Best Team Names of August 2023

Disney Trivia
- Mary Poppin that booty
- Turn Down for Walt
- Bibbidi-Bobbity Beauties
- Hello, is it Shmee you're looking for?
- I watched all of Bolt for this?
- I fell and now "Dis-ney" hurts
- Disney adults but cool
- Buzzed Lightbeer
- Walt Quizney
- Let It Go, it's just trivia
- 100% better down where it's wetter
- Pocahaunted by these questions
- We mermaid to win
- More like bored in the stone 
- I’m surrounded by idiots 
- I tried to cocker spaniel but she tangled my mandrill 
- The emperors new crew 
- Shark bait hoo ha ha 
- No one twerks like Gaston 
- Disnipples 
- Scrooge McDrunk
- Valiant & Valiant & Us idiots 
- Tangled in Deez Nuts
- Lightyears Ahead of the Competition 
- Dishonor On Your Cow 
- The Ugly Step Sisters
- Quizzie McGuire 
- Some Day My Pints Will Come 
- Oh Look.. We've Been Impaled
- Tinker Belles
- Gunther’s Interior Design 
- Gaston said “She has crabs” 
- Andy’s Mom’s Toys

The Office Trivia
- This was way harder than I thought it would be... that's what she said
- Team Voldemort
- Ur Mom... Boom, Roasted!
- Professor Copperfield's Miracle Legumes
- Ryan started the fire
- The Turn Tablers
- Lord Voldemort
- Creeds Thoughts
- Kevin's homemade Chili
- This beer is reminiscent of.....Michael's Oaky Afterbirth Wine
- Jan's New Boobs
- To Learn More About Trump's Indictment, Visit
- We’re not hot, but Kevin would do us
- Cyn-thi-a, Cyn-thia… Stanley died…for our SIN-thi-as! 
- A man could have slipped in, there would be no way of knowing
- I would shoot Toby twice
- William M Buttlicker
- Lord Beer Me Strength (
- Michael Scott's Dunder Mifflin Scranton Meredith Palmer Memorial Celebrity Rabies Awareness Fun Run Pro Am Race for the Cure
- Who is justice beaver 
- Slumdunder mifflinaire 
- Jan’s Cans

Amp Haus at Konkel Park
- Cheaper than State Fair.

The Baaree
- The Art of the Steal 
- You Can Diddle My Cat With Your Fiddle
- I've Got Nipples, Can You Milk Me Focker?
- Prime Minister of Uranus
- Dracula's Curling Carlie Chaplin Gas Mask 
- Followers of Lord QUIZMASTER John 
- Quiz Me Like One Of Your French Girls
- Polar Bear-ing it all in Spanx
- Looking for a good Spanx-ing
- I Got 91 Indictments but I ain't innocent of one
- Saving Private Ryan's Pus 
- Keep Your Trident away from my Octopus

Brass Monkey
- Brokeback Mountain 2: Three’s a Crowd - ft. The Fellas at Table #32
- Happy 50th birthday quizmaster Katelin, Time for bed!
- Fuck Around and Find Out 
- A Fluffernutter is as hot, sticky, and gooey as my balls today. 
- Guessin’ and Sweatin’
- The Host’s Hair Looks So Pretty Today 
- Hope I’m Closest to 100 Without Going Over - RIP Bob Barker 
- YAY! I’m divorced as of today! 
- Be positive. Test negative. 
- Undress? We thought they said “lick my butthole” everywhere.

Cafe Hollander - Brookfield
- Quizards of wavely place
- What the hell is the 4th railroad
- Wizards of Waukesha

Cafe Hollander - Madison
- the most exciting 2 min in sports is not in my bedroom
- Pinocchio's thong
- She call me the sword in the stone cause I never pull out
- Cousins by chance

Cafe Hollander - Mequon
- Risky Quizness 
- Questioning Armadillos
- The sports section can shove it!

Caffrey's Pub
- Bravo Oscar Oscar Bravo Indigo Echo Sierra
- Lazy Susan? That’s what I call my ex wife!
- No sex is safe sex
- They called me SEGA in high school.
- I used to be a tight end, but now I'm a wide receiver

Camp Bar - Shorewood
- Dolly Parton…real or fake 
- In gd we thrust
- GI Joe Biden Barbie
- Mary Poppin This Pussy 
- What comes before sex?? Uh...I do? 
- The more your mom plays with it the harder it gets
- the blue whale is the largest mammal… after yo mama!

