Best Team Names of November 2023

Friends Trivia
- Chicks and Ducks
- Holiday Armadillos
- The smelly Gellar cups
- The One With 2 Cousins and Their Husbands
- The one where I have a friends tattoo and got last place
- More turkey Mr Chandler?
- The Bing-a-lings
- I'm so good at lightning rounds
- The Nestle Tollhouses
- The one with the third nipple
- Central Pints
- It’s not just a hat rack my friends
- Things you find in your refrigerator 
- The moist makers

Disney Princess Trivia
- Walt Quizney
- The glass sippers 
- The Flynn riders 
- Olaf's balls
- Can’t beat the Disney adults
- 3 princesses and a frog 
- Aqueefa- the forgotten mermaid sister 
- Moana Feet Pics (SHOW ME HER SHOES)
- Bibbity bobbidi booze 
- The perfect pint 
- Turning Red is a period movie
- Bippity Boppity Booyah

Brass Monkey
- Matthew Perry was not a good Schwimmer. 
- No one has sweeter Macarons than Quizmaster Katelin. 
- Adam Johnson agrees that Quizmaster Trivia is cut throat.
- Einstein’s Pussy
- Dublin Deez Nuts ☘️🥜 
- My wife called me a sex machine. What she actually said was “you’re a fucking tool” but I know what she meant. 
- I have lucid wet dreams about Quizmaster Katelin. 
- Wish we knew Althingis…
Cafe Hollander - Brookfield
- Get a Horse Craig & Ride your ass to chicago 
- Bert and Ernie
- How Do Howah go Howdy
- Why do my students think Helen Keller didn’t exist???

Cafe Hollander - Madison
- Read the wikipedia for quiz hints, remembered nothing
- Hellen Keller couldn't see her coin
- Most popular nut…deez 
- I was most popular when I had 5 nuts in my mouth!
- She Picasso on my Dali til I Pollock 
- Friendly Fisting 

Cafe Hollander - Mequon
- Dobby 4 Prez
- Helen Keller? I hardly know 'er! 
- Nothing in life is Guaranteed but Death + Miller Park Taxes
- Feast + Pillage 
- Let's Get Basted!

Caffrey's Pub
- Arnold what did you call me? Not cool bro
- No Billy Goat Curse Here
- Two worlds one cup
- Titze’s Tits
- Johnny Salami & The Meatballs 
- Genghis Cock
- Obama’s Bush

Camp Bar - Shorewood
- Samuel Jackson deserved to die
- Drakes Ho Ho Hos
- That’s not the only thing Abe lincoln, bill nye, and peewee had in common
- She saddle on my farry until I cobble her

Camp Bar - Third Ward
- All glory holes are blow holes, but not all blow holes are glory holes
- Don’t care who you are, where you’re from, or what you did, as long as you’re at camp on Monday
- Other than that, how was the play Mrs. Lincoln?
- I disappointed my dad again

Camp Bar - Tosa
- Terminator? I hardly know her
- all we want for Christmas is Jrue Holiday back
- James Bonds’ Fischer price my first spy watch
- If a lesbian cockblocks another lesbian does that make it a beaver damn?

Camp Trippalindee
- No body likes you when you're 23 
- Happy Birthday Maddie

Crafty Cow - Milwaukee
- Hellen Keller Loves Hot Moms
- The Not so Real Houswives 
- Knives out - a britney spears documentary
- The Three AmiGALs
- We give thanks not fucks 
- The Fingering Flanges
- Grocery Store Deli Counter Taco Salad

Crafty Cow - Oconomowoc
- Houston, we have the answers
- The slow cookers
- Not the smarties tonight
- I thought this was speed dating

Crafty Cow - Tosa
- The Girl with the Pearl Necklace 
- Brewers fans need Counselling
- The red-tailed mermaid is the slutty one 
- George's teeth may not have been wooden but I can show you something that is
- Snow White and the Seven Pooty Poots 
- Pooty Poot has stinky booty toots 
- Rootin Tootin Putin
- We tasted the rainbow and got the clap 3 times

Deer Camp MKE
- catching crabs while riding bareback
- Joes Hoes
- Beer gyros jawsed in my hot air balloon 
- Flowers make your day, anal makes your whole week
- Pussy so good it’s ridqulous
- Meghan markle suck my pumice 
- 1989 All Florida Wife Throwing Team

Dog Haus, Franklin
- Tom Cruise can ride my rubicks cube
- Fat Richards
- White Trashbags

