Best Team Names of October 2023

Horror Movie Trivia
- 28 Gays Later
- Ed Gein’s and Jeffrey Dahmer’s lunch
- These Blair bitches are going to need a bigger boat 
- Tick or trivia 
- Rick baker, dick shaker
- Walking Talking Stephen HawKING 
- Written And Directed By Two Italians Who Speak No English
- The Boo Bees
- Night of the Living Graders 
- The IRS
- We're the Dream Warriors : Dokken Rules 
- Salt-n-Peppa Pig (She got that salty peppussy) 
- (The Quizmaster has a) Huuuuge Halloweiner

Pixar Trivia
- Pizza planet delivery drivers 
- Toot story 3
- Turning Red with Embarrassment
- Bing Bong
- Finding Dory's Brain
- Pixar Dropouts
- Buzzlightyear is miles ahead 
- Andy’s moms toys 
- Oozma Kappa
- Hansen, Hansen & Herman 
- Pixar Deez Nuts in your Mouth 
- My Incredible Nipples are Frozone

How I Met Your Mother Trivia
- Kids, this is the story about how I fucked your aunt Robin
- I’ll show you my blue French horn
- Marshall vs the machine
- Alco… wait for it… holics
- How I won the contest
- The slutty pumpkin
- Salt, Pepper, & Cumin
- Two Beavers are Better Than None 
- One Day at Band Camp: Lilly, Barney, and Your Mother ate American Pie
- feeling fine and getting some ‘gine

1840 Brewing
- Finally my fiances Star Wars knowledge comes in handy

The Baaree
- Just call me daddy.... long legs

Brass Monkey
- Quizmaster Katelin has no problem telling me where the D goes.
- Tittles Always Come in Pairs! 
- The Freaky Fast Fondlers 
- Key Gone Gin Actually… 
- it’s pronounced Kwai Gon…
- You can’t run at a campground. You can RAN because it’s past tents.

Cafe Hollander - Brookfield
- we saw that cow in twister, man there was a lot at steak!
- Turtlenecking our Ass Fissure

Cafe Hollander - Madison
- Coochie tunnel explorers
- Last place but my heart will go on
- Hey! If there's no bedrooms in the Clue house, where do they have sex? The real mystery
- Frankenstein's Monster Dong 
- Tuesdays at Cafe Halloweender 
- Puss n Coots

Cafe Hollander - Mequon
- One Direction IS an iconic British rock band
- Incontinence Hotline: Please Hold 
- Beer Brains
- Turn your head and coffin ⚰️ 
- I Want My Mummy 

Caffrey's Pub
- where can I get a double vodka POG
- Sacaga-wieners
- Let’s Take a Trip to Israel
- stuff me like a turducken
- Spooky SZN

Camp Bar - Shorewood
- All trivia no crack
- If I live to 110 push me down an elevator shaft
- Sacagewayomama
- Sextant, the best a man can get
- An Apple a day keeps the doctor away but I ate too many and now I’m dead
- Scary Pumpkin Spice

Camp Bar - Third Ward
- Lichtenstein deez nuts
- double stuffed Oreo
- obiwan quizobi
- if Russia invaded turkey from behind…would Greece help?
Camp Bar - Tosa
- Diane Feinstein: 2023 supercentenarian runner up
- Shaving Ryan’s privates
- Bud Lightyears
- Bill Gate’s penis is Microsoft
- Blair Bitch Project

Camp Trippalindee
- Quizzer? I hardly know her
- Bendy Straws 
- Freaky Geeks

Crafty Cow - Milwaukee
- Armageddon These Questions Right
- Big Booty Spooky Sluts 
- Nosferatcrew 
- Dead Ringers

Crafty Cow - Oconomowoc
- Whiskeypedia
- Dummie Mummies

Crafty Cow - Tosa
- Guess who's hiding in my cu-chi?
- Star Wars is stupid: Fight me! 
- Big Titty Roosevelt and the Butt Sex Pistols
- What is this Crap?
- The scariest thing about this quiz is that people still eat candy corn? 
- We walked 3 blocks to get here

Deer Camp MKE
- count trivioli
- I Lichensteined Your Mom With My Cygnet 
- Jesus Christ is My President
- Kenya Handle this Dick?

Eagle Park Brewing - Milwaukee
- She Lich'd on my Stein and Volvo'd All Over My Knob 
- Lich my Dirty Sick Schtein Inside 
- Ecto-Cooler Than You
- The Tittsburgh Feelers
- I love camping. It’s in tents
- Moaning Myrtle Loves BBC
- I quizzed in Steve Buschemi's eyes
- Would Hitler Have Invaded Poland If Women Couldn't Vote? 
- Cream Queen Jamie Lee Squirtus

Eagle Park Brewing - Muskego
- Justin Jefferson’s Googley Eyed Gritty
- Halloweenies 
- Barbie does Capt. America 
- When life gives you lemon starbursts, throw the

Fox River House
- Imagine soundtracking your daughter’s sex scene
- I nominate Spencer for Speaker of the House

Gathering Place - Milwaukee
- That's Gonna Itch When It Dries

Gathering Place - Tosa
 - Bark Twice if You're in Milwaukee
- North West, South West, East West, and West West

Good City Brewing
- Smarty Pantaloons
- Trader Hoes
- Mila Kunis’ Croissant 
- Quiz on my Tiddles
- escar-go-zest-yourself

Hacienda Taproom & Kitchen
- To the Window, to the Wahlbergs 
- Werewolf Barmitzvah 
- Rock Chalk Reebok

