!
- Ben Franklin - great president or greatest president?? 
- I’m selling my Taylor swift tickets for a jager bomb 

Mo's Irish Pub
- Premature Quizzers.

- My Organ is your Pipe Dream
- I'll show you my South Pole
- Your Dirndl would look better on my Bedroom Floor
- Stalin to make a Team Name
- Nick Cannons Daddy Daycare
- We may not Win, but at least we're not Qatar

- Olydia's Clyamydia 
- Sarah Lee's tits 
- Fox fuck car fuck, give a fuck
- Pull the lever, krunk juice 
- Sam, the first night at bed when you left, Ron made out with 2 girls and put his head in between a cocktail waitresses breasts

Perspective Brewing Co.
- Pump It, Cast It, Scrap It 
- 2 Chemists, 1 Beaker 
- Ayahuascashwabenon
- Grease Up Uranus 
- Weird Al Fans
- If you beat us, we'll shaw-shank you 
- Better Late than Pregnant
- Where Do You Put the Stuffing in a Roasted Racoon?
- Manifest Destiny's Child 
- Just Here to Drink (Participation Award is Beer)

Pete's Pub
- Ronald McDonald: the Original Hot and Juicy Red Head
- On a clear night I can see Uranus
- Monterrey Jack Shit
- Boner Hemian Crapsoty and Plymouth Cock 
- 50 shades of gravy
- Sweet Brotateos
- Condoleeza Rice and the 12 inch Chinichangas

Rally Time, West Bend
- Veruca Salt Is A Bitch 
- Georgia O'Queef
- WHAT Did You Say?! Our Farts Are Too Loud
- Sorry We Couldn't See The Teabag. Uranus Was In The Way
- Your Mom Was Voted Bushiest Beaver In High School
- I Call Your Mom The Dark Knight Because She Makes Me Rise

Raised Grain Brewing
- Dolla Make Us Holla 
- Fox Head, Car Head, Give Head

Red Star Bar (Whole Foods Streeterville)
- Team Donuts: The Original wHoled Food
- Jehovahs Thiccness 
- Between 3 and 10 inches

- We Don't Give a Fox...Car 
- Rita's Rats

- Sbarro is Real NY Pizza 
- Dildo Baggins
- Moon of Uranus
- Dagobah Your Balls
- Too Focused on the D to Notice the OH 
- Angry Beavers
- WTF is a Snack Wrap?? 
- Les Quizerables

State Line Distillery
- Why So Sirius? 
- Promiscuous Rodeo Clowns
- Quizkey and Cokes 
- Henry VIII and his quizmistresses 
- Quizastrophe 
- The Eli Lily Free Insulin Project

Station 1 Brewing Co
- At Yeast We Have Beer 
- We Like Sports and We Don’t Care Who Knows
- Poll Worker Volunteer Rejects 
- If Your Election Lasts More Than 4 Hours
- T.R.I.V.I.A. (Truly Riveting Impressive Very Imaginative Answers)

Third Space Brewing
- Pipe Dreams=Wet Dreams
- Herpes on Uranus
- Not McLovin these National Anthems
- Serge TrivBaka

The Turn
- My Score is Worse Than Buzz’s Girlfriend

The Tosa Tavern (Whole Foods)
- No Hubby Clubby
- Where does a rainbow go when it’s bad? A Prism?
- Henry the 8th's 6th wife

UpDown MKE
- Something Something Anal Beads, Jackie wants her Baby 
- She Dublin on my Crown til I Bucks
- Prairie Dawg Wrastlers 
- Lobster Stewart Sensually Taking a Bubble Bath 
- Smarty Pints
- Steamboat Cocky
- Tony Beavers 
- Gold Medal in WAP
- Mount ‘er Ray? I hardly know her! 
- Kanye North, South, East, and West

Uncommon Pints
- Smarty Pints! 
- Former twitter c-men, 
- 2 guys a girl and an uncommon bar place.
- Tequila Mockingbird
- Dixie Normus
- Osteoporosis, Scoliosis - 50’s what can we say?
- Freezing our quiztitties off

- Take a Whirl on my Balls

Wisconsin Brewing Co.
- Two Goods, One Bad, and an Ugly


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