Best Team Names of April 2023!

2000s Trivia
- It’s Beer, Bitch 
- I’m Still Sorry Ms. Jackson
- I Survived Four Loko 
- Heelyz-4-Realzyz
- We voted for Pedro 
- … and this is Disney channel (*with hand motion*)
- Now 7: That's What I Call Trivia
- 5318008 (flip your calculator over = boobies) :)
- Lindsey gave me a Lo-han-job
- The Mayor of Janet Jackson me off 
- Well, now I feel old
- Limp Quiz-Kit: I did it all 4 the snooki
- Quizy McQuizFace

1840 Brewing Co.
- Reading Rainbow, I mean Reading Railroad
- The last brain cell

- Jeopardy rejects
- I'm leaving Rodgers on a jet plane

- I was gonna poppins Mary's octopussy but it was like Campbells tomatoe soup down there
- I heard it through the iron lady's boston cream pie
- I know what you did for a Klondike bar
- 37 weeks and still no great team name

Brass Monkey
- Cherry Poppins 
- I don’t understand why they say white people can’t cook… we are the reason you have to show I.D. to buy Sudafed 
- University of Phoenix Alumni 
- Mike Oxbig
- Dear middle finger thanks for sticking up for me
- I’ll coconut in her cream pie 
- The largest bone in Quizmaster Katelin’s body is MY girth-y bone 
- Ballsack Sazerac 
- Do you want our size by length or girth?

Cafe Hollander - Brookfield
- Thanks for ruining my favorite skittle flavor 
- Boiled beetles? I won’t be tasting any more than the rainbow!
- You're a Quizzard Harry! 
- Truly Terrific Trivia Trio
- More Monet ‘Mo Problems

Caffrey's Pub
- UConn do it
- UConn S my D til I Sanogo on U
- Jurassic Park Dat Ass on My Face.
- Going home to watch Speed and do speed

Camino - West Allis
- Sky met gpt 
- We will riot, unless mean Green wings are kept on the menu
- I’m so piste you can lick anise
- Excited to be indicted
- Nancy Reagan really sucks 
- quiz in my pants 
- our sports guy couldn’t make it tonight because he has a colonoscopy tomorrow

Camp Bar - Shorewood
- She jolly on my roger til I ship myself
- Are you pneumonia because you take my breath away
- Last week I had a dream I asked Erin when she’d be back and she said never and I woke up crying
- Seriously fuck the lightning round and Jimmy butler 
- call my titty the next cream city

Camp Bar - Third Ward
- Jolly Roger filled his ship with hydrogen
- Eating a spaghetto while taking the ferry to work

Camp Bar - Tosa
- Johnie walker definitely took the bus
- if mt Everest was in the deepest part of your mom would it stick out? (No)

Camp Trippalindee
- January Jones Fan Club
- Taco Flavored Kisses

Crafty Cow - Milwaukee
- What Is Your Spotify Username? I want to follow you. This is good music. 
- Give me a damn raise, Ryan! 
- Meatball, meatball, spaghetti underneath! Ravioli, ravioli, GREAT BARRIER REEF!

Deer Camp MKE
- It’s my birthday I can cry if I want to
- Babe Ruth went deep in this octpussy

Eagle Park - Milwaukee
- All day I dream of Swift
- Aquaphor whores
- Lars Ulrich‘s “master of tennis elbow” is the bane of Metallica‘s existence
- J.p.p.morgan - sperm bank to the stars. 
- First date – at least we’re both bad at trivia
- Hopped of the plane at LAX, Quizzed in my pants (nope) jorts (nope) Cardigan (Yep!)

Eagle Park - Muskego
- JFK: definitely did not make the final 4
- Teamwork makes the dreamworks
- Beer-necessities
- Smells like winning spirit 
- Emperors new brew 
- Straight out of the spaghetto
- Aaron “the jet” rogers
- it’s pronounced Worcestershire sauce

Fox River House
- The Fempire Strikes Back
- Tony Danza can hold me closer

Gathering Place - Milwaukee
- Yogi Bear & Picnic Raiders
- If "Onions" Was a Candle
- Destroyer? I hardly know her! 
- ...Oh! Speaking of dick jokes...What should our team name be?"

Gathering Place - Tosa
- Everything, Everywhere, All at once, and we still lost.

Izzy Hops
- These Cheese Curds Are Bitching 
- The Adventure of Fuckleberry hinn 
- Rolling In The Deep? More Like Rolling in Deeze Nutz!! 
- She wanted the slick willy, but I gave her the tricky dick
- Slick Willy's Jules Can I Hit Your Juules?
- Grinder: "Sausage is all we do!" 
- I saw Hulk Hogan's Sausage
- The Sausage Twist You Can't Resist Is All We Do
- She Izzy On My Glizzy Til I Hop 
- Jabba the Hut? More Like Gobble the Slut!
- Bucks in Nine
- Paint me Like One of Your Parliament Buildings 
- Here for a short time, not a long time

Jack's American Pub
- fortnite cummies
- Chose Trivia Night over My Taxes
- Jabba the Slut