Camp Bar - Third Ward
- Started at the bottom and we’re still here
- Mary’s poppin tits
- buzzed light beer

Camp Bar - Tosa
- Are we sure he didn’t sing Dick in a box
- The nipples are the eyes of the face
- Omega Hoes Fo Show

Camp Trippalindee
- Florence Pubes

Crafty Cow - Tosa
- To the team that never grows up...PENIS
- Jordan Love's Future Drug Problem 
- Kiss me in Boob, New York

Crafty Cow - Oconomowoc
- Yo momma got butt fungas
- Bravo orange organe bravo space 
- Onions make me sad
- Jeopardy rejected us

Crafty Cow - Wauwatosa
The fastest 2 minutes in trivia
- Horny Sex Telescope
- We didn't think Michael Jackson screwed adults, but he sure got us tonight! 
- I hope I get the chance to see her community chest
- Spongebob got a phalloplasty on his pina
- It was Trump, in the Oval Office, with the Phone Second
- Super Nintendo, Sega Genesis, when i was dead broke man i couldnt picture this

Deer Camp MKE
- Pope-a-cabana
- Trick question: we didn’t land on the moon 
- I got a vision that Scarlett witch will pommel my horse

Dog Haus, Franklin
- Take off your pants and jacket
- Got B.O.? Get D.O.!

Eagle Park Brewing - Milwaukee
- In Dollie’s Double D’s we Trust 
- In God we Bust 
- Ginger Jamba made me so Homo Erectus I came-a-lot and could not walk, man
- Haunted house, haunted sex, haunted word 
- Queen Elizabeth chose my safe word
- Manhattan, the longer you play with it the harder it gets
- 69 69 … … … Nice 
- Qatar shower toilet 
- he say she say issei nisei
- Bear-achute
- Tampa Bay Hurricanes

Eagle Park Brewing - Muskego
- watching total recall with my family was awkward because I had a homo erectus
- Mary poppins bottles gettin slizzard like a g6 
- The iconic toy, based on fdr’s wheelchair, “the lazy Susan”
- BEer = MC hammershlogan

Elm Grove Beer Garden
- One Eyed Wonder Weasels.
- Trivia: slightly less noisy than pickleball.
- 2 Johnsons and a Bush might equal a baby puss.

Izzy Hops
- Colonel Mustard in the Block of Flats with the Jacket Potato 
- J. Slobert Toppenheimer

Jack's American Pub
- We love tater thots
- Alabama Folding Chair Manufacturers Association
- Bring a Waffle House to Brady Street 
- Trumps 6th Indictment
- Trying to be at lit as Stephen King writing Cujo 
- Blue Mooners
- Titty Twisters
- Houdinis Milkmen
- The Price is Wrong, Bitch! RIP Bob Barker

The Landing at Hoyt Park
- The only bone "Sue" is missing is mine
- Frankly Chad, I don't give a damn
- Pam Anderson with Buscemi eyes... I'd hit that
- iPod touch my Nano and make it shuffle
- Worcestershire... I barely know her
- She pipe on my organ until my air quality turn maroon
- Henry Cavill can rearrange my organ
- Ryan, you are my Midsummer Night's Wet Dream
- Elmer Fudd's fluffy little boy
- We're sweatier than Michael Jackson in a daycare parking lot
- It's hot but watching Ryan fan himself is hotter
- Alpha, Brave, Charlie, Deez Nuts
- Polk your biscuit in my basket one more time

Lion's Tail Brewing - Neenah
- 60% of the time we win 90% of the time
- 10 inches when folding in half
- Pimp my Pomsky 
- Suckin on a chili dog

Lion's Tail Brewing - Tosa
- She Calls it My Nightcrawler
- Building IKEA furniture was easier than this quiz.
- Michael Jackson was not a fat man, but he loved little boy

- 2 minutes is a long time
- Beer Barbies
- Viagra falls 
- Middle aged mom punk rawk
- The tittle twisters tm (yes, we are trademarked in boobs NY) 
- Fake boobs don’t produce mother’s milk
- I'll chuck your berry 
- KGB waits for no one!

Milwaukee Brat House - Downtown
- Dildo Gaggens 
- Don’t give a schnitzel wieners
- We don’t give a fuck it’s not your birthday
- Let the bad answers roll

Milwaukee Brat House - Shorewood
- Girth wind and fire 
- Sometimes I skinny and sometimes I poke 
- Titanic II: jacks back, he never let go 
- Ben-hur over
- Can you beer me now? 
- You can play in my station 
- Aer lingus wasn’t as fun as it sounded
- Young enough to be Leonardo decaprios girlfriends
- Stalins failed phalloplasty
- Bairdly legal 
- Jeffrey Epstein didn’t kill himself 
- Karen Rodgers 
- Two guys one beer 
- Wookie mistakes
- Hand breaking handjobs 
- Colonel spicy mustard 
- Scrabble deez nuts
- Minecraft I barely know her 
- 4 skins