Izzy Hops
- We Will Rock Your Coochie Tunnels 
- Coochie Tunnels of Vietnam 
- Kevin James with the Big Ol’ Tiddies!!
- Tavolino Owes Us Child Support
- We Drink and We DON’T Know Things! 
- Kiss Me Through the Lobster Phone
- Thot-toman Empire
- The Booooooooooobies 
- Turnip the Electric Chair to 13 
- Matthew Perry’s Swim Instructor

Jack's American Pub
- She Yahooed my Google until my safari binged.
- Save a horse, ride a Jacks bartender 
- Putting my stretchy fastso in your stinky

The Landing at Hoyt Park
- Isn't Halloumi the magician that got killed by a punch to the stomach
- I want to toss Cardi B's Waldorf Salad
- Gobble Gobble by thunder chicken, you dirty bird
- We're not Ghana win

Lion's Tail Brewing - Neenah
- When I drink IPA lot
- The ghost tastes like sheet 
- Matchu my pichu

Lion's Tail Brewing - Tosa
- Laura ingalls wilders thunder chickens

- Emotional Damage!
- Abandon-Men
- Honey nut oh my face
- Pablo Escobar singing “we are the champions” in a Pontiac 
- Quizzin on a budget

Milwaukee Brat House - Downtown
- I scream you scream we hate it when you shout out the answers
- Lyle….fresh cut? Yeah we noticed
- We the fags (we are all gay we give you permission)
- Amber Heard's turds killed Johnny

Milwaukee Brat House - Shorewood
- I stand with palpatine
- Schlitz drinking team 
- Hot girls don’t know shit about shit
- Flaccid reflux
- Honey bunches of nuts
- I don’t have a fucking clue 
- Comfortably dumb
- White Halloween, white claws, White Russians 
- Your mom is the original scary spice 
- Dahmer was misunderstood

MJ's Bar & Grill
- In dog beers I've had one

Mo's Irish Pub
- Liechtenstumped
- Zomginas

- On October 3rd he asked me what day it is, I said “It’s trivia day bitch”
- Waxed Chewbacca Body Shots
- I have an Escalator in my pants
- Urethra Franklin
- What is this?! Trivia for Ants?!
- Tritriviaphobia (Fear of losing trivia) 
- Jeffrey Dahmer had a ham sandwich in his ass 
- Whose Grave have your Bones been Under?

- always swipe right, bennett
- Neverland daycare survivors 
- Ligma
- 1 kill away from 007 
- I lost all my money on pull tabs
- Quizzard of Oz

The Panther Pub
- Together you triumph. Divided we fall. Pangea!
- Halloweenies
- we <3 BOO - bees

Perspective Brewing Co
- Is that an eggplant or are you just watching "The Firm
- Triggoonnometry
- Moneyshot on my Tittles 
- Bear Grylls touched my Tittle
- Zesty Snail Trail XXX

Pete's Pub
- Asses of Evil (Taylor Swift’s tight end)
- Constanta-nipple
- The only thing Congress should pass this year is a blunt

Pilot Project Brewing
- Baby got baby back ribs
- Prozac Trivia
- King Tut had a butt

Pomona Cider Co
- drinking team with a trivia problem
- Stonewall Jackson sextape 
- Where is the vulva river? 
- Let’s touch Volgas
- Rains out tits out 
- Please mr. Pamona is my father, call me cider
- Children of the cider
- Having a gourd time at trivia
- Arby’s we have the meats dun dun 

Raised Grain Brewing
- Greg’s Naked 48th Birthday

Rally Time
- Boner Party
- Leave My Tittles Alone! 
- Call Us Swifties Cause This Is A Blank Fucking Space

Red Lion Pub
- Warren Farting & King Toot
- Bango in the Streets, Warren G. Harding in the Sheets 
- King Butt & Fart Starr 
- I’m tired of these motherfucking Drakes on this motherfucking plane!!!

State Line Distillery
- The interim speaker of the house
- We missed Taylor night football for this.
- Fivel goes emo
- Quiztopher Walken 
- count ferdula 
- zombies > zombeavers.

Station 1 Brewing Co
- Big Ol Dumb Dumbs
- Whiskeypedia
- Linguists
- That’s what Cheesehead
- Hold Me Closer Tiny Answer

Third Space Brewing
- Everyone at Third Space Hates the Volstead Act
- Looper, I barely know her?
- Why not "Hola" in Round 3
- Wait, did we just get third place…at Third Space?!

UpDown MKE
- Apu! Bless You! 
- Phone’s Out of Battery, Help!
- Darth maul is my daddy
- Oscar Pistorious the Grouch
- She Fender on my Bender til I Stock Market Crash 
- Holt’s Memorial Swimming Pool

Uncommon Pints
- Hurts when I pee
- Another Pint Bites the Dust

- fester? I barely know her!
- Vibranium furbies
- Thanks Danny & Issaac for the Sports Stuff 
- Science Nerds 
- We would have won if we knew musicals
- Snail on a bender 
- Edgar Allen hoes

Wahlburgers at Hyvee
- Army of Dorkness

Whole Foods - East Side Tap
- My team mate is getting a good tip tonight

Whole Foods - Streeterville
- Ryan Started the Fire

Willy's on the Water
- Don't be silly, wrap your willy (on the water)

Wisconsin Brewing Co
- the Quizzards of oz

- Ima Let You Finish but the red m&m is the best 
- Sorry, but I quizzed in my pants 
- Sara with no "H" 
- Fucking Sailors
- Just the tip


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