Eagle Park Brewing - Milwaukee
"Let's Get Quizzical" by Trivia Newton John 
- Just Throw it in my Quiz Hole
- We will not let these other teams win. Now watch this drive. 
- We already told our moms we won 
- Quiz in my cake, call it ooey gooey
- The Brady Bunch 
- YYZ's Nuts 
- She calls me Lincoln because I give messy head in the back of Ford's Theater
- I was blinded by my love of horseshoe crabs 
- Beavers are farrier than Octopi

Eagle Park Brewing - Muskego
- the Cubs??? Really???
- All I want for Christmas is a hundred trillion dollar eagle park gift card
- Bart Simpson chalk board quote is “I will watch more Simpson episodes”
- All Chicago sports smell like a goat
- Happy thanksquizzing
- Pour some kimchi on me
- We did krapea
- we have no backbone 
- Uranus has a big red storm

Fox River House
- Kimono, Tom Cruise is a dirty Scientologist 
- Win or Booze

Gathering Place Brewing - MKE
- AC/CDeez Nutz 
- Old Fat Guy At The Bar

Gathering Place Brewing - Tosa
- Help Me Tom Cruise! 
- Dushi
- The S Actually Stands for "Shit, I didn't Know That."
- You're stupid, you're dumb, i hate you, i love you is what my wife said to me when i was trying to name this team.
- Another totally Awesome non-stressful day at work
- The Tosa Village People 
- Proof the Hinge Dates Can Work Out
- The Beastiality Boys
- I Stuff Her Wobble till She Gobble 
- The Gabba Ghouls 
- The Boss Sauciers

Good City Brewing - East Side
- *the FULL Independence Day speech from memory* 
- Tom’s mustache was best supporting actor 
- I quizzed on your back
- Saving Ryan's Privates 
- Super Massive (Bowel Movement) Black Hole
- Boris Johnson Hair Salon
- Better Late Than Pregnant

Hacienda Taproom and Kitchen
- This baby can stand, but isn’t helpful at Trivia 
- And We Were About To Eat at Uncle Wolfies
- John McEnroe was a Psycho 
- Let me win, it’s my birthday! 
- Bottomless Mimosas caused Malaysia Flight 370
- ChatGPT would’ve been a great partner
- Fast and the Flurry-ous 
- I’m Dreaming of a Flight Christmas

Izzy Hops
- Is Cum a Body Part?
- Press All 4 Buttons to Free My Willy 
- What Button did Bill Clinton Have in His Office?
- The Camp Calester 
- I pooty poot in my pants...thanks George. - 
- I stuffed my crust at Pizza Hut iPod Shufflers Slackers since 1984

Jack's American Pub
- Tom Cruise Made a Lot of forgettable 90’s movies 
- Bikini Bottom
- Karma is just some guy on the chiefs 
- Born to motor boat Jesse 
- Helen isn’t real
- we need to learn to spell and coun
- deck my balls, your mom did 
- Cuntresses; Bond Girls Hungary for Jesse

Lion's Tail Brewing - Neenah
- Scoregasm (because grandma thought it was funny)
- Bi-curious George and the Missing Banana 
- Save a can, tap a keg

Lion's Tail Brewing - Tosa
- Creepy eyes cherry bra
- Ulysses “sex kittens” Grant
- My super massive black hole is filled with banana cream.

MC's Pour House
- Nine Inch Males 
- Happy to Beer Here 
- Pour house smarty pints
- Dwarf Wives and the Tossed Salads 
- Regularly Irregular

- Dixie Normus 
- Hulk Hogan gave Ivanka Trump a seaman shot 
- Army of One
- Dixie Normous 
- Corned Beef Mafia
- Putin my nuts in miss trunchbull 
- 50 shades of gravy
- Make it clap 3 more times 
- Saving Ryan's Privates

Milwaukee Brat House - downtown
- Gobble gobble deez nuts
- Howah! Your niece!! 
- Help step bro! I’m stuck in my Fuji
- Registered trademark sex offenders 
- We brought our lesbian friend this week

Milwaukee Brat House - Shorewood
- Quizzly bears 
- Seahorse? More like sea whores 
- Shakespeare shagged gweneth silly and her name was chlamydia
- You had me at juicy couture 
- One legged seamen 
- Craig counsell is a smelly pirate hooker 
- I like my friends like I like my brats…. One in each hand
- Free Helen: a Keller whale story: a must see movie! 
- Incontinence hotline: please hold 
- Craig counsel is still a smelly pirate hooker 
- King Richard I aka “bloody dick”
- Mrs. Chanandler Muriel bong 
- No one out pizzas this dick
- Hungry, hungry, Haitians 
- The Swiss can guard deez nuts 
- The himalayans also run through your mom
- Britain blew a 13 colony lead 
- Ho, ho, hoes 