Lion's Tail Brewing - Neenah
- Seth Rogen: trivia host 
- ask us Taylor Swift questions
- No Citation Needed 7
- pretty okay
- Kids Who Can’t Read Good
- Trivalicious So Delicious

Lion's Tail Brewing - Tosa
- Home alone with Sacajawea
- Unorthodox Boston cream pie
- don’t quiz and drive

Magoo's on the Mound
- Cocaine Bear like Culvers' fancy nuts 
- Brew her down and buck her twice
- I am dumber than a fifth grader
- Blue Shirt Beth by the window shit her pants today
- Breaking Bad Quarterbacks 
- Mario's Stuffed Mushroom 
- The potholes where I live will knock a tampon out a bitch

- Tiger woods and Lindsey  Vaun Fucked
- Baggins your mom 
- Titanic Swim Team

Milwaukee Brat House - Downtown
- Canuck You S
- Defund the Parking Police
- Bed, Bath, & Beyoncé

Milwaukee Brat House - Shorewood
- The Culver’s flavor of the day is Paul Bunyan’s ass 
- Chicago cocaine bears 
- Bar sluts
- I got my Big Chief stuck in the bathtub 
- we piste the night away
- Schlitz gives me De gas 
- Sausage is all we do, too 
- sumo wrestler? I barely know her! 
- Your mom is a x-ennial 
- Drink harder trivia smarter

Mo's Irish Pub - Wauwatosa
- Base/Wiffle/Nice - Balls
- Kumquat dumpster

MobCraft - Denver
- Trivia Newton John 
- Paul, get out of my Bunyan’s! 
- Areola Grande

MobCraft - MKE
- We Want the Real Bicardi
- Red is the same as Cinnamon
- Is that an Aubergine in your pocket, or are you just Happy to see me?
- Sitar on my Face

- Deez Nutcrackers 
- Teacher's with no class (tomorrow)
- Dolly Parton Dropping a Duece
- I wish I could breathe out of my butt

Panther Pub
- A country that ends in Y … A country far far away
- Tear drops on my sitar

Perspective Brewing
- Hey, I just met shrew, and this is crazy, but here's my number, macaw me maybe
- Trump 2024... months in prison

Pete's Pub
- It ain’t fiction that I’m the finest

Pilot Project Brewing
- OJ's acting coach
- Indiana Bones: Your mother's body is a temple
- Harry Potter and the gamma ray ghetto blaster

Raised Grain
- There’s a stormy situation brewing between “the Donald” and St. Lucia. 
- John Glenn wears SPANX
- Is Deez Nuts an Emoji?

Rally Time - West Bend
- I ragnarocked Your Mom Last Night
- Sex in The elevator is exciting on many levels
- Quiz and Let Die 
- Our Couch Pulls Out...But We Don't
- The condom machine lies!! Those ribbed condoms don't taste like ribs at all!! 
- Your mom is a bubonic bitch

Second Salem Brewing
- Post Spring Break Depression
- The Bald & The Beautiful

- Liquor? I don't ever know her 
- Just the Sip (Just to see how it feels?

- Dan Kelly's Tears Taste SO GOOD!
- Feels Like Fire Burning After She MC'd On My Hammer
- Position To Win ;)

Station 1 Brewing Co.
- Show Me Your Brew-Has! 
- Pert N Ear Genius
- Some Bunny Loves Trivia, and that’s no yolk
- Girls Just Want to Play Trivia

State Line Distillery
- The Crazy Swayze
- Quizmaster > Ticketmaster 
- Shouldn't have wished for snow 
- Keefer Madness 
- Gigi's Shit Squad
- There’s No Losing in trivia

Third Space
- It’s Arraigning Men, Hallelujah 
- It’s Arraigning Cats and Dogs
- Prince Harry's Frostbitten Knob in Antarctica
- Tiny Weiner by Elton John

Uncommon Pints
- We tamed that fucking shrew
- This week was Ludacris

UpDown MKE
- How Shrewd Best Name- Crocodile Ragnarok
- The Correct Answer is Milk Flow, Milk Cow, and Milk Back
- Sacagawea the Throat Goat 
- We Went Straight to Jail in Margaritaville
- Benjamin Franklin Boston Creamed at the Tea Party 
- Big Ben’s Big Coconuts 
- Ur Mom Was Born in the 1910’s
- They Call Me Liz Lemony Snicket cause it’s unfortunate how bad I wanna Leia on your peanuts 
- A Singular Brain Cell

- mile wide inch deep knowledge

Whole Foods - East Side Tap
- Make trivia great again
- Dumb Blondes
- Badass Biatches
- Ashlee Simpson was robbed
- I've got the meat sweats
- You free after this?
- British Invasion 2023

Whole Foods - Red Star Bar, Streeterville
- I’m So Indicted, and I Just Cant Hide It
- Unemployed hand model looking for hand jobs

- Whole Foods - The Tosa Tavern
- Chicken Fried Jellyfish
- Only Monica called him William
- I like big bangs and I cannot lie
- Poppin the Trivia Cherry

Wisconsin Brewing / Lake Louie Brewing
- Lil Louie Lager Lovers


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