MJ's Bar & Grill
- Anish Kapoor’s Lil Bean
- Smells like mom’s birthday

Mo's Irish Pub
- Spanx me harder 
- Mos before Bros

MobCraft Beer
- Ben Hur, Done That
- I'd give Ryan Reynolds (Hammer)Head
- Can you Hear me Now: The Official Moto of the Titan Submarine
- The Romans said 'C-Deez Nuts?!'
- The only railroad I know is the Underground
- My wife said I should get a Phalloplasty
- Take this Bubble Car and Shove It
- Roadtripping from Boob to Mother's Milk
- Why are British People so Obsessed with Big Black Cock
- I Jacket my Potato to the Sound of Music

- They came, they saw, they dodgered 
- The bitch ran away with my spoon 
- She jerky my cucumber til I deagol
- Nice titles!
- I usually don't quiz this hard 
- Kiss me I'm 1% Irish
- BJ is my favorite periodic element
- Why are you so sweaty? I was playing trivia
- Boats and Hoes

Panther Pub
- Return of the queens 
- Hi. My name is grant I enjoy long walks on the beach. I’m also single and my number is 753-576-1233
- I might not be your plan A, but I can be your plan B
- wookie mistake

Perspective Brewing Co
- Banana Hot Dog
- My racket is tighter then yours
- Would you marry Tinkerbell if she was 30 and worldly?
- Wet Woodies
- Baroque Ass Hoes

Pete's Pub
- Dick Cheney and the Order of the Brokeback Mountain
- I don’t know about you but Ted’s feeling 32
- Felt Your Mom’s Organs Last Night
- spreading rumors that the rest of our team is at the republican debate
- Did you say, “Abe Lincoln?” 
- Corn Stars
- Woodrow “Naked n’ Oily” Wilson

Pilot Project
- We didn't know apples had nuts??
- Hugh mungo grant
- My Johnson's a super middle weight

Pomona Cider Co
- Quiz Khalifa
- your mother and I are separating
- Back door disaster
- What cider you on
- Incider traitors

Raised Grain Brewing
- Sometimes you feel like a nut
- We ja rule
- Sorry, you can’t pummel my horse tonight, I’m wearing SPANX and they are snuggy.

Rally Time 
- Call of Booty 
- We're wearing Withering Tights and Frank, We Don't Give a Shit
- 35' Waist? Who Cares - Send Feet Pics! 
- Jake's Mom Has Got It Goin On
- Thanks For The Extra Clue, Quizmaster Jeeves 
- Moe Took His Drunken Clam Into Paddys Pub and said Bada Bing 
- Your Mom Had Her Hands All Over My Pipe Organ Last Night
- Greener? I Hardly Know Her!
- It's Hotter Than A Maui Neighborhood In Here 
- Fluffer Nutter? I Hardly Know Her!
- Backstreet Puts The Biscuit In Your Mom's Basket (ALLRIGHT!)

State Line Distillery
- The pre-pre-taste of the Midwest 
- Pass the Tardy sauce
- Stone Cold Cream Austin
- Frozen 3 staring Mitch McConnell

TAQ Brewing
- Kids 4 Sale, Wife is Free

Third Space Brewing
- I Personally have had a more exciting two minutes
- Are we sure MC doesn’t stand for Microphone Controller?
- D.R.A.N.K. M.E. - Democratic Republic and North Korea Middle East
- 8008135, NY
- Hand Rail, Hand Wash, Hand Brake, Hand Job

UpDown MKE
- She Cheney on my dick till I splash mountain
- Kim K’s 35 foot Brazilian Butt Lift
- Komodo Dragon Deez Nuts Across Your Face 
- 3 Week Old Bread? There’s Moldova it!
- Big Girls Don’t Spit
- Drinking Team with a Trivia Problem

Vintage MKE
- what is the difference between a dirty old bus station and a lobster with breast implants? One is a crusty bus station and the other is a busty crustacean. 
- ope!-enheimer
- Ben Carson Came in like a wrecking ball in my aztec 
- Pickle Witches
- Woodrow Woodrow Wilson 
- Lyndon big ol johnson 
- Rollie pollie yolo

Walhburgers at Hy-Vee
- The Real Housewives of Hobart

Wantable Cafe
- Do you ‘Wantable’ My Lover

Whole Foods - East Side Tap
- She swallows my quiz

Whole Foods Streeterville
- We tried to bribe the trivia host with chicken fingers
- Chopped Liver
- Fat Man and Little Boy was my nickname in high school.

Whole Foods - Tosa Tavern
- The Art of Making License Plates
- Libraries get Shh done
- The square root of 69 ate something
- No wager, no rager

Wisconsin Brewing Co
- 88 mile per hour model T
- Pizza? hot! Drinks? Cold! Socks? Wet!
- The Periodic Table Dancers

- Boehemian Rhapsody or Milwaukee Rap City?
- Besties with the Chesties 
- Gone with the WIN!!
- Not as bad as the US women Nationals team 
- Jimmy's Giant, Fantastic Stupidly Phat Peach 
- The go piss girls
- Lizzo Body Posititivty Support Group 
-  Drinking team with a trivia problem 
- Quiz In My Pants


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