Mo's Irish Pub - Wauwatosa
- The English Channel ISN'T in France

MobCraft - Milwaukee
- What about Joe Montana
- My Exes call me Thunderlips
- Lawrence of my Labia
- Dispose of Ugly Trivia Players Here
- Ligamentdeeznuts
- Let me show you my Hard Drive
- LXIX, if you know, you know

MobCraft - Woodstock
- Class of 2011 (Blame Public School) 
- QuizKnowz 

- the longest bone in my body is not my femur
- Let me win to impress this woman I'm on a date with (please)
- Courtney Love did it, with a Javelin 
- Gruber Goobers
- Bottoms in crisis
- Bowling blue whale blossoms on the Brooklyn bridge 
- If this wins best team name, I'll donate to Blossom IDD. I'm on the website right now

Ope Brewing Co
- Big Fact Hunt 
- Bushemi Eyes 
- Catching Baby Flights, Not Feelings
- Look at that Host out here lookin' like a snack (AKA Snoop Troop)
- Comfortably Dumb

The Panther Pub
- Jar Jar Drinks

Perspective Brewing Co.
- Armsex, Without a Doubt/Matthew Perry is Dead
- Screw a Cowboy, I'm riding Jake Gyllenhaal
- The Postal Service
- Every Village Person Craves that Twinkie Filling 
- Your Mom is Supermassive
- Craig Coun-sellouts
- Last Place or Pleasantly Surprised. AKA Just Happy to be Here

Pete's Pub
- I can’t believe Matthew Perry had to go before Mitch McConnell
- Jake Jizz n’ Balls
- Quiz on my face, master
- Black Chyna’s kitty is an agent of satan

Pilot Project Brewing
- Secure that bag -Daddy
- Mountains calling gnome
- Ridiculous Depps to our knowledge
- Roar-gaine (like Rogaine, get it?)
- Not your father's narwhal

Pomona Cider Co.
- Pookie nation
- Pounding our cake and eating it too
- Lyle Lyle Crocodile fan club
- I saw mommy with Santa Claus and he was Kissinger

Raised Grain Brewing
- What’s in the Cox Box? 
- I caught crabs from a crotch lift
- Longest bone in the body? Dis dick.
- Honey Badger Don’t Care

Rally Time 
- Ulysses Deez Nuts
- I Got Pretty Niptopsical With Your Mom When She Injected Cologen In My Buzzy
- Your Mom's Nickname In High School Was Supermassive Black Hole
- I Had A Lucid Dream About Your Mom Touching My Althingy 
- So...Apparently Politicians Are Cats?

Red Lion Pub
- 12 Years of Goblin Deez Nuts

Second Salem Brewing
- Turkey Leg
- Wheels and The Leg Man

State Line Distillery
- Long term long distance low commitment causal trivia team
- Do you know the muffin dram? 
- Abolish daylight savings
- 2 legit 2 Clit
- Do you know the muffin dram? 
- Don't shoot the Kissinger

Station 1 Brewing 
- Guys Bein’ Dudes Crushin’ Brews
- We Live for Triv
- In dog beers, we’ve only had one 
- The Beer Hunters
- The Quizzley Bears 
- Thankskilling III

Third Space Brewing
- LOL, Seaman
- Our Four Buttons: Beer, Beer, Beer, Beer
- Indiana Jones knew Hitler before it was cool

Uncommon Pints
- And for the first time at trivia, Mr. & Mrs. Zastrow

- I can last longer than Judy Dench
- Oo Ee Oo Ah Ah, Ting Tang Walla Walla Bing Bang! 
- Saké my Gyllenballs Until I Jazz 
- She Said It’s Me or Trivia Night…I’m Going to Miss Her…
- Trivia Has Its Ups & Downs 
- Touch my Snood
- You Wouldn’t Put a Bumper Sticker on a Blimp! 
- Saab Story

- Wait this isn't bingo?
- Staggerish off Schlitz
- Walla Walla Holla
- Chad wants Togo to Mali

Wahlburgers at Hy-Vee
- Get her some chicken nuggets

Whole Foods - 3 W Chicago Ave
- You can’t quiz with us

Whole Foods - East Side Tap
- Can You Dip It?

Whole Foods - Streeterville
- Me Myself and Ty
- The qwizards
- Tits, Pits, and Ass was my Spotify Wrapped Title

Whole Foods - Tosa Tavern
- Crotch lifters in the cox box
- Russell Crowe has a beautiful mind

Willy's on the Water
- Quizzies on the Water

- Karma is Einstein's Cat coming home to me 
- Lady Godiva my Toblerone 
 We don't care how you pronounce Agassi
- Overstimulated & Under educated 
- Titties Out Tuffties
- Agents of Satan 
- Three Dumb Bitches


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